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  1. Hi everyone, I came across this clip I think everyone should see! It's from the Stew Peters Show and discusses a Spanish group of scientists from Almeria who have managed to get hold of about 100 vials of the Pfizer shots and have analyzed them. And they have found huge amounts of Graphene Oxide in the liquid, a chemical that can be the reason for the terrible side-effects suffered by so many and also the brain and heart injuries causing the deaths! Here is the link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/zWALHa8c8wFm/
  2. This year I have already wondered whether Jill Dando was murdered for something like this! And the other day I heard someone mentioning her name together with others on a video I was watching. They can well have got this info from "Silenced"! Terrible. It is being said a lot this year that Diana Spencer was rescued in Paris and that she is alive in the US under witness protection and will be revealed once Trump is inaugurated on January 20th. Then, in about March/April she is to publish her autobiography! Oh, and Elvis, JFK Jr, Michael Jackson, John Denver and many more are actually said to be alive too! Elvis is to do a concert at the White House next year and JFK Jr will be Trump's Vice President! If this is true, how great this will be!
  3. Ha, ha, ha! When paedophilia is punishable by automatic death?! I believe one of the choices these days is a lethal injection, which could be the real virus that the Cabal wanted to let loose on humanity too, but was stopped in time! Just what he would deserve! And what an ignorant idiot too! When it has been proven that there is no lethal virus that the general population can catch. He is just afraid of his death sentence, that is all! Well, no chance, mate! Execution for you too now! Not when so many others like him from Europe are already in the US jails like GITMO and Greenland or Iceland. (Sources can't seem to agree on which of the latter.)
  4. Oh dear. I basically had to have my son circumcised at a relatively early age because he had fimosis. This involves the muscle of the foreskin closing tightly shut whenever he wanted to pee. Finally the urine was ejected at force from the pressure of the built up quantity there. He developed a bit of an infection too. We tried gently pulling the foreskin back, but it closed stubbornly every time. So, it had to be removed. I was married in Mallorca, Spain, where there are many people of Jewish descent. Many who have mixed blood too. My husband's family were not Jews, but may have had Jewish blood without them knowing? Because many Jews when forced, centuries ago, converted to Christianity. So, I often wondered since whether perhaps Hebrew males have a large incidence of fimosis? Of course, this can nowadays perhaps only be known from ancient historic records, if the boys routinely have the foreskin removed as infants. But might the reason for this procedure not have been due to this?
  5. What a TERRIBLE thing! I lived in Spain for 26 years and never heard about this. But I lived in Mallorca, where this possibly didn't happen. I had my own child in the Seguridad Social hospital in Palma, Son Dureta; not in a private clinic. Also in the 1980s, like the young man in this documentary. I can only hope that at least most of these former children can find their birth parents again and vice versa!
  6. i have just been watching one of Michael Tellinger's presentations again. It's from 2017 and he has posted the Youtube link to it again recently in one of his Facebook pages and it has several fascinating parts in it, which I want to share with you here. Towards the end, he gets to showing the audience and viewers how humans have been manipulated by probably the Anunnaki (he shows a pertinent text from a clay tablet) to produce lots of sounds/noise in the appropriate places, from where these sounds are channelled into a grid and later, from our churches and mosques no doubt too, into the sky to maintain the matrix that David has spoken about too so often around the Earth! This year, with all the lockdowns, churches have been empty for many months on end, motorways/highways too. The latter, Michael thinks, have been used as sound channels to support this energy grid too. So, could we have been quite unwittingly disconnecting the energy flow to this matrix? Very possibly! When our governments keep telling us to act in this way and the energy flow gets disconnected, they must realize what is happening. So, the question is, are the Good Guys behind this? Forcing our governments to impose these rules on us in the one part at least so that this Matrix is taken apart?!... I find this a very intriguing thought!
  7. I am looking at this on Dec 13th. How telling that both videos have already been removed by Youtube!...
  8. After listening to Donald Trump's speech on this website glorifying the Pfizer 'vaccine' after having pushed hard for its approval by the US FDA sooner rather than later, I was initially deeply disappointed in him too. However, as I was expressing my disappointment in my comment on his Youtube channel under another one of the news clips on the approval of the 'vaccine', the thought suddenly came to me: "How else is he going to get the FDA too?!" And I added that thought with an "Unless..." Later, already in bed, I mulled this thought over again and this is what I came up with: You see, we have to keep bearing in mind that Trump can't just barge in and take out anyone without them having committed a crime "Matrix" fashion. Planning one doesn't count. Well, it does now in Britain under the Corona Virus Act, but that runs under Maritime Law. Trump is or already has abolished the use of Admiralty Law on land in the US, making Constitutional Law the law of the land once again. A sign of this is meant to be the hiding of the golden fringe on the national flags behind him or anyone else of his administration when making a public speech. Anyway, by approving the 'vaccine', a concoction the FDA know will seriously harm and even kill humanity, the FDA has committed yet another huge crime. They have a long history of this, as people like Robert Kennedy Jr. have already pointed out to us. This time, their crime is part of the entire process of taking down the global Deep State/Cabal and Trump needed this to happen before the 14th of December, which is like a deadline, as it is the Electoral College Vote day. So, he had to push the FDA to approve this 'vaccine' sooner than they perhaps planned. And they walked right into yet another trap he set for them! No doubt, they are all already being arrested and flown down to Guantanamo Bay Prison to await their trials. In case anyone still doesn't understand why Sidney Powell was taken off the Supreme Court, well she is apparently the only Judge for Military Tribunals in the US. So, of course she is needed at those, because election fraud and most likely this 'vaccine' fraud is considered treason, so is handled by the military courts. I may be wrong and then this is just another beautiful story for the suckers to hear who believe Trump will save us all from the Cabal, but I somehow do not think I am wrong. However, time will tell and we will all know very, very soon anyway. In a matter of days... I have also been following the amazing JC Kay on her Quantum Truths channel and if you haven't watched her recent videos on this subject, she has managed to discover with her Remote Viewing skills that the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine rolled out in Britain is not IT. I was wondering how the UK governments could get hold of a product that had not been approved in its own country yet and they haven't. This one is according to what JC has discovered an old flu vaccine re-labelled. Naturally, nobody should have this injected into them and we have already been told that two nurses have severe anaphylactic shock. Very curious the name of the old man highlighted as having been the first man in Britain to have received the 'vaccine': William Shakespeare. True? Or just another part of the bizarre Cabal tale for 2020?
  9. This image was posted along with others by the town hall admin of Sa Pobla, the village in Mallorca near where I used to live for 26 years and where my husband was from. My son and family still live on a rural property near there too. I felt great sadness to see how the locals there are still being brainwashed into believing in the extreme danger of this virus! Here they are queuing to have an antibody test. In the rain and children with masks on, as over six-year-olds have to wear them there in urban environments. So very depressing to see and naturally all these people, young and old believe what their authorities tell them... What a reaction they will have when they will be told all this was a monumental scam their governments, both national and local, played on them! It can't be good...
  10. Tom Hanks?! He has long since been arrested and executed for his paedophilia and Adrenochrome trafficking. See the lists on www.conspiracydailyupdate.com Here, to make it easier to find, is a part of the arrests list updated on September 6th 2020. Both George Soros and Tom Hanks and wife on it!:
  11. Trump is "draining the swamp", remember? He wants to give his country and the world back to "We, the people". Very soon all should be revealed. He has until December 14th apparently to get the election fraud trials done. According to Sidney Powell, this is moving forward very well. She was taken off the legal team to be used at the military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay prison for all the treason cases.
  12. Sorry. I have found this site on DuckDuckGo, but couldn't get to it through your link. I had a look through the page (5) about November 23rd news and found "George Soros-linked election software company..." on it, but no mention of his arrest. Perhaps that article was taken off again?
  13. Brilliant! Yes, I had heard something, but you found the proof! Excellent. Of course, Soros needed to be jailed and he will most likely be executed, if he hasn't been already... Meanwhile, the media are using these terms, which are to be interpreted as follows: This website is quite useful regarding arrests. Haven't looked far enough today to find George Soros in there, but many say he has been arrested and executed already.
  14. Wow! Yes. As a European, I never liked Trump very much and had not followed his political speeches before. But this year, more exactly in August, I discovered that he is in fact the only man out there who can save us from the tyranny of the Cabal and that he IS DOING IT! Now, this speech is so revealing about what he and his fantastic team have in fact been doing behind the scenes, under the radar, so as not to alert the monstrous Cabal. Because if the Cabal had discovered anything, they would have killed him like they did JFK, who also wanted to bring in NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act), in 1963. And Trump is playing this deception game magisterially! When he speaks about "We, the people", is is talking about the US Constitutional Law, which is the equivalent of British Common Law, because the US, Britain and so many other countries in the world ruled over by the Cabal have been subjected to Admiralty Law or Maritime Law, which is in fact the law of the sea. Therefore, it can only be used "by Consent" of a population! Which is why we must never consent to anything we do not wish to! So, NESARA and GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reform Act) for the rest of countries signed up to this already, mostly under duress on the part of Trump, has ALREADY STARTED! Apparently, Trump announced it within an Executive Order he signed on November 2nd 2020. This means, he has 120 days from that date until there can be another election in the US and perhaps elsewhere too, we will surely be told. That election will be clean, with voting happening with the Quantum Voting System, which also runs on blockchain like the Quantum Financial System, which will also be coming in with the NESARA/GESARA conditions. Santa Surfing and Charlie Ward have excellent videos on this for everyone to inform themselves. So, all will be very well very soon! Trump needs all the Cabal players to expose their crimes publicly, which is why he is letting the media and the US Democrats continue with their treasonous modus operandi, so they can all be arrested and condemned for their crimes. And treason and paedophilia carry an automatic death penalty in the USA... That can of course be commuted to life imprisonment if a deal is reached. Ghislaine Maxwell, for example, has made that deal. Did you know Guantanamo Bay prison has been enlarged by about five times it's original size? The military tribunals for treason will be held there... And several people have already noted numerous passenger jets flying from various US airports out to GITMO in the past weeks. That is all on Santa Surfing's videos and on Twitter. And nobody flies there for a holiday... And everything financial ought to be sorted for the whole world by June 2021! I can't wait!
  15. Hi everyone, Earlier this week I have found out that Michael O'Bernicia's Common Lawcourt lawsuit against the British government for genocide and fraud has borne fruit! Here is a video showing him and friends on Parliament Square in London proclaiming the good news! A Common Law judge has ordered the MPs be put under house arrest pending their respective trials and they have already been served the arrest warrants! On Monday, I think, I just haven't got round to posting anything about this here until now. The media are still doing their best to cover this up it seems, but look out for many Zoom broadcasts from now on! I've tried emailing the team with this, but keep getting sending error messages. So, I hope they will find this here, as things are moving forward!
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