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  1. so i'm just about finished clearing out all my old consoles and games. i've made £850 i've got a box left to get rid of, of xbox, wii stuff the reason for the clear out is make more space and i dont play them anymore. even if i wanted to play them i couldnt cos most of the old consoles stored in the loft for 20 yrs were dead when i tested them. nes,snes,saturn,ps3,xb360 all dead so the moral of the story- keeping electronics for years for nostagia seems like a false economy and the chances of consoles failing increases with age.
  2. sitting in the sun. to the east blue sky, to the west incoming whiteout
  3. it is in ukraine, honest guv. they are shooting down russian copters, honest guv
  4. u know its bllx when the uk come 2nd ukraine winning, never saw that coming
  5. floating for 3 hours in the air watching your take off landing zone vanish from sight due to earth rotation.
  6. do you really believe facebook has 2 billion users? id say half of those are bot accounts
  7. set up a war crime court in ukraine. fair trial then
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