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  1. Hi Simon tv

            Yes it is off topic but only replying to what sock muppet and last one left in the country were saying. I appreciate you have tried to explain to me what bit coin etc are all about but you have not answered any of my questions. I have on idea what a ledger is. I do not know what a block chain is. I know nothing of a multi node trust. With all due respect you have provided me with more questions than answers.

  2. 2 hours ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    Bitcoin has just dropped again, looks a bit shit at mo

    Hi Guys and gals

        Not posted on here for quite some time. Have a look at what's new when I can but a busy life. We all have to prioritise what's going on at any given time. I know very little about bit coin and other so called digital, alternative currency's. Please any one correct me if I am wrong. Bit coin and others are the result of high powered computers linked together solving complex mathematical equations. 1. Who purchased these computers in the first place. 2 Who decided that 

    when these equations had been solved it would generate some sort of currency that all governments and banks could not have any influence on. 3 Who set these complex equations that so desperately needed to be solved. 4 Where are these computers, who operates and controls them. 5 When, and by who, if I am correct, decides these mathematical equations have been solved. 

         As I said, please educate me if I am wrong, I am only going by what I have heard on the media. At the moment I am of the belief that this is something set by the globalists to persuade us plebs that a digital currency is nothing to be afraid of and will enable us to beat the system they have planned. 

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  3. Heard on the radio yesterday (22/4/22) National Crime Agency official figures 112,853 children are currently officially recorded as missing in the U.K. No one knows where these children are or what has happened to them. Some one knows. The U.K is by comparison a small country with a lot smaller population than many, many others. If this number of children are missing in the U.K, the mind boggles at how many are missing through out the whole planet never to be seen again by their families.

  4. Consider this, the next time you are outside on a clear moon-less night and can see the light from thousands of far away stars, if there are no other life forms out there, what a waste of space. There is surely planets orbiting those stars where life is only just beginning, single cell organisms. Like wise life forms on a par with humans on earth and others that are more advanced than we are. But how advanced are we. What technology exists on earth that is kept hidden from the vast majority of us by people who believe we are too immature to know the truth. People who wish, for what ever reason to keep us in ignorance. I have for many years wondered about the scientific theory of the big bang theory. Is it really possible for a massive explosion to have resulted in a planet to have been formed where it's one moon is the exact distance from it's sun to cause such a perfect eclipse occasionally. Could this really happen by chance. Then I heard David in one of his recorded talks on u-tube (before they deleted his account) talk about a book "Who built the moon" by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler. As a teenager I read "Fire of the gods" and "Chariots of the gods". By Eric von Daniken. It is possible we, humans are the aliens and the aliens are the natural inhabitants of planet Earth. Why should we be the only planet out of, potentially, countless of trillions where life in some form exists.  Also, why should this be the only reality in existence. Just because we can't see, hear, touch, smell or taste what ever, does not mean it does not exist. As for the questions What are they doing here? What do they want from us? Your guess is as good as mine, maybe they are just having a bloody good laugh at the way we call this living a life. Maybe they find it hilarious how the few control the many and are on the road to self destruction because of those who are in control and are taking us to hell in a hand cart.

  5. Interesting topic. Saw a relative recently who I haven't seen for 40 years, she came to my Fathers funeral in January. She has spent several years in the military. Asked me if I had heard of D.U.M.Bs, and seen the secretly filmed videos. She has worked in one and told me. "You cant appreciate the size of these until you have been in one". My cousin had security clearance to the third level, there was another four levels beneath her. She has no idea what was going on in those four levels. She now, due to her time in the army has developed a very real interest in alien sightings and abductions. When she was stationed in Germany a stealth bomber pilot told her and others one night about the compartments containing technology not of this world. She confirmed to me that the public have no idea what is happening on this planet.

        I suspect the likes of Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and many other so called leaders, the here today gone tomorrow politicians are as much in the dark as we are. 

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  6. 18 minutes ago, Shy Talk said:

    The Covid nonsense is gone. Unless they release a genuine virus they won't suck in the gullible numbers again if my jabbed-up mother's anything to go by. She believed it all until a couple of weeks ago, when they suddenly said it's ok to ditch masks etc, and then started hyping the phoney war in Ukraine. That really opened her eyes. Hopefully she's not a one-off.

    Judging by the number of sheeple I see still wearing masks it will not be too difficult for them to announce a new variant and we will be back to where we were 2 years ago. Glad your Mother has had her eyes opened, hope she stays awake. Unfortunately she is still in a minority.

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  7. 3 hours ago, Beaujangles said:

    Just putting this out there.


    My niece in the UK has told me that several of her vaccinated friends have began reacting to hair colours Also, to some fake tans and lash and brow dyes. This is new for all of them.


    Immune systems are not liking it!!!


    I know what most of us will be thinking....but has anyone else heard of these reactions recently?

    How have her friends been reacting?

  8. 37 minutes ago, ar55 said:

    I’m amazed at the amount of seemingly switched on people declaring Covid as being ‘over’.


    Even if all this did come from a genuine lab leak in China that took the rest of the world by surprise, why would the elites give up the money and control-making machine that is Covid?


    I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees the current situation as merely being a period to allow the masses to recharge, before a fresh period of Covid hysteria. 

    Only a matter of time before the next variant arrives in the Northern hemisphere probably October/November this year. We have a lot of catching up to do. No where near as fascistic as Australia, New Zealand or a lot of European countries. 

  9. Heard today of an acquaintance who works for the nhs (uk) probably fully vaxxed and has now been diagnosed with bowel cancer. I have never heard of so many people developing some form of cancer before the so called covid vaccine was introduced. A friend of mine who Is awake and I have known for 50 years has said the same. A friend and a relative have recently died from liver cancer my father from bladder cancer my mother has now got breast cancer.

  10. 1 minute ago, numnuts said:


    Someone speculated this scenario (can't remember who), on the old forum in 2009, when the Swine Flu scam was going on. I don't know how likely it is to happen, but I have also been wondering the same myself, after Covid first kicked off.





    Most of the PTB polls are thoroughly scandalous. Roll on Nuremberg 2.0.





    Dr. Hilary has a bit of the Blair about him. He also comes across as quite masonic to me, but I am not 100% sure that he is. Anyone know? The crazy thing is that even after being caught out lying, he can probably get away with a quick apology and just carry on as normal. As per the racist Alan Sugar.  





    Well, Dr. Hilary has been on our breakfast TV screens since 1989, so he must be doing something wrong.





    If the PTB win out, then won't leave us alone for long. We would be setting a bad example for their newly conquered sheeple. They wouldn't want their sheeple seeing an alternative reality in existence, with their own eyes. 

    Then we will have to build the wall higher and stay away from it

  11. 7 minutes ago, soulalways said:

     redundant football fans have found a new purpose...you knew what you were implying you fuck witted piece of shit!

    you clearly dont like footie fans or the post wouldnt have been made!...why not rugby fans or whatever other sports fans you dislike...go fuck your self you cunt!..think before you open your shit filled mouth!

    Using language like this and being abusive really does nothing to help you get your point across. Please don't.

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  12. 3 minutes ago, JJ73 said:


    We're there already, surely?

    Living in a dystopia? I really don't give a shit as long as I have got the people around me who are on this forum, and others who are awake. If it does come to that, between us we will create our own utopia through our love for each other. We will be creative and be able to put our collective skills to good use. Let the sheeple live in blind obedience and slavery. WE do not need them. They will be the ones looking over the wall of entrapment wishing they had listened to us. They will be the ones saying David Icke, Alex Jones, Vernon Colman, etc weren't so crazy after all.

      I joined this forum about 18 months ago. It is refreshing to see that there is so many more have done the same since then. For me, being furloughed for three months last year meant a lot more time on my hands. Time to have my eyes opened more than they already were. This covid bollocks has woken up a lot more people, the longer they keep it up the more people will join us. Wake up fast sheeple, time is running out and when you are begging to join us the fascists will have guns pointing at your heads.   

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  13. Posted on here a few months ago about two ladies, one being a friend and the other a relative. They were roughly about the same age, early seventies, so would have been jabbed about the same time. Both were diagnosed with liver cancer within four weeks of each other. They are now sadly dead within four weeks of each other. Both of them had, had two doses of the safe and effective covid vaccine. Do me a favour. I also posted at the same time about my Father who had received one dose only to be told a few weeks later the bladder cancer he had been given the all clear from a few years ago had returned. He sadly died 12th December. My Mother who had successfully beaten breast cancer some years ago is now in hospital with breast cancer. She has had two doses. Mother and Father 86 years old. My mate who I have known since we were 11, we are now both 61, came with me to the funeral of the friend who died of liver cancer, we both knew her, was telling me of all the people he has heard of who are getting cancer of some form this year. Some of these people are known to him personally, one being his brother- in- law. My mate who has got his eyes wide open and is fully awake is like me convinced it is the safe and effective covid vaccine that is causing it. Dose any one else know of people who have beaten cancer in the past only to have it return after receiving the safe and effective covid vaccine. It would be impossible to prove the safe and effective vaccines were causing all this but how far do you go before coincidences become more than coincidence.

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  14. 2 minutes ago, Made in Wales said:

    Have you tried NAC as that makes your body produce glutathione which basically removes crap like graphene oxide and other toxins and is essential for strengthening your immune system. 


    Me and my wife ordered some at the weekend

  15. 22 minutes ago, Human10 said:

    Removed my comments either YT or this assholes. Lol... 

    Listen to a lot of talk radio when driving my truck at work. All of them will question government policies, criticise M.Ps and give ministers etc a hard time. On a lot of subjects they talk a lot of common sense. None of them will say any thing about covid vaccine injuries or deaths. They will not question the use of the P.C.R test. They, like the M.S.M are shit scared of offcom. I some times wonder what they think and say in private, that includes those on t.v breakfast shows. They will not do or say anything publicly to jeopardise their fat pay cheques. As for James Whale, I couldn't stand that twat when he was on T.V many years ago

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  16. Woke up Sunday before last and all day my head felt like it was full of cotton wool. A strange sensation. Woke up Monday before last and really felt like shit. After 61 years in this reality I know what a head cold feels like. The only diffent thing was the acute pain in my lower back and hips. Phoned work, the manager I spoke to said he wasn't feeling too good either. Are you going to get tested? No, I don't need to be tested for a cold. They kept on at me all week, bloody mobile phones. Eventually against my better judgement and principles I relented and booked an appointed at a local drive through test centre. What a farce. Park here, call this number, spoke to test centre manager who confirmed, upon being asked, the P.C.R test can not differentiate between covid and the common cold. He had no idea how many times the sample is amplified at the lab. Drive over there, open your passenger window, close the window, park over there. Opened the bag and took out the swab, no one was watching so shoved the swab up the OUTSIDE of my nose then just inside my mouth with out touching anything. Text message next day. Positive. OH FUCK OFF. Phoned work. They have to abide by government guide lines, so off work until Monday next week. Have I been isolating. Not a chance, just treating it as a couple of weeks to do what I want. 

          IF this virus was for real, sars-cov2, Would it not have made sense for one of these allegedly brilliant scientists to have developed a test to actually test for it accurately.  No, they are happy for people to be tested using a test that is more than 20 years old and therefore not testing for the virus. Those two women, for instance, who are accredited for developing the A.Z Oxford vaccine should hang their heads in shame, along with the rest. I will continue to firmly believe, if they are not severely punished in this life they will be in the next. The retribution in their next reality will be worse for them than this one can deliver. I am not talking about the nonsense in the bible of fire and brimstone and to burn in hell. The consequences they will have to face will be much worse. I was only obeying orders, as we know will be treated as a pathetic defence. Stay strong my friends. I have a theory as to what is happening on a spiritual level so not sure if is appropriate for this thread. Will maybe post it here later or have a look to see if there is a more suitable page.

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  17. An Aunt and a friend of mine both in their seventies and vaccinated have recently been diagnosed with liver cancer> My Father who is 86, vaccinated,  recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. He has had bladder cancer before but got the all clear years several ago. My neighbour who is in his seventies, jabbed, has been living with leukaemia is starting to deteriorate. All a coincidence? Have also been told about a school mate of mine who after his second jab started coughing up blood and bleeding from his arse hole. My wife's cousins daughter is covered in bruises from head to foot after one jab. How many people do I know who have been diagnosed with covd? Two. That was last year, my Dad and his wife.

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  18. 2 minutes ago, JackJohnson said:



    Surely you've seen the vaccine damages thread here?

    I have to admit I haven't. I've not been on this forum much lately. Been looking more at U.K .column community, videos on brand new tube and finishing reading "The answer". I will go and have a look. Thanks Jack for reminding me of that thread.

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  19. Any of you heard any thing like this recently? Two woman, one being an Aunt of mine in her seventies the other a friend, both vaccinated and recently diagnosed with liver cancer. My Father who got the all clear from bladder cancer years ago has been diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. He is 86 and vaccinated. My neighbour who is in his seventies has had leukaemia for some time is starting to get worse symptoms, vaccinated. It could all be a coincidence. I would like to hear from any one else who knows of peoples health problems getting worse. I cant help wondering if the two ladies I mentioned first may have been in the very early stages of a developing tumour then had the jab which has accelerated the illness.

  20. Heard a real horror story on talk radio this afternoon. A woman phoned in to tell of her experience with the jab. Despite serious misgivings she had her first vaccine because of being told by her employer "No jabs no job" and she wanted to be able to do things with her partner and Mother the same before the covid. After receiving her first jab she was in a wheel chair within ten minutes. Anaphylactic shock, lost feeling in hands and fingers, rash on neck, swollen tongue and fighting to breathe. She thought she was going to die. She was wheeled away quickly and a doctor was called who treated her as if he thought she was wasting his time.  One of the nurse told her to report it to the yellow card scheme. "I wouldn't do that if I were you" was the doctor's response. Understandably she now faces the dilemma of not  having the second jab and losing her job or risk serious health consequences. 

         We on this forum would say get another job, but with out knowing her full story, maybe it isn't that easy for her. The point is this she is being dictated too by people who are living in fear due to the constant bombardment of government propaganda for the last 18 months. They are obsessed with all of us getting the jab. They remind me of a used car sales man who has been told by his boss on Monday morning to sell one particular car by Friday or lose his job. Also heard a chap tell of being banned from face book for sharing some thing from the C.D.C which stated the P.C.R test is not adequate for testing for covid. A brilliant clip on todays U.K column where a woman in a café is phoned by a nurse, asking her why she hasn't been vaccinated. The women's reply was awesome. When she spoke of the yellow card reporting scheme she was quite surprised to hear the nurse say she had never heard of it but would have a look. A friend of ours who works for the N.H.S in an admin  role was jabbed a few months ago. She had 3 days off work afterwards due to a minor adverse reaction. When my wife asked her if she had reported it on the M.H.R.A website. Again our friend had never heard of it. When N.H.S employees don't know of the yellow card reporting scheme it goes some way to explaining why only ten percent or less of the general population report any adverse reactions. I'm very disappointed by the number of masks where I live still being worn.

        Cant help but wonder if we stand any chance at all of ending this and any one being brought to account for their actions.

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