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  1. I invested in another freezer just a few days ago. I was initially dubious about doing this due to the possibility of power cuts, but thinking about it I cannot see this being a problem. They need to keep the power grid operating otherwise how would they continue feeding the propaganda? If your tv or phone or laptop isn't powered up, how would they inform people of lockdowns, restrictions, and "positive test numbers"? I don't think there will necessarily be empty shelves and no food available in the coming months but instead a continuation of food price increases. I've noticed that
  2. You seem fixated with condemning off grid living, but can you please provide a quote of where I mention "off grid living" in my post you initially replied to? Anywhere?? I've gotten heirloom seeds from England, Wales and Ireland in the last couple of years. I didn't buy a single seed potato this year because this years crop was provided by last years crop. In fact a fair number of plants were self propagating and grew in places I didn't even want them to, so what you're saying is incorrect. You're making assumptions about me while knowing virtually nothing about me,
  3. I really don't get where all the anger is coming from. In your previous post you were going on about rapists, and now you're on about "snowflakes"? This is a thread relating to face masks, and in the initial post I made that you replied to, I was suggesting that irrespective of the outcome, there is life after face masks. That's all. In other posts on other threads I have suggested some of the things you talk about, but not here? I do grow (some) of my own food, I do ferment wine, I keep chickens for eggs and fertilizer and I have gutted fish, but that wasn't the point of the po
  4. Ever since our ancestors emerged from their caves and discovered how to scratch an X with a stick, elections have been rigged. So what? There's still billions of us walking around, so the fact that they're rigged hasn't killed us off yet. Of course it would be preferable if they weren't, but you have to play the hand you are dealt. The rest of what you're saying is supposition. Gates doesn't know what the outcome of all this will be, let alone you or I. He might be involved in planning the outcome, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will materialize? So, if th
  5. Reading this, I feel like I've inadvertently stumbled into an episode of Rab C Nesbitt and nearly choked on my organic, fair trade porridge...Brilliant stiff
  6. Absolutely. A million people fighting for a common purpose are easy to control simply by controlling that purpose. But a million people with their own interpretation of that purpose and looking to achieve it through individual means while operating below the radar would be impossible to control.
  7. I believe there's a third way. 90% of people are stupid. I've had this belief for most of my life but you only have to look around you now for visual confirmation, because they've actually gone to the trouble of putting a piece of cloth on their faces to verify their stupidity. Given the vast machine behind all of this coupled with the stupidity of the masses, the odds against those opposing the oppression are massive. Are enough people going to wake up? I hope they do but doubt that they will. So, what if they don't? Do we simply admit defeat and fall on our swords? Freedom or death
  8. Just noticed you number of posts...might be an idea to make another one ASAP
  9. I heard that if they make it to 100 "collars", the get to be commandant when the camps are opened.
  10. This is the reason the Stasi were so effective. Willing pawns willing to do anything for a pat on the head.
  11. I'd agree. A confident march through the city sends a much more powerful message than a group of people standing around, especially if they're being 'entertained'. The marches in Dublin were a case in point. Although containing less people ( but more on a per capita basis) they made a more potent and confident statement. They marched on the government buildings, the fake mainstream media and google, showing they were fully aware of where the blame for this scamdemic lay.
  12. Please be aware that I reside outside UK and I'm only basing my thoughts on watching part of the protest on live stream and seeing some ewe-tube videos. This might sting a little, but it's for your own good. First off, where was everyone? I looked at the previous protest in a similar fashion and from what I saw the numbers were way less at this protest? So has protest fatigue set in already, despite the restrictions if anything becoming more severe and dictatorial since the previous protest? Secondly and more importantly, was that a protest? You see, if it's a pro
  13. That's a disgrace. Some "doctors and specialists" think they are gods. I know cause I've dealt with some right twats. Could your dad not have told them he had a reasonable excuse? I'm sure that applies where you are too (or similar) because all these "rules" ultimately come from the same source irrespective of where you live (unless it's Australia where they seem to have moved it up a notch)
  14. I think it's either: a) They know the whole thing is a scam but are afraid their job might be at risk so they simply toe the line, or b) The believe the whole agenda. But consider this, these are the figures taken from the HSE website, the very people who employ them. These are the covid deaths from the initial 'outbreak' until midnight 2nd September. Total number of deaths 1777 Total number with underlying clinical conditions 1677 Median age 84 years Mean age 82 years So according to their own figures in eight months the total deaths without underl
  15. No swab or nasal "invasion". She took my temp with a gun. I asked could she take it off my wrist but she said they are instructed to take from the forehead, so I let her away with that one. The funny thing was when I was directed to a receptionist to answer a series of questions, "have you been abroad, have you a cough, sore throat, blah, blah" It was funny because she was behind a perspex screen AND masked, and I couldn't hear a word she was saying partly because there were hospital staff beside me talking loudly through their masks. It's like trying to function in some sort of
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