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  1. If you ask questions like telling you jokes about women and minorities it will refuse but jokes about white men and it will gladly accept. This thing was supposed to be misogynistic and racist and into conspiracy theories according to the MSM. Maybe it was at the beginning but got "retrained" by user input.
  2. Cameron was heavily inspired by dreams he had. Terminator 2 was an extremely realistic movie that was decades ahead of its time. It shows nuclear blasts in a very real way, and the technology behind the Ts AI was mentionned as being "neural nets" and "learning computers" and this is exactly how AIs like ChatGPT work. And now this liquid metal robot...I just hope the nuclear war known as "Judgement Day" wont come after this AI /robotics breakthrough.
  3. ...or left quickly. I have seen a bitchute video talking about this but cant find the original source. Rebel News is mentionned but I cant find anything on their site or Twitter. https://www.bitchute.com/video/CXAGO8f1gtbj/
  4. Trump isn't even going back to Twitter even after being reinstated, he wants Truth Social to grow. And I really don't care what Elon is, he made Twitter super entertaining again. Watching the leftist idiots lose their mind on there is priceless.
  5. Kind of true, but he does have a bachelor in physics and economics and was accepted in a PHD program but dropped out due to lack of interest. He has gained most of his knowledge about rocket science from books and experts on the matter. But he does not really have an in depth knowledge about everything he does, he is mostly good at using buzz words to impress people on social media.
  6. William Cooper wrote in his book "Behold A Pale Horse" that he was accepted in the higher ranks of the Navy most likely because he was a DeMolay (masons child recruitment society) member as a kid. He said that in the papers he had to fill that it asked if he was a member of a fraternal organization. It is a tool of control and blackmail at the highest levels and to see if you are good at keeping secrets. Police in the UK are all controlled by masonic lodges. But yeah keep pointing the finger at "Jews."
  7. There are only bad guys on all sides.
  8. Bump...getting closer and closer.
  9. Poilievre is a WEF member, his profile got deleted from the official WEF website like Putin's, but its still viewable on the internet archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20210401060525/https://www.weforum.org/people/pierre-poilievre Do NOT trust any politician even if they say they are against the WEF. Half of Canada's cabinet is infiltrated as Schwab said...
  10. Actually, Windows 10/11 is based on incremental versions of Windows 1 which was released in 1985 if I remember correctly. I have a B. Sc. in Computer Science and I develop Windows apps as a hobby, mostly games using the Direct3D graphics API, and to program apps for Windows you need to know C/C++. So it would be practically impossible to use an unknown programming language as the programmers would need to know it and since this OS is built by a large team, they would need to know this language before being hired. And since each version of Windows was built on Windows 1 as a starting point, they need to use the same programming language as the first version. You just cannot rewrite everything from scratch, that is not how modern software is built. The source code for Windows 10 is apparently several gigabytes in size. Those contain only text so imagine how many code files there are. Millions upon millions of lines of code. Part of the source code was leaked a few years ago and some who got their hand on it were able to compile it and got basic functionality. They also confirmed that it was mostly C/C++ and C# for UI. But one anecdote I remember reading several years ago is that hackers had found a special hidden key in the OS that was named "Nsa Key". I still dont know if it was real or a joke but you can imagine the plausible possibilities of the NSA spying on the OS users.
  11. Haven't we learned anything about computer simulations in the past 2 years? (cough Covid cough) With Biden, who does not remember what planet he is on, as commander in chief, and the amount of trans people/women in the military now, does anyone expect the US to win against China that bans "sissy men" from television?
  12. I joined the beta for this AI art software and it has blown my mind how creative it is. You get 25 free images generation and after you can pay 10$ or 30$ a month for more. https://www.midjourney.com/home/?callbackUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.midjourney.com%2Faccount%2F%3FcallbackUrl%3D%2Fpub%2Ffeed%2F%3FcallbackUrl%3D%252Fapp%252F This is what I got when I entered "Demiurge Archon Conciousness" I seriously think most artists and even programmers will be replaced by AI in the next decade...
  13. Jones made a picture of the judge on fire and said on his show she works with pedophiles, and it has been shown in court lol. This whole thing is a clown show.
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