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  1. Yes it hit home with me when there was a report on the governor of the northern territories in Australia coming out with some crazy idea of fining anyone $5,000 who wasn't vaccinated by x date and I thought "how many people are in the northern territories and how many police, and how could they even attempt to enforce such a ludicrous idea?" And then I remembered all the "horror videos" of police brutality emanating from Australia and realized that they had to be staged events to create fear and give the impression of control. It occurred to me that Australia wasn't the testing ground for a police state as others have stated, it was actually the testing ground for the effectiveness of staged events at generating fear in a population.
  2. I believe that a large number of the videos of "police beat old lady to the ground" type thing which are doing the rounds are nothing more than psy-ops. I'm not saying they all are, but I reckon most are. Think about it... In my country, if you take all the relevant factors into account, there is roughly 1 police officer per 1,000 citizens on active duty at any given time. This one police officer is responsible for reacting to all the typical situations they encounter on a daily basis, anything from murder to shoplifting to traffic accidents. So, how can one officer do all that and also enforce some crazy draconian 'law' that some insane psychopath in government decides upon? They cannot, because it's physically impossible, so all the government can actually do is give the perception of power. The governments don't have the ability (manpower) to actually enforce anything. The only weapon they essentially have is media (news media, social media) and that ability to induce control by fear. The news media creates fear in the general population (cases are up) but what about those who don't believe their numbers? Well what better way to strike fear into the rest of us than to use the other arm of their weaponry, social media. "You may not believe in the scamdemic narrative, but look, this is what lies in store for you should you decide to venture out. You run the risk of being attacked by four police officers and beaten to the ground. Is it worth the risk?" If four officers are wrestling somebody to the ground for not wearing a face diaper it means that there are 4,000 others who are not being policed at all. Remember that the only weapon they actually have is fear and the only way they can discharge that weapon is through media and social media. Ignore both and they're simply firing blanks. They can make up all the 'rules' they like, but they haven't got the ability to enforce any of it. All they can do is try and get us to police ourselves, and if you choose to ignore that.......they have nothing.
  3. I invested in another freezer just a few days ago. I was initially dubious about doing this due to the possibility of power cuts, but thinking about it I cannot see this being a problem. They need to keep the power grid operating otherwise how would they continue feeding the propaganda? If your tv or phone or laptop isn't powered up, how would they inform people of lockdowns, restrictions, and "positive test numbers"? I don't think there will necessarily be empty shelves and no food available in the coming months but instead a continuation of food price increases. I've noticed that some items have increased by up to 50% in the last month or so and I think this trend will continue to the point where by next spring the weekly shop will have trebled or quadrupled in cost. They have to do it slowly otherwise there'll be mass rioting in the streets. That's the way I see it panning out in the west, however in poorer countries or places where they already have complete control, there will be starvation by springtime. You cannot cut off a large percentage of food production and not expect to have starvation happening somewhere.
  4. You seem fixated with condemning off grid living, but can you please provide a quote of where I mention "off grid living" in my post you initially replied to? Anywhere?? I've gotten heirloom seeds from England, Wales and Ireland in the last couple of years. I didn't buy a single seed potato this year because this years crop was provided by last years crop. In fact a fair number of plants were self propagating and grew in places I didn't even want them to, so what you're saying is incorrect. You're making assumptions about me while knowing virtually nothing about me, which isn't very wise. Your posts appear to focus on anger, presumptions and negativity, which is not a journey I wish to accompany you on. I've got a life to live and you aren't part of that life. So have your say, but I won't be replying any further. Have a nice day
  5. I really don't get where all the anger is coming from. In your previous post you were going on about rapists, and now you're on about "snowflakes"? This is a thread relating to face masks, and in the initial post I made that you replied to, I was suggesting that irrespective of the outcome, there is life after face masks. That's all. In other posts on other threads I have suggested some of the things you talk about, but not here? I do grow (some) of my own food, I do ferment wine, I keep chickens for eggs and fertilizer and I have gutted fish, but that wasn't the point of the post. The point was (and still is) that we can still continue our own individual and unique lives irrespective of whether that line in the sand is crossed or not. Do I want that line to be crossed? Absolutely not! I sincerely hope that enough people wake up in enough time to abort this craziness, but if not, I still have faith in humanity to wake up eventually. When that occurs, the dormant grey matter will begin functioning again, jolted into life by hunger or poverty or just plain rebellion against the control. I would also suggest that there is much less of a pipe dream in "starting your own garden to supply food" than there is to "turn your plough shares into swords"?? (unless of course you have access to your own forge?) Apart from "drawing a line in the sand", do you have any other positive suggestions?
  6. Ever since our ancestors emerged from their caves and discovered how to scratch an X with a stick, elections have been rigged. So what? There's still billions of us walking around, so the fact that they're rigged hasn't killed us off yet. Of course it would be preferable if they weren't, but you have to play the hand you are dealt. The rest of what you're saying is supposition. Gates doesn't know what the outcome of all this will be, let alone you or I. He might be involved in planning the outcome, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will materialize? So, if this line in the sand is washed away by a tide of opinion, what then? You marked your line out, it's been crossed, now what? What do you do if 95% of the population don't have a line? Are you prepared to try and band with the rest of the 5% and take on the might of the establishment? You see this is what I meant by avoiding thinking in black & white. You have a set idea of exactly how this is going to pan out, and a set plan to counteract that which entails drawing a line. What you really should have is multiple plans depending on the different envisioned scenarios, and the willingness to adapt and alter those plans should the situation change. Do you realize how far down the list of important stuff "enjoyment" has been down the ages for us commoners? You're talking about pubs and nightclubs whereas throughout most of history the lower classes were more concerned with avoiding starvation, homelessness, disease, and trying to keep themselves from freezing to death in wintertime. I wouldn't be so concerned with pubs and nightclubs but more concerned about a return to the bad old days of trying to survive. I say fuck the pubs, in the good times they try to fleece us and in the bad times there isn't a sound from them in opposition to the clampdowns. You want an example of living in those cracks I was talking about? Open your own pub! Invitation only, have your friends around and their friends too if they're properly vetted. Strictly no phones so nobody is tracked, no social distancing, masks or sanitizing, set your own closing time and no need for a license. Better yet, some of the group could brew their own beer or ferment their own wine, and anyone who can play an instrument is welcome too. So you have conversation (cause nobody is staring at their fucking phone), music (not manufactured but organic), and drink (cheap to make and no government taxes). It's called a "shebeen", and it's how we Irish entertained and enjoyed ourselves before everything was controlled, sanitized and required government approval to function. This is just one example of operating outside the box and between the cracks, and the only limitation on examples is the limitation on your imagination.
  7. Reading this, I feel like I've inadvertently stumbled into an episode of Rab C Nesbitt and nearly choked on my organic, fair trade porridge...Brilliant stiff
  8. Absolutely. A million people fighting for a common purpose are easy to control simply by controlling that purpose. But a million people with their own interpretation of that purpose and looking to achieve it through individual means while operating below the radar would be impossible to control.
  9. I believe there's a third way. 90% of people are stupid. I've had this belief for most of my life but you only have to look around you now for visual confirmation, because they've actually gone to the trouble of putting a piece of cloth on their faces to verify their stupidity. Given the vast machine behind all of this coupled with the stupidity of the masses, the odds against those opposing the oppression are massive. Are enough people going to wake up? I hope they do but doubt that they will. So, what if they don't? Do we simply admit defeat and fall on our swords? Freedom or death? What people forget is that tyranny has been around for millennia, along with wars, disease, starvation and enslavement. However our greatest strength as a species is our ability to adapt, and this is what we may have to do again. Yes of course we should oppose this tyranny but if enough people don't awake from their self induced coma we will be living in a tyrannical world whether we like it or not, either that or oppose it to the point of "dying for the cause", which might seem noble but is also a little counterproductive. No system is foolproof, including this one they are hoping to implement. There are always cracks, and the 'third way' I'm suggesting is to live within those cracks, to appear to be part of the system but in reality be outside it. How you do that is entirely up to you, but that's the beauty of it. Because each person has their own unique ideas and concepts on how to achieve that it's uniqueness is unquantifiable? We tend to lose sight of the fact that our uniqueness and our individuality are our strongest attributes. While we all hope that enough people come to their senses in time and this whole agenda is derailed, we shouldn't lose all hope should that not be the case. It is not just black and white and there are always shades of grey. So should a worst case scenario materialize I would suggest that we become grey people. Thomas Sheridan speaks about this attitude at various stages during his 'Epic Voyage' series of videos relating to corona, and are well worth checking out. So should a worst case scenario materialize, don't lose hope. Hang in there, plot and plan and adapt and hold onto your spirituality and your individuality. Some random event that nobody even imagined could derail their entire plan at any time, and all their carefully plotted schemes could be scattered to the four winds. So don't die on your feet.....hide in plain sight
  10. Just noticed you number of posts...might be an idea to make another one ASAP
  11. I heard that if they make it to 100 "collars", the get to be commandant when the camps are opened.
  12. This is the reason the Stasi were so effective. Willing pawns willing to do anything for a pat on the head.
  13. I'd agree. A confident march through the city sends a much more powerful message than a group of people standing around, especially if they're being 'entertained'. The marches in Dublin were a case in point. Although containing less people ( but more on a per capita basis) they made a more potent and confident statement. They marched on the government buildings, the fake mainstream media and google, showing they were fully aware of where the blame for this scamdemic lay.
  14. Please be aware that I reside outside UK and I'm only basing my thoughts on watching part of the protest on live stream and seeing some ewe-tube videos. This might sting a little, but it's for your own good. First off, where was everyone? I looked at the previous protest in a similar fashion and from what I saw the numbers were way less at this protest? So has protest fatigue set in already, despite the restrictions if anything becoming more severe and dictatorial since the previous protest? Secondly and more importantly, was that a protest? You see, if it's a protest about injustice, do you understand that you're supposed to be angry? I'm not advocating violence in any shape or form but if you're protesting you're meant to be disenchanted with the system and voicing your opposition. What I saw was more akin to a carnival atmosphere. There was some dickhead (I have no idea who he was but he was a dickhead) attempting to get a Bob Marley sing-song started?? Bob Marley was a Jamaican pot-head who had some half decent hits in the 70's, so what relevance has he got to covid restrictions in 2020? People should be angry. Your freedom is threatened, your livelihood is threatened, your very existence and your children's future is under threat, so why the fuck would you want to be singing Bob Marley songs? I would suggest that a careful eye should be cast at those behind this protest because there is every possibility that this event has been compromised in some form. Anyone suggesting giving these protests a carnival atmosphere, a family day out, face painting, jugglers, sing songs or any other similar bollocks should be invited to take a swim in the Thames. It's either a viable protest or a family fun day and you can't combine the two. David Icke is due to speak at the next protest and I hope the organizers get their shit together for that one, and ditch the "fun day out" crap. On another note, what's with this "Boris" rubbish? He's not your plumber mate you've met down the pub and are trying to coerce into going back home and fixing your immersion. He's not your buddy, he's a puppet who's carrying out orders to enslave you and your children. So cut out this Boris crap and refer to him by his title of Prime Minister Johnson or PM. He's supposed to represent your best interests not be your buddy who might do you a favor if you ask nicely. This "Boris says that..." is pure manipulation by the media to get you to believe he's merely bumbling through this mess, just like you. He's not, he knows exactly what he has to do and when to do it, because he's been told.
  15. That's a disgrace. Some "doctors and specialists" think they are gods. I know cause I've dealt with some right twats. Could your dad not have told them he had a reasonable excuse? I'm sure that applies where you are too (or similar) because all these "rules" ultimately come from the same source irrespective of where you live (unless it's Australia where they seem to have moved it up a notch)
  16. I think it's either: a) They know the whole thing is a scam but are afraid their job might be at risk so they simply toe the line, or b) The believe the whole agenda. But consider this, these are the figures taken from the HSE website, the very people who employ them. These are the covid deaths from the initial 'outbreak' until midnight 2nd September. Total number of deaths 1777 Total number with underlying clinical conditions 1677 Median age 84 years Mean age 82 years So according to their own figures in eight months the total deaths without underlying medical conditions is 100, and the average age is 82? So, where's this pandemic?
  17. No swab or nasal "invasion". She took my temp with a gun. I asked could she take it off my wrist but she said they are instructed to take from the forehead, so I let her away with that one. The funny thing was when I was directed to a receptionist to answer a series of questions, "have you been abroad, have you a cough, sore throat, blah, blah" It was funny because she was behind a perspex screen AND masked, and I couldn't hear a word she was saying partly because there were hospital staff beside me talking loudly through their masks. It's like trying to function in some sort of Monthy Python world.
  18. I had an appointment at a hospital today. I've never worn a mask since day one, but these tests were important so I decided I would resist but if it's a choice between no tests or having to wear a mask I would probably succumb for the duration I was in there. These hospitals are the vanguard of HSE (Irish version of NHS) policy, so I knew this was going to be difficult. I walked inside and a nurse approached me with a box of masks... "Here's a mask for you" "I'm exempt" "Oh, do you have a note from your doctor?" "No, but according to government guidelines I'm exempt" "Oh er, do you have a particular issue?" "I have a 'reasonable excuse' as set out under exemptions in the government legislation" "Oh I see, I'll just check with the specialist to see if that's okay" Five minutes later she came back... "That's fine, take a seat and we'll call you shortly" So I got the tests done without any further mention of masks, although all the staff were wearing theirs. Sometimes a hard neck is all that's required
  19. Which just goes to show that the "Greens" don't really give a flying fuck about the environment, and all they really want is to get their open-toed sandals under the table so they can get their snouts in the globalist trough. Here in Ireland they made a gay, green TD who has connections with a British paedophile as "Minister for Children" WTF?
  20. I've only come across him a matter of days ago but in the few videos I've seen he's touched on psychopathy a couple of times and does seem to have a good understanding of it. I plan on checking out some of his books soon including the two you mention. It's a funny old world when someone like him gets a couple of thousand views yet watching someone dye their hair pink gets a couple of million
  21. I've only recently discovered this guy. He's an Irish person who has a bit of a following but I think he deserves a lot more exposure. I'm playing catch-up on his content but have yet to come across a video that didn't make a whole lot of sense. I'm putting a sample video up on Today's News section because he covers so much of so many different topics on this forum, from masks to religion to spirituality to occult, that I couldn't decide which section to put it in. This one is from late July but I could have picked virtually any of his videos that I've seen so far. He also has a sister channel called Beyond Room 313 where he has well produced documentaries on occult history. Definitely worth checking out IMO.
  22. . I'm glad it worked out for you but I wouldn't be offering excuses to random people. By doing that you're intimating that you would be wearing a mask if it weren't for your medical condition. If she asks then by all means offer that reason, but suppose she's only wearing a face covering herself because she's forced to for work? She might take heart from others behaving like a normal person. We don't owe it to anyone (apart from those who are authorized to question us) to offer explanations as to why we are behaving normally. In Ireland the only ones authorized to inquire are the owner, occupier or person in charge of a premises. Since that ruling came into effect on 10th August I've been waiting for some random worker in a premises to challenge me but none have. In fact yesterday I was in two different supermarkets in two different towns, and while most if not all were wearing masks or visors, nobody said a word to me. We have to keep in mind that they are the ones behaving irrationally, not us.
  23. I'm after doing a quick search and this seems to be a typical example of the prevailing information on the net. Does water divining actually work? In the sense that it finds underground water, water dowsing does not work. Water dowsing involves the claim that a person can locate underground sources of water without using any scientific instruments. ... The dowsing rods do indeed move, but not in response to anything underground I knew a woman (long since passed away) who could do this with almost anything, a coat hanger would be an obvious example. I was literally beside her when she held an empty bean tin in her two hands, and when she walked over an underground stream the can rapidly spun in her still hands. So I have seen it work close up. This is a problem with modern science. If they cannot prove it through mathematical equations or experiments they determine it's untrue. What they really should be saying is "we don't know".
  24. In my opinion these are propaganda pictures and quite likely staged photo shoots. The second image has a "Getty Images" stamp and the first image has all the signs of being set up. For a few years around 2004-05 I supplied images to a picture library for publication in books, newspapers, internet etc. At that time Getty Images were known to be acquiring image libraries at an alarming rate, to the point that people in the photography world were concerned that they would soon own a monopoly on published images worldwide. By now we can probably assume they have reached that goal, and that most images you now see in the media are 'Getty Images'. At this stage I would like to ask SuperstarNeilC why is he posting various pictures of people wearing masks on this thread? What does he hope to achieve by doing this? They are not accompanied by any comments or suggestions, just stock pictures of masked pop stars and children. So SuperstarNeilC, can you comment on how you see this as helpful in the fight against compulsory mask wearing, because in my view all it does is promote the "normalization" of wearing masks? You may have a valid and helpful reason for doing this, but if you do can you please explain what it is?
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