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  1. Exactly what I was saying on here yesterday, we are 1% of the 99%. 1% elite, 1% dissenters, 98% sheeple who will go along with what ever they are told to believe.
  2. I think I heard some thing earlier about Kier Starmer saying we should have another full lock down like they have recently had in Wales. If I heard that right then that is what Boris will do next. A full lock down like we had in March last year. They are claiming that the virus is spreading out of control because of people not complying with the guide lines. That bloke Twitty, or is it Twatty, I can never remember. He is going to be on T.V more with a public information film telling us what to do. He will be preaching to the already converted. This in turn will alienate us non compli
  3. Heard all that bollocks my self. Thought " why don't they give some sort of evidence that covid deniers are wrong". Instead they expect all of us to blindly believe every word they say. Now, now children don't you start having any thoughts of your own, "nanny knows best". Then answered my own question. They cant prove covid deniers are wrong, same as they cant prove them selves to be right. Sadly the majority do believe every word they say these days despite all the lies told to us in the past "weapons of mass destruction any one". Too many people have short memories.
  4. Out of likes for all, some fantastic posts on here today. A huge thumbs up to all of you.
  5. A bit like a boxer, pummelling his opponent, until he falls down in submission.
  6. Are you absolutely sure he said bankers and not w/[email protected]£$%
  7. When you say a "few decent ones" I assume you are talking about the few decent politicians that exist. I my self have no doubt they do exist. Problem is if they do start shouting they will be very quickly silenced. The ones that get the top jobs ( Matt Hancock) for example, are selected by those who are in control of government (weather it be Tory or socialist) because they show signs of Psychopathy, sociopathy, or basically don't give a toss about any one else. Career politicians as they are some times called. As for politicians shouting through the media, not a chance through the main stream
  8. And so to bed, dear friends. Be thankful that tomorrow is another day and we live to fight again.
  9. The mental toughness and resilience has gone from a lot of people my age, not just the young. People of all ages seem more docile and unable to think for them selves. if it's due to crap being sprayed on crops, chem trails, fluoride in water and a load more chemicals dumbing us down, I have no idea why it has worked so well on so many. I am not claiming to be more intelligent than others, far from it. Human society has changed and not always for the betterment of society. This is a subject that can be debated for many hours and is going off topic. Many apologies.
  10. Left school in 1976, first job was in a small engineering firm. I remember Swarfega, bright green it was, brilliant stuff. I also remember how we would not take being dictated to by any one, not to this extent. I am sure we were made of tougher stuff back then, had minds of our own and not afraid to speak out. I am not saying we should go back to the way things were then. Rubbish piling up in the streets because the bin men were on strike. Power cuts due to electricians being on strike at the power stations. Dont think we would have taken all this covid bull shit then.
  11. Tier 6 will be the highest tier and will be forced upon the whole country in June, the sixth month. They simply love that number. As I posted on 21/12 (2+1+1+2=6) the darkest day in the northern hemisphere the number of deaths from covid had reached 67,616. The other possibility considering what has happened in the recent past is Boris resisting what Kier wants so he appears to be the good guy and then after a month or so he does exactly what Starmer wants. Kier Starmer leader of the labour party, do me a favour, he is nothing more than another bastard tory.
  12. I said on the corona-virus mega thread a few weeks ago, most of the worlds governments are borrowing money from international banks. All this money, weather it be, pounds sterling, euro dollars, U.S dollars, Australian dollars, South African Rand or the Brazilian Real is manifested out of thin air. It does not exist. it is nothing more than numbers on a computer screen some where. How-ever, there will come a time when, through the manipulation of figures and the wonderful life saving vaccine the fake pandemic will come to an end. Then, they will be telling us that because of all the, non-exist
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