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  1. My other half picked up on it when my son had his friends over watching the clip. I agree, this is aimed at the kids 100%. After all, I don't think the controllers are even after us when it comes to all things covid because it's the kids minds that they want. These fuc£ers play the long game alright and they always have done.
  2. Squid games is yet another " MK Ultra" Netflix sitcom . Skip to 1.57 for the subliminal 1/2 second flash of the VIPs wearing occult head ware which resembles a Rothchild orgy. I've only seen the trailer but once again the truth is hidden there in plain sight.
  3. This has been mentioned before by me but it does take some beating. Meet the thrumpster herself Victoria Attkins. Her and her old man own British Sugar. They rent the land to GW pharmaceuticals so they can grow medicinal cannabis on their land (happens to be the biggest legal farm in the world and yes it's in the UK). She was the UK drug minister and an avid campaigner to ban Cannabis. She got exposed over the net and took a bit of stick ONCE exposed. Did she get the sack? Did she Fu£k! She is now the UK minister for safegaurding and Afghan resettlement. It's only fair with her track record that she gets moved to such a trusting role. After all, she worked as a barrister specialising in the field of fraud! I'm not making this up. Just bend over this ain't going to hurt...I promise.
  4. Reps existing or not? ET intervention though is a cert for me. They are trying to upgrade/downgrade our DNA now as we speak with their jab. This has been done before in history and we are the result (the missing link from neanderthal to modern day man was blatant intervention).
  5. Going to get shot down for this but to me it holds some truth so I will share it. This would get laughed out of court but I have Fu£k aLL respect for the judicial practice anyway so here goes.... I have a friend who takes magic mushrooms from time to time. On a clear day he has seen what he believes to be the firmament and he describes it as looking like a thick spiders web. Before you laugh this off or think I'm taking the utter piss the strange thing is that many of his friends have also seen it and described the same thing on different days. Some are flat Earth believers and some are not. None of them had shared this experience whilst on the mushrooms and this was shared when one of them mentioned it in conversation. Crazy trip heads or are they tuned into seeing or feeling something that the naked eye can't without the help of nature? I lean more to the latter.
  6. Almost all of my strongest beliefs are based on feelings with no scientific observation. Science can help to build a case for something but it can also be wrong far more than a gut feeling that's based on many factors.
  7. It's coming in from all angles and the jabz is just one of the methods they are using. https://www.graphene-info.com/first-commercial-contract-water-filtration-membranes-enhanced-graphene-oxide
  8. Old classic instruments. I like synths personally but any good quality instrument will only go one way. You have to be careful with digital stuff because some brands plummet quickly. The equipment takes up lots of space but has the beauty of being usable . If you bought a used Roland 303 in the 80s for less than £30 then you are looking at £2000 plus today.
  9. It's not all the Jews. It's all the controllers of......food, water, TV, radio, all power services ,media, the arts, sport, royalty, bankers, land owners, arms dealers, legislators, law enforcers, drug industry, health care, insurance companies, internet, telecom, transport, financial system, worldwide politics, fossil fuels, precious metals and stones, every top religious figure, CO2 , wildlife and now even how much o2 your permitted to breath daily via masks (who all happen to be Jewish or Canaanite). I think I cleared that up!
  10. Andrew Neil is an ex Murdoch lapdog and newspaper editor....need I say more about the man. He was a ruthless piece of corporate shit during the 80s and 90s and no doubt still is.
  11. This guy talks grounded common sense. Something that isn't present in our high tech and over consuming society. We live in a world today that's full of digital slaves who adore the very system that keeps them suppressed. Look how we have regressed as a species. Most are full of self importance and quick to mock the past when all along they are so disengaged with nature they don't even know where or who they are without looking at a machine for answers! We really are the dumbest we have ever been throughout history at present. This can only help the cabal in their AI transition when there is not an ounce of common sense in sight!
  12. Leeds has one of the best Muay Thai gyms in the UK called Bad Company. Jordon Watson and Liam Harrison who are both still active and pro fighters train there. Another great gym in Leeds is Kiatphontip and that's coached by Jompop. You live in an excellent area of the UK for Muay Thai gyms. Good luck.
  13. Lock "up" is the route to freedom....Straight out of 1984!
  14. For me dwelling on proof of existence or non existence is a pointless exercise. Figures help you find your truth but you shouldn't need to look in a book or at a screen for your conclusion. Use your senses with a fearless outlook and they will guide you well. Think back to the start and your gut told you it's all BULLSHIT. Even the BBC cult sheep knew it back then but they have been trained to ignore the gut and pay attention to a screen. My Dad had a very nasty illness at the start of 2019 (trouble breathing). I also had another relative later in the year with very bad symptoms. Both said they had never been that ill before.......Both came out of it with their immunity and nothing else. I have another very close relative who has been critical in hospital twice several years back (once for an ear infection and once for a throat infection). She had a very compromised immunity at the time and I can tell you this for nothing....... You don't need Covid (flu) to kill you when your immunity is out of balance because a sore throat will do it!!! When someone is that weak then no mask, vaccine (poison) , social distance or any other bollocks will save them. The shear will to live, diet, some luck, exercise, clean water, faith, herbs, love and courage will though.....and staying the fuck away from the NHS helps too.
  15. Great info on the opening post. My sister drinks quite a bit so I will pass it on for what it's worth. I never drink any fizzy soft drinks and haven't since I was a very young man. I stopped drinking the coke years ago once they quit putting cocaine in it. Seriously though the detail in the info there is priceless. Thanks.
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