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  1. This is disturbing for those whom have a conscience. Seems that the president of Ukraine has been paying for his position. Not sure which evil they serve but the payment is with children. https://www.sott.net/article/491978-The-child-snatchers-Olena-Zelenska-Foundation-seizes-Ukrainian-children-and-sells-them-to-British-pedophiles Will these creatures ever be held to account?
  2. The "tobacco" of today and the original wild tobacco plant look nothing alike. Talk about GMO it would be the modern version of tobacco I grew up on tobacco farm so I can say that I have some experience and knowledge
  3. For opening my eyes with your tireless investigation and amazing reporting videos. I truly believe that we have lost one of the good ones. https://trendsnewsline.com/2023/11/30/janet-ossebaard-death-the-fall-of-the-cabal-maker-found-dead-suicide-suspected-death-obituary/
  4. If a crowd just watches as one assaults another they are saying with their actions that they agree with the assault, otherwise they would have done something to stop the assault and prevent it from reoccurring. If this is true then Billions are condoning the mass extinction of innocent people. I feel ashamed of myself "And when they came for me I cried for help, but no one came to my aid, as they were all gone"
  5. Take a look at the work that Gerald Clark had done. https://youtu.be/zBMUDuk48-w?si=xsja4kECgvJN0J4W A fantastic audio version of The Lost Book of Enki is then to link everything look into Paul Wallis who uses his experience as an Ache Decon studying the roots of the Bible and what it really says. Sorry but this will be the end of how you thought the world was. Then and only then you may be able to follow the workings of Janet Ossebaard
  6. From the bits and pieces that I have found my impression is that some of the Annunaki were infiltrated by some of the reptilians who intern were infiltrated by the evil_ consciousness. It is this evil_consciousness that is the driving force towards the one computer controlled system. Tough to fight an entity that you can not see hear or touch. Tougher yet when the actual fight itself feeds this entity. .Day of the Dove. Star Trex https://youtu.be/Mf9MWaKKANA
  7. As the Zodiac is or is to be into the next cycle with the next ruler the leaving ruler is joined by the other ten who are all posturing for better positions. YAWAY (yes sp is messed on purpose) has unleashed the servants. It would be great if D.I. would connect to dots with the ancient ones who are still controlling so much and how they have been manipulated by the invading force.
  8. Been there done that a few times. Movement doesn't have to be a complete change. But on that note sometimes a complete refocus is invigorating. One thing that I keep bumping into is that the more you learn the more that knowledge overlaps subject boundaries. Case in point. Frequency is studied in music, electronics, mechanics, as well as healing and communication. I wonder how smart we could become if we lived for a few hundred years, or even the 120 that we were promised ... Good luck with your search for a new focus in your life.
  9. So sad it's true. Thanks for sharing
  10. Starting to see some poor youngsters with qwad hyphenated names.... Next generation will be Octal last name... {;>))
  11. Prepare the crowds for the day...
  12. After reading this article and watching the attached video I really wish that people would spend more time researching than yacking. First off they mis-Quote Sitchen by saying that mankind was created by reptilians.... Research work done by Gerald Clark and you will find that the engineers were/are not reptilian. But some have been interacting with the reptilians that were the downfall of the earlier years (Atlantis) . Review the Emerald Tablets. Even the heavily edited book (bible) does mention them as the ones who control from the shadows. Please ask the website master to put the full information on this story https://davidicke.com/2023/07/09/david-icke-now-being-vindicated-with-his-most-far-out-claim-the-world-laughed
  13. Turkey must have acquired a great deal of presents for their support. Infiltration has brought corruption to all once honoured institutions
  14. Which Tuesday is this going to happen? I want to make sure I set the pvr up
  15. Good question I do not have one event or trigger point that got me wondering but instead I have always seen the mismatch of my surroundings. Sitting in church and having to listen to a rude bully adult read a passage of scripture that pointed out that we must be good people.... or being shown the guidance and love of God's love with every stroke of the thick leather strap whenever I wished for clarification on a number of stories from the Bible that just never add up. One thing that still astounds me is no mater where the journey starts truth seakers almost always end up digging in the same area after a while
  16. No man stand taller than the man who kneels down to help those in need
  17. Twice I've had the joy of playing with this bug. Not fun I remember the flue of 98 that was the big one where most noted they felt like death for a week but also lost a bunch of weight quickly Our memories of past events is so limited that we can not readily recall well enough to have a clear picture longterm loops of various cycles
  18. Ah the Question that can not be fully understood Common points from my years of study constantly end in the same area. The "Creator of the All" thought about what might be and that is what we are, a manifestation of the Creator's wonderment. Then the next question is the one that hurts the head, "Where did the Creator come from"? I stay away from this as it always ends in just giving me a headache
  19. Exposure will force the "nah" sayers to pick one side or the other. The biggest issue is that the mass population wants to "be saved" and refuse to actually stand up and save themselves. Passive people are submitting with their silence... As for the strength of frequency, yes that is why the standard 432 A chord was taken from us in the early 1900's by the Rockfeller foundation and replaced with the destructive 440 A Chord Standard.
  20. Before he was taken away (removed) Gerald had dug quite deep into ghe Rabit Hole I think you may find his work interesting 7th Planet Mercury Rising
  21. The oath was sworn to the "Queen" and now that she is no more does that mean the "oath" is nullify? I am really serious here. If it is null and void then there must be new swearing in and allegiance ceremonies for all those who "serve"
  22. Yes nothing to see here just move along, is the push from media and the Whitehouse. But wait, take a minute and look into this bill and once the verbiage is stripped away light is shed on the purpose of this bill. Allow Pfizer to implant Ai nanotechnology into the next batch of covid shots and make sure everyone will have to conform A good article outlines what is going on https://www.sott.net/article/472306-Biden-signs-executive-order-designed-to-unleash-transhumanist-hell
  23. Thanks but unfortunately your replies are not what I am looking for. I would like to have the ability to find the true origins of the word(s)
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