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  1. It is becoming common knowledge that the only way to avoid incarceration is to get the "pass" or "mark of the beast" showing you got injected with the "vacien". It is what is inside the bottle that worries many. Items of a metallic manner. So, if a magnet is placed on the bottom of the bottle would the metalic components become removed from the vacine? Would any medical person disagree with having a magnet taped to the bottom of the bottle? Think about it
  2. It would be interesting to see if someone is able to show us the decoding of the vibration information that is emited from those rings.
  3. Hey folks. To the knowing this is a silly question as it is the basis from which all is being scripted today, for others it is something new. I am looking an English translation of the ancient playbook that describes the events so clearly. I do recall Mr. Icke talking about it as did Mrs. Ossesbaard in one of her documentaries. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hopefully on a nice beach with a drink under a shady palm tree, the lady has endured so much....
  5. I have a question for the Icke Team. If the latest 2019 flue is so deadly then where are the piles of bodies from the refugee camps that are around the world?? They should be full of debilitated, and deceased. The news would be showing thousands of thousands of dead and dying around the world. Could someone shed some light on this????
  6. Very interesting to see someone so smart with such a vast amount of resources just sit back and do nothing but whisper
  7. Being one who felt the joy, anger, deception, or love in a room before I enter I am having a bit of a difficult time dealing with the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness anytime I am near any group of people. The joy and happy feeling is something that I don't come across anymore. Even groups of children are more sad than anything. For those who also pickup other's feelings I wish I could say that there is better days ahead but unfortunately I can't see any thing that will change the course of the downward spiral we are on. Any suggestions for the future ? Till then
  8. I realise that this isn't actually David's work but I think that Carol's message from decades ago is so true and describes what we can do. The video is short and key point is within the last 40 seconds
  9. Not all LED lights emit the same frequencies. Some LED lights ,as with the old fashioned incidence lights, emit a variety of frequencies that depend upon the materials and makeup. The one thing about LED lights is that they require a fraction of the power and output very little heat as well as being reliable and robust. Now the ugly truth, yes the LED lights can be configured to emit secondary frequencies that may be utilised to create an effect of a positive or negative way. Personally I am replacing the florescent lights with a soft LED lighting system. Keep learning
  10. Duewy

    Do Something

    I like the chart approach. Visual is the best method to communicate. From some of the courses years ago I remember a few things that may come in handy here. First glance sets the tone. You have 7 seconds to get the information out. Simplistic colouring with a purpose is a vital part of the message Include the audience with positivity Ask for a only little I am going to try to creat a few variations that will hopefully be geared for my region
  11. Duewy

    Do Something

    As with many in this mixed up world I have been shielding myself from those who have been following blindly. Is there any thing that can be done to open up some minds without inflaming the already damaged hearts? This is a question / statement that I hear over and over from enlightened minds, "we must show the world the truth". But how to get the information out other without challenging personal dogma? Without challenging the basic essence of what people are , what they believe , what they will except. An old proverb starts off with, "you can lead a horse to water but "... Instead of leading why not induce a desire. Enstill a desire to qualify, to question, to learn. Create a "need to know ". When tasked with something that I do not know or am not skilled I seek assistance. So I am asking for your help. Your help to create fliers pamplets or stickers to get out the message and start that thought process needed to get the minds rolling. A pleasant way to start a wave of humanity Looking forward to seeing how the creative minds work D
  12. How to convince someone to change their thoughts? Interesting issue I seek those who are skilled so I may learn Seek out those who manipulate the thoughts of others to learn how to influence thoughts and perspectives all the while having others feel that they have created the thoughts themselves. "You can lead a horse to water but you can not force it to drink" "Others run the horse then offer it water"
  13. Print off the article that discuss issues that the WHO have with the vaccination trials which caused 20000 people to be crippled by polio. Seeing is believing
  14. Take a look at this article. It marks a major step in the right direction https://www.aier.org/article/the-great-barrington-declaration-and-its-critics/
  15. Those who stand as "Pro Life" must show by doing and adopt and raise the ones or support the mothers for the 18 years. Those who stand as "Pro Choice" must show by doing and provide care counselling and services before during and after for youth and mothers. If you don't walk it then don't talk it
  16. It would be great to get a chance to see Mr. Icke in person at an event. If not to directly met the Man then finding like minded people who also looking for others. Sitting back and acknowledging the "Truth" is doing nothing other than setting up a frustrating personal mindset. I must say how impressed I am with the strength that David and his family must have for them to take on the world. So the question is, how are you doing your part? Share in a vague way to avoid repercussions from the online stockers.
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