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  1. And what if you can't get out of populated areas? I'm on disability, It's not an option for me, I couldn't afford to leave. Also my family would never come with me even if I could afford it, they don't believe how bad things are going to get and I would never leave them. I sense that what you are saying is the right advice but it's not exactly realistic advice for most people. Guess I'm just doomed! I've been buying extra food and candles/batteries and a few survival essentials with the money I have but that's really the best I can do. It's frustrating because I know if as a fa
  2. You forgot the part about exemptions, let me help you out As you can see if you find wearing a mask psychologically disressing you don't have to wear one and you are exempt This law is uninforceable because of that particular loophole. That's why they are fining only a small amount of people who aren't clued up about the law (also because normally they have better things to do). If you know your rights and print off the legislation and put it in your pocket you will be all set. DON'T WEAR A MASK. Hold your head up high and go about your business as usual. A lion does not concern
  3. You know what that's a good point, more psy-ops to coerce people into wearing one. I went shopping on Friday and in the Tesco I went to I would say 98% of people were wearing one, however in the week before this mask mandate was introduced that number was probably around 30%. This indicates to me that people aren't wearing one out of choice, they are doing it because they are forced/coerced into doing so. This is encouraging and depressing at the same time. Encouraging because I think most people don't believe in the bullshit but depressing because they will go along with it anyway just for an
  4. I agree it's extremely difficult to make those kind of connections, I'm not a fan of using Facebook to do it either, it's too controlled and is obviously being monitored by the PTB . I sometimes feel that they really have people like us over a barrel. I think for me I've decided that the best thing to do is to try my best to find out about the next protest organised closest to my location and then try and build up contacts in person there, which is extremely daunting when you have severe anxiety but I think now is the time for courage and action.
  5. Thankyou for saying, it's a tough thing to do for me because sadly my social anxiety even makes it difficult for me to connect with others online, and yes me too, it's just a matter of knowing beforehand when social media companies are making every effort to suppress these movements/protests.
  6. Hi, I don't post here often but I come on here pretty much everyday to keep track of what's going on. I'm hesitant to post this because I've been attacked on this forum before because I said that I don't post I just lurk. That seemed to make people suspicious and paranoid. I don't post because honestly my mental health is in very bad shape atm and it's a real effort for me to type out a post. This forum has helped keep me sane though, I cannot tell you enough what a comfort it is to me to know that there are others out there who are awake and aware of the terrible danger we are all in.
  7. Yeah I looked into it and sounds about right. It sounds like more of a curse than anything though!
  8. I think you've summed it up pretty well with "keep your nerve" and "don't give any energy to the negative". That second part especially I believe if the right thing to do but some days it's easier said than done and for me (someone who's mental health is pretty fragile at the best of times) it's a constant battle not to give in to despair. I picked my username for a good reason though "While I breath, I hope". There is definitely something coming. I can almost feel the electricity in the air, like the calm before the storm.
  9. Hey, pretty new to posting here but thought I might chime in. I've had 3 experiences that have really made me wonder about psychic abilities. For a long time I really scoffed at the idea of anything psychic but these experiences were so strange and inexplicable. A few years ago I started feeling terrible pain in my upper abdomen/chest area, it was the most dreadful sudden awful pain, my family were trying to convince me to let them call an ambulance I looked so ill. My face was grey and pouring with sweat. Then suddenly it disappeared. An hour or so later I got a message from a clo
  10. I am desperate to run, to escape as far away from the cities now as I can, but I'm trapped. I have no money, currently unemployed, no real skills, I don't have much to offer any community except manual labour. Just feel totally trapped and doomed to await the Orwellian nightmare that's coming. If your poor there aren't many options when it comes to protecting yourself from what's coming.
  11. Don't post here often at all but having one of those days where I feel like I'm unravelling a bit. I have dealt with pretty severe depression/PTSD ect my whole life. Was attending a therapeutic day service before all of this bullshit started gathering momentum and it was a great help. They shut up shop at the start of this and today I found out that I can go back and access these essential MH services, as long as I sell my soul and give up my principles and wear a mask. I cannot do it, my principles are the essence of my soul and wearing a mask would feel like Winston admitting that 2+2=5. I j
  12. God this is fucking sick. I experienced a traumatic assault as a teenager that involved having my face pressed down into a matress for a prolonged period of time. The idea of wearing a mask is not only entirely against my principles in regards to this fake pandemic it's also enough to result in flashbacks, panic attacks and severe dissociation. I'm pretty distraught over this whole thing, not sure what I can do to fight this.
  13. Can anyone give me proof/confirmation that this "mandatory face mask" thing is something passed by legislation or if it's just another government "rule" not actually backed up in law? I've been looking all over but can't find any actual specific legislation backing up this thing ? I was initially trying to find out more about who would be considered exempt as I do technically have a disability according to the government and I couldn't find any specific information on this.
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