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  1. The week of January 4th is the one to watch. There will be a lot of movement and a large number of people who will be facing some major criminal charges. Having Ms Powell as an independent barrister gives everything an interesting twist. Gulliano has a large file of indisputable facts that will make a lot of people very uncomfortable. Keep an eye out for information. Even some MSM reports will sneak some real facts out to the public. Duewy
  2. Unfortunately it will be the younger people put into police uniforms and misinformed about what they are doing who will be at your door while "they" are watching from cctv
  3. "Teachers are gods" As a recently retired educator teachers are not treated with anything other than disdain by the ones who administer the system. One point that drove me mad... (every student will be above the average of 75) yes read it again to get the gist of it. To make things smooth the min of 55 would be granted to absent Abby. Average Joe would get min of 75 and the curve went from there. Over three quarters of the class would be on the honours list. As it was told to me is that it is the only way to be allowed to work with the ones who wanted to learn. Marks were so elevated that any university bound student needed averages in nineties. The MSM runs stories about how local businesses could not fill jobs due to lacking of skilled workers... And the beat goes on.
  4. What is missed the most. Believing that the folks who are in charge are ,for the most part , working for the good of the people.
  5. As the title suggests I'm not too happy when I see that another supposed great video link is null and void.... If you are interested in sharing please take a few minutes to either post said video on a trusted platform pf find said video on a trusted platform.... Oh if the video is good enough to share then it should be good enough for a few comments by the presenter. To those who post with intent and compassion I say Thanks
  6. And this is why we should NOT use yt.. Does anyone have an alternative video platform for the mystery video?
  7. Interesting read Unfortunately I can not see how it can be verified . Still an interesting read
  8. Why do people have to use profanity? The use of profanity is a part of the passion behind the fight but unfortunately the "f" word generally defeats the purpose of its use. Not trying to stir up any reaction just some reflection so the posts and information can be shared in a more serious manor. Take care and enjoy
  9. There is a lot here for people to read. Every once in a while the MSM lets the truth slip. Canada not immune to QAnon as pawndemic fuels conspiracy theories, experts say | CTV News https://www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/canada-not-immune-to-qanon-as-pandemic-fuels-conspiracy-theories-experts-say-1.5226762
  10. David Icke has referred to a way that was used to mess up the cloak of the underlords in some of his talks. Gerald Clark has also discussed the use of a sound or spoken words that reveal the dark controllers while discussing the Emerald Tablets. It would be interesting to know what the frequency or sound is. Referance is around min 15 and 26. Kin nee gone ?
  11. Wondering if a massive court action could show the open minded world that a forced vaccination is illegal. If I am not mistaken even the cabal run UN council ruled against forced vaccination as was done in the rothchild guided nazism fascist regime https://www.sott.net/article/445396-Plague-of-Liars-Nuremberg-Code-Outlaws-Forced-Medical-Procedures-Which-INCLUDES-Mandatory-Vaccinations It would be interesting to see reactions from those with experience in the feild With LV D
  12. A few things that I was told to remember when ever I read or heard accounts was 1 There are three sides to every story, his hers and somewhere is the truth. 2nd the victory writes the history books. 3 the other side is always seen with angry eyes... Makes it difficult to get any definitive information from books that were written by one side or the other
  13. Unfortunately I find it rather difficult to generate enough positive energy these days to really feel "inspired" by anybody. Hopefully I am wrong but there doesn't seem to be any real benefits for the population in the generations to come.
  14. With the microchip in there will be NO WORK AROUND. If your microchip does not match the database then You Go To Prison. It is as simple as that folks... Warnings were posted , people scoffed, believing that there will always be tomorrow.... ANNNNTTT TIMES UP . Enjoy your freedom today because tomorrow is a New WO Day ;(
  15. Oh really... https://www.sott.net/article/445286-Chief-medical-officer-says-Canadians-who-refuse-vaccine-wont-have-freedom-to-move-around
  16. And the tag is quoted in the old writings as "the mark of the beast" Everyone must have the mark/tag to travel anywhere. https://www.sott.net/article/445286-Chief-medical-officer-says-Canadians-who-refuse-vaccine-wont-have-freedom-to-move-around
  17. You got to see this history in the making. Say what you want about Trump but he is taking on the whole Cabal alone... Please record the video and save it on other platforms
  18. The pop up catcha makes it impossible to get to the main site at all. Tried multiple browsers chrome firefox and brave
  19. I know that it has been a long ride but this news should give you something to cheer about https://truth11.com/2020/11/29/trump-fires-kissinger-prison-planet-has-change-in-management/
  20. Another deleted video Go figure Maybe you can find it and post it on bite shoot or something else.
  21. Seeing more and more protest gatherings
  22. Loads of people. Lots of Questions Massive force of lv
  23. Thanks for the insight all. OZ had a good point about bribes to avoid the shot while still obtaining the ALL IMPORTANT GOVERNMENT CERTIFICATE showing that you have the shot. My reasoning behind this is to give the masses away around this imposed tagging without any confrontation or worse. It is coming unless there is a substantial shift in massive population pressure. It is good to see people talking.
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