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  1. It would be great to see the "anonymous folks" hack into the "Vacien Passport Database" and include millions of people who are not on the list. 😁

    Kind of like the 3 AM Joe vote, it just mysteriously happens 

    If you can please send this request along to the proper channels 






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  2. I have been looking for examples of simple effective ways to get the "sheeple" questioning......


    The following pic is a great example of simplicity at its best.

    Powerful message without having to think read or make connections all which require effort is not that easy to create. 


    The following image shows so much hypocrisy without any reading (even though there are two sentences).


    If you know of similarly simplistic pictures please pass the image or link along here or pm me.


    Thanks for your time 

    Duewy Enki 


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  3. First may I  suggest that everyone should read the "Georgian Guide Stones "


    Secondly the issue of global population growth is easily resolved by educating the female population.  Every region which has educated the women has seen a decline in birthrates and population growth. 

    Instead of wasting time and money in useless project simply give every Female 14 up to 22 the birth control implant and educate them. 

    The world would be a much better place in 20 years.

  4. On 5/22/2021 at 6:22 AM, DougASmall said:

    Christ is God 

    The most high God EL Elyon. 

    Immanuel means with us is EL. 

    Christ is the only way out. 


    Christ is not in religion. 

    Religion means to bind in bonds. 

    The truth is to set you free. 

    Truth and religion are diametrically opposed. 


    The truth and peace are the same thing. 


    Are you referring to "Jashua of the Nazarene"?

    Please research into everything.

    The term Christ is the short form for the term of Christos which  is a title for the "anointed one" .

    Sir Lawrence Gardener has done some very interesting research into the quest for Christ.

    It shakes the core belief system of many folks but if they would research even farther they would find that their resolve to follow the teachings of Jashua of the Nazarene is a very uplifting and honourable thing to do.

    Take the chastised "book of Thomas" which is a beautiful insight into the true love of the Creator of All, the organized religion groups detest the message Included because it shows that all you need is within. 

    Truth is there but unfortunately it needs to be separated from the controlling entities. 

  5. The scenario is the same world wide. Small little bits of information introduced to the masses, then out comes the big news. This happened two years ago with news about the Spanish flue stories which precluded the Chinese viruses, then the big one, the killer flue that has filled the streets with corpses and has decimated the population.  (That was the MSM take which once again turned out to be fake news)


    Well the stories of UFO and invasions from space have been creeping up from the back pages and now the stories are nearing the headlines. 

    Case in point the link below outlines how the the UFO story is now a main story for a national news organisation. (This news organisation is heavily funded by the socialist government and is controlled very tightly) 

    Here is the link to the pdf.







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  6. Looks like there is a push for the  "Mandatory Vacine" . Snippets of "ability to test people to see if the have the proper 'vacien' " is popping up around the msm.

    Should be interesting to see what exactly the test is looking for. 

    If it is so easy to test for then it should be easy for independent individuals to find.


    The NAZIS regime was all about "papers", the socialists are interested in "passports"


    Those who have lived through socialism must be having terrible nightmares.

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