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  1. I suspect that the main reasoning behind the change is the idea that forums are "old hat" and that "social media" is the way to go, especially for the younger demographic. It may be that advice was taken from webmasters/designers who have little or no interest in proper forums and would therefore have steered the project away from a solid forum base to a facetwit hybrid with bolted on limited forum features. As was pointed out above, Gareth is most likely trying to juggle umpteen balls in the air and also keep several plates spinning and can't be expected to be able to oversee all of those things properly, and therefore would have to listen to what "experts" have to say and go with their recommendations. Kudos to him for his efforts and I'm not going to spend time being overly critical of him because I'm sure he's a good egg and he's trying his best in challenging circumstances. However I am very disappointed at how this has turned out. I have been on facebook groups trying to imitate forums and it's just not the same. Facebook, twitter and Discord chat have their own strengths but are are poor substitutes for a proper forum with threaded long form conversation, which is my preferred method of communicating on the interwebs. ...and for that reason, if it really is a twitface hodge podge dogs breakfast...I'll probably be out.
  2. Oh dear ? I haven't read the whole thread but I think I've got the gist. This is not looking good at all. I was hoping for an improved version of what we have now with better security and decent backups. From the little I've read so far it would appear that the proposed replacement is light years away from that. If that's true then I won't be joining and I do not want my username transferred over. It sounds like a bit of a dogs breakfast and not at all impressive. I suspected that we might end up with something substandard after it was taking so long to set up and after hearing that the old forum was lost. I big forum needs a reasonable level of competence and professionalism in the admin in order to run smoothly, and that appears to be what is lacking here, which is a bit of a shame.
  3. Trying to be fair and balanced, a lot of people don't quite understand that running a high traffic forum is not easy. Trying to keep order within a forum can be like trying to herd cats (depending on how well behaved the clientele are), and keeping it safe, active and flowing is quite a challenge. It's not as simple as just installing the forum software and especially with someone like DI that has powerful enemies, careful preparation and planning is required, and to do that properly can be expensive, you can't just "wing it". I'm not privy to what was going on behind the scenes and the exact reasons that the first two forums disappeared. Apparently only one of those has been "erased" (number 2), this current forum (number 3) and ye olde forum (number one) are apparently going to be at least partially accessible from the new fangled one (number 4). Just like your house, car or bank account, you need a reasonable level of security to deter bad actors and crooks. This event has exposed the need for a solid robust infrastructure if you're going to run a high traffic public forum, especially one that is going to attract a lot of scrutiny from the ptb. The recent hack has to go down as a bit of a humiliation and a major L. So we have to take it on the chin, understand what happened and come back stronger and more professional.
  4. Nearly everybody does this with their own data, ie not back it up properly. You should have at least 2 digital copies of anything you consider valuable, especially nowadays with storage being relatively cheap. A decent backup and recovery strategy is even more important for the "valuable" content in websites and online forums, and there clearly wasn't one in this case. It should have been set up right from the start especially given how many people want to shut DI down. I'm not trying to have a go at the admin, I'm sure they put in a shift trying to deal with the aftermath of the cowardly hackattack, however if there was a strategy in place it should have been relatively easy to recover with minimal data loss to the last known "good version" of the database. Hopefully the good thing that will come out of this is that version 4+ of the forum will have some kind of robust recovery procedure in place to counter future attacks.
  5. ...at least version 3. So the new fangled forum will be version 4.
  6. ...and there's me pissed off and sulking at my carefully crafted 250+ posts getting nuked, lol. Yes it was done by freedom hating c*nts that need a good slap upside their heads. It was done by others, however it should have been anticipated that this would happen and reasonable measures taken to mitigate the attacks. Is the shiny new fangled forum going to be exposed in the same way? If so then for me it's not worth my while posting if it's likely to disappear again because there will surely be more hack attacks in the future. Indeed, and I need a moment to compose myself and figure out if I want to continue posting in a forum that may be vulnerable. Like I said earlier, not at all confidence inspiring. Now I get it that some people consider stuff posted on the internet to be "disposable trash", but I value what I post and my interactions with others. It gives a good snapshot, a bit like a diary or a journal, and if there's a good chance that it's all going to get nuked again, then I'm less likely to want to put in the effort to post and engage.
  7. Attempting to restore a forum from bits scattered around the interwebs is a bit of a joke tbh. Not even close to being feasible. It's only slightly more doable than retyping in all the posts manually. It's more tragic than funny, and doesn't inspire confidence. I'm not laughing but I am very disappointed. I waited long enough to join and even though I only contributed a couple hundred posts in 3 months, having my posts disappear into thin air is a bit crap. I'm sure there are others who have contributed for longer in both of the previous incarnations of the forum who will also be feeling let down. Hopefully lessons will have been learned. The first rule of databases. REGULAR BACKUPS. Second Rule of databases REGULAR BACKUPS. (you get the idea). I understand that it isn't that easy to run a forum properly, however there is a certain minimum level of professionalism required. I also understand that it costs money, time, effort and skills to maintain that level and that some or all of those things are not always readily available. Anyway....rant over. I'll wait and see what the new forum looks like but for now I need a moment to go and sulk in the corner.
  8. So it would seem that there was no backup, which is not a good look. There's no way to properly recover the forum from anything other than a proper database backup. Trying to do so from caches and wayback is frankly laughable.
  9. Indeed, assuming that the "third' isn't vBulletin or IPB, we would then have the current "temporary" forum, the previous IPB forum and ye olde Vbulletin forum being Incorporated into new fangled forum. Being the selfish git that I am and not knowing that much about the vBulletin one it would probably be best to have that as a read only archive which would have made the migration a little bit easier. (but as you rightly said still a hard task) Eagerly awaiting the new forum order.
  10. ...well that's good to hear. I'm trying to make things easier for them by not giving them too many posts to copy, lol. Would you happen to know what the new forum software is? (I'm hoping it's xenforo)
  11. lol, great minds and all that. ? It took me 20+ years before I started actively posting in a DI forum, and withing 2 months it all disappeared. I can't be arsed to start posting regularly again if it looks like it can all disappear forever in the blink of an eye. Hopefully the new fangled forum will address these issues, however my optimism has waned in recent weeks and there hasn't been much information as to what's going on.
  12. A new forum would be desirable. Is it still happening or is this it?
  13. I guess we'll have to stay in the dark for a bit longer.
  14. I did notice some "hit and run" hatchet job posts in the other BR thread, including a few with just a single post straight into the thread in attack mode before disappearing. No introduction just BANG! Straight for the jugular.
  15. (ex Hi Tension member) ?
  16. No problem, it wasn't obvious because it was a plain ol' URL. Yeah I though his response was reasonable too, I think he covered most of the points that people have been complaining about, and I also understand that he's playing cat and mouse a bit with people who really don't want these ideas and messages to get out so kudos to him for blazing the trail with David which has also imo encouraged other content creators to interview these folk. The more the ptb try to ban and silence, i think the more people will get curious and want to find out more about what is being banned.
  17. No worries, it brought back a few memories for me too. Just one small detail, even though they do sound similar, it's not Chas'N'Dave, it's a group called The Firm.
  18. Yeah, I posted it above but my youtube embed wasn't working at the time. I thought his response could have been a bit better and was a bit fumbly in places, but regardless, I still appreciate his assistance with helping to get the message out there, and despite the intensity and persistence of his detractors in here, I think he's done a good job in that regard, and I believe the Icke team also appreciate it too.
  19. ? The geezer with the bunny in the trilby 'at Reckons he's legit but he ain't all that Arthur Daley, a little dodgy maybe, but underneath, 'E's alright. https://youtu.be/ExAjQUXuVCI
  20. Funny that. A lot of people also believe that Icke is a conman and is only in it for the money and that he's absolutely rolling in it. It must be a bit bewildering to them how any of us can be giving so much attention to an "obvious" shill and controlled opposition. I don't believe them either. Now it could be that you super smart people with your super special "spidey senses" are genuinely onto something, but, naaaaah, I don't think so.
  21. "If you get down and you quarrel everyday, you're saying prayers to the devil I say..." ....or if you prefer a live version full of atmosphere...
  22. It's easy enough for you to ignore the "boring" BR hate and concentrate on stuff that interests you. Alternatively you could also counter with some positive stuff, of your own whatever takes your fancy. The hacked forum already had a long ass thread of mostly Rose bashing, and some of the chief bashers appeared to get a bit arsey and tetchy with anyone that doesn't support their view, including the "I'll keep it short" fella creating a (mostly irrelevant) 900+ word followup hammering home his point while complaining about the subject getting bumped again, lol Too funny. Anyway, here he is responding to some of the criticisms that appeared in the Vice article and where he admits to being a peedo......no wait... https://youtu.be/uwFZlzGXYjI (embedded youtubes not working at the moment) ...so there you have it. BR admits that he is a money grabbing peedo sleazeball, the evidence is right there for all to see and anyone who disagrees with that is a turdgoblin. ? Well, you never know how things are going to turn out, sometimes you think you know someone, then it turns out they are not who they seemed to be. There are many examples of this out there in the "real" world. David himself has been bitten in the arse and taken blows in the past by some of his own entourage and is still standing strong. I personally don't have any issues with either BR or DI. Does that mean that they are perfect? No it doesn't, but then who is? I will continue to support BR's efforts to get "alternative" information out there and also David's sterling efforts to speak his truth in the face of stiff opposition. If in the fullness of time it turns out that either or both of them are shitbags, then I'll take the "L". (I don't think that's going to happen) In summary, I do understand your frustration at some of the LR/BR hate and that you may find it a bit tiresome,however, if you can, just let it slide and don't let it bother you. There does seem to be a vociferous core of critics who feel very strongly about this and are sure that they are right and get a bit emotional when their point of view is challenged. Just forgive them.
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