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  1. in his softball tv interview he was blaming homophobia. Schofield said homophobia was a factor in people who disapproved of their relationship, adding: "If it was male-female then it wouldn't be such a scandal"
  2. my various social club memberships lapsed due to the virus and when they did open i wasnt going to contact trace. anyway i keep thinking should i get my memberships up to date and i ask myself if i really want to. surrounded by boozy sheep and having to be careful what to say to not trigger them is it worth it? i'm homebrewing anyway.
  3. there are inverters that detect if the grid goes down it switches to battery power and blocks electric going into the grid
  4. i dont remember gordon the gopher wearing lipstick and a rainbow t shirt fkers were at it back then
  5. i'm surprised she never ended it with "i was glad she was fully protected from the virus and urge all parents to get your kids protected"
  6. i need to go to specsavers but i refuse while they are still wandering around with masks on
  7. are you still taking the vitamins and antioxidants daily or started cutting back? i've gone from taking them daily to maybe twice a week
  8. can one person say "the moon landing is fake" and "the blue marble is real" when it comes from the same sauce?
  9. thanks to the fake news media the jabbed sheepies do not acknowledge adverse reactions to the jab exist while suffering from adverse reactions to the jab the jabbed are fully invested into the narrative and pride will never let them come out. had jabbed family tell be blood clots are rare ffs.
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