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  1. *** The comment below and the quotes are not aimed at GR, I quoted the piece of the thread for logical reasons and clarity only. I saw that too. Alexa did not take the thread off topic. Another member started talking about flat earth, not Alexa. How fascinating, the same thing happened to me and funny enough on this very thread but much earlier. SE accused me of taking this thread off topic and assumed I was a troll based on ONE interaction (which had nothing to do with t
  2. Accusation of trolling and lying requires evidence, otherwise it is your fantasy. I was not trying to blame you (or anyone else). Stating I was trying to blame you is what "you think" according to your comment above. About the uae. I said I saw it presented in a thread somewhere that someone had posted a screen shot or mentioned in their comment that the hackers were from UAE. DI team assumed they were most probably arabs (origin unknown) based on the video the supposed hackers made. Who made the video and who those hackers were and were the people on the video the actual hackers
  3. @Fluke and whoever else desires a vivid example from this very forum. If you go to The Crowhouse Community thread, you will find a few people whose mental health is taking a hit. I bet some of them will want to demonstrate their current issues on this thread too, for now rather obvious reasons. Which is fine, as I see this thread has enough experts to deal with them. Fluke, what you described in your OP, can be summed up in the following: You are an Infinite Being who is currently present in the finite game which makes you believe that you are a finite being playing an
  4. I didn't bring the argument, let's be clear about it. Neither did GR. Me and GR brought our opinions and our standpoints on the matter. Are we not allowed to have and submit them? Esp when we also submit all the supporting points and not just blatant statements? The mentined argument was initiated by the first person who angrily and unreasonably replied to my and then GR observation and opinion on the matter, and that 1st angry reply generator was NOT me, nor was it GR, it was Tinfoil Hat. Go back and check. It's this very thread. Speaking of being attentive and impartial. I initially refraine
  5. I am with you on this one. Something is terribly off. Even some existing, used to be reasonable members, are acting out in the most bizarre way imaginable. I now visit some threads just to read, after 5 mins of reading, in total bemusement, I ask myself WTH is going on there?!?
  6. Couldn't agree more. The exact reason why I periodically, quite seriously consider leaving the forum. Not because of the bickering by supposed adults but because it's indeed, like you said, 70% of it. If not more in some threads. And frankly, DIF is the last place where I expected to find such percentage.
  7. I am not, SE. What made you think that way? What you really mean here is "you guess it is this way". If you really did, you would not be assuming I am a troll. You would know I am not.The reason you need time is because you DO NOT know and you don't bother investigating and finding any credible evidence for that. Initially I thought we only had a hacked forum and site. Today I've discovered the forum moderator perception is hacked as well. Probably, like a forum,- in a very professional manner. So, for now, we have a half functi
  8. I am still uncertain as to what made you feel that way. Especially in the light of the fact that I am the one who is being repeatedly condemned these days. It bewilders me. I have not intentionally insulted anyone, I have not displayed any unreasonable or aggressive behaviour towards anyone, I do have my independent opinion based on my experience and observation and facts that I can refer to and I stand my ground and prove the accuracy of my statements. What's your point? Now I am curious. Ink barged into my thread where I was all alone, replying to the last (the 3d), not the first response of
  9. I am not SE. What made you think that way?
  10. The first sign of madness is talking to yourself. The second sign is replying. P.S. You know, I have been polite and balanced in my posts. If what I have said in them upsets or challenges you, just think of all the things I keep to myself.
  11. Triggered? The impression did not come from my interaction with him but from watching his interaction with other forumites. That was informative enough for me. Many threads, different situations, different members. Certain actions and decisions of his on the forum were very informative as well. Glad we think alike in this regard. I too like to laugh, but in the appropriate place and time, like you know, when you go to a circus or attend a stand up comedy show. But when I go to a travel agency to book my trip or enquire about plane tickets, optio
  12. In short, I expect from them everything muir was. What they should do- everything muir did. AND I ESPECIALLY EXPECT FROM THEM to be present and vigilant when any forum discussion thread gets derailed or diluted by irrelevant posts and info. The topic of any thread must match the content of that thread. It's only convenient. Look what already happened here, on this thread. Clearly, the thread topic no longer matches the thread content. It started nicely with Gareth posting a question, the answers to which he is gonna pass to the webmaster. I came here for the info and I
  13. The day before yesterday I saw a banner on utube saying that utube is about to implement new censorship tactic and policy which is: disallowing the embedding of utube videos on the blacklisted by them (utube management) sites. I guess DI.com is one of those sites. In the light of it, it would only be practical to allow embedding of any relevant audio or video from any site, not only bitchute.
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