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  1. I also think along these lines. 
    Maybe low level depopulation is on the cards eg the first wave in the nursing homes, let others be neglected indirectly dying because of covid etc. But I cannot understand the mass depopulation theory either, and as you say the evidence for it is sketchy. Things like the ‘spike protein’ dangers appear to have failed to materialise. People reckon that when the vaccinated encounter regular flu or whatever this winter then their immune system won’t be able to handle it. But again, no real proof apart from info about how coronavirus vaccines in animals failed in the past. 
    another reason for it, I think, is to make a more obedient society over time, with social credit etc. 

    I think some ‘truthers’ like the depop theory also, makes them feel special etc. However I wouldn’t discount anything. It’s an amazing social experiment on the partof the powers that be, to convince everyone they need it, Also! 

  2. Story on the news the other day about the shortage of lorry drivers. 
    however we have heard this food shortages story many times since the start of the ‘pandemic’ and it’s not really happened. 

    People have become soft, if a particular brand of gluten free sour dough vegan pasta isn’t in stock there is a ‘shortage’. 

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  3. Overhead lady in hairdressers saying ‘on July the 19th we can take off these masks’. I go maskless wherever and the hairdressers just assume exemption, my stylish wears hers around her chin and agrees it’s BS. 

    I usually just keep quiet as I cba with ‘sheep’ but I spoke up and said... I don’t wish to be controversial but... if you don’t like the masks, and don’t believe they are useful ... then what is stopping you now? 

    the lady who said it just gave an embarrassed laugh. But by the time I left I notice it had slipped down below her chin 😂😂


    did you know that earlier in the ‘pandemic’ hairdressers were supposed to wear a mask and visor? Lol a surgeon doesn’t even wear that! 

  4. New walk in test centre opened now in my Home town of wigan.

    i was watching it be installed over the last couple of days on a council car park but I thought it was going to be a mobile vax centre- but yesterday saw the signs for testing. 
    Why now? Vaccine rollout almost completed. 
    those who are anti covid vaccine are very unlikely to agree to test. 

    wondering if testing will become somehow ‘compulsory’ at some point. 

  5. On 3/11/2021 at 10:57 AM, SuperstarNeilC said:


    Also, who remembers this- she was a chef at York Uni still missing-


     Claudia Elizabeth Lawrence (27 February 1974 – disappeared 18 March 2009) was employed as a chef at the University of York, England at the time of her disappearance. Although the police have treated her disappearance as a case of murder, with various people arrested but later released, her fate is unclear.


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  6. Yes even though it appears far fetched, even if there was a small chance of it occurring it is better to overreact and remove kids from school if you’re able to- that way they’re also safe from the other brainwashing etc. 

    There is a big variation in school experiences throughout the land. Some are ridiculously strict with thing like masks and distancing, others are a lot more relaxed. 
    what concerns me is if it just happened on one day without warning. Would catch a lot of us off guard.  Everything else that’s happened this year... though it would seem shocking a year ago.... has happened gradually. 

  7. Hopefully this is not the case but there are rumours around the flu mist which is being rolled out in school. 
    Also targeting schools with the 5g radiation. I’m not sure if the plausibility of these things. Heard they could lockdown the schools (like universities ) and not let parents in too. It sounds a bit far fetched and the source was just some conspiracy accounts on IG. Just passing along what I’ve seen. 

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