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  1. Ah the Question that can not be fully understood 

    Common points from my years of study constantly end in the same area.

    The "Creator of the All" thought about what might be and that is what we are, a manifestation of the Creator's wonderment. 

    Then the next question is the one that hurts the head, "Where did the Creator come from"?

    I stay away from this as it always ends in just giving me a headache 

  2. Exposure will force the "nah" sayers to pick one side or the other.

    The biggest issue is that the mass population wants to "be saved" and refuse to actually stand up and save themselves. 

    Passive people are submitting with their silence...

    As for the strength of frequency,  yes that is why the standard 432 A chord was taken from us in the early 1900's by the Rockfeller foundation and replaced with the destructive 440 A Chord Standard.

  3. Yes nothing to see here just move along,  is the push from media and the Whitehouse. 

    But wait, take a minute and look into this bill and once the verbiage is stripped away light is shed on the purpose of this bill.

    Allow Pfizer to implant Ai nanotechnology into the next batch of covid shots and make sure everyone will have to conform 

    A good article outlines what is going on 


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  4. Hey Folks

      Hope everyone is able to find the greatness in the world around, even in dark days we are not a absolute ZERO and so we have energy around, we just have to avoid the bad and migrate towards the good energy/vibrations...


    With that bit of "have a nice day" I am looking to find a link to where I can actually find the true ancient translation break down for names such as "Michael" and the related "Rafael, Gabriel, Samuel" names.


    There must be a site where someone has done all of the work to break the names down and provide the best assemblance of the true meanings for each component of the names.


    Take "Michael" it is 3 segments of Mic Ha and El that are brought together to best describe a person...


    Thanks to all who have made contrabutions to this forum. Yes even those trollers who are out to damage things, I do learn from your actions as well as those who are positive people.


    Duewy Enki

  5. As an educator I am saddened every day to witness the moral decay, no actually the replacement of any and all morals with morbid decay...

    Since I spoke up, and paid a heavey price, I can say that I tried.

    Being one up against a million people who would not take a stand,  I was overwhelmed by the shear volume of nepotism 

    When the million become one, then, and only then, will there be a change.


    I am seeing more and more grumbling in the backrooms, when the voices merge together there will be force enough to change....

    But until then the cowards rule.


    Yes complacency is a quiet form of approval 


    The millions are approving of their demise


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  6. 17 hours ago, Fluke said:

    What the fuck indeed. Can someone shed a light into their obsession with children? I've never understood it apart from the ritualistic abuse feeding off energy stuff, and the fact they want to degenerate society further is there something within these classes that makes them attracted to children? 

    Does Monster's Inc. come to mind?

  7. Another death from the sky... what happened to jury of your peers? 

    What happened to a trial?

    Or was this similar to how they tried witches,  if she drouwd she was just possessed by it she didn't drowned then she was a witch and she was hung.

    If the missile hit him his evil demon was sleeping but if the missile missed him he was an evil demon and would have been shot.


    Gotta love the merican double shuffle 


    What's good for gm is good for merica but what's good for merica ain't gm

  8. Yes the rain grabs the airborne particals from the clouds down which can be quite a distance. 

    So all pollen and airborne fungus (a normal thing, do not get any ideas of disaster going) mixed with the dust kicked up by our activities and a new normal thing. Along comes rain and brings it all down. 

  9. Simply stated

    What happens when there are more people in the cart than are pushing the cart?


    For those who are on welfare....

    You have no ability or Right to improve 

    You are at the mercy of the controllers


    Unfortunately the controllers do not possess any empathy for merciful compassion. 


    The road is clear.... all they need is a mandate from the moronic masses

  10. Evil yes it is in the essence of some

    One being that is master of all evil, I'm going to stand up and say no. 

    It would be nice and convenient to have a single being to whom we could direct our focus onto. One being that could be defeated.  One being to avoid. 

    But alas our world is not that simplistic. 


    EVIL is within us all.


    Use the metafor of the tribal Americans, we have two competing wolves within us all. A loving Wolfe and a hateful wolf. 

    The Wolfe who is the leader is the one you feed the most.

    So much in that statement.  Both Wolves stay within us. Both live and both are fed by us. 

    It is up to us to nurture the Wolfe we desire


    Interesting how a face or being was given to personify evil by the Catholic Church.  

    What a decipfully clever way to control the masses.

    If at first the carrot does not work, bring out the stick. A stick that is self administered by those with a conscience. 

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  11. I think that rwtk may enjoy reading Gerald Clark's book Mercury Rising the 7th Planet.

    Gerald has done a lot of work to connect the dots that I think you will find informative. 


    Yes under YHWY the masses were slaughtering as well as being slaughtered.

    The book Escape from Edan delves into the various characters that called themselves god in the scriptures

  12. Tight security makes it difficult to verify the gossip and chat I have gotten


    Lockdown has lead to upheaval of Leadership.....


    Anyone have any verification of this? 

    If it is true, someone is stirring up things. 

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