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  1. I'm a bit confused by the timeline of Heiko's arrests. It looks like he was detained twice. Were they both on Saturday? Which one was first, Speakers corner or Trafalgar Sq? It would be interesting to see if any reason is given by the Met for his detention.
  2. tbh, her interviewing technique needs a bit of work, it's not great and I get a bit irritated listening to them.8/10 for effort 6/10 for execution. I guess it takes a bit of getting used to operating the camera by yourself, reading the comments on the livestream and trying to interview people at the same time, but she did appear to be distracted in a lot of the clips that I saw.
  3. Big up Heiko. Just bought the book... ...wait...OH NOES, I just realised that the twitter post is from an alleged shill. Should I return the book?
  4. So good you posted it twice. lol @ "a biography", what nonsense. I don't think I've spent as much time in her defence as some have spent in attack. So because "it's all over the internet" it's obviously true then. Yes I've also seen her call DI a nutter and I obviously disagree with that, but I also understand why some people believe that, and there are others that he has shared a platform with that also are uncomfortable with some of the things that DI has said. Hopefully in time she will come around, as she has with other subjects in the past. DI has also been called a shill and many have said that his involvement is putting off "normies" from joining the resistance. I also disagree with that. However on both counts I don't discount the possibility that I could be wrong. Of course DI and Anna are different people but they are both working towards exposing the pandemic lies in their own ways. (imo) So yeah, I won't be joining in the character assassination if that's ok with you. It's easy to hide behind internet anonymity and attack people based on snippets here and there. I'd rather support people who don't "hide in the shadows" sniping, and are willing to put their reputation and livelihoods on the line to support just causes, and in that regard, yes I'm happy to include her with DI, and Piers Corbyn, and Carl Vernon, and Heiko and Gareth, Dolores, and all those who went to Trafalgar Sq despite the despotic "rule of 6".
  5. Can't see what exactly? I don't think that video clip demonstrated anything in particular. There are a lot of people who are believers in "safe" vaccines (is that an oxymoron?), and tbf it's understandable because of the heavy indoctrination especially over the last 30 years. It's been drummed into us that if it wasn't for vaccines we'd be doomed and humanity would cease to exist. Of course I don't believe that and think vaccines are a big bag o' shite, however it does take time for people to realise it for themselves. Sure you can nitpick out snippets from what she's said in the past and try to draw conclusions from that, however from what I've seen with my specsavers glasses, she has given a platform for people who do not agree with the mainstream narrative to voice their opinions in a time of unprecedented levels censorship and shutting down of alternative opinions. So good luck to her and hope she is successful in helping to get the message out there.
  6. Thanks for posting this, thought it was very interesting. I'll be getting his book The Contagion Myth which apparently should be available in 2 days time.
  7. I noticed a lot of negativity towards Anna Brees in this thread, not sure why. I'm not saying that I agree with everything she says, however I think we need to get away from squabbling and infighting if we're to get anywhere with people who are on the fence and undecided. I can understand why some people do not wish to be associated with David Icke, because his reputation has been dragged through the dirt for nearly 30 years. There are some who believe that DI being linked in any way to the "anti lockdown movement" is detrimental to the movement and don't really want to share a platform with him. Of course I don't agree with that viewpoint but I can understand it. One thing that I heard in Gareth's speech that I disagreed with slightly was the "we are the 99%". Perhaps "we" are in relation to the 1% richest people, HOWEVER, we are in the minority of people who actively oppose the government measures. The majority of the country from what I can see, are doing what they are told and following the govt guidelines. There are more of them than us. I'm not sure exactly what we can do about that, however what I do believe is that we do need at least a semblance of unity and cohesion and less "bitching" if we intend to win over some of that majority. I admire the bravery of people like David Icke, Anna Brees, Brian Rose, Carl Vernon, Amazing Polly and all the other folks who put themselves out there to share useful information to counter the one sided reporting from so called "journalists" who should be afraid of themselves. Personally I do watch Anna's content from time to time, but I do get a little frustrated when she interviews people and kind of takes over the interview sometimes. At the protest she seemed to be distracted when speaking to some the attendees, however I will cut her some slack because she's not a professional broadcaster and she's doing something that neither I nor probably most of the people in this forum would be prepared to do, so props to her for effort, and hopefully with the help of her and others we can get some sort of traction to push back the steady march of tyranny that is slowly taking over all of our lives.
  8. "Officers were met with outbreaks of violence directed towards them; the decision was therefore made by the Command Team to take action to disperse those who remained." This didn't seem to match the various bits of footage that I've seen so far, and appears to be at best an exaggeration and possibly an outright lie.
  9. The Met's version of events... http://news.met.police.uk/news/statement-protest-in-trafalgar-square-410977
  10. Funnily enough, I took a video of him at Speakers Corner just over a month ago. Hadn't heard of him before... "If the government can mandate masks, they must mandate condoms"
  11. Looks like satire and sarcasm are one of the better ways of confusing the youtube ban bots. Six months later, this pre lockdown video is still right on the money.... "Additionally, though we recommend taking all the previously recommended precautions, our estimates show there's a 100% chance you will be killed by the corona virus. You're definitely going to die. The only thing left to do is buy a casket now and to get 20% off premium caskets at your local casket dealer, just use the discount code DeadAF. "
  12. tbh, I think for the most part, their deception appears to work quite well for them...for now. Yes I'm happy that there are more and more people seeing through the bullshit (not fast enough as you righty said), however that trickle of people is currently but a drop in the ocean compared to those that simply do as they're told without question. The mask to non mask ratio in your local supermarket or transport system demonstrates this quite well. The majority have been solidly spooked into obedient compliance. Not only that but they've also trained the brainwashed to be dismissive and hostile to those "selfish" and "dangerous" people who refuse to comply. However despite all of that, I remain optimistic that the truth will eventually rise to the top. We already have examples in history of movements overcoming seemingly impossible odds to triumph, and I believe that will happen eventually, although things might get a lot worse before we see any improvement.
  13. See that's the thing, the controllers have almost unlimited resources and are able to fool most of the people most of the time. They have professional levels of deception, they own the media and the government and use them as their tools to control us. Of course some of us can see that but unfortunately the majority have been programmed not to, and those are the ones that we need on our side if we're to get any traction.
  14. Yes and no. I agree that Fauci is mostly full of shit, so in that regard Viable TV is mostly "preaching to the converted". I like to have videos and articles that are well presented so that I would be able to recommend to undecided folk currently sitting on the fence if ever the subject came up in conversation. For me Viable TV's videos are not well presented at all and kinda hacked together. We already have the ptb with the slick persuasive brainwashing machine that have the majority in the palm of their hands, so any "alternative" information has to compete for attention, and presentation is, unfortunately, a big part of that. The naysayers and debunkers are already having a field day mocking, ridiculing and dismissing anything that is counter to the official narrative and shoddy presentation just gives them another excuse to plant more seeds of doubt in the minds of the undecided.
  15. Fauci says that he doesn't like to play politics and that he speaks purely as a public health official and a scientist. Well he sure does know how to speak like a fkin politician using evasive double speak and vague carefully worded statements in built in "plausible" deniability. I wouldn't mind so much if we didn't have people all over the world hanging on his every word and basing their disgusting and disastrous public health policy on his "advice".
  16. The video has some ok bits in it, but I don't think I could recommend it to folk "sitting on the fence" because of it's sketchy editing and poor quality. While in search of the original (which I still haven't found yet and cba to look any more), I did find two different takes on the same exchange, one says "Rand Paul embarrasses himself" and the other "Dr Rand Paul schools Dr Fauci". They can't both be right can they? I did notice that both of the videos that claimed that Paul won the exchange didn't include Fauci's response, which is a bit unbalanced.
  17. I do get a bit annoyed with "Viable TV" videos because their cropping/framing and editing is a bit amateurish and poor picture quality, and from the few videos I've seen they almost never have a link to the originals or give an indication of when the event(s) took place and have over dramatic click bait titles.
  18. I can understand to a certain extent some of the criticisms about forums, but I mostly disagree with them. A well organised and well moderated forum can be a great space to share and exchange information thoughts and ideas. I much prefer threaded conversations to youtube comments sections or facebook/instagram/twitter posts, some of which have a high percentage of toxic garbage. I get it that there are some (mostly young folk I assume) who don't quite understand how forums work and can't see the point of them, however for longer form discussions imo they are much better than cramming stuff into 140 characters or less. I think this forum has taken quite a heavy blow from the hackattack and it may take a while before it fully recovers. Even now I'm wary of investing too much time posting stuff in here because I'm still not confident that we won't get the same thing happening again.
  19. Oh ok, I didn't know they still had a hovercraft service to the Isle of Wight. The reason I asked is because he said he wouldn't leave the island if he's forced to wear a mask which is why Rose went to see him. Anyway it's great that he made it there. Well done getting your hug in. I would have loved to be there, hopefully there'll be some more and we may need it if we're going to get the ptb to listen to us. The first hug I got from David was in at his very first "conspiracy" talk in Bromley town hall in 1996 after "...and the truth shall set you free".
  20. Well done for being part of it. I was planning to go but couldn't be in London this weekend. The last protest I went to at Trafalgar Sq was the one against the Iraq "war", I'm hopeful that this will have a more positive outcome than that one did. It would be interesting to know the reason the police gave for confiscating the screen, what Piers was arrested for. ...and one more thing, htf did David get off the island? Helicopter?
  21. Indeed, the reports claiming isolation have very little in the way of detail, and expect the reader to trust the word of "reputable" organisations. I'm with Kaufmann on this one.
  22. I've seen several articles since the the start of this "pandemic" saying that the virus has been isolated... https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/lab/grows-virus-cell-culture.html https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/sites/default/files/documents/covid-19-supply-substances-human-origin.pdf https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/sars-cov-2-orofecal-transmission/ https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2313-x
  23. Some MSM reactions... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8650037/Qantas-forced-respond-accusations-Illuminati-conspiracy.html https://www.nzherald.co.nz/travel/news/article.cfm?c_id=7&objectid=12358655 https://www.9news.com.au/national/qantas-airlines-engine-cover-symbol-eye-of-providence-freemason-da-vinci-code-australia-illuminati/fa37d913-a9a3-4095-912d-748c3972ac7d https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/qantas-responds-after-conspiracy-theorists-link-company-linked-with-illuminati/news-story/af92de1486bb0c9417234451832385b7
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