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  1. Good new video by Eric Dubay below. "Rather than genuinely inquire and research the proofs/evidence against the spinning globe model and for the stationary plane Earth, many people instead employ a variety of unconscious defense mechanisms to protect them from ever learning anything new".
  2. If you want to heal your foot you need to change your diet. Go on a raw plant-based diet (raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds) and you'll be healed in under two weeks.
  3. Research Stefan Lanka as well as Andew Kaufman. Below is a small article that suggests that COVID may not exist. https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/2021/03/30/the-covid-scamdemic/
  4. Wrote an article here explaining why COVID may not exist (and why viruses in general may not exist): https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/2021/03/30/the-covid-scamdemic/
  5. I am the author and thank you for contributing to the thread.
  6. Over the last few years, I’ve been very interested in the mysterious symbol ubiquitously known simply as the “black cube”. For the uninitiated, the black cube is apparently a symbol of Saturn and it often pops up in important locations throughout the world. To quote Jordan Maxwell from the book ‘Matrix of Power’: “The symbol that was used in religious context with Saturn was the black cube”. There are monuments of the black cube in various sites throughout the world and it’s often shown in movies, music videos and other media. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information about it and so it’
  7. There are lots of examples of movies and TV incorporating an 8-pointed star and some are shown below. Once you become aware of this you’ll start to see it everywhere. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT UNKNOWN 2011 INKHEART MOVIE (WRITING REMOVED) THE DICTATOR FILM HANDMAID’S TALE SUPERMAN RETURNS CAPTAIN MARVEL SUIT KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE ATLAS SHRUGGED ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2010 (ADMITTEDLY 9, NOT 8) TOY STORY 4 XXX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE 2001: SPACE ODYS
  8. Below is an article I wrote back in 2017 about Saturn and CERN and about the possibility that CERN is attempting to access an inter-dimensional doorway. The article goes into detail about the Saturn Stargate which is an idea that has gained popularity in recent years. https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/ Quote from the start of the article:
  9. There is another possibility. There is no pandemic or disease killing people. Below is a graph showing the percentages of total deaths per age category from February to September in the United States for 2020 and the death-rate remained more or less the same before and after COVID (see link below). Icke is right, there is no disease going around killing people. It is all fiction. There has been a spike in deaths since the vaccines were rolled out though which is probably killing people and which they have camouflaged as another wave. https://web.archive.org/web/20201122214034/https:/www.j
  10. Esoteric symbolism is propagated in media all the time and movies are the primary medium that such symbolism is dispersed to wide audiences. Unless very overt, such symbolism generally goes under the radar of most people watching movies. In this article, I’ll explore some of the most popular symbolism in TV shows and movies, such as the 8-pointed star, pentagram, and Freemason symbolism, and explain what they may represent. 1) THE CIRCLE AROUND THE HEAD The iconography of the circular light or a “halo” behind the head in pop-culture is characteristic of the Sun-symbol that often appe
  11. An article I put together about COVID and it possibly being a hoax Here if anyone wants to read it. It's short and I may add more to it later. https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/2021/03/30/the-covid-scamdemic/
  12. The Polio virus outbreak in the 1950s was actually caused by DDT. The Polio outbreak occurred immediately following unprecedented DDT usage. The graph below shows the correlation between Polio cases and DDT usage. As DDT was introduced Polio cases soared and as it was eventually phased out, cases of Polio began to rapidly decline. The Polio outbreak was erroneously blamed on a virus. As Morton Biskind says: “Central nervous system diseases such as Polio are actually the physiological and symptomatic manifestations of the ongoing government and industry sponsored inundation of the world’s popul
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