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  1. Why I think the Earth is probably flat and not a sphere. An article I wrote last year. https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/2021/03/04/a-rebuttal-to-climate-myths/
  2. One of the most well-known set of Freemason symbols is the Tracing Board which is a set of printed illustrations depicting the various emblems and symbols of Freemasonry. The Freemason Tracing Board has always been a source of fascination to me and it became clearer to understand when I discovered the work of David Talbott and his book ‘The Saturn Myth’. From a historical perspective, planetary alignments recorded by ancient cultures may provide clues about the symbols on the Tracing Board. In the book ‘The Saturn Myth’, David Talbott refers to some of the symbols on the Tracing board, most notably the two pillars. According to Talbott, based on accounts from ancient cultures around the world, thousands of years ago the planets underwent great upheavel and aligned overhead Earth in an astronomical event, dubbed the “Saturn Polar Configuration” theory. The planets that aligned were Saturn, Venus and Mars. The image below is how this alignment would have looked — with Saturn as an 8-pointed star. THE COSMIC MOUNTAIN TO SATURN Quote from the ‘Saturn Myth’ book: The exact same 8-pointed star keyhole symbolism is shown below on a Freemason stained-glass window. ARCANA LODGE 187 (NOTICE ORION ABOVE THE RIGHT PILLAR) According to investigative mythologist William Henry: We are taught that the Blazing Star between the two pillars (Jachin and Boaz) is actually Sirius. So, it’s possible Talbott has misinterpreted the bodies in the celestial alignment (some people such as Michael Ballinger have suggested that Venus could have been Alcyone). However, it’s generally acknowledged that Freemasons deceive people as to the true meaning of their symbols. For example, Albert Pike said in ‘Morals and Dogma’: “Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine that he understands them… their true explication (explanation and understanding) is reserved for the adepts”. Manly Palmer Hall described a similar thing in his book ‘The Lost Keys of Freemaonsry’, where he describes a deeper meaning to the symbols as commonly understood by the average individual, saying: “The initiated brother realizes that his so-called symbols and rituals are merely blinds fabricated by the wise to perpetuate ideas incomprehensible to the average individual”. In the ‘The Saturn Myth’, Talbott describes how ancient cultures around the world interpreted the Saturn Polar Configuration symbol as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. This could be what the goal of Freemasonry actually is; to reconnect Heaven with Earth. Tracy Twyman posits at the end of her book, Clock Shavings, that secret societies such as the Freemasons, have “long cherished the idea of being able to penetrate the hidden realm, not only to escape the material “prison” that we are in, but to escape the cycle of death that pervades here, and to take for themselves the immortality of the gods”. Gnostics believed the world had been created by a malevolent being called the Demiurge and that our souls have been trapped in a material prison and have descended from above and are capable of reascending through “gnosis”. Carl Michaeler, the author of ‘Treatise on the Phoenician Mysteries’, wrote on the analogy between Gnostisicm and Freemasonry. He adverts to the theory of the Gnostic origin of Freemasonry. Like the Gnostics, it’s possible that Freemasons want to break out of this material prison and ascend into a higher dimension. According to Robert Palazzo, the aim of Freemasons is to access “a portal to the mysterious”. Freemasons ascending into a higher dimension would make sense in the context of what the Saturn Polar Configuation actually was. It was a portal. The Egyptian Ankh was based on the Saturn Polar Configuration, as Talbott explains in ‘The Saturn Myth’: “The Ankh (whose origins experts have long debated) is but a conventionalized image of the [Saturn] Polar Configuration”. In the book ‘Secret Societies: Revelations About the Freemasons’ by Philip Gardiner, he explains that the Ankh was seen as a gateway or portal. Quote: “The Ankh is technically known as the Crux Ansata. It is a simple T-cross, surmounted by an oval — called the Ru. The Ru is often seen as a portal or gateway to another dimension, such as Heaven. The Ankh therefore becomes the symbol of transition from one place to another. It outlived Egyptian domination and was widely used by the Christians as the [Latin] Cross”. NOTICE THE KEYHOLE-SHAPE Below is an ancient Mesopotamia Stele depicting the same symbolism as the Freemason painting above, showing the Cosmic Mountain connected to a star. This, as Talbott describes, was a celestial alignment that occurred thousands of years ago, and was actually a gateway. It’s possible that CERN are trying to reactivate this gateway. VICTORY STELE OF NARAM-SIN READ MORE HERE: https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/
  4. Atlas bared the weight of the heavens on his sholuders, not the Earth. See the informative video below from David Talbott.
  5. The more research I've done into Flat Earth, the more I can't believe I ever believed in the globe Earth nonsense.
  6. In the book ‘The Saturn Myth’ (inspired by the work of Immanuel Velikovsky) David Talbott explores “celestial events that shaped early cultures”. Talbott argues that the “Great God” or “Universal Monarch” of the ancients was not the Sun — but Saturn — which once hung ominously over Earth and “visually dominated the skies”. There was once a period when Saturn was closer to Earth and fixed stationary in the sky. Based on ancient accounts throughout the world, Talbott describes a period of “great upheaval” in celestial bodies, when Saturn, Venus and Mars descended, and aligned — various catastrophes ensued, and a “Cosmic Mars Mountain” eventually formed, seemingly connecting to Saturn, as though it were a pathway of sorts, see various illustrations here, here and here. THE COSMIC MOUNTAIN TO SATURN As Talbott explains in his book ‘The Saturn Myth’: The same Saturnian symbol seen in various logos from around the world: STARGATE TV LOGO BORDERLANDS LOGO UNIVERSAL PICTURES LOGO ILLUMINATI WEBSITE LOGO THE OA TV SERIES LOGO COLUMBIA PICTURES LOGO AUTOMACHINE MAGNUS ALBUM LOGO DOLLAR BILL
  7. The reason rockets never go straight up is obvious: Because they can't go straight up because of the lack of atmosphere at higher altitudes and the rocket hasn't got anything to push against and so it bends. We can't put anything into space. Nothing gets past the firmament.
  8. I think the world is getting more evil every year. I was discussing this with someone recently and they mentioned how movies, music, and the culture in general used to be more geared to spirituality, but now that sort of thing is lacking. Could this be because there are actual demons among us that have taken control of their human hosts? Admittedly a far-out there possibility, but one that I find interesting to ruminate on.
  9. Could COVID vaccines possibly lead to demonic possession? A short article I wrote about this question below. https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/2022/01/06/only-a-coincidence-short-article/
  10. Mount Everest observed from a plane 985 km away, implying that the Earth's curve is missing.
  11. The video below is taken from a documentary showing NASA’s Apollo 11 crew creating an illusion to make it appear that they were thousands of miles out in space when they were only in the upper-Earth atmosphere.
  12. The astrophysicist guy was acting all intelligent, but I don't think he had a clue what even he was talking about half the time.
  13. Another long-distant observation that should not be possible on Earth. The photo below shows Mount Taranaki, visible from the top of Wrights Hill in Wellington, taken by Lilia Alexander. Wrights Hill in Wellington has an elevation of 0.172 km and Mount Taranaki has an elevation of 2.5 km. The line of sight on a sphere with a radius of 6371 km comes out at 225 km (see here for the calculation), yet the distance between Wrights Hill and Mount Taranaki is 330 km. Article about the long-distant observation: https://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/wellington/121435312/mount-taranaki-visible-from-wellington-in-cool-still-conditions
  14. Don't know why the link won't open. Here's another link to the same paper: https://www.osapublishing.org/ao/fulltext.cfm?uri=ao-59-21-F11&id=432262 Quote from the paper regarding the 443 km photo: "The extraordinary conditions for such photographs are very rare. Bret meticulously planned the trip to record this photo for months in advance, carefully studying topographical maps and panorama simulations as well meteorological conditions in the region. Due to the latter it may well happen that one must climb a mountain multiple times for a single good photo. Later he mentioned that probably the day of the photo was the best day of the whole year concerning visibility. Even for professional photographers, such extreme visual range observations are therefore more or less once in a lifetime observations".
  15. Saw this scientific paper today and thought it might interest you, Peter. Read what the paper says about the 443 km photo record that we were discussing. It explains the photo as having very ideal amospheric conditions, allowing refraction. Read the image below. Source: https://www.osapublishing.org/DirectPDFAccess/381ACD7C-62EB-41CB-A75D5010DE1E1F09_432262/ao-59-21-F11.pdf?da=1&id=432262&seq=0&mobile=no
  16. My understanding is that landscape distant photography is generally taken from mountains because the atmosphere is much thinner and you can see further than you would be able to if you were at sea-level.
  17. Thank you for at least being honest Peter. That's refreshing. So many peole just want to "win" the argument in these sorts of discussions. Maybe there was an unusual amount of refraction that day, who knows. The photographer mentions refraction.
  18. Whenever we see objects further than what the spherical models says, the standard reply is that we are seeing refraction, but I applied the higher radius number for refraction into the formula and it still came out as hidden by 0.3 km. So, I remain skeptical that refraction alone could account for this. In my opinion, I think that the Earth is not a sphere, and there seems to be more and more people who have converted over to the Flat Earth model.
  19. How much of an object is hidden behind the curvature of the Earth is called the hidden height, hh. If you know the distance along the surface s, the following formula calculates the hh (taken from this website here): Where hh is the hidden height, R is the alleged radius of the Earth (6371 km), s is the distance of the object from the observer, and hₒ is the eye-height of the observer. We can add an extra variable into the formula to take into account the height of the object we’re observing. The longest line of sight on Earth ever photographed is 443 km, achieved by Mark Bret Gumá. The photo is shown below. It was from Pic de Finestrelles at a height of 2.8 km, to Pic Gaspard at a height of 3.9 km. The mountains were photographed on 16 July 2016. The furthest point in the shot was Pic Gaspard, 443km away. You just plug the values into the formula. So, we have R as 6371 km, s is 443 km, hₒ as 2.8 km and the extra variable to account for the height of the object 3.9 km that I added on the end of the formula as a subtraction. The result comes out at 1.2 km. You can simply copy-and-paste the following text into the online Web 2.0 Calculator here to see for yourself (but don’t forgot to change Degrees to Radian in the bottom left corner of the calculator): (6371)/cos(443/6371-acos(6371/(6371+2.8)))-6371-3.9 Rob Skiba calculated that the hh should be about 5 km (16,000 feet) in the following video here (which would be the same as the calculation above without taking into account the height of the object at 3.9 km), instead of the 1.2 km that I calculated, but he failed to take into consideration the height of the mountain (3.9 km). Whatever the case, the mountain should not be visible if Earth had a radius of 6371 km, but it is, which either means that we’re seeing refraction or the Earth is not a globe. Your choice.
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