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  1. How strange because I was just posting something very similar at the same time as you put this up.
  2. My uncle who I respect dearly and who has been involved in the truth movement since the 70s calls it the selfish gene. I couldn't put it better myself. The fear they are saturated in is pushing the gene to the surface. They are so consumed in the gene's dominance that they even think we are the selfish ones for not wearing a mask or wanting a vaccine. We are not telling them to do fu£k all. * Grand/parents/ not wanting to see their grand/children at risk of infecting themselves....selfish gene. * Wearing masks and telling others to do the same....selfish gene. * I'm
  3. I worked in a house today where they had a vaccine damaged child who is now an adult of 18 years old. He developed chronic bronchitis 1 day after his jabs as a baby. Both parents now in their late 50s had their flu jab yesterday? Both of them had arms like an elephant's leg from the reaction. They was both having the vaccine when I asked them at the start of the conversation. I asked them why would you with what you have been through in the past? The mother was far more wary and said she didn't really trust any of them and this is the first year they have both had the flu jab. She
  4. I think the Gypsies will be the last ones standing. Gates was quoted on his site way back at the start as saying"We must not forget the gypsies and nomads because they could be the real threat to society without being vaccinated". I mentioned before on here that when you know they are going after the goat herders in Mongolia then you really do know that the UK is shafted.
  5. The description of the word arrest in legalese- The detainment of a man's person (ie-the man and the person are not the same thing). The word person derives from persona ...... Persona- A persona (plural personae or personas), depending to the context, can refer to either the public image of one's personality, or the social role that one adopts, or a fictional character. The word derives from Latin, where it originally referred to a...............theatrical mask. I've posted this before on here but it really just blows me away more than anything else......
  6. Due to have the foundation stone set last April, the date was of course changed due to the covid scam. The new date is now set for 27th May 2021, so put it in your diary. This building can only be described as NWO religion in the making. The building is set for completion around 2022 to 2023. Of course it will be sold by the controllers as a place of intergration and acceptance. The very same mob who create the religious wars are now building a place of peace for all to unite....yeah right! Once under one roof the books can be intergrated just like the building itself and NWO will h
  7. How weird I was sitting thinking this today at the park with my kids. A big fu£k off time capsule for everyone to see in the future. If everyone done this then they would really be in a mess trying to pull off such events in the future.
  8. At the start of the game they get off the coach with their masks on for the camera and then this. Monty Python!
  9. Or someone with aspergers who can do incredible tasks but can't string a sentence together. There is a guy from Barking who can multiply 6 figure numbers together quicker than you can type them in a calculator. He is one of the only people alive who is able to speak on that spectrum. He explains his method as every number to him is a memory or experience. For example-64351 is sitting on a bus with his mum on a sunny day etc... I figure that this means he is using emotion to work out the sum? My son mentioned an autisic child in his class who can't talk and struggles to keep up (slo
  10. I was talking about this the other day to a family member. We was saying how this is stage one and once it has been taken up in numbers they will say the tech is being sabotaged by pirate software on the blackmarket. This will give them the excuse to go nano tech and digital imprint/chip to avoid forgery. Sad thing is many will fall for the bullshit.
  11. It's been a long day. Sorry, that's all folks!
  12. Wake up and smell the Eugenics! That needs putting on a T shirt....classic mate. O is for oxygen and the state wants it clean, it's a taxable equation where co2=mean? (Above is a line from a poem I wrote last year about all this bullshit).
  13. If you was hiring a tradesperson to work in your home, would you prefer one that didn't go through your knicker drawer? Good because your in safe hands.
  14. I know he is just a gimp for the cabal but this guy really makes me see red. It must be the mood I'm in today but I just looked at that photo and headline and it made my blood boil. The cabal's bitches only front one agenda normally but this one has his fingers in all the pies....tech ,meds, climate, land and GMO. He really is the poster boy of NWO.
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