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  1. Her name is the worst anogram ever. Now with a name like that how could you not trust her with all that's going on?
  2. It's very good.I ain't seen that clip of Jacob at the end for years. I write poetry as a release and as you say anything to stop you punching walls.
  3. Breaking News..... Anyone of the 43,000 sheep who put themselves up for the vaccine trials has nothing to fear from the effects. They are all 100% safe from dying because they was already dead inside before the trials!
  4. It's NOT law..it's legislation. It is only law with your consent (which you obviously do by the way). EVERYONE in the World is medically exempt (both phsically and emontionally). It is just that some have worse symptoms than others! It's UNNATURAL to wear a mask for long periods and therfore you are NOT lying (if you are concerned regarding your morals to other people). Protecting the future generations freedom is the only moral worth having right now. Everything else is an act (pun intended).
  5. One right hook should take all three of them in that line up out cold if timed right.......what a gift that would be for Christmas.
  6. This photo gives me chills because it contains an horrific paedophile who has murdered and abused many children. The other one is already dead so hopefully we dont have to worry about him too much.
  7. Fauci is no more than a cabal gimp. Very disposable and has been around long enough to know his place and how to play his cards right for the golden watch he has earned over the years. He knows his place and will do what he is told to do when the time comes. It will be played by MSM as a victory for the American peasants whilst they sing along to the Hatikvah without even spotting it's not their anthem being played....laughable!
  8. Tickets for the ghost train this way........Some people just love being shit scared of everything. The BBC 'news' is a great place to find what your looking for if horror movies are your thing.
  9. On an insect diet I don't fancy my chances.
  10. Kipod knows when you've farted...before you do!
  11. I thought that if you say your name you are in contract unless when in a trust?
  12. It was over 28 years ago I was told that the cabal would chip us up and do away with cash. I laughed at the two guys on the print I worked with when they told me that (it was the News International building where I was told)......The only truth to ever come out of that building! As time went by I see lots of what they told me that night unfold. It is down to them that my truth seeking started. I wish I knew where they was now? 28 years is a long time to know whats coming and still not be able to do FU£K ALL about it!
  13. Just started geting into Karl Lentz information recently...He is very good indeed.
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