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  1. On 3/7/2021 at 3:05 PM, DarianF said:


    You could make a thread called "Direct Activism and Information Warfare".



    Get Involved 


    Actions 4 The Masses


    Join Together 


    Take Control


    Unveil the Deceivers


    For the musicians... Rap Til U In

    Ok that one stunk but it made you smile and we need to smile more


  2. Pollution and Global Warming are two different things. Yes one thing effects the other as is the fact that everything is linked in some way.


    Pollution is avoidable.


    Renewable energy has been suppressed for over 120 years.


    Clean burning of trash is done daily in Norway.


    Global Warming is a common sinario as is global cooling.

    Greenland was ver green and lush when the Vikings colonised the new world. Then it cooled again and the Vikings went home.


    Just sit down and try to calculate the heat energy that is released by one of the active volcanoes. Chances are every days output of the volcano will add up to a year's output by the human activity on the nearest continent.


    If you are interested in tackling ocean plastics just research all the hobbiest turning plastic into diesel fuel.... why isn't it done on an industrial scale? 


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  3. Unfortunately "human rights" are a thing of the past.

    Yes you have the right to refuse but under the blanket of fear in today's society the business has the right to relieve you of duty sighting public safety.

    Ten years ago you may have been successful in a court of law but in these socialist times no judge would dare stand up against the masses.


    I feel for you and I understand your predicament as I faced the beast a few years ago and lost, I lost a lot.


    Good luck with your dilemma 

  4. To understand what is going on I force myself to read/watch msm reports and what propaganda is being utilised.

    The American domestic  control force is now being directed to bear down on the "Domestic Terrorism Threat" and I am hearing this rhetoric from other countries. The scarey part of this thought pattern is that there is no truly defined definition of "terrorism" other than the fact that it is something that goes against the establishment...

    This "War on Terrorism" now includes your friends neighbours and countrymen. 


    Not sure but I got a feeling that this was done before by socialist/communist countries.



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  5. "You must answer to your best abilities" (at the time) unfortunately you were under the weather and not quite clear headed so you accidentally put in the information in the wrong spots or you misinterpreted the questions.

    But you did comply with "the law" of the elected ones as best as you could at that time.


    Now that that is over don't you feel better knowing that you did your part ;-)

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  6. If a face diaper prevents germs and viruses from passing then you should be able to pass gas without any nose being offended. 

    Being realistic you might want to remember the simple but honestly true statement as it will help you deal with such encounters 


    You Can't Fix


  7. Some days I think about all the information that I have observed from the world. The internet is a powerful platform for sharing knowledge as well as cat videos.

    Each day I see the numbers of the world's people taking on the instructions from their governments and carrying out them without question. To me it is mind boggling but then again I am use to not being part of the crowd. In church I felt the hand of god through father x many times when I would as a question. It was clear that questioning was a bad thing... but even as a child I had trouble watching my friends follow the teachings so blindly even when they knew that somethings did not make sense. It was like a wall would be put up and because it was god then it didn't have to make sense. 

    Well many a decade has passed and yet I find myself in the same dilemma for questioning,  this time god has been replaced by government and my friend (people who are in my area) are insistent that the government speaks the truth no matter how much it does not make sense. 


    I find myself wondering more and more whether it is worth it, why should I try so hard to save those who are insistent on walking into the fire pit?  Why shouldn't they be allowed to follow ???


    Unfortunately I and my loved ones are being dragged down with them... or maybe I should just worry about my family and find our own way to ride this out, watch the culling, gather some wealth, and come out the other side ahead of the game.


    The tougher things get the smaller the tribe becomes, a phrase that I read a long longtime ago



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  8. The real "news" about this is the fact that there is no more room for normality, no more room for dissension, no more room for non-conformity.




    by controlling the majority, you are the Authority.....


    I've always been sceptical of the saying "the meek shall inherit the earth". The shear genius of a couple of words repeated over and over again, engrained within the sheeple some string of hope to hold onto while all else is being stripped away.

  9. To those climate crusaders:

    Please take a look at the world map, between northern Europe and Canada lies an island that was apply named "Greenland" by the Nordic's because of the lush green feilds of grasses that went on and on. During the next few hundred years communities thrived and grew. Until the earth cooled down and the green grasslands have been icecovered since.

    As the "Crusaders" why is it that the temperature of the Earth is matching the changes in temperature of the other planets? 

    I agree that we can and should cut out fosell fuel consumption. But and this is a big ass butt, we already have alternatives.

    The Crusaders should take some time and do so real research to find and promote the alternatives instead of just bitching.


  10. In these time the "law" is what ever those in power say it is. 

    If charged could you win in court... maybe. But not until you have been dragged mercilessly through the system.

    Question then becomes, are you willing to be punished today just to have your 10 minutes in court? And then tomorrow you will likely be repeating the scenario all over again.

    Alone you are insignificant, ....

  11. One of the biggest problems is utilizing misinterpreted text to help find the answers.

    "Elohim" is not a name but a reference, more like those from up above. Some texts give the role of "those from above" as to be "watchers" . Then a group of them decided to break the rules and become a part of what they were supposed to be watching.

    Then the question arises of what other entities were also here at that time? It is difficult to think there were no others here at that time given the diversity of the bits and pieces of historical items we can gather. 

    There must have been a number of entities ving for territory and resources.  

  12. Inorder to make any change of public opinion you need to control the information given to the public.

    And this is why Alphabet purchased the world media outlets, the world education outlets, and now the world social media outlets. 

    As dreadful as the outlook has become I am preparing for the world to become worse. 

    Argue with me as you may but facts are, the masses of the world are sheep who desire to find a leader.


    For the small percentage of people who are aware, life is changing.


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  13. Over the years there have been a few shows that have given glimpses of very deep occult, ancient, or alien information. 

    One obvious show was Star Gate. The Original Star Trek had an episode battling a bipedal lizard man, until a spirit entity took over.

    The Star Trek Enterprise series was full of the multi beings that are addressed by the alt community.

    I am writing this to suggest a recent TV show that is giving a description of deep cult , it's name is "Timeless".


    I'm interested in seeing your suggestions 

  14. Just wondering if there is anyone who is versed in the study of ancient beings and would like to discuss the real historical timeline.

    Everything is connected.  Any beings able to travel interstellar then they would be able to travel the world with ease.

    The trick is to connect all the dots and get a real concept of who was where when and what they are responsible for. 

    If you or you know of a site that is into open knowledge sharing then please contact me. 

    Till then 


  15. Considering the wealth and resources at hand Mr. Gamble is doing very very little to correct the issues caused by his peers.

    With the fortunes at his disposal there could be Tesla Towers popping up to show "free energy"


    Enlist the help of true reporters to show how the world is truly run, he does runs with those at the elite league. 

    Besides the documentary "Thrive" what has Mr Gamble done that really makes a difference?  If so can you share, please do.

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