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  1. My point is that everyone in power is bought and owned. Waiting for them to lead you to freedom is the donkey chasing the carrot. The people need to understand that no one is going to lead them to a vaccine free World. Only the people have the power for that and judging by the general public where I live there is no chance of that. We must still have some hope though. The USA 's main issue? Their leaders back Zionism proudly......that's a start. I'm not picking on the USA it's just they have the most weight.
  2. Trump has not got any weight in anything he says because FEMA are running the show. They have total control of EVERYTHING right now in the USA. The second amendment has no weight either. Cival war is the only answer and I can't see him leading the way on that one either. He is just reading his lines like Boris and the rest of puppets around the World. He backs Zionism so that's is all you need to know about the guy really.
  3. If I had to take a punt then I would say no virus. Nothing that has been any different to any other before it. Flue like symptoms that resemble pneumonia in severe cases by all accounts. If the immunity in the patient is extremely weak at time of infection then anything can attack the lungs and kill (call it what you want at that point). You can die from a sore throat if immunity is compromised heavily and the infection spreads.
  4. He put that image up on social media and it's got filters all over it. That picture on the right was printed in The Sun newspaper and The Mirror so it could well be edited with the track record they both have . Famous 80s quote....No it's not bullshit I read it in The Sun.
  5. First cartoon in my life I couldn't watch. I had to skip through it. Sick and twisted and NOT funny in the slightest. I really like Family Guy and that pushes limits big time but this is just sick and twisted! Never heard of Justin Roiland before now but he's on the list.
  6. Here's one of them advisors.....The guy should have been banged up years ago. He makes me feel sick looking at him. 2453 × 3720
  7. For what it's worth here's my view on the guy..... 1) Backs the Zionist agenda with some suspect friends to say the least. 2) Best of a bad bunch.....Biden is 100% nonse case. (still not 100% sure Trump ain't either though) 3) Put there by the cabal for the job required.....Hand picked to make the American public still believe they have a 2nd ammendment (when they don't because the country is under FEMA control as we speak). 4) Banging up the paedos........Could be but ain't seen it yet. 5) Trump is possibly pro vaccine.....The big one for me because I have heard MANY people saying that if Trump backs the vaccine it will be safe to take it..( LAUGHABLE). It's like a Star Wars line.... "Help me Obi Wan, you're our only hope". This for me relates to Trump and America in general. I feel that America (not Trump) is the Worlds only hope in this awakening. Not because they are some super power but because the people have guns (a real threat to the system). They're 'supposedly' a non dictatorship country of free will. They are also huge. If they revolut the World will follow and in large numbers. If they sleep through it then the Western World will follow. I think that the cabal know this and that is why they chose a man who comes accross as the peoples hero. All backed by Q via UTube and people like Alex Jones etc . Can anyone on here who supports Trump and the Q thing relate to number 5? I'm not looking for a war just honest debate.
  8. A friend of my family said "Until the vaccine is released and EVERYONE'S had it this is not going to end". This same persons grandchild is already vaccine damaged. This has not put her off though. She is not only going to still have the vaccine but convinced that it is the only way out.......These people need lining up!
  9. Who knows for sure but the bloodline goes back a long way. They have not just come onto the scene in the last 300 years. If I had to take a punt then I would say thay are descendents of Jacob (the 12 tribes of Israel). They are most likely from the Dan tribe of Israel. Everyone has their own opinions and this is mine (I'm sure loads on here will say I'm wrong). Getting any solid infomation on them is like trying to catch an eel that's coated in petroleum jelly......slippery as fu£k.
  10. The guy names his baby a robot name which actually contains 'A.I' in the bullshit code they are saying is the childs name? The first photo the couple decided to put out of their newborn baby in hospital was with the words SAVAGE a snake filter over the new borns face? Elon looks like a droid and his other half is 100% witch to the naked eye! THIS PRICK AND HIS WITCH WIFE ARE ABOUT AS SOULESS AS YOU CAN GET. https://mashable.com/article/elon-musk-grimes-baby-name-is-legal/?europe=true&utm_source=internal&utm_medium=onsite Here is the witch in her music video 'Flesh without blood'. Notice the blood around the chin....what could that mean? Here is the happy father. Just what you would be thinking when wanting to be put an image out to the World of your first born child. God help that poor child because we can only pray for it with parents like these.
  11. Read the symptoms on the back of the leaflet (pil) and you will be able to answer your own questions. Here is what they don't always tell you though to make it sound like one in a million chance..... Very common: more than 1 in 10 people are affected Common: between 1 in 10 and 1 in 100 people are affected Uncommon: between 1 in 100 and 1 in 1,000 people are affected Rare: between 1 in 1,000 and 1 in 10,000 people are affected Very rare: fewer than 1 in 10,000 people are affected Knowing that these are your odds then 1/10,000 could get the very rare or rare symptoms on the leaflet (pil). See my last post under the title "should we be taking medication" on the same page as this further down for more info..... You have the power to go in whatever direction the heart will lead you...good luck.
  12. Sweden is going to be the first cashlesss society in the World. They also have HUGE numbers (6000 people in 2015 already) chipped up with implants. Some companies require you to have the chip to work there. They have shopping centres where you can't use cash anywhere! They are the lemmings of Europe (even more than the UK and that is saying something). They do seem to swerve war but other than that no thank you for me. Denmark is already mandatary vaccines for any child in school. Norway and Denmark you would have to be very wealthy to up from the UK because they have a very high standard of living and the £ is worth nothing there. In fact all Scandinavia is the same really in regards to money. Iceland is a bit of a mystery for me that I can't work out? One thing to note though is the very unhealthy daylight schedule with little to almost no daylight some days and 24 hours daylight in other seasons.
  13. Here's the main questions because I have faced them already..... 1) What skills do you have to trade when you get there (do you have a service/skills to provide in that country that you can use to trade if required)? 2) Can you grow food there (fertile land, good clean water supply etc..) 3) Can you speak the native language (even if only a bit). 4) Natural disaster chances in the chosen area (sounds like a doomdsday movie but we could have a few on the way so pick your spot wisely). In Europe Catolonia has always been the place to be. Great medical care, very fertile land, great weather and a lovely lifestyle compared to the UK (everything is tomorrow). Up until recently they had their own appointed leaders and wanted out the Euro and their own laws. The cabal put a stop to that and marched through there and arrested the lot of them (200 plus years in prison between 15 members of state). Now as we speak it's in second lockdown there and being made an example of Worldwide! Europe is the same everywhere but if I had to pick then Bulgaria is cheap and you can grow food easily there.
  14. Just recieved a very strange message from an ex work colleague today. We all used to be linked via a work group and post about different topics that was work related to help one another out. Even though I have left the company I'm still attached to the group. When the first wave hit the group soon stopped the small talk/cat videos and things got a bit more real. Almost everyone on the group was sound asleep and had no idea what was going on. Hanging onto Boris and his last word for every move they made etc....I posted up several times lots of NWO agendas and put some food for thought out there. Fell on deaf ears mainly! Anyway at least one guy seemed to listen to me and was up for going off grid before the COVID scam even started. I sent him a video about 12,000 year novas last night and he just returned back to me....... "Don't get too deep into this because people will think you are crazy" (it was not meant in a nasty way but more like him trying to point me in the right direction from what people was saying about me at work). I don't know what made him think I give a shit anyway? So there you have it and we are at the croossroads now more than ever. Even if some people think there is some truth in what they are being told about the NWO it is much safer to laugh at the people who speak it. Well I have picked my side and it ain't the cat meme gang. I will be ruled only by the heart.
  15. "Uncertainty is the only certainty there is..........." -John Allen Paulos (1945). "...Except tax which is most certainly questionable?" -Brad the Lad (2020) Sorry but I couldn't resist that one.
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