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  1. Follow livestream here on 29th: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHiUaVQ_1ys : Berlin invites Europe
  2. On David's Telegram Channel you forwarded a link to a RT news report on the Berlin demonstration 1.8.2020. I suggest you check other sources for more accurate reports. The number of 15.000 is certainly not correct (far too low) and was reported by German mainstream media which is what the BBC is in UK. To everyone who was there or studied the video footage that number is ridiculous. Aerial photos were not published. A spokesman of bus enterprises said that they had requests for 200.000 passenger bookings to Berlin beforehand. Even if only half of them had finally booked you get more realistic numbers. Adjoing parks were also full of people as part of the demonstration. The demonstration was terminated by the police but there were NO announcements by the police to keep distance etc. which they have to do first, RT is wrong again here. It was reported that many of the police had a hard time because they sympathize. Organizers intend to maintain a good relationship. An organizer was asked by the police to make something up as announcement why the demonstration will be terminated. There will be another big demonstration on 29.8. again In Berlin and international invitations for joining have been sent. Organizer website querdenken-711.de See their youtube channel providing lots of videos, even informative if you do not understand German Or check the querdenken 711 telegram channel Other german sources on youtube Rubikon KenFM
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