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  1. On 6/11/2020 at 7:39 PM, Tinfoil Hat said:

    Farage is out of his radio contract, because he said 'outrageous' things such as the protestors pulling down statues are like the Taliban, and it's mob rule. I.e. he spoke the truth, and that's totally unacceptable nowadays.


    Nigel Farage quits LBC radio show amid anger over Black Lives Matter comments

    Faye BrownThursday

    11 Jun 2020 2:42 pm


    Why don't people think of the Pigeons?






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  2. 52 minutes ago, truther79 said:



    ....They couldn't be any more patronizing and condescending if they tried. It's like these big banks and companies enjoy mocking us. Shame I haven't got a shotgun at hand to blow a hole in the TV.


    All TVs have an off switch :-) It's a safety feature to stop shrapnel damage and killing innocent bystanders :-)

  3. Has anyone else noticed a vast increase is dis-guarded used face-masks being dumped on the street?

    I presume they should be in the bin or maybe a biohazard bin?

    Can't see any other use for them (other than rat hammocks)!




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  4. Did you know that using your hands and arms while speaking makes you louder?  Gesturing while speaking, or "talking with your hands," is common around the world. Many communications researchers believe that gesturing is either done to emphasize important points, or to elucidate specific ideas (think of this as the "drawing in the air" hypothesis). But there are other possibilities. For example, it could be that gesturing, by altering the size and shape of the chest, lungs and vocal muscles, affects the sound of a person's speech. 


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