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  1. Apparently "assisted" by Google and Harvard TH Chan so it was never going to stray too far away from the official narrative, although he did appear to try and give the impression that people were free to choose what to believe, sort of like "...well ultimately it's your choice, but if you don't believe that wearing a mask is beneficial in the fight against Covid, then you're wrong".
  2. This appeared on my youtube homepage this morning... (tl;dw ...he concludes, "From my point of view mass mask adoption is almost certain to save some lives, and any downsides are, at least for the vast majority of people, negligible" ...any thoughts, comments?
  3. So...saw this post on the discord server I frequent, posted by a surgeon, a bit of emotional blackmail clearly aimed at folks like me that are opposed to being muzzled... ...I have yet to respond but might do later.
  4. I've just finished watching it on the London Real website. I was hoping that someone had already put it on Bitchute but didn't find anything. Good to hear David talk as always. More of the same with some updating, a bit like his books, but imo still all good and worth repeating. I wonder if there'll be an Rose Icke VI. Regarding BR's motivation, tbh I'm not really that bothered. I'm aware that he has a lot of haters on here, and there may be some merit in some of the objections they have, however as far as I'm concerned, if he's ok with David and his family, then he's ok with me. I trust David's judgement on this.
  5. As with most things I consider to be important enough, I always like to get to the original source material and not just rely on someone else's edited version, so I tried a quick google (other search engines are available) on "Swiss Policy Research" and the first entry in the search results was what appears to be a Wikipedia hatchet job and nowhere in the search results was there a link to the actual website. Now for the suspicious contrarian like myself, the fact that they appear to be going out of their way to hide, censor and trash anyone or any site that is not following the pre-ordained "official" narrative, that's enough for me to want to find out more about what the censored party has got to say. Anyway, for those that are interested in checking the site for themselves, here is a link to the main site and here is a link to the Covid-19 section.
  6. I have not worn a mask at all so far. I'm not particularly brave and will mostly avoid any sort of confrontation unless I'm cornered. So far I've been in several shops mostly supermarkets, Lidl and Sainsbury's and a Travelodge hotel, all of which have had notices at the entrance stating that face masks should be warned. I have not been challenged yet at any of those places. I've been on my own and on separate occasions with my wife and on another occasion with my daughter, where they wore a mask and I didn't, so far without incident. I intend to continue in this fashion for my regular shopping trips and hopefully I will be left alone. If the shop entrance looks a bit too intimidating then I simply will not shop at that store rather than get into verbals.
  7. Until I popped my rebellious cherry yesterday, I was a bit apprehensive and nervous about what I would do if I was challenged, but after taking a deep breath and walking in anyway as bold as brass, I suddenly felt empowered. I will probably not be visiting the shops as much as before MuzzleDay, however when I do go I will definitely not be wearing a mask, and if asked to do so will just leave without causing a fuss. I have one mask wearing exception. If I am visiting older relatives who have already be scared shitless by the lamestream media, and I feel that they will be overly stressed and uncomfortable if I don't wear one on their presence then I will do so. I have a dear elderly family friend who is 93 years old and currently lives in a managed retirement apartment complex. We usually try to visit her every time I'm in London but haven't since lockdown. I would wear a mask to go and see her if I knew it would upset her if I didn't.
  8. Well I hadn't been shopping since the day before the MuzzleDay, and on that day I'd say between 10-20% were masked up. Since then I've refused to go staging my own one man sulk in mini protest (I don't think anybody noticed, lol). Wifey went on last Saturday (MuzzleDay+1) and said all of the shoppers wore a mask, which kinda demonstrates that the people were more scared of the rules than they were of "the virus". Today, we needed a few "essentials" because we'd run out and I didn't want to go, but went with wifey anyway, planning to sit it out in the car listening to music while she did the shopping and adamant that I was definitely NOT going to wear a mask. Wifey dons her mask, picks up a pound for the shopping trolley and wanders off to the entrance. I sat there initially but then decided to follow her and just to see what's going on at the entrance. On our previous visit to this Sainsbury's there's been a long "antisocial distancing" queue snaking through the car park, but today there was none of that. I saw a security guard standing outside the entrance wearing a mask but didn't seem that bothered about checking people. They had these signs at the entrance... ...I contemplated walking in for a while but then thought I'd check the Lidl across the road first. There were no queues outside, no guard at the door, so I just walked straight in. Nearly all the shoppers were muzzled, and about a third of the staff. Got my few bits and bobs, did a self checkout, nobody challenged or even looked. Buoyed by my drama free Lidl experience I then strolled into Sainsbury's past the security guard, who was busy on his phone and at this point wasn't wearing a mask, and went in search of Wifey who by this time was at the till. Helped her pack and had a few bants with the checkout lady, and left, very happy that I was able to shop muzzle free without any confrontations. So, I shall continue to shop in that fashion and if asked I will just leave without shopping. I am not going to shop anywhere that forces me to wear a mask. My wife was scared initially because she didn't want to get a fine so she wore a mask. She later asked in Lidl what are the rules for wearing masks there and she was told by one of the staff that they are NOT allowed to challenge people who are not wearing masks and that only the police can issue fines.
  9. I guess he/she will have to create another account now with a completely different name. (assuming they don't already have an "alt" in place)
  10. Well I suppose whoever created the video believes it to be a good use of their time. He/she most certainly seems dedicated to the cause. Creating a special channel, with a special username and joined this forum dedicating all their posts thusfar entirely to this topic. A bit of a one trick pony that I can't really take seriously tbh.
  11. That video was terrible. I lasted about 90 seconds. That's 90 seconds of my life lost forever.
  12. So you're not a fan of people being left to make up their own minds. He's not telling people what to think, he is presenting what he believes to be true and leaves it up to others to decide for themselves what is true and what isn't.
  13. Unfortunately, it's the ptb who make up the laws and more importantly are in charge of enforcing (or not) whatever laws they want. They have already made it clear that they consider David Icke and his ideas to be dangerous and a threat to public health, so they're not going to be rushing to investigate this crime. We'll just have to take it on the chin and come back stronger. Using David as an example, he's taken many hefty blows and he's still there standing strong. What he could do with imo, is people to stand strong with him and support him. The dickheads attacking Gareth are not helping in that regard. As cliched as it may sound, it really is time for us to unite because we will need the strength to deal with the shit storm of bollocks that the ptb are busy seeding.
  14. I don't think there ever was a demand for a new forum, in fact I think most of the grumbling has been because of the loss of the old forum which looks like it's going to be replaced by something that isn't as good as what we have now. I can understand why some people would be a bit upset at what has gone on and the loss the old forum. I'm still a bit grumpy about that and I've only got 300 posts here. This really should have been resolved amongst the staff before being properly communicated with the members instead of the scraps of info here and there leaving everyone confused and leading to miscommunication and frustration. With that being said, I think the accusations being levelled at Gareth are unjustified and unfair and it's easy to do when you're not directly involved and when there's a whole bunch of stressful shit going down. I can understand why Gareth would no longer want to deal with this level of forum negativity, as I too would probably say "fuck this shit, I can do without this". The hackers (and their backers) must be loving all this as it would appear that they have had a victory. They've managed to nuke a big chunk of forum and get the members to fight amongst themselves. Now hopefully we can defy them and make sure that even though they may have won a battle, they're not going to win the war, if we unite and come back stronger and cut down on the squabbling.
  15. I don't think it's a full on mutiny, just a bit on understandable frustration for some folks, so hopefully things will settle down in due course. I for one am fully supportive of David, Gareth, Jayme and the team, and like I said I do appreciate what they do and I don't think they deserve to be bad mouthed. Gareth is a good egg, I've met him a couple of times and my missus had a good long chat with him and his mother when we went to see DI in Brixton 2016. I still have his personal trainer business card somewhere. So I can confirm that he is a real person, with emotions and feelings like the rest of us and deserves to be treated with respect.
  16. Yes I've read all of that and it doesn't really change what I said. Running a forum can be a proper ballache and it's a lot easier to criticise from the outside when you're not getting incoming flak from all angles. Anyway I think Gareth has explained himself and I won't be joining in with the lynchmob. Like I said, I appreciate his efforts and I hope that the new fangled setup is a success, even if it isn't to my taste.
  17. Again, I don't know exactly what's been going on behind the scenes, however I do believe that he has been trying his best in tough circumstances. As he said in his reply, the forum hasn't been at the top of the priority list and as a result has taken a bit of a beating. For those of us that are strongly attached to the forum and to a proper forum experience, that's not what we want to hear, given what's been going on in the last 4 months I can understand why some things have taken a hit, and that the team are doing what they can to fix things. It doesn't sound like the new set up will be to my taste, but I could be wrong.
  18. The forum I joined back then was the "This Morning" ITV forum which was running on vbulletin. David referenced it on his website because people were slagging him off and I joined to provide a bit of balance and had a few forum skirmishes with "John the Sceptic". This was before there was a David Icke forum, but to answer your question about the ability to lurk, I think at least some of the forum content should be "discoverable" by non members.
  19. Lurking is a perfectly reasonable term and just means looking without posting. It's not a derogatory term.
  20. One thing I do agree with is that the communication (or lack thereof) has not been great. However I have no idea what he's going through so I'm not going to be as critical as some people are. It's not an easy thing to do, and it's possibly that he's been a bit out of his depth on this, but yeah at the very minimum we should have been kept properly informed about what was happening and not left to feel like our contributions are disposable and of little worth.
  21. Absolutely, for the type of participation I enjoy most definitely yes. In my opinion it's not really "old hat". Each platform type has their place, Most of the other social media platforms are better suited to "short and snappy" disposable comments rather than conversations. The first proper forum that I joined was in the very early 2000's after David Icke appeared on This Morning with Richard and Judy. A link to the forum was posted on the DI website and I joined to counter some of the venom that was being spat in his direction. Since then I have always preferred the forum format.
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