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  1. Found the video where Modernas Tal Zaks says: We think of it as of an operating system.
  2. Conclude in short, yes Klaus and his dad Eugen both heavy duty nazis with roots way into the nazi regime and in other research material about Klaus i and others posted a year ago or so shows how Klaus also very deep in the CCP since at least mid 1970'ies. Article author, Johnny Vedmore over at: https://unlimitedhangout.com/2021/02/investigative-reports/schwab-family-values/ Comments below on particular specifics by J.P Farrell since there it shows a link between Klaus nazi the Zionist international and CCP. The picture behind Covid1984, NWO and Great reset and Technocracy becomes clearer as you may have guessed. We pick up the story with Schwab's father Eugen, a manager for a Swiss-German company, Escher-Wyss in Schwab's home town of Ravensburg. The allegations are revealing: From this point, the article traces how some of Escher-Wyss's hydro-turbine technology made it into the Nazi atom-bomb project via the Norsk heavy water production plant in Norway. Here the article goes a bit awry claiming that heavy water was vital for the production of plutonium for that project. As I've outlined in my book Reich of the Black Sun, the German project, while it knew of the possibility of plutonium, also knew that its production could only be accomplished in a reactor, and that it would be a long and difficult project. It thus concentrated on the less complicated project of uranium isotope separation and enrichment for a uranium-fueled bomb. But in either case heavy water could be used both as a neutron moderator in a reactor, and more importantly, as a source of deuterium fuel for a "boosted fission" bomb, which is what I've been arguing in my various books about the Nazi atom bomb project. And Schwab's father headed a firm in Ravensbruck with ties to that project. Let that sink in a moment. As such, Schwab's father was also allegedly involved in another infamous Nazi practice: This of course does not implicate Klaus Schwab himself in any of these practices nor does it implicate him in any way with sympathy for the practice nor the ideology behind it. It does, however, raise a yellow flag of caution, and perhaps should provide a context in which to view his own statements to the effect that "you vill not own property und you vill be happy!" This, plus the fact that Schwab seems to have pursued academic studies of mechanical engineering in relationship to macroeconomics of credit and export, might indicate at least some filial interest in his father's wartime experiences, since after his studies and a stint in the USA at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, he went to work for his father's old company. The atom bomb connection would continue at Escher-Wyss (now Sulzer-Escher-Wyss) after the war, as it became involved in South Africa's effort to acquire the bomb: This now ratchets up the suspicion meter considerably, when placed into context of what else is known about the South African project. In 1973 the New York Times book division published a book by Barbara Rogers and Zdenek Cervenka titled The Nuclear Axis: The Secret Collaboration between West Germany and South Africa, a title which says it all... almost. The authors detail how a Luftwaffe general in the Bundeswehr, himself a holdover from World War II, and several German firms including Degussa(which was also involved in the wartime Nazi atom bomb effort), were involved in aiding South Africa to acquire the atom bomb, which in the opinion of many (including this author) it did. The arrangement was a "tidy" one: in exchange for South African uranium, Germany would supply the technology to enrich it and the engineering to turn it into a bomb. South Africa became the front behind which postwar Germany acquired nuclear weapons technology, for the South African bomb was in effect a German one... ... and an Israeli one, because the third partner in this picture was Israel itself, lending technical assistance as well in return for a steady supply of uranium from the project. The arrangement was a rather nifty one, given that all three states were in some measure and for very different reasons each a pariah state, and each viewed its national security was being jeopardized without nuclear weapons. But now we find Schwab himself - Dr. Ernst Stavro Blohfeld and SPECTRE - squatting in the middle of that West German-South African atom bomb effort.The implications here are inescapable, and the article's author, Johnny Vedmore, doesn't shrink from mentioning them: For my part, readers can already guess the answer, for I've been trying for years to warn people about a post-war "Nazi International," an "extra-territorial state" hiding behind a complex tapestry of corporations, funds, foundations, think tanks, and a bewildering labyrinth of interconnections, all still firmly in the grasp of a hideous ideology. See you on the flip side...
  3. Your Your welcome! There are two accompanying vids with DJ and CAF discussing the matter which also is interesting on vimeo as they apparently was banned on his YT channel. Part1. Part2
  4. Lets see for how long he will be a live! Some bettin? 100ukp he died "with" Covid1984 in 3-4 weeks? Dont mind the black painted CIA truck that ran over him!
  5. https://www.option3.co.uk/covid-19-injection/ https://cdn-5e7fd7e5f911c90ca005456c.closte.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Covid-19-Injection.pdf
  6. Quite an experience to live in fear, isnt it?...Thats what it is to be a slave!
  7. Klaus Schwab a zionist? No how could that be?! (besides getting the zionistic Dan David price in 2004.)
  8. Yet i removed my stuff, did you see that? Besides BC you pollute the thread with your comments just as "bambozoka" with his nonsense O-anon posts, i suggest keep them in PM's instead if you want to reach out! Did it continue? No it didint and i said "thanks", now i redact that one.
  9. Here is more, another rabbi about to sue NY! These fellas contrary to the other rabbi thinks masks work! Well, well,well when the loockdown hurts the orthodox wallet it aint so fun anymore and they want to get off the zionist rollacoaster!
  10. Not at all its you who wants the final word and i made my points many times prior to yours! Here some interesting, a Rabbi from Broklyn NY who complaints Jew (Hasidic) community getting soft progromed by Cuomo and De Blasio wanting help from zionist Trump! It's hilarious from numerous angles! Broklyn known for their Ultra orthodox jews or something i recall! Also reported that for last weeks in Broklyn jews/zionists are attacking other jews/zionists beating each other up! Now thats interesting, wonder what zionists in Israhell thinks about that! Perhaps zionists have started to eat each other just as CAF suggested! Maybe they accuses each other to be Amalek!
  11. But.......................that said James Corbett might be a "limited hangout" as well!!. Ooooooh! How dare you! as the "other" limited hangout Greta would say!
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