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  1. Those of you who are following UK Column News may have heard that their Scottish correspondent David Scott has started a new YouTube channel called "Northern Exposure". I live in Scotland, so I am interested in topics from a Scottish perspective. This video I want to share with you though is about Saturday 19th September at Trafalgar Square in London, where among many others Dr. Andrew Kaufman spoke via a large screen too. Former nurse Kate Shemirani was the MC, which many of you may know too. Well, here she tells of how horrifically the London Riot Police behaved that day too, hitting the men guarding the sound equipment over their HEADS with truncheons! Listen for yourselves. This is getting ever more un-British and uncivilized!
  2. This comment by Netanyahu was made in 1990. It says it quite clearly on the image. How much has changed since then? Trump didn't come into power until 2016. No doubt Netanyahu still believes he can get his diabolical way and so I am sure do the rest of the Cabal, even those already locked up. The polls still indicate US voters are split through the middle, but pollsters never ask more than a relative handful, do they. We all know that. So, we shall just have to wait and see. I have just been watching another of Santa Surfing's videos and there was a lot of good information on there. As I can't do anything much about anything happening out there except make comments and hope, that is what I shall continue to do till November. If none of this is true and we are finished, well then I shall have to kill myself before they come to stick that monstrous stuff inside my body. But until then, I will trust in God and hope.
  3. ABSOLUTELY! Mossad is behind the Labour Friends of Israel group too and there is the Conservative Friends of Israel group as well. The Anti-Semitic labelling is the give-away, because nobody who really knows, which thanks to David Icke I do too now, is ever accusing the Hebrew/Semites of anything. Although many even in government don't appear to realize the distinction between Khazar Sabbatian-Frankists and Zionists and Khazar and Hebrew/Semitic Jews, or they wouldn't ever use the word Jews when condemning what the Israeli regime and Mossad are perpetrating on humanity in general. The Cult members have simply done such a great job of hiding behind the Jews that even most Jews haven't noticed the difference yet! I very much hope that this will change sooner rather than later! These demons MUST be exposed!
  4. The stupid thing about anything going on nowadays is that it can be interpreted both ways, negatively and positively. I think we need to continue to keep an open mind till November on Trump and who could be his cousin, Julian Assange. Because it has been noted that Julian looks an awful lot like Donald's uncle John Trump, the one said to have rescued the Tesla notes for free magnetic energy for the world with his amazing coils that produce this energy perpetually. And there are many out there who fervently believe that Trump is about to roll this out and much more very beneficial for humanity under GESARA, the Global Economic Security and Reform Act. Trump keeps hinting at these things in his speeches and interview too. On the other hand, why did he give the Syrian Golan Heights to Israel? I have wondered about that. The Beirut bombing was the destruction of 100 nuclear warheads stored in those buildings, pro-Trumpers like Charles Ward and Q followers have said in their videos.
  5. I have just watched a video with David Mahoney, Charles Ward's associate, and Joseph Gregory Hallett. This took place in mid-August, when Hallett had just found what is actually written in the EU Withdrawal Agreement as is at the moment. There are a number of grave issues with it, says Hallett, which allows the EU to own British citizens! On UK Column News it has already been reported that part of the British Armed Forces took part in an EU exercise as part of the EU Force. Also, that Britain is to be divided into regions under an EU law, despite Britain having already exited the EU, although we don't seem to have until December 31st at 11pm. So, it could be useful to listen to what Greg Hallett has to say about this. Whatever you may think of him otherwise, he is a tremendously well-informed man and this is most likely VERY IMPORTANT! https://www.bitchute.com/video/yWGcxOxY3ptx/
  6. Bamboozooka, thank you very much for this very informative film. I have to watch it in parts, because as you say, it's very long. But definitely worth watching! I have already in recent weeks discovered a lot on the global rescue operation of so many children kept by the Cabal in DUMBs and how the Covid lockdowns are being used to carry this out. My path? I had seen Charles Ward in the videos on the Hidden King months ago now and the other day I suddenly saw him included in a Round-table discussion with several peopole of more of an astrologer and channeller bent. I had already been following Laura Eisenhower and she was in this discussion so I watched it. Well, Charles Ward is a highly informed guy and he is in contact with many other investigators and awake people, among them Charlie Freak. And Charlie Freak made a documentary film together with Mark Devlin about all this too, called, I think, "Trump, Q and the Take-down of the Cabal from A - Z". So, from then on I knew all about GESARA that Donald Trump is bringing in now too. This has lifted my spirits no end! Because now I know that there IS an end to all this misery and the 'vaccine' won't happen, therefore I won't have to kill myself to avoid having that injected into my body! I have been spreading this message, the NESARA/GESARA message and all that this involves far and wide. Also elsewhere on this Forum! So, thank you for this video too. And I am so glad that Mel Gibson, for example, is not part of those monstrosities! This means I can continue to adore him in "Braveheart", where he was so great! Yes, because this is now going to happen all the time. We won't be able to watch the stars involved in movies that we loved anymore. I can only hope that all my other very favourite ones are not involved in this either! But a list, which may not be complete, has already been released kind of on www.paedoempire.org, if you are interested?
  7. I had heard this earlier from Dr. Vernon Coleman. He quoted his information from the New York Times. I have found this article on what exactly the woman had who so stupidly offered up her body for a potential vaccine trial. It is Transverse Myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal nerves, which causes as we can imagine lots of pain and paralysis. So, definitely serious enough for the trial to be halted, at least temporarily. So sad all this, but everyone chooses their path in life and then has to live with the consequences of that choice, whatever they are. https://www.statnews.com/2020/09/09/astrazeneca-covid19-vaccine-trial-hold-patient-report/ And elsewhere, in The Daily Mail, it says that 50,000 people worldwide have taken part in this trial, or rather Phase Three of this trial! They include a picture of a girl in Soweto, South Africa (of course Africans would be targeted) receiving her injection. Dreadful! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8744401/Report-claims-Covid-19-jab-trial-paused-transverse-myelitis-left-woman-struggling-walk.html
  8. Why limit yourself to the mask concept? Look at my profile picture. This way I can enter any shop and don't meet with arguments or angry looks from anyone. On the contrary, many laugh, which is much better. And I show my attitude towards face-coverings with it. It's a protest and I can breathe much better, as I can move it away from my nose and mouth whenever I want.
  9. Wow! So, Michael Jackson too? Yes, that can well be...
  10. A lot of this has happened, though. Only, we can't be told yet. What I don't understand, however, is that Tom Hanks arrived in Queensland, Australia, the other day and is in quarantine in a luxury hotel complex there with the film crew for the Elvis Biopic. There has been controversy there about that.
  11. I think you are still thinking in the 3 dimensional way, with linear time and your left brain. These beings don't think that way. I am hoping we will soon be taught more on their way of thinking, as we ascend to the fifth dimension.
  12. I have heard too that there are all sorts everywhere and that this is true as well for Reptilians. It has been proven that some are alright and others are not. And we have already been told here and there that our energy is what is important. If it is raised high enough, they can't access us. This is what we are meant to do right now: keep our vibrations high most of the time in order to starve the evil beings out there, Reptilians and others, of the low energies they need to exist and that they are reaping from so many of us. Which is why they are keeping humanity in so much fear, anger or hate. To feed off that. The good ones don't need to.
  13. Anyone who does that has not got an open mind.
  14. Yes! We had a Rough Collie decades ago and already as a young dog, he kept barking up at something invisible to us in the corner of our kitchen. Always the same place! We always thought that had to be a ghost, but it never bothered us, thank Goodness. I'm not sure how I would have coped with that...
  15. Apparently they have to still wait for the sleeper cells for the paedophile network to expose themselves, for one thing. The celebrities and others in positions of power all over the world who have been taking Adrenochrome are feeling desperate now to get their hands on more, because apparently it drains them of Cobalt, Iron and Vanadium (Cofefe). This is why so many celebrities have been looking increasingly old and ill since March. This lack of these minerals gives them a lot of pain too, Charlie Freak says, so they are suffering enormously. And of course the Cabal members higher up are suffering too. Also, Trump wants much more of humanity to wake up to the evil being perpetrated on us, so that much fewer people will be totally shocked when all is revealed. And when the corrupt members of our governments are removed, there won't be such a massive global outcry. He won't allow this to get to the stage of the injections. Well, he can't in all good conscience. So, we must trust now. Not long to go!
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