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  1. Maybe with the planned breakdown of religion there is no room to promote marriage in the new world. They can't have their star players going against the agenda.Both marriages where as fake as AstroTurf anyway.
  2. War is about moving nations in the direction of the chosen conqueror. Everything else is just an added bonus to the evil in charge of the carnage.
  3. Or start to forget the number one thing is that we have an immunity to deal with anything they throw at us. Worrying over other humans makes you as bad as the rest of the sheep. Harsh truth is if your immunity is heavily compromised then a sore throat might just be too much for you on judgement day. Stay in the heart and well away from fear for homeostasis. PS-If what they are throwing at us is that toxic then trying to avoid it is like running from the tsunami on your doorstep!
  4. I was ginger as a child but now when I tell people that they don't believe me because my hair is so dark. I was chatting up some girls in a bar once and a young lady with way too much attitude and insecurity said "Are you wearing a wig". To which I sharply replied "If I was then do you think I would choose a ginger one"? I have always embraced it and laughed at the mockery when I was younger. I pulled the best looking girls in my school growing up so it done me no harm looking back. We absorb Vitamin D way easier than any other skin tone so it ain't all bad.
  5. And a nonce......I back this up with zero evidence but 100% intuition.
  6. I'm not surprised your a left and right brain user from the quality of all your posts. Nice work mate. There's a fine line between being a genius and a nutter though, even if I do say so myself.
  7. For me it's all about stepping in and out of their system. Trying to beat them using their system in court is pointless. The moment you employ a lawyer you are playing by their rules and will almost always lose or die from the stress. They own the legal system and it is their baby. Exactly the same system for anything regarding your health. A good ground fighter can't beat a stand up fighter standing toe to toe. I don't think you can beat the system. You have to give up on the system and remove yourself from it to get anywhere close to what resembles a win.
  8. I watched a PR documentary by Hannah Rothchild a few years back. It was all about how they like to spend copious amounts of money each year on fine art. In one clip (which I can't find) they commission this abstract art prick to throw mud at an internal wall of one of their buildings. All this for the small price of £1,000,000. When the camera man asked what are you making he said "I don't know yet, I'm making it up as I go along". I couldn't workout who was taking the piss out of who....Obviously the listener though.
  9. Most parents need banging up. I have seen more than enough in my life to know the phrase "I will die for my kids" is total bollocks! Most parents would throw their kids to the lions for a new Range Rover (in white or silver of course) and the trash mothers forno more than a box of fags. Materialistic sheep at best. I ain't posted for a long time on the forum. I had a detox/break from it all (so to speak). I'm back and as you can see the break ain't done much.
  10. No pets, no trees, no o2, no co2, no possessions, no organic vegetables, no organic meat, no hobbies, no social activity, no love, no freedom, no breathing, no church, no sport, no art, no cash, no jobs, no mosque, no truth, no reproducing, no health, no synagogue, no humans, no music, no holidays, no culture, no opinions, no herbs, no history, no respect, no books, no fossil fuel, no pure water, no sun, no peace, no soul, no tradition, no analogue, no vibration, no natives, no truth, no common sense, no gut feeling, no heart and no to just about everything that we define our species as being
  11. MSN made him look like the victim regarding Paula Yates. I think she was the victim and so was their daughter. I would trust Sir Bob about as much as Jimmy Savile being the entertainment at a kids party. He really is a piece of shit. Friends with Blair...say no more!
  12. Great news for Paul. The Mr title was driving him mad.
  13. It's very easy in these times to get caught up in the shit throwing. Here is a positive and good feeling post for once. I just found this DJ set on You Tube and it was filmed live in Palestine. Just read the comments and notice how many people in that area of the world don't want the shit being thrown at them. Just look at the people in the video as well. They are young, free spirited and just want to party like the rest of us......
  14. Every diamond in this is piece is black owned no doubt. If your that bothered Liz then go and put them back in the ground where they came from! I can't listen to this shit much more. The labels are very accurate but they're missing the word "are". They need to put a few more races up with them as well though.
  15. When the retail banks fold they can legally take your money (just like they did in the last world depression). Hyper inflation will turn your cash into bog roll over night. Gold and silver (in it's solid form) is something you can hold and trade for goods. Anything digital can be tuned off at the plug as already mentioned above. Gold and silver is more stable than anything else histoically but this time around may be a little different (short term). Nixon (the puppet) dropped the gold standard in the 70's and the UK in 1930's. Even though this occured it still has value. Sil
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