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  1. you say they have healing tech but the are not living any longer than the peasants.
  2. no funeral for me. cremate me in a card coffin job done
  3. the eleet have all this so called healing tech? why arent they living until 200 then. if they r lucky they get in to their 90's
  4. this sun/mon highs of 13degs end of may shocking. last year we had the pool up by now. my central heating went off a month ago. now ive got a multi fuel stove and a tonne of smokeless in the garage i'm going to see if i can keep the central heating off all winter. you can see when my central heating kicks in
  5. going to be the coldest summer in 100 years. they need us burning gas now the prices are sky high.
  6. you'll have to listen to the interviews i linked. its in there. if i find it i'll link it.
  7. then theres the buffalo shopping centre shooting with the perp posting a 180 page manifesto. the first time manifesto became a buzz word was at the christchurch shooting. manifesto is another sign of false flag. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10817617/Buffalo-supermarket-shooters-chilling-180-page-manifesto-mentioned-great-replacement-theory.html
  8. Chilling images show students at Salvador Ramos’ HS pretending to be dead during active-shooter drill https://nypost.com/2022/05/25/texas-shooting-salvador-ramos-hs-held-active-shooter-drill-weeks-before-massacre/
  9. some of the earliest vids Q mentions his origin. a light being who was chosen because he can refresh so many times a second or along those lines it was a long time ago i listened to it also i have never heard of any anons call ted mahr out even when i try to bait them.
  10. Q never posted on twitter. it started on the 4chan boards. then moved to the 8chan boards (ppl thought this was outside comms of the 4chan board) the christchurch shooting got the 8chan board to shutdown 8kun was created and Q resumed on there until the 8 dec 2020 last post.
  11. i'm from the Q boards and "no outside comms" so i struggle with this.
  12. you listen and make your own mind up. thats all you can do.
  13. play the 2nd video on this page. its Q https://bbsradio.com/podcast/out-world-radio-december-18-2021
  14. get you teeth into this @sock muppet https://outofthisworld1150.com/guests/qanon/ https://outofthisworld1150.com/2021-show-podcasts/ https://outofthisworld1150.com/2020-show-podcasts/ https://outofthisworld1150.com/show-podcasts/2019-show-podcasts/ scroll through all the podcasts of ted mahr talking to Q
  15. the adl (who got icke booted out of many venues using "antisemitism") should be exposed for aligning themselves with the nazis, the same faction that killed 6million jews. and let them wriggle out of that. silence is a red flag imo
  16. icke starting to sound like Q already written? is there a plan then?
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