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  2. Below is an article I wrote back in 2017 about Saturn and CERN and about the possibility that CERN is attempting to access an inter-dimensional doorway. The article goes into detail about the Saturn Stargate which is an idea that has gained popularity in recent years. https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/ Quote from the start of the article:
  3. There is another possibility. There is no pandemic or disease killing people. Below is a graph showing the percentages of total deaths per age category from February to September in the United States for 2020 and the death-rate remained more or less the same before and after COVID (see link below). Icke is right, there is no disease going around killing people. It is all fiction. There has been a spike in deaths since the vaccines were rolled out though which is probably killing people and which they have camouflaged as another wave. https://web.archive.org/web/20201122214034/https:/www.jhunewsletter.com/article/2020/11/a-closer-look-at-u-s-deaths-due-to-covid-19
  4. Esoteric symbolism is propagated in media all the time and movies are the primary medium that such symbolism is dispersed to wide audiences. Unless very overt, such symbolism generally goes under the radar of most people watching movies. In this article, I’ll explore some of the most popular symbolism in TV shows and movies, such as the 8-pointed star, pentagram, and Freemason symbolism, and explain what they may represent. 1) THE CIRCLE AROUND THE HEAD The iconography of the circular light or a “halo” behind the head in pop-culture is characteristic of the Sun-symbol that often appears behind Jesus’, Horus’, Buddha and Isis’ heads. The iconography is evident in ancient Egypt, Greece, India, and Rome, and was initially intended to show a sacred person, such as a god or hero. The light around the head symbolism appears to be associated with spiritual enlightenment and an elevation of somebody’s consciousness to progressively higher levels. According to Wikipedia, a halo represents the light of divine grace suffusing the soul through the abandonment of ego and transition towards a more heart-centred mentality. All this taps into what mystics refer to as “opening your Third Eye” which in turn gives you a powerful sense of understanding and awareness. Some examples of this halo symbol appearing in TV and movies are John Wick 3, American Gods and Maradona. TV EXAMPLES: KIN DOCTOR STRANGE A WRINKLE IN TIME 2) THE CHINESE YIN-YANG This ancient symbol is said to represent the fundamental characteristics of the Spirit of the Universe and encapsulates the principles of complementarity. The philosophers of ancient China made studies on the nature of complementarity, because they’d seen it everywhere in the natural world in things that are whole and they encapsulated their understanding of this in the Yin-Yang symbol. The Yin-Yang symbolizes how “opposite or contrary forces can be complementary, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world and how they may give rise to each other, as they interrelate to one another”. For example, physicists have discovered that light behaves in an inherently complementary way; as single photon-particles and wave-patterns at the same time. These contradictory and mutually-exclusive properties are simultaneously interrelated. Yin-Yang can be applied to all things that can be differentiated as opposite, contraries, or poles, while at the same time being interrelated to one another. TV EXAMPLES: PCSCH THE IRON GIANT BAD BOYS II 3) THE FLOWER AND SEED OF LIFE Another important symbol is the Flower of Life. This is an elaborate geometric pattern consisting of multiple overlaid circles. Called the Flower of Life since it looks like a flower, this symbol had profound importance to ancient cultures. Some say that it contains the blueprint for the universe — from light, to atoms, to DNA, to the connections of life that runs through all sentient beings — to the fundamental complexities of space and time. The oldest known appearance of the Flower of Life can be seen in the Egyptian Temple of Osiris; inside you can find 6,000 year-old carvings. The Flower of Life is considered to be the source of all language and the primeval language of the universe; source. Leonardo Da Vinci supposedly studied the Flower of Life hoping to unlock the secrets of the universe. The image below (from Doctor Strange) depicts the Seed of Life which comes out the Flower of Life. Within the centre of the Flower of Life are seven interconnected circles that create the Seed of Life. TV EXAMPLES: DOCTOR STRANGE (Seed of Life) ALICE IN WONDERLAND THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (close enough) 4) THE 8-POINTED STAR The 8-pointed star (with a circle in the centre) is a recurring symbol throughout ancient cultures. It was known as the “Star of Inanna” (the Sumerian goddess), the Ghassulian Star, Sonnenrad, Kalachakra, and can be seen in ancient art-work; including the Tablet of Shamash and Akkadian Cylinder Seals. So, why is the 8-pointed star so important? Based on the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, various researchers, such as David Talbott and Ev Cochrane, have suggested that our world was once a very different place. They say that there was once a celestial alignment of planets (as recorded by ancient accounts throughout the world) and this brought about great upheaval to our world. These planets were Saturn, Venus, and Mars. The celestial alignment of these planets created an 8-pointed star, triangle, and pentagram, during their different configurations (see the documentary-series ‘Discourses on an Alien Sky’). This 8-pointed star is different from your generic 8-pointed star because of the circumpunct. TV EXAMPLES: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 6 UNKNOWN 2011 INKHEART 5) INANNA Inanna is among the most important deities in the Mesopotamian-pantheo and was worshipped thousands of years ago. One would assume that people don’t worship her anymore — but you’d be wrong. The upper-echelons that control the music and movie industry still worship her. Inanna goes by various names, such as Ishtar (who evolved into Artemis or Diana), Isis, and Aphrodite. Inanna was known as the “Queen of Heaven” and her symbol was the 8-pointed star. The fictional superhero Wonder Woman is probably based on Inanna. Wonder Women has a tiara with an 8-pointed star and her name is Diana. Inanna and Isis are assumed to be interchangeable as a single goddess. Isis is known as the goddess of “10,000 names” and is sometimes portrayed with wings and a horned headdress. Isis was referred to as “As-Set” to Egyptians and her core-name Set may have indicated that she was originally the deity Set (associated with Satan). Isis was depicted as a snake in Greco-Roman times and she was associated with the colour red (see the book ‘Isis: Eternal Goddess of Egypt’). TV EXAMPLES: (also see Rihanna’s music video “What’s my name?”) HUNGER GAMES: MOCKING JAY HANDMAID’S TALE LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO 6) BAPHOMET Baphomet was a deity that the Knights Templers were accused of worshipping in blasphemous ceremonies in the 14th-century and were imprisoned en masse by King Philip IV. In 1856, Éliphas Lévi drew the first image of Baphomet that took the form of a semi-human-semi-goat hermaphrodite. According to Tracy Twyman, in her book ‘Temple Mystery Unveiled’, Éliphas said Baphomet was “a symbol of transcendental power beyond good and evil, man and beast, or male and female energies, capable of performing any transformation of matter that the human mind could conceive” and represented the “synthesis of all energy, both on Earth and in Heaven”. This was echoed by Albert Pike, who described Baphomet as the magical power of our universe. In mystical, occult, and religious traditions, Baphomet represents the “sum of our entire universe and its opposing forces” and rather than being a symbol of evil, represents enlightenment and wisdom. According to Joseph Von Hammer-Purgstall, Baphomet is the goddess Cybele or Sophia (Osiris-Isis) which is supported by the ATBASH cipher. TV EXAMPLES: MALEFICENT MISTRESS OF EVIL THE MATRIX (Morpheus does the Baphomet ‘As Above So Below’ gesture) UMBRELLA RIHANNA (a subtle example of Baphomet imagery) 7) THE MASONIC PILLARS According to whom you speak, the esoteric Masonic pillars (Jachin and Boaz) are associated with various things, such as a duality of consciousness, spiritualty and alchemy. The Masonic pillars are associated with the pillars on the Kabbalistic Tree that symbolize “Severity” and “Mercy” and were part of a symbolic use of Solomon’s Temple, but can be traced back further. The Saturn-crescent (as seen in ‘The Saturn Myth’ and ‘Discourses on an Alien Sky’) was morphed into two pillars and was represented by the Egyptian hieroglyph “Akhet” as shown here. Going beyond the two Masonic pillars can mean leaving behind Earth to reach a higher realm of enlightenment and transform the body both physically and spiritually into an everlasting existence. This is why David Bowman enters the mysterious Monolith between pillars at the end of 2001: Space Odyssey before ascending and being reborn as the Übermensch. The two pillars can be seen in various movies, such as Ghostbusters, Thor and The Matrix. TV EXAMPLES: THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING DOCTOR STRANGE (character stands between two pillars on a Kalachakra) THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS 8) THE A (OR TRIANGLE) AND O You may not understand this explanation I’ve given for this symbol unless you watch ‘Discourses on an Alien Sky’. There are various media references to the O and A (or △) symbol. The O and A symbols are often overlaid 𓇵; with the A (or △) appearing within the O symbol. Some of these references are shown below. These symbols are probably derived from the celestial alignment of the Cosmic Mountain to Saturn, which during its various configurations, made a △ shape, accompanied by a circle (as Saturn and Venus) with the △ appearing below the circle, as can be seen here, taken from David Talbot’s ‘Discourses on an Alien Sky’. This 𓇵 symbol is seen throughout ancient civilizations, such as the Phoenician Tanit symbol and Egyptian Menat symbol; here. In Talbott’s book ‘The Saturn Myth’ he describes the symbol here. The symbol is keyhole-shaped and I believe is an actual stargate. For this symbol, you can find it on the Avengers movie logo and (surprisingly) it’s also the logo of the Illuminati website; see here. TV EXAMPLES: PARAMOUNT PICTURES STARGATE COMMAND TV LOGO THE OA (in this TV show the protagonist travels between dimensions) 9) THE PENTAGRAM The regular pentagram is in the shape of a five-pointed star. The oldest known appearance of the pentagram was on a jar from Egypt from around 3,100 BCE and the first known usage of the pentagram were from Mesopotamian writings dating back to approximately 3,000 BCE. According to Dan Brown, in the book ‘The Da Vinci Code’, the pentagram belongs to ancient Sun worship and is associated with Venus, partly because when observed from Earth, Venus traces a perfect pentagram across the sky every eight years. This is known as the “Pentagram of Venus”. The pentagram also represents the Five Elements (4 of Matter and 1 of Spirit): Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and ‘quintessential Spirit’. In Freemasonry, a pentagram can stand for the “Five Points of Fellowship”. In ‘Discourses on an Alien Sky’, David Talbott associates the pentagram with the celestial alignment of Saturn, Venus, and Mars. Some examples of the symbol appearing in TV and movies are Black Widow and Sabrina. TV EXAMPLES: FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR 10) THE ALL-SEEING-EYE Probably the most recognizable symbol here is the All-Seeing-Eye, included in the architecture of The Great Seal of the U.S. Dollar Bill. Fixed within a triangle, the disembodied eye is surrounded by rays of light and rests upon an unfinished pyramid. This All-Seeing-Eye represents an ethereal and amorphous higher power, watching over humanity, which gives it somewhat of a sinister feeling. The All-Seeing-Eye was supposedly adopted by Freemasonry in 1797 and 5 years later was adopted on the reverse-side of The Great Seal. The All-Seeing-Eye finds its roots in ancient Egypt as the Eye of Ra and can be traced back to the celestial configuration of Saturn, Venus, and Mars, as shown in the drawing here. According to David Talbott, this celestial configuration in the sky created a mountain that he associates with the Tower of Babel. So, tentatively, we have a connection between the All-Seeing-Eye and the unfinished pyramid on the U.S. Dollar Bill and the Biblical Tower of Babel. TV EXAMPLES: MASTER OF DISGUISE AEON FLUX GRETEL AND HANSEL (2020) 11) THE MASONIC NUMBER 33 What’s with the number 33? No number holds more esoteric importance than “33”. Some interesting facts about the number 33 are: There are 33 degrees in Freemasonry, the Masonic Great Seal — with the Latin “New World Order” was added to the U.S. Dollar Bill on 1933, many events surrounding Jesus’ life are associated with 33, and author Wayne Herschel shows that Orion’s Belt aligns with Aldearan and the Pleiades at approximately 33 degrees of arc which are very important stars and constellations for ancient civilizations and also the occult. Esoterically, 33 is the “overarching number to describe all ways — means and paths that lead to conscious union with the Divinity — in whatever way or form that may be conceived, whether as God, or a pantheon of gods, or Heaven, or as an impersonal ultimate reality, or as an indescribable Absolute”. 33 often appears in TV and movies. Below are some examples. TV EXAMPLES: BAD BOYS II (the Masonic Square and Compass is also seen on a van) THE 33 (see the pyramid shape that leads up to 33) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (more subtle) 12) THE MASONIC CHECKERBOARD FLOOR The chess-checkerboard is a staple on Masonic Tracing Boards and there are various interpretations about what it may represent. The common explanation is that the duality of colours is simply another way of expressing a law of unity of opposites, symbolized by the Taoist Yin-Yang. In TV and movies, the symbol is often associated with accessing another world or dimension. For example, in The Matrix, we see a checkerboard pattern on the staircase before Neo meets with Morpheus and enters into the ‘real-world’ dimension. In Tron Legacy, we see a checkerboard pattern on the floor before the protagonist enters (and exits) the virtual dreamworld. In Alice In Wonderland, we see a checkerboard pattern on the floor as Alice enters into another world, and in the movie The Imaginarium of Poctor Parnassus, a tri-dimensional checkerboard pattern leads the way to a magic mirror and a gateway to a mind-bending spiritual plane. TV EXAMPLES: ALICE IN WONDERLAND (2010) THE MATRIX TRON: LEGACY 13) THE HEXAGRAM (SOLOMON SEAL) The hexagram (Solomon Seal) is made up of equilateral triangles, with one pointing up, symbolizing Male, and the other pointing down, symbolizing Female. It was worshipped in India as the symbol of the Union between Shiva and Kali and it’s found in the cosmological diagrams within Buddhism. The hexagram is also used in Freemasonry. According to Albert Mackey, in the book ‘Encyclopedia of Freemasonry’: “The interlacing triangles of the hexagram symbolize a union of two principles or forces, the active and passive, male and female, pervading the universe”. The oldest known appearance of the hexagram can be seen in the Sumerian Cylinder Seal here dating back 4,500 years. The hexagram is also a hermaphroditic symbol, with the Female symbol and Male symbol intertwined, symbolizing Divine Union. Some have also associated the hexagram with the Orion constellation, which in its basic form is composed of two interconnected triangles, as shown here. The symbol is also concealed in the U.S. Dollar Bill and so it clearly has great importance. TV EXAMPLES: AS ABOVE SO BELOW 14) THE OWL What’s the deal with Owl symbolism in TV and movies? Surprisingly, one even appears as an eye-excruciatingly small mark in the corner of the U.S. Dollar Bill alongside the pyramid and All-Seeing-Eye. Owls are viewed as symbols of wisdom in the West, and Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, war, art, and commerce (who may have been Inanna) had one as her sidekick. Owls became symbols of wisdom because they can see what others cannot. According to the book ‘Creatures In The Mist’: “Sumerian goddess Inanna took the form of an Owl. She was known as “Divine Lady Owl” by her worshippers and “goddess of the Great Above and Great Below”. In the Egyptian and Hindu cultures, the Owl was associated with guardianship of the underworld and protector of the dead. In Bohemian Grove, they have a huge 40-foot statue of an Owl that members supposedly worship. Some members have included George Bush, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. TV and movies with Owl symbolism include Snow White and Vivarium. TV EXAMPLES: WESTWORLD TV SERIES (appears to be subtle Owl symbolism)
  5. An article I put together about COVID and it possibly being a hoax Here if anyone wants to read it. It's short and I may add more to it later. https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/2021/03/30/the-covid-scamdemic/
  6. The Polio virus outbreak in the 1950s was actually caused by DDT. The Polio outbreak occurred immediately following unprecedented DDT usage. The graph below shows the correlation between Polio cases and DDT usage. As DDT was introduced Polio cases soared and as it was eventually phased out, cases of Polio began to rapidly decline. The Polio outbreak was erroneously blamed on a virus. As Morton Biskind says: “Central nervous system diseases such as Polio are actually the physiological and symptomatic manifestations of the ongoing government and industry sponsored inundation of the world’s populace with central nervous system poisons”.
  7. Beauty and the Beast from Disney. More subtle example of 33.
  8. The graph below shows the death rate among different ages between February 2020 to September 2020 when COVID rates were soaring. The death rate remained relatively the same even when COVID deaths were at their peak. If more people were dying in the population due to COVID, the total mortality should have increased over the baseline. But it has not. Therefore, COVID is not a disease, but a compendium of statistically contrived deaths. See more here: https://web.archive.org/web/20201122214034/https:/www.jhunewsletter.com/article/2020/11/a-closer-look-at-u-s-deaths-due-to-covid-19
  9. The post below is from my article here: https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/2020/11/07/can-cancer-be-cured-naturally/ Unbeknownst to the vast majority of folk, cancer can already be cured naturally and this has probably been known for many decades, but these cures have been suppressed by the medical establishment which is largely politically-controlled by drug companies. These drug companies have a stranglehold and monopoly over cancer treatments and their enormous revenue is dependent on meting out synthetic drugs rather than advocating natural treatments that cannot be patented. If doctors do dare treat cancer (and other diseases) unconventionally, and naturally, and are successful, the wheels of power slip noiselessly into motion and they are publicly pilloried and shut down, as the medical establishment showed with its treatment of Dr. Burzynsk (see here). After reading many books on cancer, I find the trophoblastic thesis the most compelling (as shown here) which was propounded by John Beard way back in 1902. Beard found that cancer cells share the same characteristics as placental trophoblast cells and everyone has these inside their body left over from embryonic development. These cells are able to proliferate inside the body as part of a healing process and this proliferation can continue virtually unchecked if there are a lack of pancreatic enzymes (e.g. such as due to a poor diet) that are able to consume the protein-coat of rouge cancer cells, allowing the white blood cells to attack it. This theory suggests that what appears to be different forms of cancer are simply different stages of malignancy of trophoblast cells in proportion to local tissue cells (as explained here). Ferretti et al (2007) notes the various similarities between cancer and trophoblast cells, pointing out that “trophoblast research over the past few decades have underlined the striking similarities between the proliferative, migratory and invasive properties of placental cells and those of cancer cells”. It’s not just pancreatic enzymes working with white blood cells that are able to destroy the cancer cells. So too are plant-based foods that contain compounds that boost the body’s own natural defences against cancer and includes cancer-fighting agents like nitriolosides. Some good documentaries on natural cancer therapies include Food Matters 2008, The Beautiful Truth, and Edward Griffin’s World Without Cancer. In Griffin’s documentary, he argues that cancer is a nutritional deficiency and outlines the relationship between cancer and nitrilosides; a cancer-fighting agent abundant in plant-foods. Amygdalin, or B17, is one of the most common nitrilosides and apricot seeds have especially high concentrations. Griffin offers compelling reasons as to why the lack of nitrilosides in our diet plays a significant role in the development of cancer and so to prevent cancer we should increase our intake of plant-foods (preferably raw and organic). The graph below shows the relationship between consumption of unrefined plant-foods and cancer. The more unrefined plant-foods people consume the less at risk they are at developing cancer. According to what Griffin says, plant-foods aren’t just effective in the prevention of cancer, but also in treating it. Plant-foods (especially raw and organic) are abundant in antioxidants and contain various anti-cancer agents and one of the most well-known is B17. This molecule “selectively targets” the cancer cell by reacting to its enzymatic signature and breaking down into hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde and these then combine synergistically to create a very powerful cytotoxin. The B17 bypasses the protective outer cell wall because the cancer cell tries to feed on the glucose within the B17 molecule. Some have suggested that the B17 is toxic because it contains cyanide, but the cyanide is “chemically inert” and is only released after it has come into contact with the cancer cell. When B17 comes into contact with a normal body cell that contains the enzyme rhodanese (that cancer cells do not) the cyanide is neutralized by sulphur (see Griffin’s book here) and converted into thiocyanate. While Griffin offers compelling evidence of the effectiveness of B17 to prevent and also treat cancer, he acknowledges that it would be a mistake to rely on the cancer-fighting properties of B17, but include a more holistic approach which aims to boost the body’s overall immune system. Possibly the most holistic, all-encompassing approach to natural cancer treatment (and other chronic degenerative diseases) is the Gerson Therapy which activates the body’s own powerful ability to heal itself, and includes coffee enemas, organic plant-based foods, raw juices and natural supplements. With malignant melanoma, the Gerson Therapy is phenomenal, with a 100% survival rate of patients with Stage 1 and 2 cancer after 5 years (Hildenbrand et al 2005). As well as consuming more unrefined plant-foods, we should avoid food containing toxic chemicals which disrupt the natural functioning of the body such as nitrates (commonly found in processed meats), too much sugar which is onogenic, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, BPA in bottled-water, casein in milk (and various animal proteins) drinking water with artificial fluoride (a byproduct of the phosphate industry, and veritable toxic waste) and pesticides, inter alia. Unfortunately, it seems many of our favourite foods are loaded with toxic chemicals and carcinogens. Vitamin C (especially when administered at high doses by IV) is also toxic to cancer cells and BEC5 (in eggplant) has been shown to be effective against skin cancer. The medical establishment denigrates natural cancer treatments (like the Gerson Therapy) as quack-medicine and dismisses them as having no evidence. Think about the derogatory term ‘quack-medicine’ which is applied to natural cancer treatments (like the Gerson Therapy) and how absurd it is when considering conventional methods of treatment that involve pouring toxic chemicals into someone’s bloodstream and then blasting their body with ionizing radiation. How effective are conventional methods like chemotherapy anyway? A study published in the 2004’s edition of the Journal of Oncology discovered that the mainstream method of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer has been an absolute failure (click here to see the statistics of the study). If chemotherapy is such a failure and is one of the more popular treatments then why are the survival rates for cancer so positive? This is probably because the survival rate for cancer is generally given as a relative survival rate, meaning it’s based on the proportion of folks who have survived cancer relative to those in the general population in a similar demographic who do not have cancer and die due to other cancer-unrelated reasons, such as car accidents or heart disease. The cancer survival rate can be made to be quite positive when you compare it with the survival rate of those in the population who die due to other reasons and who do not have any cancer. The absolute survival rate for all types of cancer combined is about 36% within 5 years of being diagnosed which means 64% die. Meanwhile, the Gerson Therapy had a 50% cure-rate of terminally-ill patients. The cancer survival rate is also only based on 5 year survival. So, it’s possible to survive cancer for 5 years after initial treatment and then die a month later and be considered a “cancer survivor”. See the lecture from Peter Glidden here in which he talks about how the cancer survival rates have been manipulated and are disingenuous. As I see it, the cancer industry is a huge public pantomime being performed in order to bamboozle the world into accepting phony treatments that will end up making them dependent on some synthetic drugs and more sickly than they already are. The medical establishment still appear to think that they can pull off the Great Bamboozlement. But they can’t, because their treatments are phony and their claims do not match up with perceived reality and as more and more people discover this fact, the more untenable their position will become until they have no choice but to abandon the sinking ship. If we seriously want to change this tragic state of affairs more people must start learning the truth about cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases and understanding that a cure already exists: Not synthetic drugs. Proper nutrition from plant-foods.
  10. Saw this posted on Reddit r/conspiracy:
  11. The video below is excerpts from the book, The Invisible Rainbow, which recounts experiments after the Spanish flu, where researchers attempted to transmit the virus from host to host but were unable to do it. They concluded that there was no pathogen involved in the Spanish flu and some other cause must be responsible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9EIwo6hA6c
  12. Here are a few articles I have put together on anthropogenic global warming (AGW): 22 Reasons to be Skeptical: https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/2020/11/08/22-reasons-to-be-skeptical-of-man-made-global-warming/ The CAGW Handbook: https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/2020/11/14/the-skeptical-cagw-handbook/ The 97% Consensus Deconstructed: https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/2020/11/08/the-97-consensus-on-agw-and-cagw-deconstructed/ Why the CO2 Increase Could be Natural: https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/2020/12/10/why-the-observed-atmospheric-co2-increase-could-be-natural/ Been researching this subject for years and there is no doubt in my mind that AGW is post-normal science.
  13. I think Charlotte Gerson has it right with the cause of disease with the quote below. The modern diet is what causes most disease, the rest of disease is caused by our consumption of toxins in our food and water. As an example, the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil was eventually traced back to the use of a novel pesticide used for the control of mosquito populations in Brazilian drinking water (see Parens et al 2017).
  14. Fascinating article from German virologist, Stefan Lanka, called ‘The Misconception Called Virus’, in which he says there is no such thing as pathogenic viruses. He says: “The claims about the existence of viruses are based on historic misinterpretations”.
  15. The documentary below from ODD TV might answer your question. He posits that COVID and viruses do not exist. https://www.bitchute.com/video/bgJkyYSMJPc0/
  16. Throughout ancient civilizations there is the symbol of a keyhole, as you can see here. The keyhole symbol is a cross-cultural phenomenon, occurring in ancient civilizations that officially never had any contact with each other and some who may have never even used keyholes. This got me thinking: Why is the keyhole symbol so important to ancient civilizations that they would construct keyhole-shaped monuments and create keyhole-shaped symbols such as Phoenician Taint symbol and the Egyptian Menat symbol? Does the keyhole symbol have a deeper importance? Based on the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, David Talbott, who has published books such as ‘The Saturn Myth’ and made documentaries such as ‘Discourses on an Alien Sky’ suggests that there was once a celestial configuration of planets that occurred thousands of years ago (as recorded by ancient cultures) and these planets created a keyhole-shape in the heavens accompanied by an 8-pointed star. These planets were Saturn, Venus and Mars. You can see various illustrations of this celestial configuration here. Notice the keyhole-shape. The keyhole symbol can also be seen on Freemason Tracing Boards, as shown in the image here. That Freemasonic Tracing Board appears to depict the keyhole symbol as a doorway to another dimension. This is interesting, because according to David Talbott, the celestial configuration of Saturn, Venus and Mars can be associated with the Tower of Babel, which was a doorway into higher dimension (or the realm of God). The Gateway of God was apparently symbolized by an 8-pointed star known as the “Cross of the Ilu” which looks similar to the 8-pointed star in the celestial alignment of Saturn. Some researchers, such as Anthony Patch, have suggested that the celestial configuration of Saturn, Venus and Mars was an actual stargate. There are various movies that portray the 8-pointed star as a doorway into another dimension. For example, in the movie Avengers, there is an 8-spoked wheel that allows for inter-dimensional travel. In Lego Dimensions, an 8-spoked wheel allows for inter-dimensional travel. In the movie Hell Raiser, a cube with an 8-pointed star inside allows for inter-dimensional travel. In the movie Event Horizon, the inter-dimensional black-hole portal is briefly portrayed as an 8-pointed star. In the TV show Rewind, an 8-pointed portal is used to travel inter-dimensionally, while in the TV show LOST, an 8-spoked wheel is used to travel inter-dimensionally. Click here to see more examples. Below is an image of the portal from the movie Stargate. In the movie Stargate, they attempt to access a portal to the deity “Ra”. Interestingly, the deity Ra was identified as Saturn. Quote: “A Greek Ostracon, cited by Franz Boll, identifies the Egyptian deity Ra, not with our Sun, but with Saturn”. Notice that the portal below is in the shape of a keyhole and that it is composed of 8-points, providing a parallel to the 8-pointed star of the celestial configuration of Saturn, Venus and Mars. This is what I think the celestial alignment of Saturn, Venus and Mars was; an actual stargate. 1) The Cosmic Mountain to the 8-spoked Saturn Sun from David Talbott (which Talbott associates with Mount Olympus, Mount Zion and the Tower of Babel). The symbol is repeated throughout ancient civilisations (see David Talbott’s book ‘The Saturn Myth’ and his video-documentaries) and notice that it’s in the shape of a keyhole 2) The 8-spoked worm-hole from the Stargate movie. In this movie the worm-hole leads to ‘Ra’ and Ra is identified with Saturn — notice again it’s in the shape of a keyhole with the walkway representing the Cosmic Mountain 3) An aerial perspective of the Vatican Courtyard (i.e. St. Peter’s Square) and once again it’s composed of 8-spokes and is in the shape of a keyhole. The 8-spoked Sun Wheel in St. Peter’s Square is modelled on the symbol of Shamash (identified as Saturn) and it was featured prominently in the movie ‘Angels and Demons’ which was based on CERN. Interestingly the design of the Masonic Square and Compass corresponds to the configuration of Saturn, Venus, and the “Cosmic Mountain”, as seen in the documentary-series ‘Discourses on an Alien Sky’. In this interpretation, the circle at the apex of the Compass represents the ‘Blazing Star’ (Venus) and the triangular-appearance of the Compass itself represents the Cosmic Mountain or pathway. The image below shows the ancient symbol of the Cosmic Mountain to Saturn and Venus on the right and Stargate Command TV logo in the centre. For more on the Saturn Stargate and how it relates to CERN, see my page here: https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/
  17. I can’t speak for Icke, but I don’t think he denies that we’re causing deforestation, polluting the world with plastic, or even that the temperature of the planet has increased. The essential question at issue is, are human emissions of CO2 responsible for climate change, as we’ve been led to believe, or is it a natural process? During the Bølling Warm Period Northern Hemisphere temperatures increased by 4C to 5C in only a few decades (see this paper here) whereas the modern increase in temperature has only been 1C over the past 100 years. So, is the current and relatively mild change in temperature a natural process of caused by human CO2? I would say it’s probably natural, since the radiative forcing from CO2 is very small indeed, at only about 0.01 W/m² per 1ppmv according to the observations of Feldman et al (2015).
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