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  1. 9 hours ago, wolfpavek1 said:

    so much for spy sattelites if it falls in the hands of the enemy


    lets test if those little yankie blighters can indeed shoot a pea sized meteorite from a billion miles away, and we are all in safe hands or whether we go it alone

     corona is just another distraction albeit very lucrative for those who got the dividend companies memos while the big pharmas all start falling at high spped the sacrificial lambs, bored now

    its all about those pea shooters

    You don’t half post some drivel on this forum. Never know what you’re going on about half the time.

  2. 49 minutes ago, Mikheil said:

    Kissinger insisted that South Africa and Rhodesia was a clear and present danger for the abolishment of religion and for preventing "The Brown Race"(Mongrels). He spoke many times about reducing the WHITE population, which were (note WERE) mainly Christian. The Jews loathe Christians and they are embodied in Whites. 


    I believe that the quote is probably true. It's the sort of attitude that he always had. He's a died-in-the-wool Jew. Pro Eugenics, culling Whites and encouraging mixed race children. In his opinion Blacks were too lazy, but coloureds would work better and all they would need to do was to cull the "thinkers" and they would make an ideal slave force for his people. Kissinger is a truly fucking EVIL person. 

    Are Christians now a minority in UK?

  3. 1 hour ago, TheOldNormal said:

    This is what confuses me. It has always been accepted by everyone that the government are liars. Suddenly everyone treats what the government say as the gospel truth, simply because they claim there is a virus.

    It’s usually these groups that are the most subservient. Lawyers, engineers etc. Their trust in the establishment is generally garnered by virtue of coming from a privileged background. They have never been required or felt the need to question their own reality.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Outsider said:

    You're absolutely correct, I think Sarah Everard is simply a computer generated image. She didn't exist as a real person....this Psyop is designed to build mistrust between men and women, and also for the public to lose faith in the police....very similar to the George Floyd hoax.

    Bloody hell - that’s reaching. Her twitter page was posted on here recently. Last tweet 2012/3. I suppose the account was faked seven years in advance of what we’re witnessing today? 

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  5. 2 hours ago, Velma said:


    Government has advised transport and other premises to keep windows open for ventilation. I don’t know if it’s letting ‘covid’ in or out, but I got on my local bus today and in compliance with this “scientific” guidance, the windows were wide open. An icy gale was blowing through the bus. It was freezing, I could have perished. I put my hood up and scowled at the muppets all around me, mumbling in masks, because I wasn’t wearing one. I never have and never will.


    I then strolled past the 18 stone Covid-Marshall at Morrison’s, dressed like a police man, complete with high-viz jacket and radio and went about my business. He fucking followed me! I’ve told him before, “I’m exempt” when he points to the area where my mask ought to be, because he can’t actually speak in his. I flashed my laminated card and he recoiled, like a vampire seeing garlic. He gave a reluctant thumbs-up and waked off sheepishly. So, I did my shopping in peace.


    Fuck shopping at Morrison’s.

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Saved said:

    It's a sorry state of affairs when your only hope of avoiding something is the sudden death of millions. I've warned my kids and wife that I might have to disappear for a while, whether that be a correction facility (torture camp) or a lesser kind of internment centre such as a good old fashioned jail.


    That, if it happens, might be in the winter if their next major move is as I suspect - the unvaccinated being demonised as the cause of the many dropping dead before Christmas 2021. The real cause, I suspect, will be the compromised immune systems of the vaccinated being unable to stand against - or reacting with - whatever they release (for real) on the world Sept/Oct time.


    The ones that warned will be the ones that are blamed.


    What a depressing and defeatist attitude to have. 

  7. 20 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:




    Kary Mullis had a patent on a process to "instantly mobilize the immune system to neutralize invading pathogens and toxins."


    Is any of this process a part of the coven-19 experimental injections?


    The more I discover this man the more convinced he died a natural death or was relocated with new id.

    This man was a big deal to the elites. I doubt very much anyone would kill him without first suggesting a new id and non interference agreements.

    He also wrote a book called ‘Dancing Naked in the Mind Field’ I wonder are there any clues in there as to what’s going on now. I’ve been looking into him a lot more recently - I wonder what his surviving family are doing these days.

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  8. 35 minutes ago, kestrel said:

    I cannot deal with this bullshit anymore.


    I work in a care home. My LFT test is negative, yet my PCR test tests as positive.  I have the uptmost care for the residents, and yet I am treated as a criminal. My only crime is removing my mask for a split second due to difficulty breathing. I inform my employer of this, and yet they request an enquiry must he persued. I love the residents I look after, but I cannot put up with this bullshit anymore. They also accuse me of not wearing a mask when I shop. Based on the fact that I have an excemption lanyard that a friend gave me which has been witnessed in my place of work.

    What. The. Fuck.

  9. 5 minutes ago, northern star said:


    John Kerry has spent something like 20 hours in the air in a private jet this year, lecturing people about carbon footprints. Why dont they start at the top, the ones with the largest carbon footprints, like him? It would make a huge difference and send a message too, to lead by example. The likes of him (and Al Gore) were also saying in the 90s that the earth only had 8 years left, much as he is saying now. Attenborough himself refused to co-operate with the environmental movement in past decades, when it wasnt quite as fashionable as it is now, and he had a career to protect, and when he could have made a huge difference. If these people are so clever and revered, why are there so many environmental problems, still today?

    I know your comment was tongue in cheek but you’ve hit the nail on the head. There aren’t any. 

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