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  1. I'm the same, I don't want to go frightening people who have the jabs.
  2. Oh really! Hopefully he will raise awareness now. Talking to a colleague today who has been tripled jabbed, she's 22. She said she hasn't felt well for months and months and puts it down to lockdowns and everyone losing natural immunity because of it. I'm amazed that people blame anything else other than the jab.
  3. Are any UK MP's against the vaccine? I remember someone putting a link to a Tory MP who asked for an enquiry into it, does anyone know the outcome to that?
  4. We have to LFT test everyday as I work in Health & Social care and work with vulnerable people. I think the council stipulates what we do.
  5. I agree, this would have been a massive headline had he not been jabbed.
  6. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/breaking-fulham-fan-dies-after-26086580.amp?fbclid=IwAR3-Y_t06Z0ySnCPy8WpoVuERvXzp_NCtX0I1HilAuEpCMJZX122gozWVMc If you read this article someone in the comments states he was 22. I know someone who was 23 die last week from a heart attack. Surely everyone can see this is not normal.
  7. I work in Health and social care and I am jab and job or no jab,no job, I have got to have the 1st jab by Feb 3rd. This sickens me, I have built up 10 years of service to this company, have had several promotions, and am nearly 60. I'm expected to have the jab or throw everything away. I live alone and have no one else to support me.
  8. I have been thinking this too. If Covid is so bad, why do 10% of hospital staff not want the vaccine and why weren't the MPs in fear of spending so much time with so many people, when they were drinking and partying?
  9. In my world, a lot of people, especially younger ones, are very reluctant to get the booster.
  10. Yes it is Ziggy. But that is what My sis has sent to me when I said Pfizer wont say what's in their vaccines...
  11. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gov.uk%2Fgovernment%2Fpublications%2Fregulatory-approval-of-pfizer-biontech-vaccine-for-covid-19%2Finformation-for-uk-recipients-on-pfizerbiontech-covid-19-vaccine%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0GgaiGrXe5kankhlBoorIGAhFbrTclr8QZ-X6VJF-wwiygyRh-yr4OPdQ&h=AT0PhaM6bujLHvfdOX_Qjk2jgttYovmEkuG8Klw37HCHNQoMPqoPkicOuEhb_PAQSuM4NvIRLs5JEPrRmqZpXZYlgdTm4JVjaRv6RPg0mIQgKKxOCDUZqn2xqECBmp3sDWGvMg
  12. Can someone please help me out here. I was explaining to my sis why I dont want to take the vaccine when everyone else in the family has. One of the reasons I said was Pfizer wont even say what is in their vaccine, which I thought was 100% the case. She has sent me a link to the Governement site which shows all the ingredients in the pfizer vaccine. Why did I think they didnt have to reveal what was in the vaccine for 50 years?
  13. This video has put together what Dr Robert Malone is talking about with 'Mass Foundation Psychosis' with views of peaceful countrysider etc. So watchable and clearly demonstrates the main points. 30% of the population have been virtually hypnotised in the beginning through fear, and cannot see anything else nearly 2 years on. The answer is vaccines and lockdowns. He says that another 30% who may have reason to doubt the powers that be for various reasons, are the other way whilst the middle 40% are persuadable. Such a good video
  14. I work in Health & social Care and out of around 70 staff, I think about 65 have had it. I've not had it although all my family have. My sister had the AZ for the first 2 doses but was given a Moderna booster yesterday. She had no idea why, she wasn't told beforehand, whats that about? Why is it suddenly absolutely fine to mix doses? I have no idea why people go along with all this. Intelligent individuals queueing for vaccines without question.
  15. How can you not treat someone in hospital who has paid NI and income tax for 40 odd years? I'll have all my contributions back then Cheers
  16. I was just reading about this. So if this is based on the AZ vaccine, whoever has this booster and has 4 jabs, will all have had a mixture of vaccines. These people are mad, surely there won't be many putting themselves forward for another jab...Will there?
  17. Somebody known ro me, who was young, fit and well had the booster 2 weeks ago and is suffering siezures ever since. This person and family have no doubt this was caused by the booster and she is under the hospital having investigations. The hospital staff all over the country must be aware of the injuries from the vaccine, they must be seeing so many people who have suffered through them.
  18. And here is another sudden death. Labour councillor, around 43 years of age, found dead at home. Penny Holbrook, a Birmingham Councillor Wonder if she was Vaxxed?
  19. Apologies if this has already been posted but I've just come across it. Very interesting article stating that a German Pathologist is calling for more in-depth autopsies as he believes that 30-40% of deaths are being caused by the vaccine.https://theegg.house/covid-19-jab-is-cause-of-death-in-30-40-of-autopsies-of-recently-vaccinated-says-german-chief-pathologist/
  20. Since I believe, although I tried to tell both my kids not to have it, he felt he had no choice because of work and might as well just get it done.
  21. According to the Government. But even if it was 50%, they aint gonna suddenly declare it will be banned because double vaccinated people will be up in arms
  22. Was talking to my double vaccined son this afternoon, he works in football, goes abroad and got the jab before he was made to by work. He said there is no way this Government are ever gonna backdown on this jab now, 80% have been vaccinated, how could they ever stop the jab, there would be massive outrage, I think he is probably right, they are never going to admit the jab is bad news
  23. A young lass I work with, only 20, has told me today that she hasn't felt at all well since she had the 2nd jab back in June. She has been off sick a few times since and says she wishes she never had it. Another lad in the office, said I feel exactly the same, since the 2nd jab, my nose has been permanently blocked and I feel unwell all the time. My son had the 2nd jab (Massively against my wishes, but felt pressured by work) but he hasn't been well since the 2nd jab either. Anyone else seeing similar amongst people they know?
  24. It is down on my lappie, but I can get it on my phone
  25. Do all people who haven't had Covid 3, Booster, whatever they want to call it, count as unvaxed now in statistics?
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