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  1. Nothing about the "Fuck Truedeau " chants at 10 Downey Street?
  2. Have you read any of Sir Lawrence Gardener's ?
  3. Hoping that you are able to expose the people who are behind the curtain, the ones' who are controlling the puppet PM. thanks for your hard work
  4. What about the NDA'S he had young ladies sign?
  5. Not good as I am gearing up to spend some time studying the Sun Pyramid. It is the only pyramid that allows outsiders to openly tour around
  6. Canadians are now under Martial Law... It is going to get messy
  7. When you are in doubt just remember that Round is a "Shape" So yes, you are in shape
  8. I can relate to your situation all too well I'm afraid to say. I am seeing glimpses of a [f U] here and there. In Canada a big trucking rally is happening from coast to coast. It is surprising to see the numbers of supporters rallying against the government. Its as if they needed a purposeful event in order to get together under one cause. Time will tell
  9. A little video explaining the Nano Tech in your latest vax https://unshackledminds.com/evidence-of-self-assembling-nano-circuitry-in-the-pfizer-vaccine/
  10. I have a feeling that this is not the only one out there... https://www.brighteon.com/41db44c9-bf32-4e7c-bc2f-bf33830da2b9 One a predator always a predator
  11. "agree it would be nice to embed other than jew tube videos." please take a moment to separate the evil ones from the misguided ones. belonging to a faith because of love is not the same as manipulating those who belong to the group. This is a small wording change but it changes so much from jew-tube to Zionist controlled j-tube.
  12. What is the "Purpose" of the site? What separates this from others? What/Who is the target Audience? What are the measurement targets to hit for the site's work to be credited a success? Just somethings that I did not find as I am interested in the idea but I am not sure if my work or visions will fit. Duewy Enki
  13. Ken Wheeler has done some great research on magnetism/gravity/electrics I am hoping that someday I will be able to get an understanding of the information or find someone who can relate the information in a way that I can wrap my head around.
  14. Solar Flair? Rule one is to always have a scape goat. If there is going to be a solar flair then what a better way to trigger the vax-toxins than a huge EMF burst. So many other things will be triggered that will cause mass carnage so it would be easy to deflect the blame... Always in the shadows Always another pawn to sacrifice
  15. Duewy

    PC Santa

    Due to the political correct movement St. Nicholas has been barred from saying "ho ho ho" Santa's will now be heard with the politically correct phrase," lady of the evening, lady of the evening...." ;-)
  16. Duewy

    Is this legal?

    Seriously? You still believe that there is a moral code? A governing rule of law that is fair and just? When you find the land of utopia, please just keep quiet and lock the gates behind you. It won't be long before they find and corrupt your new home. I am wondering how bad will it need to become before the masses begin to fight back? Will it be within my lifetime or have I just condemed my grandchildren to a life of repression? Is it legal you ask. Legal is a state of mind that is agreed upon by the masses. Whether it be a shared agreement or an imposed statement.
  17. Is there ever going to be "good news" anymore?
  18. This is a link to the first of four Parts of David Icke Australian tour
  19. Syrian Girl She gave an interesting speech at a rally in Perth. She is, well was a chemist at Pyzer and she tells it like she sees it.
  20. And then there is my favorite version.
  21. Another version which is somewhat catchy at the mid point
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