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  1. What statues can you have that respect a community and don't offend sensitive folks?
  2. Leapy


    Why don't people think of the Pigeons?
  3. Leapy


    You have to feel sorry for pirates, with Covid -19 spacing. How will they ever find that buried treasure?
  4. This really makes you think https://www.adamsmith.org/blog/genetically-modified-organisms-take-the-fight-to-the-coronavirus
  5. Leapy


    Is this photo American Police Riot practice?
  6. Leapy


    I saw this poster years ago and it really amused me to think of the small-minded people, however, it's no joke.
  7. Thus equipped, with new crayons, Boris was able to sketch out his latest plans for dealing with relaxing Coronavirus lockdown and the subsequent economic recovery before outlying his remaining ideas for Brexit. :-)
  8. It does have an off switch, so you can use it again :-) Hammers and shotguns, may invalidate the warrantee!
  9. All TVs have an off switch :-) It's a safety feature to stop shrapnel damage and killing innocent bystanders :-)
  10. Has anyone else noticed a vast increase is dis-guarded used face-masks being dumped on the street? I presume they should be in the bin or maybe a biohazard bin? Can't see any other use for them (other than rat hammocks)!
  11. Proof we talk louder with gestures, which is good for social distancing :-)
  12. Did you know that using your hands and arms while speaking makes you louder? Gesturing while speaking, or "talking with your hands," is common around the world. Many communications researchers believe that gesturing is either done to emphasize important points, or to elucidate specific ideas (think of this as the "drawing in the air" hypothesis). But there are other possibilities. For example, it could be that gesturing, by altering the size and shape of the chest, lungs and vocal muscles, affects the sound of a person's speech. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/05/200518111711.htm
  13. Have you ever noticed the emergence of the Covid-19 virus from BBC TV and how it has 'mutated to its current deadly form? https://unanything.fandom.com/wiki/The_Clangers'_Planet
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