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  1. I have seen a local butchers shop with a home made sign saying " NO MASK NO ENTRY NO EXEMPTIONS". Thinking of printing these off and shoving through his letter box or taping them to the door one evening.
  2. Not been on forum for a week, so had a lot of catching up to do this evening. A thought about the lock down in Wales, apologies if I have missed a similar post to this one. Whilst Wales is in lockdown and people stop getting tested the number of positive test results will of coarse go down. Prompting Drakeford to brag about how he has done the right thing. Then wait for Johnson and Sturgeon to follow suit. Is Wales being used as an experiment?
  3. If things are that bad and covid is sooo infectious, why is he inviting people to join him in the covid centre??????
  4. If Andy Burnham is really serious and wants to stop the draconian measures being imposed on Manchester then it would be a bloody good idea for him to tell ALL businesses to open their doors and operate as they did this time last year. Get the restaurants and pubs open for as long as they like. Get the gyms open the hair dressers, casinos, community centres, night clubs, open until 4 in the morning, and any where else people wish to congregate in large numbers. That includes the football stadiums, professional and amateur and any other sports venues. Have all social distancing posters removed.
  5. Come near me with a needle with out my permission and say goodbye to your teeth. I don't give a fuck who you are!
  6. P A N D E M I C E N A C S N I L I E A P V V U E E L
  7. Talking to one of the polish lads at work today, before I hit the road. I know from previous chats he is fully awake. Started wondering where he gets his info from and asked him if he knew of David Icke. He'd never heard of him so wrote down for him to have a look over the weekend David Icke.com, Vernon Coleman, U.K column news and Krystal Tini. He was telling me of a woman in Poland who had recently employed three Ukrainian's. She thought it a good idea to have them tested but suspecting the test was floored she tested her self three times when the kits arrived. She still gave the names of th
  8. Just remembered seeing an interview on fox news with the governor of South Dakota a few weeks ago. She has refused to order a lockdown, no masks, schools open, all businesses open. The deaths per 100,000 in New York state at the time was 167. South Dakota deaths per 100,000 15. Latest figures for S.D show only 258 people have died from covid-19. The population of South Dakota is 893,922. We will not be seeing this in the M.S.M here or in the states any time soon.
  9. Welcome to the forum, As I always say One more of us one less of them.
  10. Been experiencing some synchronicity over the last 3-4 weeks. Firstly our dog Banjo who is epileptic had a series of seizures one weekend. We have noticed over the last two and a half years he is prone during a full moon. How ever the last time there was no full moon. We did discover there was a rare planetary alignment happening. One that only happens once every 800 years. During this week end I found a bloke on u-tube who had made predictions last year about this year and as I have posted before if they were genuine he was chillingly accurate. He also has predicted some thing happening at th
  11. I know what you mean I some times get despondent being the only person in a super market etc with out a mask. Some of those I work agree with me but cant see any further than refusing a vaccine when the time comes. They are surprised I dare to go into a shop un-masked, so therefore I am sure they are masked up and don't see the implications of complying. I am a member of a local amateur theatre group. We put on comedy plays every year at the end of September. The couple who's house we use for rehearsals went into isolation when all this covid crap started. Their house their rules we have to re
  12. I posted about three weeks ago a similar comment. Came across an astrologist Osher Astro or some thing like that. He was showing clips from videos he had made October/ November last year. If these videos are legitimate he was predicting some thing happening this year which would affect every body. He also talked about economies crashing and a few other things which are chillingly accurate. He is predicting some thing happening at the end of November which will be more devastating and shocking than covid. Watch this space is all I can say.
  13. Some thing else they can blame on human caused climate change.
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