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  1. A young lass I work with, only 20, has told me today that she hasn't felt at all well since she had the 2nd jab back in June. She has been off sick a few times since and says she wishes she never had it. Another lad in the office, said I feel exactly the same, since the 2nd jab, my nose has been permanently blocked and I feel unwell all the time. My son had the 2nd jab (Massively against my wishes, but felt pressured by work) but he hasn't been well since the 2nd jab either. Anyone else seeing similar amongst people they know?
  2. It is down on my lappie, but I can get it on my phone
  3. Do all people who haven't had Covid 3, Booster, whatever they want to call it, count as unvaxed now in statistics?
  4. Everything is changed at the drop of a hat. No Covid Passports last Sunday, highly likely again Monday. No PCR tests one day, all change the next day. No wonder no one knows what on earth is going. The Government just want to confuse people even more.
  5. When the 40k plus who attend football matches or gigs, start testing positive for Covid on mass, who they gonna blame when there's only double jabbed there?
  6. I believe it's a maximum of 70,000 but expected to be around 40, 000 who refuse to take it.
  7. Thinking about GP's not returning to face to face visits, whereas dentists are all back and at very close proximity with people who can't wear a mask because they are looking at the patient's teeth. Makes me wonder if doctors not being easily accesible is absolutely ideal for this government at the moment, as people can't easily talk about any vaccine side effects with a medical expert.
  8. If I worked in a doctors surgery, I would be looking at the number of deaths v other years and numbers of clots in patients to try and work out for myself what is going on
  9. Yes but docs surgeries will have all patient info to hand, Hospitals update records which will highlight any deaths and illnesses to doctors.
  10. I would love to know how many GP's, receptionists and other admin staff in doctors surgeries, would let their kids have the vaccine. If this vaccine is as bad as we believe it to be, surgeries all over the UK must be seeing massive amounts of people affected by the jabs.
  11. Has anyone seen any figures on the manditory vaccines for Care Home staff who still haven't had a jab? I think they all must have had the first jab by September 16th or they will be sacked. There could be a loss of up to 70,000 staff if that's the case. I'm hoping they all stand their ground, surely that amount of people cannot be sacked overnight, for the safety of the residents.
  12. Where I work, anyone who has tested positive for Covid cannot take another test for 90 days as it is likely to be positive.
  13. Someone I know is going to an event where a negative Lateral Flow test is required. There are a dozen of them altogether and none of them have taken the test, just scanned the barcode and reported a negative result. Just shows how ludicrous this whole testing thing is,
  14. So the Inter Milan doctor is now saying Erikson wasn't vaccinated, yet yesterday they made a statement that he was vaccinated on 31st May. So if he wasn't vaccinated, why is my 20 something son being hounded to have the vaccine when someone 4 years older has not had it?
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