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  1. btw trump booted out kissinger. still think zionists are in comtrol Trump team removes members of Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, including Kissinger, Albright https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-pentagon-defense-policy-board
  2. instant karma Twitter, Facebook Lose $51 Billion in Value After Booting Trump https://www.newsmax.com/finance/streettalk/facebook-twitter-stock-investors/2021/01/13/id/1005467/
  3. keep track in the us https://poweroutage.us
  4. if its true billy would not be able to handle it. his mind would go into meltdown and hed just move the goalposts to give him a secure warm fuzzy hug of being right all along.
  5. nothings changed in my view. but like everyone im waiting to see some action. no doubt the fake news media has already filmed the inaugeration of beijing biden from his basement. remember the outrage when trump walked in front of the queen. that was the take down of the queen. many other royals have been taken down with dodgy msm articles produced so dont get hung up on controlling families
  6. all maga need to stay at home from the 16th theres going to be pipe bombs all over the place
  7. not much damage? i know its pedowood but they like putting it in our face
  8. mentioning alex jones, ive just listened to mike adams natural news and he was saying cia tried to get jones to lead the storm on the capitol then arrest him and remove him off air
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