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  1. Build back what...? (build back bollocks) ..I like a lot of Pie...although I think he appears to be heavily pro mask. :(
  2. It even made it onto the BBC... (with a bit of a caveat). https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54442386 ...slowly but surely?
  3. I thought this interview on Talk Radio this morning was quite interesting. Ian Collins interviewed Professor David Livermore, one of the signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration, followed by an interview with Dr Deepti Gurdasani who was rather scathing of the signatories and their credentials and believes that those "fringe views" should not be given a platform... I'd not heard of Dr Gurdasani before but will be keeping half an eye on her twit posts from now on...
  4. I grew up listening to LBC (Bob and Doug, Robbie Vincent, Mike Dickin, Tommy Boyd, Steve Allen, Therese Birch etc...) then switched to Talk Radion briefly after LBC got broken up, but then Radio 5 Live became my default station for car journeys. Nowadays I don't really listen to the radio and have more or less boycotted MSM since the start of the Kung Flu season back in March.
  5. Talk Radio appear to be doing a better than other broadcasters at allowing lockdown sceptics to have their say which I think is encouraging. Maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel...
  6. Has anyone tried to get hold of this book? The Amazon computer says "NO!". Barnes & Noble says "Temporarily out of stock online", which sounds rather odd. Maybe they've run out of bytes. Anyway, I managed to get it from the Google Play Store. For my sins, my digital book purchases are usually via Amazon/Kindle and I try to make sure that for every book I've purchased digitally, that I have my own personal copy in case I can no longer access my account for whatever reason. In order to do this with the Google Play Store book I did the following...
  7. Apologies, I thought I saw footage from Trafalgar Sq however it looks like a brief bit of the Speakers corner arrest was edited and appended onto the end of the Trafalgar Sq stormtrooper video, and it looks like he was only arrested at Hyde Park, now that I've looked properly.
  8. Well there is video footage of him being "taken away" by the police twice, once at Hyde Park and once at Trafalgar Sq, I presume after the second one of those detentions, he was kept in custody for 22 hours. I'm just a bit puzzled as to the order in which those events happened. Was it Hyde Park first, then released, then Trafalgar Sq, or vice versa.
  9. I'm a bit confused by the timeline of Heiko's arrests. It looks like he was detained twice. Were they both on Saturday? Which one was first, Speakers corner or Trafalgar Sq? It would be interesting to see if any reason is given by the Met for his detention.
  10. tbh, her interviewing technique needs a bit of work, it's not great and I get a bit irritated listening to them.8/10 for effort 6/10 for execution. I guess it takes a bit of getting used to operating the camera by yourself, reading the comments on the livestream and trying to interview people at the same time, but she did appear to be distracted in a lot of the clips that I saw.
  11. Big up Heiko. Just bought the book... ...wait...OH NOES, I just realised that the twitter post is from an alleged shill. Should I return the book?
  12. So good you posted it twice. lol @ "a biography", what nonsense. I don't think I've spent as much time in her defence as some have spent in attack. So because "it's all over the internet" it's obviously true then. Yes I've also seen her call DI a nutter and I obviously disagree with that, but I also understand why some people believe that, and there are others that he has shared a platform with that also are uncomfortable with some of the things that DI has said. Hopefully in time she will come around, as she has with other subjects in the past
  13. Can't see what exactly? I don't think that video clip demonstrated anything in particular. There are a lot of people who are believers in "safe" vaccines (is that an oxymoron?), and tbf it's understandable because of the heavy indoctrination especially over the last 30 years. It's been drummed into us that if it wasn't for vaccines we'd be doomed and humanity would cease to exist. Of course I don't believe that and think vaccines are a big bag o' shite, however it does take time for people to realise it for themselves. Sure you can nitpick out snippets from what she's said in
  14. Thanks for posting this, thought it was very interesting. I'll be getting his book The Contagion Myth which apparently should be available in 2 days time.
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