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  1. Please share. How can I make a new topic like you guys without getting censored like Google does?
  2. OH LOL WOWEE. Finally some sentiment that has meaning. Maybe I'm getting through.
  3. You sit here and pretend that you're different than Facebook and Google and Twitter, and you don't censor, when you fake the hack. You have new posts. You act like you were so destroyed by the shit that you just don't seem to be able to get it together again. It's so stupid!
  4. Oh yes, all those great posts and opinions, just vanish. David Icke says NOTHING! WTF
  5. If David Icke says nay, I think he sold out because it's bullshit that all the good posts were just simple gonzo and he has no FUCKING OPINION ABOUT IT.
  6. Well where the fuck are you David Icke? Your forum is in Dissaray! For weeks and you got nothing to say!
  7. And why do you suppose you're getting the blocked message? LMAO. It's been a few weeks now. You'd think that there would be a solution or a statement by Icke.
  8. This is TOTAL F-ing BullSh-t!!!! It's code! You aren't down this long! You just signed on with the DEVIL
  9. I have tried to make new posts and got the BANNED sign. The only reason I'm allowed to even comment is because I SCREEN CAPTURED ALL OF THIS. And then I see that NEW posts are being made, but others are not allowed to. That's because this hack is FAKE. By now you would have figured it out and corrected it. You just sold out to GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK AND TWITTER. Or can you explain that?
  10. I'm really surprised that none of you get it.
  11. By now you should have got it together. You're lying!
  12. We are told that you were hacked and that we aren't being "BLOCKED." Nope. You are censoring people just like GOOGLE.
  13. I'm quoting this for a new video - showing that DavidIcke.com is ACTUALLY CLAIMING that it was HACKED, and that people can't post it on here because of some shenanigans. Nope. You're making new posts while BLOCKING people's speech. SCREEN CAPTURING THIS.
  14. You asshats are promoting the idea that you were hacked and that people can't make new posts - because you are censoring people yourself at David Icke. But people are making new posts. You are censoring anyone who doesn't agree with you like Twitter and Facebook and Google. DavidIcke.com is no different than THEM.
  15. I used to read cards. I had many decks. Strange things happened. I was sitting at an IHOP and a guy came up to me and before he sat down, I reached for the Aquarian Tarot Deck, and he asked, "Why did you pick that one?" I said, "I don't know, something just told me that was the one for you." He said, "That's crazy, I'm an Aquarius." Maybe coincidence. I think I only had the Right of Wait? Tarot and another few laid out. I don't remember the names it was decades ago. There's a lot of confusion in that stuff and so many interpretations I just couldn't be sure of anything so I left it, and all that Skrying stuff which produced nothing. I was in an occult group led by some lady named Aubrianna who would have us go to graveyards at night and just observe and feel, and assigned us our "demon guides." Mine was Asmodeus. Aura readings. There was something to it, but I finally was finished with all that when the levi-tation I asked for didn't work, but I went into it knowing it wouldn't. Weird stuff happened, but I later realized it was her leading us into seeing things that weren't really there, and I couldn't recognize the real world from the imaginary at the time, though I suspected. I get the plastic/oil spills etc. is bad. Of course pollution is bad. This is our home. We all connect with the ancient cults in different ways, because they are archetypes. But the idea that carbon dioxide should be taxed is an IMF scheme. More humans = more carbon dioxide = more trees. But the environmentalists want to kill us which means less people, less carbon dioxide, and less trees. Or so I think... Although sometimes I see some people I wouldn't mind getting rid of (but then I realize I'm characterizing groups and not recognizing individuals). That's the borg hive mentality that I despise because it leads to the void of sameness. Anyway, I personally am a Flat-Earther, and in that spectrum I see planets as some kind of elemental entities composed of water and light with a conscience, sentient. That's the best description I can give from my understanding. I think the images from Mars have been proven to be a fraud, taken from Greenland and other remote areas and manipulated digitally. As far as Planet X, an "X" is a cross, so I can't help but think of Saturn, or a connection to it, because a cube when opened up makes a cross, and Saturn is represented by a cube. I've heard about the Red and Blue Kachina and all that for many years but like Atlantis as well. I think we ARE Atlantis, the Flat Earth, submerged from the water's above, and sectioned off in the dome or firmament, and that's why we have Maritime Admiralty Law. As far as Planet X, I think it's Saturn, because it very well could be, that the ancients were talking about Saturn. I know it doesn't fit the wonderful story that everyone's imagination loves to believe... and there may be something to the chemtrail thing hiding it, but why are they hiding it? There's never a discussion on that. I haven't really paid too much attention to it to be honest, because it sounds ridiculous to me. It sounds crazy talking about some super alien race swinging around every few thousand years to "check on us," or whatever. Or maybe they're coming back to take us over. It just sounds stupid. My opinion... nothing more.
  16. I think the ancient cults are still with us today. NASA pretends to represent the Stellar Cult, but the True Stellar is in Astrology, the naming, not the numbering (logy vs nomy). The serpent has infected everything. Christianity is the preserver of the ancient Solar Cult, but the original was called The Way (The Zodiac), which is why Christians say, Christ is the only "Way" to Heaven. We find a lot of our courts and banking infected with the Saturnian Judaic stuff, which is very powerful, so I see a definite reason why Icke is always talking about Zionism, because he's in England where the Rothschild's are based in The City, which gives us our Bar in America (Knight's Templars or Papal Tax Collectors founded in 1111 AD, giving us the IRS address of 1111 Constitution Ave. to Inns of Court to BAR or British Accreditation Regency), and all based on UCC which is based on Maritime Admiralty, going back to Talmudic law of Usury. We see a lot of the ancient Lunar Cultism found in Islam but also in Moses, as the Judaic is largely a melting pot of all the cults, as is Catholicism which means Universal, and Hindu which seems to be all over the place. We see the Earth Cult in Global Warming which is based on fake science - the more carbon dioxide you have, the more trees. But Paganism is much more "Gaia-real," although they do DMT and think they're in tune with the Serpent Goddess of Wisdom Asherah, the Hebrew Goddess who was removed from Scripture. We see the Vulcan Cult slightly here and there in Judaism and some remote sects like Hawaii, but again also Judaism. Icke, Maxwell, and Tsarion really go into the Serpent Cult and Reptilians, but like I said, whatever this serpent is, it may be wise... but it's a deceiver. I see what's happening with Christians losing "The Way," and I don't think they're going to be strong enough to stand up to the Serpent who I see as Apep or Apophis from Egypt because they've fallen into this false numbering system of the beast, because that's what Astronomy does, it numbers, while Astrology names, and the Christians believe it with faith just as they do with their religion, faith. There's a difference between believing and knowing and they don't know. From what I see, the Serpent is going to devour the Sun, but it wouldn't be the first time, though it could be the last. What I'm really trying to reconcile right now is why the Jews use the Tetra-Gram-ATON, meaning Four Letters for the Name of God, and ATON is the Sun God in Egypt. So they're God is supposed to be the Sun God, yet they are worshiping on Saturn's Day. I get that the Judaic Faith encompasses all the ancient cults, but why are they worshiping the "Black Sun?" I know they aren't monotheistic, but... maybe I just answered my own question, I don't know.
  17. I'm glad someone is interested! I actually posted this video two years ago, it got about 400 views before I removed it, because of Youtube's censorship. I decided I wouldn't post anything there anymore because I wouldn't allow Youtube to be a platform for this kind of info - validating it. My opinion has changed a little. I realize now what is happening - as Jordan Maxwell has reiterated, "The more we change the more we stay the same." And Icke and Tsarion have gone into it... It's an ancient war that has transpired in modern times between the serpent cult and solar cult, that still goes on, although this snake may be wise, it's more like Apep in Egypt: never worshipped and just a deceiver. You can see the 33 here, and I do quote the Bible, but I'm not Christian: https://www.bitchute.com/video/HeAmDbaqnVJW/ And subscribe, because I'm going to talk about the ancient war between these cults that's still going on. It has to do with Christianity and Science, not using facts but manipulation to wage war. And yes I have cross checked them. These are "facts" from the horse's own mouth. Not my words - but theirs. They have an obsession with 666. Interesting point about the Atlas, we also have an appendix, like a book.
  18. Yes I did that for a long time. I didn't pay taxes for ten years. They left me alone but I was told that if I didn't pay I'd go to jail for many years. So I contacted them and made a $200 payment, and then, GOTCHA! They froze my bank account and I had to set up a payment plan. Noncompliance is probably the best answer.
  19. Number 01: The Earth’s axis or tilt is at 66.6 degrees. Number 02: The Earth orbits the sun at 66,600 miles per hour. Number 03: The circumference of the earth is 600 x 6 x 6 nautical miles. Number 04: The Arctic Circle is at the 66.6th Latitude. Number 05: The Antarctic Circle is at the 66.6th Latitude. Number 06: The distance to the moon is 6 x 60 x 666 miles. This changes from 250k to 238k Number 07: The diameter of the moon is 6 x 6 x 60 miles (2,160 miles). Number 08: The speed of sound is 666 knots per second. Number 09: The force of gravity is 666 Newtons. Number 10: Time is represented by 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours. 24? That’s 2 + 4 = 6. I got a total of 33 times NASA uses 666 in their calculations here for anyone who's interested: https://www.bitchute.com/video/HeAmDbaqnVJW/
  20. I was going to subscribe to Ickonic.com today, however, I am still BLOCKED from posting new topics to this forum. I was going to ask, "Does anyone have any information about this website? It doesn't go into much on the main site, and nothing on this forum to add a comment to. I can't believe we're still under this lockdown garbage for this bullcrap virus. It has to stop. I also wanted to post about NASA's 33 666s: Number 01: The Earth’s axis or tilt is at 66.6 degrees. Number 02: The Earth orbits the sun at 66,600 miles per hour. Number 03: The circumference of the earth is 600 x 6 x 6 nautical miles. Number 04: The Arctic Circle is at the 66.6th Latitude. Number 05: The Antarctic Circle is at the 66.6th Latitude. Number 06: The distance to the moon is 6 x 60 x 666 miles. Number 07: The diameter of the moon is 6 x 6 x 60 miles (2,160 miles). Number 08: The speed of sound is 666 knots per second. Number 09: The force of gravity is 666 Newtons. Number 10: Time is represented by 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours. 24? That’s 2 + 4 = 6. That's 10 of the 33 I have found. But I can't post about it here, because I'm blocked. Only on Bitchute. They are one of the agencies that need to be EVICTED for fraud.
  21. Thank you all for your interesting points. It doesn't have to be an armed thing I'm just throwing ideas out there, and it could just be an international walk out day. Of course I'm flagged, I expected as much - in fact, just after posting this elsewhere, I read a news story that the government was purchasing new riot gear. It can be leaderless. I'm just throwing ideas out there because I think it'll happen anyway when July approaches and people start to think about the Declaration of Independence. But they simply do not have the power to stop us all from protesting, I think that's bogus. The military also is on our side and I don't think they'd fire on us for gathering in mass, and the police are largely on Trump's side because he praises them, but maybe not in blue areas like DC. And it could be in each state capital. It can simply be a march on Washington or whatever nation's capital. We've done it before, many times throughout history, and it's worked for the most part. People do it all the time. I'm just throwing ideas out there to seek out the best remedy for the situation, and I appreciate all your thoughts. I urge you all to think about it more and the best manner in which we are going to get out of this mess, because the more we just take it, the more they'll amp up the tyranny. Something must be done, and sitting here will end badly. Of course, educating others and seeking Truth is number one and effective as well, but we see what's happening, traitors have been exposed with the Truth, and yet that doesn't seem to be enough to hold them accountable to Justice.
  22. I'll just assume that David Icke wouldn't censor people since he knows how terrible that is, and that the site is being hacked again. But I did screen shot the whole thing for myself and stuff.
  23. Well, looks like Icke banned me from making new topics. Good luck!
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