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  1. Please share. How can I make a new topic like you guys without getting censored like Google does?
  2. OH LOL WOWEE. Finally some sentiment that has meaning. Maybe I'm getting through.
  3. You sit here and pretend that you're different than Facebook and Google and Twitter, and you don't censor, when you fake the hack. You have new posts. You act like you were so destroyed by the shit that you just don't seem to be able to get it together again. It's so stupid!
  4. Oh yes, all those great posts and opinions, just vanish. David Icke says NOTHING! WTF
  5. If David Icke says nay, I think he sold out because it's bullshit that all the good posts were just simple gonzo and he has no FUCKING OPINION ABOUT IT.
  6. Well where the fuck are you David Icke? Your forum is in Dissaray! For weeks and you got nothing to say!
  7. And why do you suppose you're getting the blocked message? LMAO. It's been a few weeks now. You'd think that there would be a solution or a statement by Icke.
  8. This is TOTAL F-ing BullSh-t!!!! It's code! You aren't down this long! You just signed on with the DEVIL
  9. I have tried to make new posts and got the BANNED sign. The only reason I'm allowed to even comment is because I SCREEN CAPTURED ALL OF THIS. And then I see that NEW posts are being made, but others are not allowed to. That's because this hack is FAKE. By now you would have figured it out and corrected it. You just sold out to GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK AND TWITTER. Or can you explain that?
  10. I'm really surprised that none of you get it.
  11. By now you should have got it together. You're lying!
  12. We are told that you were hacked and that we aren't being "BLOCKED." Nope. You are censoring people just like GOOGLE.
  13. I'm quoting this for a new video - showing that DavidIcke.com is ACTUALLY CLAIMING that it was HACKED, and that people can't post it on here because of some shenanigans. Nope. You're making new posts while BLOCKING people's speech. SCREEN CAPTURING THIS.
  14. You asshats are promoting the idea that you were hacked and that people can't make new posts - because you are censoring people yourself at David Icke. But people are making new posts. You are censoring anyone who doesn't agree with you like Twitter and Facebook and Google. DavidIcke.com is no different than THEM.
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