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  1. We are so far up shit creek right now, and if we are going to start questioning David then we aren't paying enough attention to what is happening here. Is David the frigging enemy? The fear narrative? What, there's no reason to be scared? I've decided I'm not going to prison over this. I'm going out like Thorin Oakenshield.
  2. Bless your heart, thanks. I went to town with my daughter today as she needed medicine for her son. I started shouting about what a lot of shit it all is. Got funny looks. No, they're not our species.
  3. You'll hear me, preaching the Word According To Icke. :) And I'm old and knackered-looking.
  4. Am I the only one who's signed petitions and refused the rules but really believes that we will not change a thing? A war of some kind is coming. Civil unrest/war whoever wins the US election, economic crash and major Depression everywhere, forced vaccination after Covid 21 (possibly?) and the reset. It feels like Fate. We are not getting out of this. That's not to say we can't try or fight when it comes, but I've been waiting for this for at least a decade and I'm sick of the wait. As Scroobius Pip sings "If the bad times are coming, let 'em come!" I am so sick of most of the people I meet and know that I honestly think we should be wiped off the face of the earth. Had enough. Probably not posting any more. Thanks for being the opposition. Good luck. Maybe see you in prison.
  5. As for hospitals being full, my grandson and my elderly friend both went in the last few weeks to different Essex hospitals, 20 miles apart. Both empty.
  6. Keeping the schools open 'may have to be revisited over the next four weeks' says some tosser from SAGE. Yeah. Well tell us something we didn't guess already. Four weeks my arse. Sorry for language. Very, very angry.
  7. Three of us had it in January, for a month. Flu can do exactly this. Whatever 'flu' is, because what goes for scientific facts in this world is a whoooole lot of BS.
  8. I've been so angry I had to walk away from the forum, and now I'm so angry I had to come back just to see that I wasn't the only one who felt this way! I'm a 58 year old woman and if my toddler grandson wasn't part of my household I would be out there doing something USEFUL even if it meant me not coming back home again. I'm so sick of moaning about it, finding out more sickening evidence for how much of a lie it all is .. It's all going to happen the way they want it to unless there is serious trouble. And I'm a person who hates trouble. To be honest, I think the war will be brought to us, without any of us starting anything. Think this will be it for a large number of us, just not clear on how yet. Apart from the obvious cull of the vulnerable.
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