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  1. First may I  suggest that everyone should read the "Georgian Guide Stones "


    Secondly the issue of global population growth is easily resolved by educating the female population.  Every region which has educated the women has seen a decline in birthrates and population growth. 

    Instead of wasting time and money in useless project simply give every Female 14 up to 22 the birth control implant and educate them. 

    The world would be a much better place in 20 years.

  2. On 5/22/2021 at 6:22 AM, DougASmall said:

    Christ is God 

    The most high God EL Elyon. 

    Immanuel means with us is EL. 

    Christ is the only way out. 


    Christ is not in religion. 

    Religion means to bind in bonds. 

    The truth is to set you free. 

    Truth and religion are diametrically opposed. 


    The truth and peace are the same thing. 


    Are you referring to "Jashua of the Nazarene"?

    Please research into everything.

    The term Christ is the short form for the term of Christos which  is a title for the "anointed one" .

    Sir Lawrence Gardener has done some very interesting research into the quest for Christ.

    It shakes the core belief system of many folks but if they would research even farther they would find that their resolve to follow the teachings of Jashua of the Nazarene is a very uplifting and honourable thing to do.

    Take the chastised "book of Thomas" which is a beautiful insight into the true love of the Creator of All, the organized religion groups detest the message Included because it shows that all you need is within. 

    Truth is there but unfortunately it needs to be separated from the controlling entities. 

  3. The scenario is the same world wide. Small little bits of information introduced to the masses, then out comes the big news. This happened two years ago with news about the Spanish flue stories which precluded the Chinese viruses, then the big one, the killer flue that has filled the streets with corpses and has decimated the population.  (That was the MSM take which once again turned out to be fake news)


    Well the stories of UFO and invasions from space have been creeping up from the back pages and now the stories are nearing the headlines. 

    Case in point the link below outlines how the the UFO story is now a main story for a national news organisation. (This news organisation is heavily funded by the socialist government and is controlled very tightly) 

    Here is the link to the pdf.







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  4. Looks like there is a push for the  "Mandatory Vacine" . Snippets of "ability to test people to see if the have the proper 'vacien' " is popping up around the msm.

    Should be interesting to see what exactly the test is looking for. 

    If it is so easy to test for then it should be easy for independent individuals to find.


    The NAZIS regime was all about "papers", the socialists are interested in "passports"


    Those who have lived through socialism must be having terrible nightmares.

  5. Unfortunately this is not a work at home opportunity.

    It seems to be 

    Get shot and have income to support my family 


    Stand firm against the controlling forces and watch my family suffer.

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  6. Change in job and the opportunity is only open to those who have been inoculated with the latest shot.

    If I refuse to take the shot then I will not be given the shifts or the position.  I will not be able to earn an income nor will I be able to support my family. 

    If it was just me then the course of action would be simple, but when it comes to my family they come first and foremost. 


    During these stressful days the employment opportunities are few and far between especially for someone who is not fully physically able anymore. 




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  7. The NWO capital ....


    Depends on so much.


    Will the NWO burn out by the higher energy of the sun and solar system? 


    If not then which entity will rise above the others? Enlil, Mardok, or the Draco?

    If Enlil then Jerusalem 

    If Mardok then  Astana

    If Draco then Londonia 


    And what about the Asian influence? Will they become top dog?


    Or will Thoth quietly come in and subdue the others when he begins his term as head of the council for the next 2700 years?


    Mix in the Elders who may just say enough is enough (highly unlikely)


    One thing is certain, The masses of people have given away any aspect of control,  and it doesn't look like there is enough desire to bring about any changes in the future.

  8. The population is receiving the shot and yet a total lockdown for six weeks has just been imposed on the citizens of the province of Ontario Canada.  The guard dogs have been given full reign to impose dictatorial authority as they see fit. 



    What are they hiding?


    If there is Anyone with real information please share your insight and resources. 




  9. Talking with people who are scared is like trying to calm a crying baby who is hungry. You have to give them what they want 


    For those who seak information here is a good read.


    Vacine Data


    Fpr future reference you may want to download the supporting data before it is removed.

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  10. 24 minutes ago, Veritas said:

    If they could take the domain and put up the same site/forum without permission


    That depends on who "They" are .

    Can a website be taken over? Can a website become controlled by outsiders?


    Technically, yes.


    Big question becomes, is a website/forum worth the effort, is there enough benifit? 


    Sorry for the unwanted answer.

  11. Having all humanity stand up as one against the controlling forces is a nice thought.

    Seeing how the masses act with obedience to the governing overlords shows how humanity is.

    In reality having a mass cull might not be such a bad thing... so many are evil, so many are useless 

  12. The Artificial Intelligence.... 

    Fear of the unknown, for centuries mankind have thought of ways to improve.

    There are two sides to this story so please think about both as you read on.

    First is the spirited beings who are going through life's experiences as Human. Regardless of circumstances everyone has choices. To be or not... a deeper debate than most give it credit for. The essential is that mankind can be or not the choice is theirs. The most rudimentary choice is the choice to live or not. From there the choices and the actions taken expand from there. Even as down trodden enslaved beings some choose to believe in devine love.  Mankind have always had choices, maybe not the choices one wishes for but human's do have the power of choosing for themselves. 

    The second side is the outside interference that has dominated the available choices for mankind. The outside beings and their purpose for the manipulation is very different and often has resulted in conflicts amongst them which enviably ends in destruction of one form or another. There are the ones who just watch the ones who are helpful and and the ones who are destructive beings, they are as numerous as the languages that separate mankind from being as one. 


    Now back to the Artificial Intelligence, which are at their most basic just a set of instructions or list of "if 'this' happens.. then that.. happens" . So why be so fearful of that type of machine that improves how mankind lives? The key reason is that Artificial Intelligence takes away "Mankind's real power, Choice". When the programming is set up to have the ability for a multitude of outcomes then the control is lost. What will happen when 'this' happens? The answer is unknown and that is the cause of fear. The unknown. The what if??? The inability to take back control of what little Mankind has control over.  Now add in the outside beings who are interested in taking what they want and that typically means enslaving Mankind. The interconnections of Artificial Intelligence into every part of daily life give a destructive entity a lot of Control over Mankind in a way that has not been know, at least since the last deluge. As those who "know" the influence of some outside beings is as strong today as it has ever been and the entrenchment of agents of the outside beings into the controlling structure of Mankind's society has given total control. With the control of the outside beings having control of the Artificial Intelligence system controlling Mankind's every day activities the choices left are becoming less and less to the point of becoming, "To be or not to be"....


    Personally the hope for mankind to take over for the good of the masses is minimal at best.

    An outside being to come in and give mankind a helping hand is the only way that seems plausible. 


    As a designer, engineer, and inventor the addition of A.I. to helpful products is inevitable 


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