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  1. If there is NO documentation that the COVID 19 Virus exists can you please post the bs documents that are being used to support the push for the shot?? If you can point out all the false statements that are being used to support the false claims then we can be prepared for the face to face discussions with the people who have been misinformed. (Remember that a lot of people believe that they are protecting their families and that is something that you do not want to challenge, you must assure them that you are also committed to the safety and wellbeing of their family and friends. Stay focused on asking other to help you find true real information) Without real information debates are pointless
  2. Quite the interesting read. A number of tidbits of information throughout the article. The reporter/author couldn't wait to trash D.Icke but said nothing against the flamboyant suitor.
  3. The plan is in place and it is playing out fairly close to the program. Just keep a vigel for the preparation of the masses (I was going to use Sheple but there is no need for more name calling and misguiding labels) The key ones are news stories about "variants I other countries", then the reports of increased cases in your country the region. Then come the calls to "save lives" by limiting travel to and from elsewhere. Then everything will be set for the suggested "lockdown for your own good". Meanwhile the "elite" as they like to be referred by will be living life to the fullest. Enjoy your time with your family. It's all that you have to look forward to.
  4. Is it just me or is there a line even the cabal won't cross? You must volunteer You are always given a choice: you either accept the jab or live with the imposed restrictions Not much of a choice but there is always a factor of You taking the injection on "Your own free will" This is something to do with the Law of One and Karma that keeps the domineering beings from imposing their will upon others. It would be interesting to see if someone could figure out a way to hold those responsible for the injustices to account under the "Cosmic Laws"
  5. Personally I just gave up fighting with morons so I cover my mouth with a cloth shield and the masses leave me be... This is not a fight with sheep It is a struggle for independence from the "Archons" Focus on the Big picture so you do not get bogged down with the irrelevant Feel the energy Be the energy
  6. This is coming to a point where a sidedoor access to the control/restriction "passport" would have a great effect.... Hopefully someone will see this and put their skills to use helping others.
  7. Information is so valuable Read and study "the Emerald Tablets " this may take a bit to wrap your head around most of the information. Read the Sumerian Clay Tablets, or refer to work done by such researchers such as Sitchen, and Gerald Clark . Then you will find that the earth beings have been battling with the shifty invaders of other vibratory domains for eons and eons. Ke Non Gon Words only man can utter that when spoken properly will lift their vail of deception and others will see them as they are.....
  8. You need to learn how to identify "non symptom" asymptomatic carriers... oh they are the most dangerous
  9. Nice to see more independent journalists working to bring you truth It is unfortunate that there are also many so called journalists who are out to push a narrative, truth be dammed
  10. Having someone's life taken is a terrible thing but to ten cover it up , deplorable. Folks need to share their stories so we can see the true depths of the tiaranny https://www.sott.net/article/457386-BBC-presenter-Lisa-Shaw-44-died-of-brain-hemorrhage-caused-by-AstraZeneca-injection-coroner-inquest-finds
  11. remember the change in Boris Johnson after he emerged from 'hospital') There have been a great number of political persons who have changed their view points in the last few decades. Just look into R.Reagon before and after the shooting. Look at local politicians who use to stand up for the people and now....
  12. Actually this is a deeper question than it first appeared If we are a Soul Being wrapped up in a body then wouldn't she be the same? The Tabbetin monks believe that the Soul Being incarnates all life forms. Yes this is a deep question
  13. Discussions from the average lay person and you are left with the impression that everyone involved in "government" is evil and controlling everything. The informed group realizes that the "elected people who are governing" are here today and gone tomorrow. (Or is that hare today and goon tomorrow) The people who are in "controlling positions" are there for the long term. They are the consultants the bureaucrats the lobiests and the advisors. Non of whom are elected let alone seen by the average people. So when you hear or use the term "the government " is doing this that or the other thing, try to be specific as to what level of control you are referring to. Your local mayor or councilor who asks the Township to look into repairing the playstructure or the Federal parliament representative who is begging the roads commissionor to fix the hiway off ramp. Notice that neither voted member has "power" they just have a public appearance. The real power lays in the hands of the folks who prowel in the back hallways and offices. So the next time you hear someone bitching about something and saying that they will vote for a change, just remember that the change is only for the level of people who will be begging for aid from those behind the scenes. My 2 cents Duewy The frustrated Canadian voter
  14. Well the Socialist Government of Canada has decided that they will hold an election in September 2021. Question is, why bother voting? South of the border we seen the most in your face vote corruption . Europe is still in the grips of a few autocrats in Brussels and it doesn't seem there is any opposition to the imposed dictatorship. China is controlled by 6% of the population where North Korea is something from the dark ages. All the "restructuring and democratization" that Afganistan has seen seems to be working well. So the question is, why should the average person try to get their voices heard by voting in an election? Here is a video from a splinter political group that is showing signs of representation of the silent majority. Please share your thoughts https://www.chelseahillierppc.ca/
  15. Watching the documentary videos from this lady over the years has been very enlightening. A modest look into a lot of deep subjects. Definitely worth a look. https://youtube.com/c/UniverseInsideYou Duewy Enki
  16. Finally some great news to share. Court rules against the Covid-Hoax Enjoy, it is a great start Breaking Down the Lies
  17. Sometimes it is best to bring in a subject from the side instead of head on. Rather than saying anything anti-shot remind the audience of the past events. "No flies on me. Government sprayed us with DDT" "9 out of 10 Dr's recommended menthol cigarettes for people with soar throat " There are so many notable examples Weapons of Mass Destruction, (covid needles)
  18. Oh that will fire up the haters... a .RU search engine. Personally I will add it to my resource list BUT Many have to release a lot of propaganda brainwashing to accept anything from the "evil bear"
  19. When they came for those blue collar workers I was asked to help them, but I was not a blue collar worker so I stood aside and watched them take the blue collar workers away. Then they came for me .....
  20. Knowledge is never a waist of time. One thing Dr. Greer has straight is the fact that why would those who have mastered space/time travel waist their time with single target projectile weapons... There is a lot of information about the deep state and the use of false flag operations
  21. Read 7th Planet Mercury Rising by Gerald Clark. Then you will have a better understanding of who's who
  22. Please stop linking to Alphabet sites...
  23. Looks like it would fit right in with any Myan museum. Interesting how some statues / carvings look like they were created by the same artist
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