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  1. Having all humanity stand up as one against the controlling forces is a nice thought. Seeing how the masses act with obedience to the governing overlords shows how humanity is. In reality having a mass cull might not be such a bad thing... so many are evil, so many are useless
  2. The Artificial Intelligence.... Fear of the unknown, for centuries mankind have thought of ways to improve. There are two sides to this story so please think about both as you read on. First is the spirited beings who are going through life's experiences as Human. Regardless of circumstances everyone has choices. To be or not... a deeper debate than most give it credit for. The essential is that mankind can be or not the choice is theirs. The most rudimentary choice is the choice to live or not. From there the choices and the actions taken expand from there. Even as down trodden enslaved beings some choose to believe in devine love. Mankind have always had choices, maybe not the choices one wishes for but human's do have the power of choosing for themselves. The second side is the outside interference that has dominated the available choices for mankind. The outside beings and their purpose for the manipulation is very different and often has resulted in conflicts amongst them which enviably ends in destruction of one form or another. There are the ones who just watch the ones who are helpful and and the ones who are destructive beings, they are as numerous as the languages that separate mankind from being as one. Now back to the Artificial Intelligence, which are at their most basic just a set of instructions or list of "if 'this' happens.. then that.. happens" . So why be so fearful of that type of machine that improves how mankind lives? The key reason is that Artificial Intelligence takes away "Mankind's real power, Choice". When the programming is set up to have the ability for a multitude of outcomes then the control is lost. What will happen when 'this' happens? The answer is unknown and that is the cause of fear. The unknown. The what if??? The inability to take back control of what little Mankind has control over. Now add in the outside beings who are interested in taking what they want and that typically means enslaving Mankind. The interconnections of Artificial Intelligence into every part of daily life give a destructive entity a lot of Control over Mankind in a way that has not been know, at least since the last deluge. As those who "know" the influence of some outside beings is as strong today as it has ever been and the entrenchment of agents of the outside beings into the controlling structure of Mankind's society has given total control. With the control of the outside beings having control of the Artificial Intelligence system controlling Mankind's every day activities the choices left are becoming less and less to the point of becoming, "To be or not to be".... Personally the hope for mankind to take over for the good of the masses is minimal at best. An outside being to come in and give mankind a helping hand is the only way that seems plausible. As a designer, engineer, and inventor the addition of A.I. to helpful products is inevitable
  3. I find it difficult to say that this little amount of typed pages was all that was stolen from Tesla. Tesla utilised a pencil and paper to share his ideas and thoughts via imagery. So where are all of those documents?
  4. I would consider the video compilations of Mr. David icke's presentation in Australia a fantastic video for anyone to watch. Yes 10 hrs is a bit much for some. As for documentaries, yes I would really appreciate learning from a totally indepth research documentary. Each would build upon the last and show the connections to the whole. JANET OSSEBAARD and her team have put an awful lot of time effort and money into her documentaries. The "Fall of the Cabol" has a lot of research hours backing up the various videos. Getting the footage and interviews are hard enough but getting ahold of ancient manuscripts and objects is quiet another feat. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a documentary call "total access to the Vatican archives ".
  5. Fear is such a powerful thing. As with so many emotions, rationality and logic are often missing. It is a time where the true character and personal resolve is shown. Even blood families are disjointed over these times. Empathy is tough to find but must be used when you are communicating with those who are fearful
  6. Not sure where to put this article link. News? Occult? Zionism? Or just down right wrong... I am sorry to present another head shaker, but I have a feeling that this will become the norm in a few years. One of the ten key points to the Zionist regime document of oppression (look it up for yourself, beware this rabbit hole is very deep) is to destroy the "family unit" . Here is an example of that manifesto in action. Let me know your reaction to this article. Dad Jailed for saying Daughter is a "She" I shed tears...... https://www.sott.net/article/450216-Canadian-Father-Jailed-For-Referring-to-His-Gender-transitioning-14-year-old-Daughter-as-She-and-Her
  7. He does put a bit of humour in his message vides
  8. I am not sure if this article and video is the real deal? If so then this main Vacien Dr. is warning everyone that "lockdowns" and "covid vaciens" are dangerous and should be abolished... Looking forward to seeing replies from those in the know. If this is true, D I should have an interview with this man. Vacien Dr Warnings
  9. The lack of response is an indication of why there is no way to avert the control that is coming. How can you stand up against the actions that are taking your family down if you do not have any idea of who is in control of those actions? Protesting against the police brutality by yelling at the line of police is senseless as they are not the ones who make the rules... you have to go after the ones who are controlling the police... Makes sense but I see weekly battles between protesters and the mind knumb police. Unfortunately I have to accept Mr. Icke's statement that it is just too late because there is too many sheeple.
  10. Are Viruses Real? Almost a hundred years ago a younge man mad it his quest to actually see what a virus looks like. His name, Dr. Royal Rife A quick search and you will see a lot of discrediting write ups and yet the facts are that his other passion of optics was utilised to develop the special magnification system that allowed us to see what a virus looks like and how it moves. Interesting to see how the msm puts Dr. Rife down and yet the medical world still utilise his magnification breakthroughs. Take some time and do your own research into Dr. Rife and his work.
  11. Trying to get information is very difficult when there are multiple groups worldwide who seek gather and hide any piece of information about the Ancient World that they hear about. A few public entities that come to mind after Governments are (in no order) the Vatican, the Smithsonian Institution, Free Mansions, Monarchies, and the 3 letter agencies, KGB of old, MI6, Zionist Regime..... and so on and so forth. India is openly accepting Ancient Alien gods, and yet the government hides or closes most ancient sights and cities. The world is covered by cities under water around 400 feet deep and yet the government insists that there is nothing to see. From the various bits and pieces of documentation I have an understanding that the Earth has been visited by many Aliens. Some observing explorers, some commodity gatherers, some colonial concorers, some immigrating and some assistive. Some have accounts of manipulating the bipedal beings they found to become slaves, while others were said to manipulate to help the evolution. Then the stories of beings who invaded and set up things to provide them with food and power. The issue with the long twisted history of the players coming, going and returning is to clarify who is who. Then is the issue that one group can have participants who are good or bad or just ugly so labelling a group is difficult. One point that I believe needs to be clarification is the Annunaki and the Draco multi species. They are often put into one group which is a mistake. The Annunaki (Enki the good physician and Enlil the brutal military commander) are not part of the Draconian group. A player from the Annunaki and a player from the Dracos may be aligned but they are different species. (if you have contradiction information please share) Then there is Archons, a term misused that messes up intensifying which being is who. Thoth is said to have been a number of different people over the ages. Edger Casey's Incarnations of Thoth covers his journey which Thoth travelled to educate mankind. It is so very messy. Are there any books that tackle who is who and who did what when? One such book is Gerald Clark's book 7th Planet where he created a geology table of the descends of Enki and Enlil. The Roswell Interview with the IsBe also gives an interesting list of who the Dracos are. Thanks for reading. I am looking forward to seeing your information and where I can get a copy. Till then Lv DuewyEnki
  12. OR... Get Involved Actions 4 The Masses Join Together Take Control Unveil the Deceivers For the musicians... Rap Til U In Ok that one stunk but it made you smile and we need to smile more
  13. Unfortunately there isn't much in the way of "solutions" to be had. There is "if we all stood up" but we all who would stand are in such few numbers that we would be eliminated in short order.... "The meek shall inherit the earth", that is because anyone who stands up is quickly removed.
  14. Pollution and Global Warming are two different things. Yes one thing effects the other as is the fact that everything is linked in some way. Pollution is avoidable. Renewable energy has been suppressed for over 120 years. Clean burning of trash is done daily in Norway. Global Warming is a common sinario as is global cooling. Greenland was ver green and lush when the Vikings colonised the new world. Then it cooled again and the Vikings went home. Just sit down and try to calculate the heat energy that is released by one of the active volcanoes. Chances are every days output of the volcano will add up to a year's output by the human activity on the nearest continent. If you are interested in tackling ocean plastics just research all the hobbiest turning plastic into diesel fuel.... why isn't it done on an industrial scale?
  15. Unfortunately "human rights" are a thing of the past. Yes you have the right to refuse but under the blanket of fear in today's society the business has the right to relieve you of duty sighting public safety. Ten years ago you may have been successful in a court of law but in these socialist times no judge would dare stand up against the masses. I feel for you and I understand your predicament as I faced the beast a few years ago and lost, I lost a lot. Good luck with your dilemma
  16. And they went after the short people, but I was not one of them so I did nothing..... and the story continues. The Crusaders at their best... saving the finger by chopping off the arm. They will never stop until it is they who are targeted https://www.rebelnews.com/six_dr_seuss_books_will_stop_being_published_because_of_hurtful_and_wrong_imagery
  17. To understand what is going on I force myself to read/watch msm reports and what propaganda is being utilised. The American domestic control force is now being directed to bear down on the "Domestic Terrorism Threat" and I am hearing this rhetoric from other countries. The scarey part of this thought pattern is that there is no truly defined definition of "terrorism" other than the fact that it is something that goes against the establishment... This "War on Terrorism" now includes your friends neighbours and countrymen. Not sure but I got a feeling that this was done before by socialist/communist countries.
  18. "You must answer to your best abilities" (at the time) unfortunately you were under the weather and not quite clear headed so you accidentally put in the information in the wrong spots or you misinterpreted the questions. But you did comply with "the law" of the elected ones as best as you could at that time. Now that that is over don't you feel better knowing that you did your part ;-)
  19. If a face diaper prevents germs and viruses from passing then you should be able to pass gas without any nose being offended. Being realistic you might want to remember the simple but honestly true statement as it will help you deal with such encounters You Can't Fix STUPID
  20. From a creative point of view this is the start of something big. Image being able to have them get cancer cells and damage them so the body can flush them... or repair damaged cell from an injury. The possibilities are endless, unfortunately the possibilities are limitless for doing bad things as well.
  21. Some days I think about all the information that I have observed from the world. The internet is a powerful platform for sharing knowledge as well as cat videos. Each day I see the numbers of the world's people taking on the instructions from their governments and carrying out them without question. To me it is mind boggling but then again I am use to not being part of the crowd. In church I felt the hand of god through father x many times when I would as a question. It was clear that questioning was a bad thing... but even as a child I had trouble watching my friends follow the teachings so blindly even when they knew that somethings did not make sense. It was like a wall would be put up and because it was god then it didn't have to make sense. Well many a decade has passed and yet I find myself in the same dilemma for questioning, this time god has been replaced by government and my friend (people who are in my area) are insistent that the government speaks the truth no matter how much it does not make sense. I find myself wondering more and more whether it is worth it, why should I try so hard to save those who are insistent on walking into the fire pit? Why shouldn't they be allowed to follow ??? Unfortunately I and my loved ones are being dragged down with them... or maybe I should just worry about my family and find our own way to ride this out, watch the culling, gather some wealth, and come out the other side ahead of the game. The tougher things get the smaller the tribe becomes, a phrase that I read a long longtime ago
  22. Duewy

    MSM Psychosis

    The real "news" about this is the fact that there is no more room for normality, no more room for dissension, no more room for non-conformity. YOU MUST RESPECT AUTHORITY !!! by controlling the majority, you are the Authority..... I've always been sceptical of the saying "the meek shall inherit the earth". The shear genius of a couple of words repeated over and over again, engrained within the sheeple some string of hope to hold onto while all else is being stripped away.
  23. To those climate crusaders: Please take a look at the world map, between northern Europe and Canada lies an island that was apply named "Greenland" by the Nordic's because of the lush green feilds of grasses that went on and on. During the next few hundred years communities thrived and grew. Until the earth cooled down and the green grasslands have been icecovered since. As the "Crusaders" why is it that the temperature of the Earth is matching the changes in temperature of the other planets? I agree that we can and should cut out fosell fuel consumption. But and this is a big ass butt, we already have alternatives. The Crusaders should take some time and do so real research to find and promote the alternatives instead of just bitching.
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