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  1. Can you make me one too while you're at it. I'm 60 now, and completely unvaxed for Covid/Flu
  2. I agree, all of a sudden they are making sure everyone has a mix of doses, Very strange
  3. There is only 1 other person I know, other than me, that has not had the vaccines. Most have had the two shots plus one booster. A few seem to have ongoing colds and a couple skin rashes but so far they seem to be okay. I really worry for my son and his wife who had 4 jabs each. I really hope they dont have any more. I told my son that I thought his rash may be due to the vaccine, it has at least made him think about the safety of them, more than he did before. My daughter only had one dose and had symptoms of muscle spasms for 2 weeks, she didn't take anymore. I seemed to have noticed a grumpiness in some people, especially younger ones, that weren't like that before the vaccines.
  4. Why people would have their young children jabbed with an experimental Vaccine beggers belief. Poor child. ,
  5. I'm the same, I don't want to go frightening people who have the jabs.
  6. Oh really! Hopefully he will raise awareness now. Talking to a colleague today who has been tripled jabbed, she's 22. She said she hasn't felt well for months and months and puts it down to lockdowns and everyone losing natural immunity because of it. I'm amazed that people blame anything else other than the jab.
  7. Are any UK MP's against the vaccine? I remember someone putting a link to a Tory MP who asked for an enquiry into it, does anyone know the outcome to that?
  8. We have to LFT test everyday as I work in Health & Social care and work with vulnerable people. I think the council stipulates what we do.
  9. I agree, this would have been a massive headline had he not been jabbed.
  10. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/breaking-fulham-fan-dies-after-26086580.amp?fbclid=IwAR3-Y_t06Z0ySnCPy8WpoVuERvXzp_NCtX0I1HilAuEpCMJZX122gozWVMc If you read this article someone in the comments states he was 22. I know someone who was 23 die last week from a heart attack. Surely everyone can see this is not normal.
  11. I work in Health and social care and I am jab and job or no jab,no job, I have got to have the 1st jab by Feb 3rd. This sickens me, I have built up 10 years of service to this company, have had several promotions, and am nearly 60. I'm expected to have the jab or throw everything away. I live alone and have no one else to support me.
  12. I have been thinking this too. If Covid is so bad, why do 10% of hospital staff not want the vaccine and why weren't the MPs in fear of spending so much time with so many people, when they were drinking and partying?
  13. In my world, a lot of people, especially younger ones, are very reluctant to get the booster.
  14. Yes it is Ziggy. But that is what My sis has sent to me when I said Pfizer wont say what's in their vaccines...
  15. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gov.uk%2Fgovernment%2Fpublications%2Fregulatory-approval-of-pfizer-biontech-vaccine-for-covid-19%2Finformation-for-uk-recipients-on-pfizerbiontech-covid-19-vaccine%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0GgaiGrXe5kankhlBoorIGAhFbrTclr8QZ-X6VJF-wwiygyRh-yr4OPdQ&h=AT0PhaM6bujLHvfdOX_Qjk2jgttYovmEkuG8Klw37HCHNQoMPqoPkicOuEhb_PAQSuM4NvIRLs5JEPrRmqZpXZYlgdTm4JVjaRv6RPg0mIQgKKxOCDUZqn2xqECBmp3sDWGvMg
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