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  1. Even if they are killed there are others who will carry out their plans. There isn't a shortage of psychos in this world.
  2. And you are greeted with an annoying popup to install it when you open the Google Playstore.
  3. Like I have said in my nuclear war thread the most likely scenario is a nuclear war between the west and China/Russia. And that China/Russia easily wins it since their population is predicted to remain intact. There is simply no way that simple migration or even a "virus" could cause such a massive drop of population. Funny that Deagel.com revised their prediction soon after their site was featured on davidicke.com and after the thread I have made. I am pretty sure they are watching sites like these so it comes as no surprise.
  4. Look at those 2 scumbags, Gates and his husband laughing and grinning when they mention that people will have to take the second wave much more seriously. I wish someone would put a bullet in those 2 heads. For the world's sake.
  5. Offer proof that it was fake or shut the hell up. And this is not a thread for nuclear weapons deniers, so GTFO. This is serious business and we need to assess the threat and act accordingly. I would recommend getting out of big cities while you can. A possible nuclear war would be one good reason but there are others like the possible upcoming civil wars as well as the plan to herd everyone in smart cities.
  6. Psychologists and psychiatrists are pretty evil. If you only knew how many of them are actual perverts who constantly project their flaws on others, you'd be surprised. Many have this sick fascination with knowing every little aspect of someone's life just to have some kind of power. Some of them are just dumb, as I have seen one wearing a fucking visor because of corona. A VISOR, on top of a freaking mask. So this does article does not surprise me much.
  7. What are you making with Unity? I am currently making a top-down shooter for Android that I am going to put on the PlayStore. I also like the Unreal Engine 4, as it offers much better graphics and performance but I find that I can build something in Unity much more quickly. As for my system, I have a crappy AMD laptop with a 2 core CPU at 2.9GhZ with integrated Radeon R4 GPU , 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 1 TB HD with Windows 10. I had a desktop AMD Ryzen 2200 (very good APU, and the 3200 is even better at cheap price now) rig in 2018 that I built myself but I had to sell it before moving.
  8. But there is a price for exporting electricity and there are efficiency issues. You cannot supply the entire US with electricity from a few hydro-electric dams in Quebec alone.
  9. So nuclear engineers have been running an elaborate scam just to make us believe there is such a thing as nuclear energy, when all they had to do was use an alternative source? You're a crackpot.
  10. Sure it's a myth, that is why there are a bunch of them working right now and have been for decades. What is so hard to believe in nuclear fission releasing a tremendous amount of energy. I guess all those countries that have nuclear weapons also are in on the conspiracy to make people believe in them too.
  11. So you simply refuse to believe in nuclear physics? What about nuclear power plants are they a figment of people's imagination too? You have to reject a shitload of knowledge to believe in what you do.
  12. What about the first hand accounts from all the Japanese survivors? There are more 100000 of them, and I have seen the videos of some of them having radiation after-effects like losing their hair and dying from cancer. I have heard them describe the lightning and the white flash that precedes the explosion. You simply cannot dismiss their testimonies, they have no reason for lying and rejecting their story simply means that you want to ignore what does not fit into your belief system.
  13. Lol the Earth is flat and nuclear weapons don't exist. Ok then, talk about denying reality.
  14. A nuclear bomb being detonated in the atmosphere, causing an EMP, and a massive blackout. Just like the plot of this Blade Runner anime short, "Blackout 2022". In the movie this is done by some replicans, but in my view this is just representation of mind controlled humans.
  15. Interesting, and what about this in Rome depicting Jesus rising from a nuclear holocaust... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Resurrection_(Fazzini)
  16. I have a few sources that mention 2023 for a nuclear war...Also deagel.com, a military equipment seller site that is connected to the NSA, predicts an 80% population reduction by 2025 for the USA and a large portion of other NATO countries as well. But China and Russia's populations are predicted to increase a little. To me this seems like a nuclear war where one side decides to not use their weapons. You can guess which. I do not think we have much time left...
  17. I keep getting bl0cked...
  18. Proof that Soros is involved? https://mobile.twitter.com/BlloydbLloyd/status/1267036094379556873
  19. Proof that Soros is involved? https://mobile.twitter.com/BlloydbLloyd/status/1267036094379556873?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fvigilantcitizenforums.com%2Fthreads%2Fhow-the-government-created-the-minneso-tah-event.7662%2Fpage-6
  20. No I do not think it is possible, not on this planet anyway. We have incarnated on this prison planet for a reason which is to work out our fallen state and it will all end one day. The Bible mentions the end in Revelation and those deemed worthy will ascend to a higher dimensional universe after the "harvest" of souls has occured. This world will end before the "Cabal" try to implement their full plan which is total control of the population through technology. The mark of the beast (vaccine quantum dot tattoo/microchip system) will turn you into a cyborg and prevent you from ascending, which is why it is forbidden by God. But now a lot of people know this as Microsoft made it plainly observable with their 060606 patent that is a system to mine cryptocurrency using a device implanted in your body that reads your EM field.
  21. All the math calculations around satellites and GPS would not work if the Earth was flat.
  22. I am not sure how reliable this info is but apparently the feature comes being turned off, or you can turn it off in privacy settings. https://www.google.com/amp/s/9to5mac.com/2020/05/19/how-to-turn-on-off-covid-19-contact-tracing-iphone-ios/amp/
  23. Hi, I am new here but I used to post on David Icke's really old forums back in 2001. I have read a lot of the threads here and I am glad that the subjects seem to remain as cutting edge as they were back then. Most conspiracy boards' members are not this informed, and I can say this especially when compared to places like Vigilant Citizen. It's a good place but most will not touch the seemingly "out there" topics that David Icke usually talks about. I remember sending an email to DI in 1999 about my opinion on the reptilian theory, saying it was ridiculous and such. And I was surprised to get an angry reply back from Icke saying I was wrong and that I did not do any research on it. Turns out that about a year later some things happened to me, along with parallel research on the topic of aliens and UFOs that I have done that led me to confirm to myself that what Icke was saying was RIGHT. He is a good man and I am glad that he still alive informing the world about this corona scamdemic and what the real agenda behind it is.
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