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  1. Preparing people sub-consciously for lock downs come the Autumn/Winter.
  2. In Tesco's recently the burly security bloke asked me to put a mask as I entered. "No mate I'm exempt for medical reasons". He then asked me to use some hand gel. I picked up the bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel, looked at him as I put the bottle down. "no mate don't think I will bother with this anti-bacterial stuff". Got into a bit of a conversation with him as I left. Turns out he was at least half awake and as he said it wasn't him who put the hand gel there and he was only doing his job but had no right to force any one to use it or put a mask on.
  3. Just had a look at U.N figures for Brazil. Death rate from all causes is currently 6.674 per 1000 people. This is slightly less than the death rate in 1993 (no pandemic). In 1950 the death rate in Brazil was 16.367 per 1000 people (no pandemic). There was a steady decline until 2008 when the death rate reached a low of 6.017 per 1000. I have no connections to Brazil but the official figures speak for them selves, yes my dear friend it is M.S.M bullshit, again. It would seem that their president is right by not imposing draconian measures on the population. Maybe he needs Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr
  4. And how many will be only too eager to get their kids shirts off and their arms exposed, just like they do with the MMR jab.
  5. Let them get their decent pay checks, they cant take it with them. The next existence does not give a shit how big your house was while you were here. They have no interest in what foreign holidays you had, the size of your yacht, how fast your car was. Human civilization will never sink beneath the waves, not entirely. There will always be some thing on this planet even if it is a human reset and back to just a handful of people. We are a magical, wonderful species. We can live in harmony with each other and create a utopia. Sadly a lot of knowledge as D.I has said many times has been stolen
  6. Wetiko mind virus, that was it. Thanks SiliconPsychosis
  7. That reminds me D.I was talking about some mind virus he was looking into a few months ago. Some thing he had heard about from native American Indians. Cant remember what it was called but they had a specific name for it.
  8. As pointed out by todays U.K column news Mad dog Hancock is setting up some new government thing to be ready for the next pandemic As D.I always says they are predictable because they always tell you what is coming next.
  9. They have convinced the population by using the state controlled media to convince people there is a deadly virus on the loose and you will all die if you don't do as we say. Fear is easy to manifest in peoples minds if you know the psychological methods to use.
  10. RE bloke smashing up T.V. My wife had phone call from some medical person recently asking why she hadn't had the vaccine. Among other things she pointed out to him if it wasn't for the main stream media we would not know there was supposed to be a pandemic. She then asked him how many body bags he had seen being bought out out of houses, had he seen any dead bodies in the street. I was asked by woman at work what sort of person refuses the vaccine, my reply the sort of person who can think for them selves. Then asked her when she started believing every thing the government tells you. Finished
  11. Damn that vasectomy 23 years ago
  12. Get your self a copy of "The invisible rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg. I cant recommend this book enough to any one who wants to know more about the harmful effects of E.M.F
  13. Apologies perpetual, I am not that clued up on how to post links etc. I am sure the book can be found on his web site or as I found it £3.99 on (dear I say it) Amazon. As for the pod cast, all his pod casts from March, April last year are worth listening to. The one to which you refer is there some where. His pod casts are only about 15 mins each.
  14. If only. A lot of people talking about Nurenberg style trials for this load of scum bags. They are not the only ones. French, German, Danish, Australian, you get the picture. If, and I fear that is a very big if, these bunch of bastards should be brought to account for their crimes they will for the large part get away scot free or serve paltry sentences, Just like the Nazi's did after the trials. Their true punishment will be in the next existence. I am not talking fire and brimstone or the wrath of god or that sort of bullshit. If it is not the next it will be the one after that or the next,
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