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  1. I have also worked in spiritualist churches as a medium and sat in circles, currently, when stupid lockdown over we will get back to our physical circle. Respect friend.
  2. I suspect a few doctors and nurses in this country are whispering, not shouting due to fear of being disciplined, shouted down by colleagues who have bought the scam, hook, line and sinker. Some will just not care as long as they are getting paid to do nothing. Any that should find the balls to shout loud enough will not get within a mile of a microphone at the B.B.C (British Bull shit Corporation) or any other M.S.M outlet. A friend of ours who's son is a porter at a local hospital has said he has never known it to be so quiet and no there are not ambulances constantly screaming into A&E with another covid case. Which the M.S.M has portrayed. Easy to see now how nurses have time on their hands to post well rehearsed dance videos on u-tube.
  3. Not been on this particular forum before. Glad I decided to have a look. A lot of what people have posted has made me giggle. Came across a site on u-tube last night. "World alternative media". One video shows presenter in Mexico walking down sea front road which was cordoned off due to half the road having corona virus on it and the other half didn't. He was asked then told by cops to get the other side of the tape where all the other people were. The only pandemic going on in the world is stupidity.
  4. Just been trying to reply to a post from yesterday. "Sorry you are blocked" keeps coming up on screen again just like a few weeks ago. Any one else having problems?
  5. Nothing to do with covid-19, but got B.B.C news on T.V cos wife saw some thing on phone about cenotaph in London being vandalised. Have seen report about statue of slave trader in Bristol being pulled down, rolled through streets and thrown into river. Why the fuck is a statue a of slave trader erected any where? Have you ever noticed, that when a protest turns violent for what ever reason, the M.S.M quotes how many police have been injured, but never how many protesters. Feel free to discuss.
  6. Hi all, what a shit weekend and I don't mean the weather. Got back from taking Banjo for a walk Friday evening. Yes we really do have a dog called Banjo. We called him Banjo because its easier to spell than glochenspiel or xylophone and a dog called trombone would be just silly. As I was saying, got back from walk then about fifteen minutes later he started to have a seizure. He suffers from epilepsy. Sat on kitchen floor until 2 o'clock Saturday morning with him as they came thick and fast. He finally fell asleep and was o.k until 4.30, then they started again until 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon. These seizures are truly awful to have to watch, but will not leave him on his own. Keep playing soothing music for him at 432 MHz and keeping him quiet. It will take 3-4 days for him to fully recover. Was going to post a few things Friday night that might have made you all smile, that can wait until another day. I have quoted a book I am reading at the moment on this forum, suggested by David in one of his pod casts on u-tube before the dictators there deleted his account. "The invisible rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg. Not read much last two weeks, been reading "The biggest secret". Picked up invisible rainbow this afternoon, wondering if he mentions in future chapters any thing about increase in epilepsy in dogs or people since advent of mobile phone and internet. Nothing yet, but I would bet there is, because epilepsy is due to electrical activity in the brain. You maybe are wondering by now "what has this got to do with corona virus". Bear with me. Was reading this afternoon, that Gro Harlem Brundtland got head aches from mobile phones. At the time she was Director-General of the World Health Organization and the former prime minister of Norway. She ordered that no one was to enter her office in Geneva with a mobile phone on their person. She gave an interview about it in 2002 to a Norwegian national newspaper. The following year she was no longer D.G of the W.H.O. Makes you wonder who controls the W.H.O, surely not Bill Gates etc. As all of you know, Elon Musk is planning on launching 42,000 space-ex satellites to provide 5g coverage of the earth. If the author of this book is correct, and I have no reason to suspect he isn't. Did you know a company called One Web has submitted applications for 5,260 to cover the Antarctic and Arctic. ( Watch as the ice melts and is blamed on climate change). Telesat 512, Amazon 3,236. Get this, (quote) "Facebook, thus far, has an experimental satellite license from the FCC under which it is not required to disclose its plans to the public" (un-quote). A new company Lynk has an experimental license to deploy "several thousand" by 2023. Now, just a thought of mine and you can call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, I care not. What if, this so called pandemic is a dry run to see if, and, how many people around the world can be manipulated into a state of fear, they are going to die from a terrible virus and need to be vaccinated against it. Then when people start to become ill from exposure to 5g with some thing caused by 5g, which any one who makes the connection will be called a conspiracy theorist and ignored by governments and the vast majority of M.S.Ms world wide. The likes of Gates, Fauci, Zukerberg, Musk, W.H.O, UNICEF etc, and those who lurk in the shadows controlling them produce another vaccine which will also connect the population to A.I, and a global computer system with ultimate control of the human mind, which has been predicted by David for years. GOTCHA. Don't know if this has been posted, but here goes. Apparently Greta Thunberg has said that people should stop using chop sticks because of all the trees that have to be cut down to make them. The Japanese have suggested she goes back to school, she might learn that chop sticks are made from bamboo which is easily sustainable due to its growth rate. Even if they were made of wood I am sure they could be washed along with plates and bowls and re-used. Just when you think her stupidity cant sink any lower, she proves you wrong. Another one for Miss Thunberg is this. She really needs to read the above mentioned book and do some serious research. She then might begin to realize it is not diesel and petrol cars etc destroying the planet. She, and others, will understand the damage mobile phone signals etc are doing. She is right about one thing, it is human caused, but not global warming from co2 or climate change. The climate is constantly changing, always has, always will through natural processes. Again, from above mentioned book, the amazon rain forest. In July 2002 America financed a Raytheon-built 1.4 billion dollar system of radars and sensors called SIVA (system for Vigilance of the Amazon). This system was to monitor activities in a 2 million square mile of wilderness to try and hamper drug traffickers. This system has 25 very powerful surveillance radars, 10 Doppler weather radars, 200 water monitoring stations, 900 radio-equipped listening posts, 32 radio stations, 8 surveillance jets and 99 attack/trainer support aircraft. All emitting EMF which is causing un-told harm to people, animals and the environment. With out doubt mobile phones and land lines are a good thing. For instance. When I was a young boy in the 1960s growing up in the middle of rural Norfolk (U.K), if you needed an ambulance for what ever reason, you would have to get in your car, if you had one, and drive to the nearest phone box, if you didn't live close to it, or if you had one, get on your bicycle, or walk, run. Either way if it was because some one had, had a heart attack, for instance, they would probably be dead before the ambulance got to you. Now you can call for an ambulance within seconds. Some one needs to come up with a safer method of providing what enables them to work, before we, and all life on the planet ceases to exist, except single cell organisms. Then the whole process can begin from the start, maybe not such a bad thing. Spanish flu at the end of the 1st world war coincided with the wide spread use of radio by troops fighting in the trenches. Asian flu/Hong Kong flu coincided with the installation of radar stations in the 1950s. Asian/Hong Kong flu coincided with the first satellites going into orbit in the 1960s. Now we have the launch of 5g and covid-19. Just a coincidence? . No it is not. If we are getting close to the Z of the totalitarian tip toe David has been talking about all these years, then these are the days, months and years when the out come can go either way. The likes of Gates, Fauci, Tedros, Zuckerberg etc will realize they have served their purpose and are just as dispensable as the rest of us. Am I scared? No I am not, because the real me, and I totally know, as a spiritualist, where David is coming from, will continue on a different dimension. Seems very quiet on here tonight, hope you all are well.
  7. Tony Blair knew all about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Therefore he must know all about covid/ corona virus. Feeling very flippant this evening, must be the rum and coke.
  8. 750 Billion euros recovery plan? (fuck off) How, and in what world can any one start a recovery plan with money that does not exist. Nothing will change while the lunatics run the asylum.
  9. According to Matt Hancock (penis jokes permitted) on the daily update, we can make our own at home. Must make a point of watching Blue Peter every day from now on, here's one I made earlier. More to come later. Feel a rant coming on, must be the rum.
  10. Best he shoves them all up his arse then
  11. May be should have added, covid-19 exposure notifications, can be found by going to settings, scroll to google, tap it, it should come up straight away. Turn the fucker off.
  12. Sixty years old next month, cant remember the last time I was grounded, remind me of the rules.
  13. Me and wife have just discovered, our, phones have covid-19 exposure notifications. Neither of us have down loaded this, my phone never goes out of the house, I only use it to listen to stuff on u-tube,etc. It is also on my works phone which hasn't been out of the house for 10 weeks since I was furloughed.
  14. Needs a group of like minded people to get together, pool all resources, buy some where, be self sufficient, build a fuck off big wall and bollocks to the rest of the world.
  15. And the M.S M (state controlled media) will be demanding that heads roll, people are sacked, criminal charges brought, quite forgetting they played a major part in promoting the bull shit.
  16. Del Bigtree "The high wire" this morning. The C.D.C have admitted the seasonal flu shot in the U.S kills 0.2 percent more people than covid-19. It is on u-tube.
  17. I have mentioned on this forum before about a book I am reading, suggested by David on one of his pod-casts before the dictators at u-tube deleted his account. "The invisible rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg. A real eye opener. We have been slowly poisoned by EMF since electricity was used for domestic, industrial and military purposes world wide. Wild life is also being decimated especially where mobile phone towers are erected. They, and transmitters have had a catastrophic effect on certain species of insect, birds and aquatic life forms. The next big killer will emerge, maybe , a couple of years from now because of 5g, it will either be this so called covid-19 re-emerging, huge increase in an existing illness or maybe some thing totally new. Only a few will make the connection, but, they will be ignored of coarse and called conspiracy theorists. I, and more than a million people in the U.K have a heart condition, atrial fibrillation, I am now convinced it is caused by this electro smog we are constantly bombarded with and no escape. It is caused by the electrical signal between the brain and the heart going hay-wire causing the heart to beat very fast and, or out of rhythm. Left untreated it will cause a potentially fatal stroke. I have had my suspicions for quite some time it is caused by phone signals, wi-fi routers etc, I am now convinced. This is my tenth week furloughed. I have been baking bread, cakes, spending quite a bit of time in the garden and doing a lot of reading. "The biggest secret", the above mentioned book and helping my wife look after her elderly Father who lives with us. So glad I haven't wasted this time sat on sofa watching crap on net flix etc. I also joined this forum. Didn't mean to go on this much but some times when I start I don't know when to stop.
  18. Happened upon a u-tube video today (Saturday) by an American girl Riss Flex, entitled "reptilian agenda" creepy and worth a look. She also shed some light on what's happening in Minieapolis at the moment and some interesting info about George Soros.
  19. He must be a very dangerous criminal to have all those police men and woman escorting him to the police van and then getting in with him.
  20. Been a lot of chem-trails over Norfolk today, criss crossing the sky, especially this morning. Wife saw on u-tube this evening, Chinese leaders wife has been appointed W.H.O ambassador. Have been trying to find what account but no luck so far. Two weeks ago we had a plea for help from our niece who lived in Cornwall, she had to leave her home in a hurry to get away from very abusive neighbours. She stayed for a while with a friend before contacting us asking for help cos things between her and her friend had gone tits up. We gladly gave her a roof over her head, food and a bed to sleep in. After a few days we were joined by her eldest daughter, then a friend of hers came down from Pontefract and stayed with us for a week. Earlier this week they drove down to Cornwall to get the youngest two children. The friends husband arrived last night then they all headed off to Yorkshire this morning. Fuck the lock down and social distancing. Will any of us get this supposed covid-19. I very much doubt it, how can we catch a virus that does not exist. Watch this space. Whilst helping my elderly Father-in-law eat his breakfast this morning we were watching B.B.C news ( I use the term news loosely, and felt like having a laugh). Apparently the lockdown has been lifted a little and we can go and see friends and relatives in their homes as long as there no more than 6 people, we stay in the garden and of coarse stay 2 meters apart. Some woman asked the question would she be allowed to use the toilet at her friend's house. I have a full transcript of the conversation, from baa, baa land Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring. "Hello, Nanny here how can I help you" "Nanny, you know that nice Mr Johnson has said we can go out to play a bit more, well, I have been asked to go and play at my friends house. I was wondering, if I want to go for a wee, wee or a pooh while I am there can I use their toilet or will I have to go home early". "No my little baa lamb you will not have to go home early, of coarse you can use their toilet. Just make sure you do not touch anything you don't need to. Wash your hands whilst singing happy birthday twice, and if you want to eat or drink while you are at your friend's house make sure you take a sandwich and your own drink. Stay 2 metres away from your friends, wear your mask and gloves at all times. Do not get close to any one on your way to your friends house, and if you are walking and see some one walking towards you run to the other side of the road. Have a lovely time my little baa lamb, stay alert, beat the virus, save lives. If any thing happened to you my little baa lamb nanny would pretend to be very upset. The second conversation I heard this after noon went some thing like this, lets return to baa,baa, land Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring. " Hello nanny here how can I help you my little baa lamb". "Nanny, you know that nice Mr Johnson has let us have some friends over to play, well I have asked some friends to come to my house. There will only be six of us, we will stay in the garden. I have put tape arrows on the ground to show people how to get to the garden and I have painted squares on the grass to show where the chairs must be, I have put tape arrows on the floor to show my friends how to get to and from the toilet. If any one has to use the toilet I will stand outside the door to make sure they sing happy birthday twice while washing their hands, and rush in to liberally spray bleach every where after they have gone back to the garden. " Nanny" " Yes my little baa lamb". " I was wondering, am I allowed to have a barbeque in my garden when my friends come to see me" " Certainly not, you are not allowed to have a barbeque in your garden unless the people live there. If your friends want something to eat and drink they must bring there own. Have a lovely time my little baa lamb, stay alert, beat the virus, save lives. Stay safe because if any thing happened to you my little baa lamb nanny would pretend to be very upset. These people should have a look in the cupboard under the stairs, maybe that is where they left there common sense, as for minds of their own, which would help them to think for them selves, that is probably in some land fill site years ago, and lost for ever. Ah well that's enough rum and coke for one night, wife snoring on sofa. Good night friends, who ever he/she/ it is may YOUR god go with you
  21. There has been a lot of criticism of the government on here tonight, and quite rightly so. Please don't lose sight of the fact they are only here today gone tomorrow politicians. They have been lied to the same as we have, by the few from the permanent government, who have probably been lied to by the very few above them and so on. I have only ever voted in elections for UKIP because I do not agree with the E.U experiment. We had a referendum in 1974, whether we should join the common market or not. The people of the country voted yes, I am old enough to remember there was some people then making noises that the vote was rigged. I voted to leave of coarse because what we ended up with was some thing very different. A classic example of the totalitarian tip-toe. Whilst I am obviously no supporter of Bo-Jo, what we must remember is that things would not be too much different if Jeremy Corbyn had won the last election. Sure, there would have been little nuances in the way things were handled, but they are all the same generally. I have always thought of two of them as David Blair and Tony Cameron. Corbyn would be just as answerable to the permanent government as Boris is, as Theresa May was, etc, and all the rest through out history, not just in this country but all countries. I think I know why it is that all those who rise to positions of power, regardless of what language they speak, get to where they are. As soon as they become involved in politics they are assessed through a clandestine process to ascertain if they are likely to do as they are told. When they become elected politicians and show ambition they are manipulated to higher and higher office or cast aside if considered not suitable. The permanent government can not risk some one becoming rebellious toward them. I am sure corruption and blackmail is also used as much as possible to their advantage. Boris, Macron, Merkel, etc are guilty of doing and believing what they have been told to do, and believe, as they have been manipulated from the shadows. Boris Johnson etc know it would be political suicide, or worse, to consider listening to the alternative media or going against what those who control them tell them to do. Fear is very far reaching and deep even for those who try to control and lie to us. Whilst politicians are lied to by the few it is their job to lie to the many or suffer the consequences. They do not get any sympathy from me for that I can assure you. Going to sleep now good night all, and as the comedian Dave Allen used to say may your god go with you.
  22. Deliberately missed the clapping tonight, didn't want to spoil a 100% record. Some one near me was blasting out "Rule Brittania" ( for fucks sake). Had an idea for conversing with sheeple, ask them if they have seen the film "Erin Brokovitch" I should imagine she was called a conspiracy theorist until they realized she was right.
  23. And it never, ever occurs to them that it could be the M.S.M spreading dangerous disinformation.
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