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  1. I only asked three basic questions about Christianity..... And now I feel like I'm behind that bookcase in Interstellar wondering WTF is going on.....and don't even have TARS to help me But seeing as yer all so clever and wise, I've got three more questions for ye.... Q1 Science. If nothing can escape an event horizon......how did the people at Woodstock get home? And if nothing can escape a black hole......how do ravens poop? Q2 Politics. Can a commis chef be a fascist? Q3 Social. Can an old age pensioner be a new age traveller? These are the real imponderables of life, so please pin all answers to THAT wall, the one that signals the end of the universe (north east side)
  2. Have you ever been pecked by a psychotic hen? I have, and it's a pretty effective form of attack never mind defence. The thing is, religion isn't really my usual area. The questions posed were merely my response to some Christian's who are under the illusion that they and only they have a biblical playbook which gives them an exclusive right to dictate morality, and if you're not in the "club" then you're not a moral person. My gut feeling is that organised religions are a means of controlling the spiritual realm of our consciousness, and while I could be mistaken my gut feeling has never let me down yet. Truth is I don't know what I am, other than a sense that I am more than a walking meat bag (or whatever the term used). I do know that I have a close connection with nature, and believe that I always will in some form. To me nature is a continual cycle of birth/growth/decline/death/rebirth. Nothing "appears" or "disappears" in nature, it's a continuous recycling. So if nothing appears and disappears in nature, and matter cannot be created nor destroyed (only transferred to another form), and likewise with energy, then why presume that consciousness is the exception and goes against the laws of nature and the universe? And if consciousness doesn't disappear on death then where does it go? I know people have different theories and suggestions but that's as far as I've got. Perhaps we are all different strands of the same consciousness? Maybe our collective consciousness IS God, and religions are a means of suppressing and controlling by those who are aware of this knowledge? Then again maybe God is sitting on his throne and thinking "Wait till this little fecker dies, boy is he in for a surprise!" Now this I can identify with. And this resonates with me as well. Anyhoo....I'm off to lie down now as my brain hurts...
  3. Well the only reason I directed the questions at Christians is because I was born into a Christian family and raised as a Christian so I know a little about that faith? I live in natural surroundings so I see patterns in nature every day, however I don't attribute it to a 'higher ability'. Why not just attribute it to evolution? These are the patterns that work in this particular environment so these are the plants that survive? Trillions of other plants may have had different structures but over millennia have become extinct. Plants need water, so in order to give the best possibility of finding water the most successful method is to spread out in every direction = roots. Plants need sunlight so to give the best chance of catching rays is to spread out in every direction, until it recognises the suns path then leans in that direction. Did a higher being "design" giraffes, or is it a possibility that... "According to the known swath of fossil giraffes, significant neck elongation began around 14 million years ago during the Late Miocene – after the lineage to which the relatively short-necked okapi split off – and by about 5 million years ago giraffes of modern proportions had evolved" ....it took them around 9 million years to get their act together, each generation stretching a millimetre more to reach those juicy leaves ? While we don't know any of this with complete certainty, is it more likely that... a) Over countless millions of years natural selection and evolution through trial and error has resulted in what we see around us today, or... b) A 'supreme being' with a sharp pencil sat down at a draughtboard and sketched out everything from carrots root system to carnivores teeth structure? Hmm..I think I'll go with a)
  4. Well absolutely not government!! They are the ones who create all the problems. I agree that some religious institutions do some good work but so do some non religious groups, at least where I live anyway. I think the key word is empathy, and empathy is something which cannot be taught and you either have it or you don't. Religious groups are an active part of a community, and community is where you can identify the problems in society and therefore act empathically towards those in need. However perhaps some volunteers in those religious groups are not there because they are empathetic but there to gain 'brownie points' in the community? So really a tight knit community with some empathetic members will deal with the issue without a need for government or religion?
  5. Why am I not surprised? I was subscribed to a couple of youtube channels where the Christian creators had a similar outlook to mine regarding "medical interventions" and financial corruption. However both became more and more obsessed with "pushing the biblical narrative" and pushing the idea that if you don't have a Christian belief system then you're lacking a moral compass. I countered this and suggested that you don't need a book of rules in order to have morality, then asked them a few questions. Both blanked me. I find it strange that people are willing to live their lives by a certain criteria, actively promote that criteria yet refuse to answer any probing questions about it? If recent history has taught us anything it's that we should question everything, media, government, the medical profession, the financial institution, the education system......and yes organized religion? So I came here, thinking that an Icke forum would be more willing to explore and discuss, but obviously not? I know Christians have viewed the post, because the only likes are for "shabbiris" who posted a picture with the word "God" in it??? Wow! Sorry shabbiris, you didn't answer any of the questions I posed and simply plucked a few images from the web which mean nothing and have no relevance. Actually some of it is pretty weird. Celery looks like bones and a sliced mushroom looks like an ear? So what? Is the conclusion that some things look similar so God must have made them? I've no issue with any religion so long as people don't try and push it on others and it doesn't result in conflict and hatred. Unfortunately that is seldom the case.
  6. Before I ask the 3 questions I'll give a little of my background. I was born into a Christian family, became an Atheist in my teens and in my latter years I have become spiritual but with no connection to any religion. Right let's start... Q1. Why are you a Christian? Did some spiritual light bulb switch on in your head, or is it because you......Were born in a Christian country, Had Christian parents, Attended a Christian school, Lived in a Christian society and were brought to Christian ceremonies at an impressionable age? It seems to me that the geographical location of your upbringing plays a huge part in determining your religion, and you just happened to be in the right place at the right time to find the one true religion, because had you been born in Pakistan for example you would most likely not be a Christian. So it appears that your Christianity is either determined by luck or divine intervention, and God chose you to be born into a Christian household. In other words your salvation is either determined by a lottery or by cheating, which means either way that it's out of your hands. So will your God punish you for something you had no control over? Q2. If God created the universe.....then why? I mean, if you are his chosen people and you only represent a portion of the worlds population why create the universe? All he required was the earth and the sun (and maybe the moon for tidal effect). He might even throw in Mars and Saturn and a few other planets for a bit of color but......Two trillion galaxies with around 100 billion stars in each seems a bit like overkill? Now you might believe that those astronomers are making these numbers up, but if you go out on a clear night in the wilderness you're going to see hundreds if not thousands of stars. Magnify it with binoculars and you can see hundreds more, and with a telescope more etc. so you can see with your own eyes that there are at least many thousands. I can never understand why people need a God to explain the existence of the universe. "God is eternal and He created the universe". Why not just skip the middle man and accept that the universe is eternal? Q3. Now before I ask the question I'm going to give you a little story.... So you're sitting on a park bench one day and a man sits down beside you. You start talking and the conversation comes round to families, with him telling you he has five children ranging in ages from 5 to 25. He tells you that he loves all his children dearly. However, he also tells you that he demands that they honor, obey and worship him, and if they don't he will punish them severely. I don't know about you but as a father myself I would consider this man to be deranged and would fear for his children. So if it's not proper parental behavior for a mere mortal, why is it an acceptable way for a divine being to treat his 'children'? He's all powerful, all knowing and all wise...yet he demands to be worshipped. Is God a narcissist with a fragile ego, or does it sound more like human traits being given to a supreme being by humans when writing a book? And speaking about the bible, why do Christians need to follow a book to be a decent human being, and why do so many of them presume their book gives them a monopoly on morality? It doesn't. There are so many other questions I could ask such as: Why worship an apparently narcissistic God who makes up 10 commandments with the first three being all about Him? Why is there no mention of slavery in those commandments when it was rampant at the time? And why write 10 commandments when all you need is one..."Be a decent human being". This covers all bases apart from the first 3, and if there really is a God he wouldn't need his ego massaged by mere mortals anyway. He'd have better things to do.
  7. I'm not in UK but in the Eurozone which is probably just the same, or better, or maybe worse? Who knows? It's all academic really because they're all going to collapse in the not too distant future anyway IMO. I saw someone say that they will fail in sequence depending on their usage, so sterling first, followed by Japanese yen, then euro and finally the 'mighty' dollar. My philosophy is to get rid of money as soon as I get it by exchanging it for tangible goods. First off I buy things I need now, followed by things I'll need going forward, then if there's any left over I buy silver. All fiat currencies have a 'best before' date and eventually collapse, and the current ones are already on life support. Silver and gold have been real money for at least 5,000 years and have seen off all other currencies (and will again going forward). Although the true value of precious metals are currently being manipulated, this will end soon as currencies implode and PM's find their true worth. Currencies only work when they are tied to a tangible asset (usually gold or silver) but once those ties are severed (like Nixon did with gold in 1971) the currency is ultimately doomed. All restraints are removed and governments can essentially print what they like, and like anything else the more there is of something the less actual value it has. So they can do what the like but it doesn't really matter, increase interest rates and the banks will collapse, print more money and inflation becomes hyperinflation. All the QE and QT they try is really only sticking band aids on a corpse. The can that they've been kicking down the road for decades has finally hit a brick wall.
  8. J Just emptied my first planter weighing in at 2kg. Not bad for two supermarket bought potatoes which had gone to seed? Only another 37 planters to go most of which still have some growing to do, but if they're all similar to this one they would yield around 76kg or 167.5 pounds of spuds From the last of the harvest I'll save some and hopefully they'll become next years seed potatoes, along with all the other seeds I'll be gathering from this year. Sorry Klaus but I don't think I'll be needing "ze bugs" just yet?
  9. Well I'd definitely steer clear of the blueberries in that case. I have one bush out of 4 that looks like it will produce about a dozen berries, but nothing else. I tried gooseberries but they were attacked by some insect (name escapes me) that eats all the leaves and just leaves a stem, so I don't bother with them now. The rhubarb plant was very productive but the problem now is that it's sharing it's space with the raspberries and the raspberries are winning that battle, so the rhubarb is losing out. Maybe it will make a comeback when I cut back the raspberry canes when they're finished producing. I already got a crop from the rhubarb earlier this year so my preference now is collecting raspberries. Anyway, keep up the growing. It's a learning curve for us all to figure out what works best and involves it's fair share of victories and defeats.
  10. Sorry I can't help on the blackberry question. I have wild blackberry bushes bordering my field and I know nothing is ever sprayed there so I just pick them when in season? However I too like berries and have a bit of experience of what grows well and what doesn't in the Irish climate? Raspberries grow like crazy here. I planted a few canes a couple of years ago (in the ground not in pots) and they're shooting up all over the place, and right now I'm picking a jar of raspberries every day (and freezing most of them). Blackcurrant bushes grow really well here too. I'm growing Alpine strawberries in a small raised bed and they produce lots of small ( about half the size of a grape) fruit. The one failure I've had is with blueberries. I've tried a number of times in different soil etc. but they just don't seem to be a success. Maybe they need more sunshine than Ireland can provide. Anyway I know it doesn't directly answer your question just thought I'd let you know what works for me in case you're in a similar climate?
  11. First off, I love the "Fuck the NWO" poster. Anyone know where I can get one? Secondly, when I had a rest away from the site for a while I was surprised at how little activity there was on this thread when I returned. It appears that most are more interested in meteor strikes, aliens, magnetic pole shifts etc. and don't appear to think that food is "sexy" enough of a topic? People need to realize that you can't do anything about the above but you can about food? It's obvious that the whole food supply chain is under constant threat and that without food you will die, it's that simple. I suppose it's easier to just sit at a keyboard and talk about abstract possibilities than it is to actually do the real physical stuff. Just don't show up at my door in the future hoping to swop your theories for my bag of potatoes. And just a couple of observations for the few who are interested in the real world, boring stuff. 5 years ago I could see problems coming down the line, and even though I didn't know the specifics of it I started putting some long life food by for a 'rainy day'. Well time flies as they say, and some of that canned food I thought at the time expired in the far distant future I've discovered yesterday is expiring now (or soon)? In other words it's time to start eating (and replacing with new stock!) that initial food reserve, which means I'm going to be eating a lot of tuna over the summer and tinned stew this winter. So if you also prepared for shortages maybe best to check what you have and move the short date stuff to a place where you'll see it and use it? Tip: Get a permanent marker and write the BB year (25 or 27 etc. on the top of the tin/jar so it's easier to spot and organize. I know I talked about this before but pak choi is an amazing vegetable, seeds easy to propagate, grows quickly and in any weather, no maintenance and no digging. Just remove leaves as needed and it will continue producing, and at the end of the season provides tons of seeds for the following year. There's no excuse for anyone not to be growing this as all you need are a few small/medium plant pots and some soil (and maybe some sort of tray underneath to keep it well watered) I boiled it for the first time this week (well simmered for about 7 minutes actually) and it was delicious. And for anyone struggling with the rising cost of food.... I had the boiled pak choi (free) with a 213g tin of wild pacific salmon ( €1.35 in Aldi) which provided over 40g of protein and lots of fibre which equates to 30% the cost of a McDonalds crappy happy meal? Double the protein and 30% of the cost, it's a no brainer really isn't it?
  12. @sock muppet I think you may have misunderstood what I was trying to say? The thread is suggesting there is a big freeze coming in 2024 and asking And I'm asking, if the world is going into deep freeze, why would they give a rats arse about us either way? Why would we even enter into the equation? And furthermore, why would Gates be buying up all the arable land? In other words, there is no connection between lockdowns and jabs, and an imminent deep freeze, and I don't know why people try and tie unrelated potential issues together while ignoring the obvious answers to why they're doing what they're doing, which are.... 1. Gates has publicly stated the world is overpopulated, and then sought to introduce mandatory experimental jabs to virtually the entire world. 2. Food (the ultimate weapon of control) is under attack (meat plants catching fire, animals being culled etc.) while Gates is buying up 250,000 acres of fertile land. 3. The worlds economies are being systematically destroyed in order to "build back better", and lockdowns are a key element to this. My point is we already know why they're doing what they're doing, so why the necessity to seek out tenuous connections to possibilities which may or may not even occur?
  13. The poster's question is...."Is this the reason why they're locking up the human race?" My question is, if this were true why would they bother about locking up the human race? If you were part of the cabal, cult, elites or whoever, wouldn't you be focusing all your energies on building a deep underground city to house you and your elite buddies that was stocked up and self sustaining and designed to last a few hundred years? And why would Gates be buying up half of America's arable land (well a quarter of a million acres anyway)? Does he have a thing for permafrost? To me it doesn't add up (but maybe that's just me?)
  14. Yes @kj35, you have always been one of a small group who offer solutions rather than 'promoting problems'. Regarding the solar.. I have 12 x 330w panels wired in three groups of four, facing south and at an angle of 45 degrees. I haven't got enough south facing roof space for the panels so I built a timber framework to support them at ground level (on the right are the "Tesco" potatoes I planted in grow bags btw) The area is still to be fenced off and graveled, and most of the grow bags will end up in between the rows of solar panels. The control panel components are all Victron Energy (pricey but good) and once set up are basically self regulating, and the details (battery charge status, power being supplied by the panels, power being drawn from the system) are all viewable on the touch screen (visible top right). The batteries (2 x 2.4kw Pylontech) are located a bit away from the controllers for safety. The batteries are expensive (around €1,000 each) but are necessary to have a system independent from the grid. A lot forego the batteries and are instead connected into the grid but what's the point of that? Sure you might save a bit on your bills but if the grid goes down then you have no alternative power? Anyway the companies are only paying out a percentage of what they are charging somebody else for the power you have invested in and generated? I reckon the whole setup including all the components and other items such as timber, cabling etc. set me back around €7,500, however I did basically do everything myself. I am an electrician by trade so I guess that helped, but it's not rocket science either so it's quite feasible to read up, watch videos and gain sufficient knowledge. Regarding the Pak Choi yes I'd definitely recommend it, easy to grow, very productive and produces loads of seeds at the end of the cycle for the following year. I'm also looking into radishes and in particular a variety called 'China Rose'. They grow to 3-4" long and around an inch wide, mainly on the top of the soil. I've grown some already but the slugs got there first, so I intend growing a large quantity in pots. The reasons are: They're quick to grow from seed to maturity (about 3 weeks) They can be boiled and used as a substitute for potatoes as well as in stir fries and salads, and they can be frozen. So they have a lot of potential and we'll have to see how it works out in practice, but wouldn't it be nice to have an alternative crop every 3 weeks while waiting on the potatoes to develop?
  15. Pt. 2 I may not be commenting in the right place (feel free to move it if not) but it is related to self sufficiency and therefore by inference to "food" IMO. I was also absent because of my second project, which involved devoting a lot of my time and energy (and money) to independence from "the Grid" (I'm putting this out there in case anyone from UK/Ireland is curious if it's viable?) For context maybe I should first clarify. I need power for two things (other things such as light and refrigeration are 'extras'). Firstly my water is supplied from a 160ft deep well, for which I need power to both pump and filter the water. Secondly I use a range (a wood burning stove with hot plates, oven etc.) to supply heat, cooking and hot water in wintertime (which is more than half the year in Ireland) and if the power goes when the range is hot with no power for the circulation pump to operate it could be a problem. So I wanted to have electricity independent from the grid as a backup in case of power failures etc. which led me to solar (Greta Thunberg would be pleased ) Anyways I decided to try and come up with an independent backup system and build same, and this is how I got on basically. Short answer, I was surprised. Here in dreary, cloudy Ireland I've found that so far it's performing above my expectations. The water pump/water filtration plus a chest freezer and separate fridge are located in sheds attached to the house. These at present are hard wired and connected full time to the solar system and the battery back up has never fallen below 88% of full capacity. Typically I would also boil kettles throughout the day and grill at lunchtime using solar, and on sunny days put on a clothes wash using solar too without a problem. All battery charging for things such as power tools are also currently being done via solar. I'm also fully aware that these are the "longest days" for daylight and that in wintertime it will be a different story but in wintertime the range will be doing a lot of the work too, and surprisingly (for me anyway) you don't need sunny days for the solar to generate electricity? It will be reduced yes but even the dullest, cloudiest wettest day will still be producing 300w, in overcast bright days up to 1000w and on sunny days 3000w? So bottom line, is solar a viable proposition in Ireland/UK? I would say yes it is, to me anyway. The feeling that I know that I have the ability to survive and function independently of the system is worth the price for me alone. Is it a viable alternative to being connected to the grid? Hmm that's difficult. I suppose if you were to manage your consumption of energy properly, if you also had alternative sources of energy (such as a range?), and if you were to consume energy frugally, I would probably say yes it potentially is, however I would like to experience my first winter with solar first before giving a definitive answer. Please note: I am by no means a "tech head" in this area but if anyone wishes to ask questions regarding my set-up please feel free to do so and will try to answer, Also: I have just received my first electric bill since I began operating this system. I have used about half of the units I typically use in the normal 60 day billing period.
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