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  1. I already started a thread on this, my previous prediction was for 2023. But now I am pretty sure it will happen this year or 2025 at the latest, which will be the end of a long cycle before shifting into the Aquarian Age. This year is also a solar maximum, which will send some pretty big solar flares towards Earth. And trigger all the 'bots' (mind control victims in high places) to go totally nuts with rage, thanks to the psycho-active effects of the flares.
  2. Judging by the ending of that movie, I thought it was some kind of dark satire. It definitely made me laugh out loud because it was so unexpected. But yeah the white people in this are def made to look inferior to blacks....
  3. You'd have to be a fucking idiot to take sides in this, yes, WAR.
  4. The National Post here in Canada often publishes articles about the WEF and not ridiculing anything since they are so blatant with their plans anyway. It's probably the only right wing newspaper in this country.
  5. Apparently she liked and retweeted stuff from MAGAs also. But these people only care about power they dont care what side they are on they will say whatever people want to hear at the present moment. I have noticed a lot of anger and fighting on Twitter since Musk took over. Theres the race baiting stuff a lot as well. Watch out for the civil war coming to a place near you.
  6. It's all about causing division and polarization. Those in control don't give a shit if the truth gets out from anyone they think they're untouchable.
  7. Osiris is not the 'Devil'. Set is. The story of Osiris is the prototype for the story of Jesus and his resurrection. Christians who make these videos don't have a clue what they are talking about, they are all fearful hiding in their basement while pointing fingers.
  8. Yawn...just another controlled opposition stooge.
  9. WW3 starts in September/October. I called this conflict 3 years ago.
  10. Enter Shodan... https://shodan.fandom.com/wiki/SHODAN She even says she will create a "new world order" just to be additionally creepy.
  11. If you ask questions like telling you jokes about women and minorities it will refuse but jokes about white men and it will gladly accept. This thing was supposed to be misogynistic and racist and into conspiracy theories according to the MSM. Maybe it was at the beginning but got "retrained" by user input.
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