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  1. The question is why would anyone stick one of those ghastly swabs, made in a shady lab in China, up their nose when god knows what’s in it? I even have friends who are obsessed with putting them up their children’s nostrils to see if they’re ‘positive’ Very sad at what society has become.
  2. Only 4,636 deaths from Covid in China yet joe public doesn’t put 2 and 2 together
  3. Softening us up for ‘terminating’ those who refuse Con vid quarantine?
  4. Isn’t the common cold a rhinovirus?
  5. 2019 Wuhan brought the winds of change 2020 Boris and Whitty announced a new age Build back better they said Or our beloved NHS will be dead Lock the elders up in care homes to pass Do not resuscitate, do not ask Cases rising sharply Due to no social distancing, probably 2 metre rule, the elites don’t bother One rule for them, one rule for the fodder Why are they doing this, you ask? Shut up, and wear your mask Cases rising sharply, we need a cure But how can we cure a virus not yet isolated. What about a vaccine? The masses will be captivated Mrna, a novel technology Take your shot, go on holiday Double jabbed yet still locked away Will this ever end, I hear you say Rinse repeat for any new variants, 2030 still locking down on foot of new scariants The new normal is here, hope you enjoy I’ll remember how things were, before they were destroyed.
  6. I had to stop taking antihistamines for this very reason - I wanted to kill dead things when I was on them. Horrible and they weren’t even effective. Have to question why so many of the UK population has hay fever. I read it’s something like 30% of the total population has it. Mine is particularly bad in June which I’ve always put down to grass pollen.
  7. Wow Smoking gun no? Why isn’t this post getting more attention here - does this not disprove the whole vaccine gene altering theory. edit - never mind, no sources cited at all.
  8. That won’t happen because we’ll be in another lockdown this winter.
  9. All of this begs the question; Why can’t they just leave us alone?
  10. Sadly, most of the general population are so heavily brainwashed that they simply cannot wait to get their offspring ‘jabbed’ as a sort of, medical badge of honour. I despair for their futures.
  11. The wearing of masks by the general public just becomes even more ridiculous when you consider the images emerging from the recent G-7 summit.
  12. Maybe she would uphold her credibility if she named it correctly - the amount of times she said MRHA yellow card scheme instead of the correctly named MHRA yellow card scheme was grinding my gears.
  13. The video has it all really. It even features the white hippie type virtue signaller with the BLM t shirt on!
  14. Disgusting mate I wonder what Jennifer Hudson’s appearance fee was? It’s the classic tactic of wheeling out a B-List celebrity has-been to keep the lemmings in step. And the sheep lap it up. I also note the upbeat, jovial background music. Dub the same video with dark, menacing overtones and it wouldn’t look out of place on Black Mirror.
  15. Anyone find people are more willing to have conversations with you in shops etc if you’re not wearing a gimp mask? Not the muzzled up sheep avidly sanitising their hands every two minutes, but the staff - it must be quite refreshing for them seeing a friendly face who’s willing to stop for a chat. I get the feeling people are starting to see through the nonsense.
  16. Crikey That thing in the video thumbnail is enough to put even the most fervent of vaxxers off injections for life. Demonic!
  17. Have you ever in your life been as cringed out as when hearing the slogan ‘roll up your sleeve’
  18. https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/19/stop-blaming-vaccine-hesitancy-for-spread-of-india-covid-variant-says-council-leader
  19. Anyone think there’s something strange about the mother in this? Seems like she’s acting.
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