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  1. Not new news, but 'Project Speed', new mega-prisons ready for the likes of we 'refuseniks', no doubt. https://corporatewatch.org/prisonbuilders/
  2. Cool. Just saying what came up when I was trying to think of a name and reading your thoughts. Still can't think of one.
  3. Anybody who tells you they know what God is can only be believing what someone else has told them or they've had an experience where they '*feel* that they've connected with something Other that feels much bigger than they are; a different level of Being. For me, it was reading Wei Wu Wei (Terrence Gray) that tripped a switch that put me into a state of what they call non dual awareness for two days and nights. As you can see from my posts it didn't stay. However, having had that experience I now believe in the oneness of everything, that they call the Self. There are loads of gr
  4. Meh, science is only the latest theory. Gravity, the sun, the big bang, they're probably wrong about all that. And what does 'the Left' mean? Quite possibly a different thing to me than to you. If I think of these bastards as 'the Left', it's not matching my definition. It suggests 'the Right' is better. Maybe I'm being pedantic, and I can't think of a better name right now. Don't like the emotional ones. Emotion clouds common sense. I really like the 'freedom' bit though.
  5. Hi Emacle and welcome. I lost my mind in 2008 and it's happening to me again too. The healing I did is keeping me just about ticking over but it's touch and go. I hope you find some peace in company here. I dip in occasionally until it gets too much to keep reading. Some very good souls here.
  6. What on earth? Trump and Johnson are both in their roles because they were willing to play this game. Biden and Starmer are no better. All completely revolting.
  7. I admit I'm a pessimist by nature but I believe it will be mandatory. In the sense that you'll be a pariah or excluded from pretty much everything. I'd love to be proven wrong. UBI is coming, and the conditions will be attached.
  8. I like Byron Katie's take on this. I have to use it because my daughter is giving my grandson the flu vaccination and other stuff that I didn't do to her. It gets so frustrating to believe in my mind that she's harming him, although she'd never want to do that deliberately. But Katie says, and substitute Nature or Fate or Higher Power for God if it's not your thing: "If you’re not sure, stop and ask, “Mentally, whose business am I in?” There are only three kinds of business in the universe: mine, yours, and God’s."
  9. Probably because of the terrible hash I made of the English language in my first post. I get very anxious when I post anything and i edit it so much that it no longer makes much sense.
  10. I'm from Essex, innit? ;)
  11. Okay, this is probably stupid and I know very little about politics, but I feel that 'democracy' (ha!) and voting are going to go pretty soon as part of the Reset. The Dutch govt has resigned as they have committed a terrible offence on the folk who they took thousands of euros back from, wrongfully. They're now a caretaker govt but will still decide on pandemic issues, leaving sensitive policies until March when there will be a vote. What if other governments do this? They all *should* resign, for their mishandling of the plandemic, so what if this opportunity is taken to leave do
  12. I don't want the vaccine but I'm 58 and my daughter and her toddler are on my tenancy. If it ever becomes necessary to show my housing association a proof of vaccination I guess I'll have to have it. Or if it's required in order to shop for food. Otherwise, a camp may be the final outcome. I'm reading David's 'The Answer' at the mo and what he says about love struck home. There's no fear when you're doing the right thing. If I die from the vaccine my daughter will be housed according to their contract. I'm not afraid, I just don't want to do what the bastard cult want.
  13. He talks a lot about the microneedle array 'patch', like a small plaster, which he thinks will be distributed globally by Amazon when the problem of the vaccine needing such cold storage fails. It's all in the plan. https://www.bostonherald.com/2020/04/03/bandage-like-coronavirus-vaccine-from-shows-promising-results-in-mice/ The patch can also be used for 'wearable bio-signal recording', meaning it can monitor what's going on inside your body continuously.
  14. Anthony talks about the Blockchain based payment system, which was 'Libra' and is now 'Diem'. He has done remarkable research and it seems that it will be the ONLY currency, pretty soon. I watch his YouTube videos and it's like the man has the gift of prophecy. He's very compelling. https://www.diem.com/en-us/
  15. Three of us had it in January, for a month. Flu can do exactly this. Whatever 'flu' is, because what goes for scientific facts in this world is a whoooole lot of BS.
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