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  1. Woke up Sunday before last and all day my head felt like it was full of cotton wool. A strange sensation. Woke up Monday before last and really felt like shit. After 61 years in this reality I know what a head cold feels like. The only diffent thing was the acute pain in my lower back and hips. Phoned work, the manager I spoke to said he wasn't feeling too good either. Are you going to get tested? No, I don't need to be tested for a cold. They kept on at me all week, bloody mobile phones. Eventually against my better judgement and principles I relented and booked an appointed at a local drive through test centre. What a farce. Park here, call this number, spoke to test centre manager who confirmed, upon being asked, the P.C.R test can not differentiate between covid and the common cold. He had no idea how many times the sample is amplified at the lab. Drive over there, open your passenger window, close the window, park over there. Opened the bag and took out the swab, no one was watching so shoved the swab up the OUTSIDE of my nose then just inside my mouth with out touching anything. Text message next day. Positive. OH FUCK OFF. Phoned work. They have to abide by government guide lines, so off work until Monday next week. Have I been isolating. Not a chance, just treating it as a couple of weeks to do what I want. 

          IF this virus was for real, sars-cov2, Would it not have made sense for one of these allegedly brilliant scientists to have developed a test to actually test for it accurately.  No, they are happy for people to be tested using a test that is more than 20 years old and therefore not testing for the virus. Those two women, for instance, who are accredited for developing the A.Z Oxford vaccine should hang their heads in shame, along with the rest. I will continue to firmly believe, if they are not severely punished in this life they will be in the next. The retribution in their next reality will be worse for them than this one can deliver. I am not talking about the nonsense in the bible of fire and brimstone and to burn in hell. The consequences they will have to face will be much worse. I was only obeying orders, as we know will be treated as a pathetic defence. Stay strong my friends. I have a theory as to what is happening on a spiritual level so not sure if is appropriate for this thread. Will maybe post it here later or have a look to see if there is a more suitable page.

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  2. An Aunt and a friend of mine both in their seventies and vaccinated have recently been diagnosed with liver cancer> My Father who is 86, vaccinated,  recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. He has had bladder cancer before but got the all clear years several ago. My neighbour who is in his seventies, jabbed, has been living with leukaemia is starting to deteriorate. All a coincidence? Have also been told about a school mate of mine who after his second jab started coughing up blood and bleeding from his arse hole. My wife's cousins daughter is covered in bruises from head to foot after one jab. How many people do I know who have been diagnosed with covd? Two. That was last year, my Dad and his wife.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, JackJohnson said:



    Surely you've seen the vaccine damages thread here?

    I have to admit I haven't. I've not been on this forum much lately. Been looking more at U.K .column community, videos on brand new tube and finishing reading "The answer". I will go and have a look. Thanks Jack for reminding me of that thread.

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  4. Any of you heard any thing like this recently? Two woman, one being an Aunt of mine in her seventies the other a friend, both vaccinated and recently diagnosed with liver cancer. My Father who got the all clear from bladder cancer years ago has been diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. He is 86 and vaccinated. My neighbour who is in his seventies has had leukaemia for some time is starting to get worse symptoms, vaccinated. It could all be a coincidence. I would like to hear from any one else who knows of peoples health problems getting worse. I cant help wondering if the two ladies I mentioned first may have been in the very early stages of a developing tumour then had the jab which has accelerated the illness.

  5. Heard a real horror story on talk radio this afternoon. A woman phoned in to tell of her experience with the jab. Despite serious misgivings she had her first vaccine because of being told by her employer "No jabs no job" and she wanted to be able to do things with her partner and Mother the same before the covid. After receiving her first jab she was in a wheel chair within ten minutes. Anaphylactic shock, lost feeling in hands and fingers, rash on neck, swollen tongue and fighting to breathe. She thought she was going to die. She was wheeled away quickly and a doctor was called who treated her as if he thought she was wasting his time.  One of the nurse told her to report it to the yellow card scheme. "I wouldn't do that if I were you" was the doctor's response. Understandably she now faces the dilemma of not  having the second jab and losing her job or risk serious health consequences. 

         We on this forum would say get another job, but with out knowing her full story, maybe it isn't that easy for her. The point is this she is being dictated too by people who are living in fear due to the constant bombardment of government propaganda for the last 18 months. They are obsessed with all of us getting the jab. They remind me of a used car sales man who has been told by his boss on Monday morning to sell one particular car by Friday or lose his job. Also heard a chap tell of being banned from face book for sharing some thing from the C.D.C which stated the P.C.R test is not adequate for testing for covid. A brilliant clip on todays U.K column where a woman in a café is phoned by a nurse, asking her why she hasn't been vaccinated. The women's reply was awesome. When she spoke of the yellow card reporting scheme she was quite surprised to hear the nurse say she had never heard of it but would have a look. A friend of ours who works for the N.H.S in an admin  role was jabbed a few months ago. She had 3 days off work afterwards due to a minor adverse reaction. When my wife asked her if she had reported it on the M.H.R.A website. Again our friend had never heard of it. When N.H.S employees don't know of the yellow card reporting scheme it goes some way to explaining why only ten percent or less of the general population report any adverse reactions. I'm very disappointed by the number of masks where I live still being worn.

        Cant help but wonder if we stand any chance at all of ending this and any one being brought to account for their actions.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Velma said:

    The son of an antivaxer who was struck off as a nurse for spreading misinformation about Covid-19 has said she should be prosecuted.


    Sebastian Shemirani added that his mother had become “very dangerous” and was beyond help.




    He says his mother spreads 'conspiracy theories' like, the Rothschild's rule the world and want depopulation.


    Conspiracy theories were his childhood lullabies. Starting from when he was about 10 or 11, he says, he was shown YouTube videos about secret plots and given books about "lizard people".


    They are tales of sinister plots - supposed plans to implant microchips in the world's population and kill and enslave billions.


    Or completely unscientific ideas - that the virus somehow "doesn't exist" and that the health authorities are completely wrong.




    Glad he's not my son!

    I heard the interview he gave on radio 4 this morning on my way to work. He also said he has very little to do with his Mother. He left home when he was 17 and is now 22. He saw his mother a few weeks ago when he went round to her house to collect some personal stuff. I would have thought that after 5 years there would be nothing left at her house. Sebastian also claimed he has had many arguments and heated conversations with her. Does he argue with her or have very little to do with her. Which is it Seb. Also in the same article, that waste of space, Marianna Spring, the B.B.C disinformation bod claimed that Saturday's freedom gathering in Trafalgar square was attended by a small but enthusiastic crowd. At least she got the enthusiastic bit right. Obviously she can spread all the disinformation she likes.

  7. Johnson is sending enough mixed messages himself. Just a few days ago he said something about might have to bring in extra precautions. Today he said some thing about if and when. If he had any intentions of lifting any thing he would stop the pathetic track and trace. He would order all hospitals to get their fingers out of their arses and start treating people who need treatment. He would have all G.P surgery's open properly and a shed load of other things. Remember what happened toward the end of last year. Restrictions were eased a little so people could have x-mas then things went back to how they had been. He and his cronies have left the way open to start introducing more rules come the Autumn when we start to get nothing more than common colds. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if we don't go back the the regional tiered system come the winter. Don't forget we cant have the N.H.S being overwhelmed can we. Too many people have short memories, every year  the news papers are full of stories about patients being left for hours on trolleys and others being treated in ambulances. The N.H.S has been getting overwhelmed every winter for many years, then when we stop sniffing and sneezing in the spring that all gets forgotten until the next winter. Any one who thinks we are near the end of this bull shit, despite their wonderful vaccine (not) is living in cloud cuckoo land. The lies and manipulated data will keep coming. The fear will continue to be pumped into the sheeple by the bucket load. More and more we will be silenced, forums like this are already being monitored, I think we are all aware of this on here.                       My prediction is they will continue being controlled from the shadows, that applies to most governments in the world. They have a lot more damage to do to economies to bring all countries to their knees economically before they can instigate the great reset and world government. Maybe they are waiting for enough people to get so angry they start rioting in the streets. The sheeple will be begging them to do some thing because their own governments have failed to save them from economic ruin and the marauding thugs on the streets. Will the majority be able to join the dots and see the connection? Not a chance. I firmly believe the world government has been with us for a very long time. Now they are confident enough to slowly come out of the shadows and reveal their selves.

        The next time any of you are called conspiracy theorists, suggest that if some one a hundred years ago had started talking about there being another world war before the century was half over, they would have been called what? I realise the term wasn't in use then but you know what I mean.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:




    I used to watch Coronation Street when I was growing up because my Gran liked it then. But like everything else, it's lost its warmth & humour over the years, and now is more like Black Mirror judging by the trailers I've seen.😄

    Agreed Tinfoil, I can remember way back when Corrie had some humour. Hilda and Stan Ogden, Ena Sharples and Minnie Caldwell. That was also back in the day when I believed every thing in the papers and the news on T.V. On the strength of that who am I to criticise some one else for believing what is in the media. All we can do is plant a seed of doubt in those who have bought into the psy-ops and hope it grows. Got talking to a trainee in the office last week she is 17 or 18, she asked me if I had had the vaccine. Told her no and was pleasantly surprised when she agreed with my reasons for not having it. Sadly it has caused arguments with her parents who are now fully vaxxed.

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  9. Weather you are jabbed or not I am starting to feel we are all going to hell in a hand cart. If D.I is right, and I am sure he is, this has been a long time in the planning, therefore they will have taken into account the people who will fight back against them and how to deal with them. We are fighting an unknown and unseen enemy. It will take a massive awakening from many more people and I can't see that happening, or some one who has been instrumental in bringing this about to have their conscience awakened then have the balls to blow a very loud whistle or some sort of divine intervention. 

  10. Heard recently a Hugo talks video about New Zealand where if you don't follow the quarantine rules when returning from some countries you can be fined up to 6,660 dollars. Gareth Icke this week in his new podcast "Right now" is talking to Josh Sigurdson a Canadian journalist living in Mexico. Josh was telling Gareth that in Canada where he still has family, that upon returning to Canada from certain countries people have to isolate in designated hotels at a personal cost of 666 Dollars. The fuckers are every where. To add to this not far from where I live in central Norfolk ( U.K), a few years ago a man taking his dog for a walk one evening stumbled across a disused church. he decided to take a closer look and entered it. There were satanic symbols on the walls and evidence of animal sacrifices scattered around. He decided it should be restored to it's original state and set about doing so. The church of England were not interested in helping but he was able to get a lottery grant. He received death threats and sinister phone calls late at night. He also had many attempts to run him off the road by people driving top of the range B.M.Ws, Audis etc, and not as you might expect beaten up old bangers. The fuckers are every where. 

         Human race get off your knees. Sadly too many are on their knees and saying "Please sir can I have some more". The human race is in the gutter and having it's fucking head kicked in. People are waking up, but no where near fast enough. David Icke has been warning of this for more than 30 years, most people I talk to have never heard of him or still think he is a nut case. How ever, I live in hope that some, one some where, very soon will be in a position to expose all that is going on and the sheeple will at long last sit up and fucking wake up.

      I am at my first opportunity going to walk into a book makers and ask what odds they will give me that this covid shit will be exposed for the hoax, fraud it is by the end of 2023. Not 2022, that is too many 2s. 2+0+2+2 =6. Not normally superstitious but this number is cropping up too often. Won't have the volume of my car radio or the truck I drive for a living at a number that adds up to or is divisible by three, six, etc i.e 2+4 or 12,18. Call me paranoid if you like, I care not, but if there really is some thing in the energy, frequency of all there is even numbers, then I would prefer not to add to the negative side of it. Live in hope friends, because while we have hope we potentially have every thing. May your god be with you.

  11. 1 hour ago, Liberty said:

    I’m sorry is this a joke because it looks it!  

    Look at the time on the top right of the screen. When she first appears it says 4.28 pm and very dark behind her. Then at the end the time is 02.07 and just as dark. Add to this the crap acting, a typical Indian B movie. How ever the majority of sheeple who have seen this will believe all of it is real.

  12. We have all at work had e-mails from management that we are all to be expected to provide rapid flow tests twice a week. No intended start date as of yet. Have discovered from a bit of research tonight they cant force any one to do this with out amending employment contracts first. As I am not on site a great deal and only going by what some one else was telling me as we knocked off for the weekend. It would seem quite a few are not happy with this plan to have us all tested. Any of you out there got any useful tips on where I can find more info. I've got a feeling I am going to be some sort of spokesman. I have already been approached by one of the Polish blokes for advice. Fully intend to start putting together as much as I can from this and other sites (U.K column news) to mention just one to build a case and hopefully educate some of those at work who shit their selves when I walk through the factory un-masked.

        As an aside I heard Bill Gates on the radio this afternoon talking some bollocks about carbon neutral devices. Couldn't help but think he is starting to sound like Kermit the frog. This led me to picture Nicola Sturgeon as Miss Piggy, Boris as Animal due to the crazy hair, Faucci the great Gonzo, Vallance and Witty as Waldorf and Staedtler and Hancock as the Swedish chef talking bollocks and mad as a March Hare. Considering the covid crap the muppet show is quite fitting. 

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  13. Just now, Velma said:

    If, as Boris now claims, the lockdown restrictions drove down the number of cases and deaths, not the vaccination campaign, then why did they proceed with an experimental jab with potentially deadly side-effects? They could've saved the UK almost £12billion!

    Preparing people sub-consciously for lock downs come the Autumn/Winter.

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  14. Just now, Dickwan said:

    For what it's worth, and with my spine stiffened by some of what I read here on this forum, I decided to go maskless to Aldi today. There was no hi-vis chimp on the door when I went in (there's usually a luminous goit at the door), and apart from one fat bitch in the booze aisle who gave me the stink-eye, no one seemed to notice/care. Even the checkout lad didn't register. 


    I'm wondering if that's how it goes - folks too wrapped up in their own life to notice others. 


    For me the next big test is maskless on a bus. Not sure how it will go but fcuk it, what's the worst that can happen. 

    In Tesco's recently the burly security bloke asked me to put a mask as I entered. "No mate I'm exempt for medical reasons". He then asked me to use some hand gel. I picked up the bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel, looked at him as I put the bottle down. "no mate don't think I will bother with this anti-bacterial stuff". Got into a bit of a conversation with him as I left. Turns out he was at least half awake and as he said it wasn't him who put the hand gel there and he was only doing his job but had no right to force any one to use it or put a mask on.

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  15. 1 hour ago, FrankVitali said:

    Just want your guys opinions. I have just been having a conversation about covid. I was saying I don't believe it exists and that its the flu rebranded. I said the be all and end all is the mortality from all causes figures. Which is on par with any other year.


    They said well it's funny though whats going on in Brazil.  I thought yeah, was a bit stumped by that actually..


    I'd like your thoughts on this. What actually is going down in Brazil.  With being in UK and no connections to Brazil is is just MSM bullshit. Anyone from over in Brazil who could chip in?  Any of you folks able to debunk the high rates in Brazil?

    Just had a look at U.N figures for Brazil. Death rate from all causes is currently 6.674 per 1000 people. This is slightly less than the death rate in 1993 (no pandemic). In 1950 the death rate in Brazil was 16.367 per 1000 people (no pandemic). There was a steady decline until 2008 when the death rate reached a low of 6.017 per 1000. I have no connections to Brazil but the official figures speak for them selves, yes my dear friend it is M.S.M bullshit, again. It would seem that their president is right by not imposing draconian measures on the population. Maybe he needs Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Andrew Kauffman, Dr Sam Bailey, Del Bigtree one of the others who are being silenced and not able to get any where near a M.S.M microphone to help him expose this crap.

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  16. Just now, gibby said:

    some think that their physical belongings and assets are too precious to lose so they go on pretending, turning a blind eye to what really is going on in an  attempt to be unnoticed. Time will come where people will have to make a stand...especially when they want to start jabbibg our kids

    And how many will be only too eager to get their kids shirts off and their arms exposed, just like they do with the MMR jab.

  17. 34 minutes ago, Roscommon said:

    You have to wonder what goes through those peoples heads?

    I mean do they actually believe that what they are doing is for the common good. Or do you think it's more a case of fuck it we're all fucked anyway, and I might as well get a decent pay check out of it before human civilization as we know it sinks beneath the waves.

    Part of me thinks that because we have members of our species who are so easily manipulated in this way (both now and throughout our history) that it might actually be too dangerous for the universe to allow us to continue to exist.

    Then another part of me thinks that we are a magical wonderful species who could develop peacefully and harmoniously if we were just left alone to our own devices.


    Let them get their decent pay checks, they cant take it with them. The next existence does not give a shit how big your house was while you were here. They have no interest in what foreign holidays you had, the size of your yacht, how fast your car was. Human civilization will never sink beneath the waves, not entirely. There will always be some thing on this planet even if it is a human reset and back to just a handful of people. We are a magical, wonderful species. We can live in harmony with each other and create a utopia. Sadly a lot of knowledge as D.I has said many times has been stolen and kept from us to get us to obey. I once considered my self an atheist, then about forty years ago a chance meeting with a healer set me on the road to explore spiritualism. There is far more to life than this existence. Too many people allow their selves to be manipulated and controlled because all they are aware of is this physical existence, due to the spiritual knowledge being taken from us. Divide and rule. Kill the non believers, my religion is the right one not yours so you are wrong and must die. You live on that side of the fence and speak a different language to me, therefore you must die. We are taught from a very early age do as you are told. The second world war for instance would never have happened if the majority of German people had said "Fuck off Adolf, we are not doing that". The human race really does need a mass awakening to end the tyranny of authority the world over. Unfortunately I cant see that happening any time soon. The vast majority of Russian, Chinese or North Korean people are no threat to the rest of the world what so ever. I should imagine that the vast majority of military personnel have no desire to be on a battle field. The only perceived threat comes from the few in positions of power. They are the ones who will be no where near a battle field with a gun in their hands. Heard a bit on the radio recently. A question posed by Martin Lewis the money saving expert. The question was "What advice would you give to your 18 year old self if you could go back in time". My advice to me would be Live an alternative life style and do not get caught up in the system. Unfortunately I do not think my 18 year old self would have understood any of that.

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  18. 6 minutes ago, banjo dog said:

    That reminds me D.I was talking about some mind virus he was looking into a few months ago. Some thing he had heard about from native American Indians. Cant remember what it was called but they had a specific name for it. 

    Wetiko mind virus, that was it. Thanks SiliconPsychosis

  19. 48 minutes ago, Mr Chinnery said:


    'Crown' virus


    That reminds me D.I was talking about some mind virus he was looking into a few months ago. Some thing he had heard about from native American Indians. Cant remember what it was called but they had a specific name for it. 

  20. 2 minutes ago, Made in Wales said:

    I read on another forum the UK debt after a year of this scamdemic is 2 trillion and the target is to get to 5 trillion so another 18 months of unjustified lock down lunacy causing untold misery to all us plebs. 


     Cunt features Johnson"s  Little throw away remark and then snivelling attempt at a retraction about the success of the vaccine roll out being greed is exactly what it is all about. 


    All these slimy politicians media celebrities TV GPS University scientists and professors have been seduced by shit loads of dosh to hammer home the obscene scaremongering narrative which sadly has worked on at least half the population. 


    It's a depressing state of affairs at the moment and unfortunately no light seems in sight but these riots in Bristol although without condoning violence is actually quite reassuring.


    As much as the the bias msm try to ignore these protests and brush it all under the carpet they can't which in turn at least forces these Satan worshipping ministers  to feel uncomfortable and have to justify their ludricous conditions we are all having to put up with while tripping over their own lies in the process. 



    As pointed out by todays U.K column news Mad dog Hancock is setting up some new government thing to be ready for the next pandemic As D.I always says they are predictable because they always tell you what is coming next.

  21. 2 minutes ago, Pina Colada said:

    I agree and it makes no sense at all.

    I wonder if people (sheep) are bypassing their distrust of politicians by placing their trust in "The Science".

    The Science which is fabricated behaviour science to trick us all into submission and slavery.

    Duped by the medical mafia.

    "We're following the science". They really believe all this shit.


    They have convinced the population by using the state controlled media to convince people there is a deadly virus on the loose and you will all die if you don't do as we say. Fear is easy to manifest in peoples minds if you know the psychological methods to use. 

  22. 5 minutes ago, Lamp Of Truth said:


    Out of likes. Good stuff that.

    RE bloke smashing up T.V. My wife had phone call from some medical person recently asking why she hadn't had the vaccine. Among other things she pointed out to him if it wasn't for the main stream media we would not know there was supposed to be a pandemic. She then asked him how many body bags he had seen being bought out out of houses, had he seen any dead bodies in the street. I was asked by woman at work what sort of person refuses the vaccine, my reply the sort of person who can think for them selves. Then asked her when she started believing every thing the government tells you. Finished off with I'm not having a synthetic, man made vial of un-tested toxic shite put into me. I have more faith in my own immune system which has served me well for the last 60 years.

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