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  1. Electric cars have the life of a postage stamp. All cars will be replaced by Hydrogen just like the gas boilers. This electric crap is just about dragging out the control of it all just like they do with everything else. Get them all on electric only to tell them that it's all going hydrogen. More BOLLOCKS! One thing they ain't telling you is by December 2025 the ULEZ charge in London (and soon to be in a town near you) will be for everyone...... This also includes all electric vehicles.!!! If they get their way it will extend to inside the M25 by the end of next year as well. Will anybody care enough to do anything about it? No because they will be far to occupied with the new Ukraine variant by that time.
  2. It's almost certainly what's at the core of any spikes in illness. If you happen to have been stuck with something highly magnetic recently then you have just become a walking antenna and high risk for an auto immune response. The body can deal with anything over time (including EM radiation) but it must be micro dosed to adjust.......Not that i would still want it though. Something tells me that the cabal ain't to bothered about how quick the peasants adjust to the "great reset". The dial is being turned up daily.
  3. Back in the days of clapping like a seal for the NHS I stood on my doorstep and said don't worry about the germs flying around because when interest rates hit 5% (which is historically still low) then 3/4 of the nation will be homeless. When I said "A loaf of bread will soon cost £10 and your cash will be fit for bog roll", the entire street all looked at me like I was a madman....again. Those who couldn't see it coming was already drowning in debt before the depression anyway. The next to zero interest we have all had for over the past decade makes complete sense now though for those who have their eyes open. Even if your debt free and see it all coming it still effects you but just not as much. You never own your house anyway. You just stop paying the bank rent if you clear your mortgage. The moment you have an accident/fall ill or inflation hits the roof you are a nat's prick away from being in the chain gang again. Just like everything else in this plastic fake world....none of it's real.
  4. Paying with your phone/cashless acceptance and wearing masks go hand in hand. You are either part of the resistance are you are not. End of for me really.
  5. My Grandad always taught me from when I was a small child that a still tongue keeps a wise head. Being triple dosed is not exactly putting you on the podium for a medal of wisdom but shouting your mouth and demanding others to follow suit is another ball game altogether...no pun intended.
  6. Wasn't sure where to post it because it covers all bases.
  7. Best get herself one of these suits with the payout money and before any travel start looking under her vehicle from now on.
  8. There was a huge push during the early 1900s towards telcom installation everywhere. From 1910 to 1915 the numbers had increased so much that the streets no longer looked like they once did either. Although the EMF created from these would have been much less than what we have today in the form of the 5G towers it possibly would have made many feel quite sick and even develop.....flu like symptoms. Maybe even "Spanish" flu like symptoms? This photo could quite well be a hoax but I doubt it. There was HELPLESS critical thinkers back then and even more of them around today. The basic rule of fault finding is what has changed or what was happening at the time the problem first occurred? It might not give you the answer but it will always steer you in the right direction. In a throw away society though who wants to fault find?
  9. I don't make out to know anything 100% because I'm forever learning. That's why I'm here in the first place. Only a fool knows it all. Ps- I'm not calling anyone a fool here before that gets taken the wrong way. I've got enough on my plate with the cabal thanks.
  10. You made a great point in this post that I over looked when started the thread. "If this was a genuine No Vax case, I don’t think or feel the media would have handled it in the manner they have. We would be hearing the story by one or two passing comments on the issue. It wouldn’t have been drawn out and being spoken about even on the radio day after day in peoples cars etc." I agree with you above that false hope has always been a weapon (using controlled opposition). If he was genuine though then the coverage would still have the same effect. If he ends up hanging off a door knob then we know he was a good guy sadly. My point is not to prove he is or isn't really. I just think it's important that we don't wait for a saviour via anyone. As I said at the start "that includes all religions".
  11. Great post. One of the things I dislike most of all are posts that scream ego. We should be able to put ideas out there and the name of the game for me is to be proved wrong and not to prove how right I am with my posts. This is the only way to find "my truth". In fact ego seems to be just as prominent (if not more sometimes) in the truth circles as with the sheeple. Your post had the perfect balance of uncertainty, fact and conviction to catch my attention in the first place and the video was the cherry on the cake. Thank you. ps...The likeliness to Tesla in that photo is uncanny.....maybe a blip in the matrix or it could just be good photo shop skills?
  12. Good for you. Imagine a world of like mind people......Now that's heaven right there.
  13. I agree and Ian Brown is a true warrior ( I have zero doubt of that). I did mention in my earlier post about Djokovic and that he may have just been naive at the photo shoots. I do hope he is making a stand and if he is then that can only be good in times of bad. If I'm wrong about anyone I will always admit it and apologize. Time will tell still on this one for me. I live by my emotions and even on the forum I get a feeling of who is coming from a good place and who is not (that's without ever even seeing them). The jury is still out for me and I hope he proves true to himself.
  14. Most people don't even give a shit about their own sons and daughters. When it comes to the problems of others it's obviously even less. Average Joe cares more about the white BMW payments and the next holiday more then their off spring's health. Everyone of them clowns will be the first to shout their mouth about how they would die for their kids as well.
  15. 480 × 480 They have an interest in the sport that goes way back. You would never tell though by the way the twat is throwing the tennis ball above. Is it in the wrong hand? Or maybe the hand ain't his and it's on loan? He is ambidextrous alright.....He can do F$ck all with both hands!
  16. How lovely. I've just had my hemorrhoids removed. I just thought you might like to know that My mask kept slipping off whilst I was getting it done and it really wasn't pleasant.
  17. In these times it's great to have someone in the limelight who everyone can aspire to for strength and courage. Having a world class athlete and multi millionaire not sing from the hymn sheet is nothing but a breath of fresh air and it creates plenty of hope. The problem lies when hope is put into others more than yourself though (that can be anyone including Jesus or any other prophet). Is it possible that a man in his position doesn't know the meaning of the symbolism involved here? If we give him the benefit of doubt and say he was too busy playing tennis or to even care, then at some point you think he might at least ask why he has to keep covering one eye in every photo shoot? Controlled opposition has one aim and that is to destroy hope and free will. I do hope he is not leading people astray and a true warrior. Doing the pose in a photo shoot to me though is one step away from accepting the knighthood..... Rise Sir Djokoviv.
  18. Can't say I'm down with the kids when it comes to rap but this was heart felt when I heard it. Well wrote and nails the game!
  19. Too much truth seeking can way you down in these times as well though. I'm sure that goes for everyone on here eventually. Most of us have been involved in seeking truth long before the covid pantomime. We already know the drill and some even knew it was coming so constantly reading doom can be destructive as well. When it gets dark and low I pull off the site and do other things. Sport, play piano, rest and just about anything to escape from the matrix. Hopefully that's what has happened to everyone mentioned. EW and GR are both great posters of info. It doesn't matter if you agree with them. If you think it does then you are missing the point anyway! GR posts was never from a bad place and I always felt straight from the heart. Her posts about trans people was to highlight the trans-human link(stepping stone) and not aimed at the individual. Good to see Basket case back.
  20. I don't think there is any room for that bunch in the NWO and the baton will be handed over in the very near future. Obviously still kept within the bloodlines and the same little inbred cesspit. It's time for a new broom as we enter into the age of Aquarius. The new one world leader or possibly anti-Christ they have lined up will almost certainly not be any of them muppets and therefore it makes them even more useless than they are already.
  21. A contract to the sea sounds to me like a contract into maritime law and not the law of the land (otherwise known as common law, natural law or more importantly God's law). This is no mistake and as Oz mentioned earlier the links to the Navy are there but this is also a ritual contract to pull you away from GODS LAW and all things natural. ALL LAWS AT SEA PRESUME YOU DEAD AND TO BE THE LEGAL FICTION......NOT A LIVING MAN/WOMAN.
  22. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change”... Charles Darwin. His theory has many flaws in the transition from neanderthal to human being though (missing link). His above quote is very true and possibly only those that are very adaptable will make it through to the AI stage they have planned but the difference is that the species will have changed by that time. The dumb are VERY adaptable and will do anything to go "back to normal"....Even if that means becoming a humanoid!
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