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  1. Anyone think there’s something strange about the mother in this? Seems like she’s acting.
  2. You don’t half post some drivel on this forum. Never know what you’re going on about half the time.
  3. Are Christians now a minority in UK?
  4. Vaccine passports confirmed this morning by Grant Shapps
  5. It’s usually these groups that are the most subservient. Lawyers, engineers etc. Their trust in the establishment is generally garnered by virtue of coming from a privileged background. They have never been required or felt the need to question their own reality.
  6. Fauci talking about having all children vaccinated in 2022. How is that even a thing? How many children have passed with COVID? 0? These really are the end times
  7. Bloody hell - that’s reaching. Her twitter page was posted on here recently. Last tweet 2012/3. I suppose the account was faked seven years in advance of what we’re witnessing today?
  8. Ive got twitter and haven’t tweeted since 2013.
  9. Fuck shopping at Morrison’s.
  10. Is this progress or a red herring before everything is closed again?
  11. https://twitter.com/GregAbbott_TX/status/1366846908480815106?s=20
  12. What a depressing and defeatist attitude to have.
  13. He also wrote a book called ‘Dancing Naked in the Mind Field’ I wonder are there any clues in there as to what’s going on now. I’ve been looking into him a lot more recently - I wonder what his surviving family are doing these days.
  14. It’s all bollocks, no one on WSB is buying silver.
  15. Wasn’t his old man big into Eugenics and in bed with the Rockefeller’s?
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