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  1. 53 minutes ago, oz93666 said:

    Also I think it's a myth that forums or any system can just be hacked by clever computer geeks ... They need the password  to get to the operating system ... normal moderators would not have this ... but if management felt they could trust Muir , they may have handed over tasks to him which required the next level password ...


    It had to be an inside job ... if not ... if outside people can just hack , then what's to stop them doing the same next week , and the week after ? 

    I don't think that it is a myth. All software and operating systems have vulnerabilities which can be exploited by those in the know, so it isn't a certainty that this hack was an inside job. 911 was an inside job, but this might not have been.


    What I am slightly concerned about is that there's not been much in the way of communication (apart from a few crumbs) and we've been left in the dark a bit which might explain all the speculation and theories about what exactly happened. Although I'm sure the admins need time and space to sort things out, good communication with the forum members would help a lot. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, pi3141 said:

    Now the only decision is whether or not to be cremated or be buried and rot away. I've read cremation releases the spirit quicker.

    That's interesting. I haven't read that but something that I did read and made sense to me is the effect of burning the body. It is from the same book I posted earlier and is immediately before the section on organ transplants. 


    (btw the "I" is the non physical part of us.)


    The Dead Body

    Once the “I” has left the body, the body becomes a corpse. The main electrical field, the one that made the body move and talk and laugh, etc., has departed and it is now the mortal frame that remains. This mortal frame has to be disposed of somehow, as it cannot go on lying around. But how is this best disposed of?


    In our body there are billions of cells. These cells carry out a wide range of different jobs in our body, as we all know. We saw that under sleep, when the strong electrical field of the “I” had temporarily left the body, these cells were busy carrying out their various tasks. The cells were not dead or asleep. They were at work.
    When at death the “I” has left the body, the majority of the cells in our body are still alive. Their living conditions now change, there is less to do and they will also eventually die, but they don’t die right away. Even three months after the death of the body there are still cells that are alive in the body.


    The cells have served us well, so it is our duty to consider what is the best way to treat our cells after “we” have departed. There are billions of individuals there to consider, and it is our responsibility that they are treated in the best possible way. The best way is to give the cells time to die a natural death so that they can live their full normal life span. The best way is to let the body slowly dry out, for in this way the cells will have time to die a natural death. As the average life span of a cell is about three months, the cells can live on until their natural time of death and there is still enough liquid in the body to allow them to do this. In this way they have come to no major harm. The burial that is carried out in most of southern Europe, where the body is placed on a sort of shelf aboveground in an oblong box in a cemetery, is ideal. Here the body is exposed to the air and it will slowly dry out, thus allowing the cells to die a natural death.


    The second best way is to be interred or buried in the ground. In this way the cells may also have time to die a natural death, but in the ground the body does not dry out so easily and there are more bacteria in the earth that can get in contact with the cells and attack them. Because of the humidity in the earth foreign bacteria have better living conditions and they may attack the cells and eat them. So this way is not as good as the one practiced in southern Europe.

    The worst possible way of disposing of a dead body is cremation. During cremation the healthy cells that are still very much alive in the body are exposed to a horrible death. Imagine that we place the whole of the planet Earth in a wooden box. Then we place it on burning coals and let the whole thing go up in flames. Our cells experience the cremation of our body in exactly the same way as we would if the whole Earth burned. This is not only a very unkind way to treat our cells, but it is also bad for our karma. Cremation is a kind of torture for our cells, and this torture may become our own fate one day.


    The fact that cremation is a widely practised way of disposing of the dead body again shows that at our present stage of development we are very little aware of the well-being of our microcosmos. We are ignorant about how our microcosmos experiences life, and we think that once the body is dead, there is no more life in it. But this is not so, the body is still teeming with life. And this life has to be respected just like all other life has to be respected. A life is a life. God makes no distinction between big and small. Size really doesn’t matter.

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  3. Organ Transplants


    On the subject of death it seems relevant to say a few words about organ transplants. Today we are told to make "organ testaments" that allow doctors to take out our organs and transplant them into other bodies in case we die in an accident. As there is a shortage of organs a considerable amount of pressure is put on people to "donate" their organs. We are told that this is a loving thing to do as we can help save the life of a fellow being by donating our organs after our own death. But is this really a loving thing to do? Let us look at this aspect. 


    First we should remember that life is eternal, so what can be "saved" is only somebody's temporary existence on the physical plane. And we should remember that life on the physical plane is an existence in the zone of suffering and darkness. When we donate our organs we help prolong the receiver's sojourn in this zone of darkness. We should remember that the alternative is paradise. I am not saying that we should not try to help where help is logical, but the question is if transplanting an organ from one being to another is logical. Indeed, the whole idea of organ transplants is the ultimate consequence of the Cartesian/Newtonian view of man as a machine whose individual parts can be exchanged when they no longer function in the same way that we can replace a worn ball bearing in a tractor.


    When Martinus died in 1981 the practice of transplanting organs from one human to another was not yet widely used, and he does not mention the subject in The Third Testament, but at a meeting in the council of the Martinus Institute in 1971, Martinus said the following about the death criterion:

    1.  Man must die, when there are no longer any natural ways to keep him alive.
    2.  It is unfortunate for life in the spiritual world to keep a body alive beyond its possibilities to regain a fairly natural life condition.
    3.  The present practice of keeping for instance a completely brain damaged person alive is used exceedingly.
    4.  Some kind of authority has to be established to decide when life should no longer be maintained artificially.
    5.  Organ transplantation is an unnatural process and should not take place without the express consent of the person in question.

    This is what Martinus has said. He does not condemn organ transplants nor does he recommend them. It is up to the individual person to decide and to take the karmic consequences of such a decision. Again we have free will, and as in all other choices we make there are consequences to face.


    It is not a goal in itself to prolong life on the physical plane, but if a person strongly desires to receive an organ from another person’s body and this person agrees, then this possibility is there. Let us, however, look at the possible consequences of such a decision.


    If we are born with say, a deficient liver, this illness has its roots in a former life and is a consequence of debauchery and a former life lived in excesses. In other words the liver disease is karma. Karma is a loving instruction from Providence about how to behave. We need the liver disease to learn how to treat our cells in the correct way. If we can “just” get another person’s liver instead of our own, we may not learn the lesson to the full.


    In addition to this, we have to more or less kill our own immune system so that it does not reject the liver. One in 100 cells of our body belongs to the immune system. This again means that our immune system consists of billions of cells. Debilitating or even killing these cells is not only bad for our general health as we won’t be able to fight off even a common cold, but it will be bad for our health in future incarnations. In our next life we may be born with an immune deficiency disease. The medicine that we have to take to prevent our body from rejecting the transplanted organ is the same as starting chemical warfare in our body, and this has karmic consequences.


    The whole idea of organ transplants is rooted in the belief that life exists only on the physical plane and that we have only one life. But as we certainly do not only live once, but eternally, it seems pointless to spend a lot of time and money to swap organs around trying to prolong one physical life for a few years. Seen in a cosmic perspective, the idea of organ transplant is illogical, as the transplantee harms his immune system, interferes with his karma (to the extent that this can be done), prolongs his stay in the zone of suffering, and postpones his reincarnation in a new body.


    Source: Death is an Illusion - Else Byskov


    Death Is an Illusion: A Logical Explanation Based on Martinus' Worldview by [Else Byskov]

  4. 3 minutes ago, Asmallperson said:

    How lovely that you would base another persons period on what you think is right.

    I'm not sure what menstruation has got to do with this....but anyway, it's not just "another persons period". Each soul chooses for themselves whatever experience they wish to have on this physical earthly plane. If they choose to remain with the help of a foreign organ then they will make that their physical reality.

    At this moment in time I am not inclined to want a dead persons organ should I be sick and I don't want my organs removed after I have moved on.

  5. 40 minutes ago, Asmallperson said:

    OK, well lets look at it this way. If you donor haters had a close family member who was told they could live if they got an organ donation would you be grateful for that or would you tell that person its wrong and let them die? honest answers please.

    My honest answer is...I believe "death" to be an illusion, so they're not going to "die" anyway.


    Their soul will decide when it's time to leave this physical plane.


    For me personally I will hopefully not be so desperate to "hang on" or be so shit scared of dying that I'd want imported cadaver organs either for myself or my loved ones.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Jason said:

    No more dodgy than some

    tbh, from the few posts I've seen of yours. It looks like you're trying hard to get yourself banned.

    Time will tell if the prophecy is fulfilled.

  7. tbh I haven't followed any of your posts. 

    1 minute ago, Jason said:

    Seems that certain members are ganging up on me and for what?

    I haven't been following your posts, but it would appear that you've been posting in a dodgy fashion. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Yes your comment is off topic, and possibly a dig at me.

    No it wasn't a "dig" at all, not sure why you thought that, and not sure why moderators would have to get involved. Yes it did go slightly off topic with bit of fun/play on words which is why I didn't continue with it...well I have sort of continued it now by responding to your continuation, but hopefully you get my drift.


    You did start a thread about the "Vegan Agenda" as you saw it and there was lots in that thread worthy of rebuttal which is why I said I'll save my responses for when that thread becomes available again. That's all.

  9. 1 minute ago, Yasmina said:

    She would have to opt out again, as of yesterday everyone's been opted back in. 

    Nah, I don't think so. Yesterday was just the last day that everybody was automatically opted out. Now the default is they're opted in, UNLESS they've already registered their decision to opt out.

  10. 16 minutes ago, The Illuminator said:

     Gareth WTF mate. You dont know me but I'm a long time poster who admires your dad.


    One question which might be difficult to answer.


    But why the fuck are we not back up and running at full capacity?


    We can help out if money is the issue.


    You should be full aware by now that this place has been targeted cos we speaking truth bombs and passing them on.


    We need to get back as soon as fucking possible mate.

    lol, this is a bit like the kids in the back of the car saying "Are we there yet". I'm sure they are trying their best and putting in double shifts to get this resolved, and hopefully will let us know soon what the latest status is. 

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  11. 6 minutes ago, oceanwave said:

    thoroughly enjoyed this poem, pretty impressive


    still, bacon butties from organically grass fed, free roaming pigs, is delicious


    oink, oink!

    No comment. I'll save my response for an appropriate thread in the future new fangled secure forum most likely appended to the end of Golden Retrievers "Vegan Agenda" thread.

    Poem was alright...a bit too much explanation at the end, would have preferred the "pome" (American pronunciation) by itself. 

  12. 35 minutes ago, oceanwave said:

    "ARE WE SAFE?"


    Arthur:  If I asked you where the hell we were, would I regret it?
    Ford:     We're safe.
    Arthur:  Oh good.
    Ford:     We're in a small galley cabin in one of the spaceships of the Vogon Constructor Fleet.
    Arthur:  Ah, this is obviously some strange use of the word safe that I wasn't previously aware of.


    ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy



    ...maybe we can scare off future hackers with some vegan poetry. ?



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  13. 32 minutes ago, numnuts said:


    The ideal solution, in my 'untechie' mind, would be to retrieve the forum that went down on Saturday morning; then shift all of the threads from this temporary forum on to that forum; then to migrate the now resurrected forum that went down on Saturday morning to the new forum (sigh); and then to retrieve the old forum from 2006, at least temporarily, so that preferred threads from there can be migrated on to the new forum. Sorted. :classic_laugh:

    Indeed that would be great, however merging the posts, users,  post counts and reputation score of 3 forum databases, including ones which may have been compromised, is probably not that straightforward. If the new forum is going to be on a different platform then that might also add some complication. I imagine the admins are doing their best to get things up and running as soon as possible. It would help us anxious punters if there was some kind of noticeboard or read only thread where they can give regular brief updates so that we know what's going on.

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  14. Clock in my head, clock on the wall

    And the two of them don't agree at all

    Friday is heaven, Friday is heaven

    Day in day out

    Day in day out


    Wish you were here, on the shop floor

    And together we could count the dots on the wall

    Friday is heaven, Friday is heaven

    Day in day out

    Day in day out



  15. 9 hours ago, labrats said:

    I dont understand why the backup dump cannot be restored, surely in this day and age you can deflect the attacks but captcha etc. I find it really odd that all the old info/postings made to dissapear, there seems to be a lot of effort in this.



    This will probably depend on how compromised the database and what the backup strategy is and if there is a "clean" backup available. If the database backup is restored to the "last known good" version then it's possible that the hackers may have access to the forum passwords as they may have downloaded the relevant tables, in which case a mass password refresh may be required. It's also possible that there is a trojan account in place that may also have been backed up. This is all dependent on what exploit was used to hack the forum.


    If it's possible to get a successful restore, then the current ("temporary?") posts and threads will either need to be merged with the original, or discarded.

    The fact that it has taken this long to resolve would indicate that there is not a straightforward fix.

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