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  1. Ever wonder why? Ancient scriptures talk about the unveiling of the hidden ones when the sun cycles and bursts of energy hits the earth. Makes me woneder if Billy boy is afraid of loosing his mask
  2. Duewy


    "They" That depends on who "They" are . Can a website be taken over? Can a website become controlled by outsiders? Technically, yes. Big question becomes, is a website/forum worth the effort, is there enough benifit? Sorry for the unwanted answer.
  3. Having all humanity stand up as one against the controlling forces is a nice thought. Seeing how the masses act with obedience to the governing overlords shows how humanity is. In reality having a mass cull might not be such a bad thing... so many are evil, so many are useless
  4. The Artificial Intelligence.... Fear of the unknown, for centuries mankind have thought of ways to improve. There are two sides to this story so please think about both as you read on. First is the spirited beings who are going through life's experiences as Human. Regardless of circumstances everyone has choices. To be or not... a deeper debate than most give it credit for. The essential is that mankind can be or not the choice is theirs. The most rudimentary choice is the choice to live or not. From there the choices and the actions taken expand from there. Even as down trodde
  5. I find it difficult to say that this little amount of typed pages was all that was stolen from Tesla. Tesla utilised a pencil and paper to share his ideas and thoughts via imagery. So where are all of those documents?
  6. I would consider the video compilations of Mr. David icke's presentation in Australia a fantastic video for anyone to watch. Yes 10 hrs is a bit much for some. As for documentaries, yes I would really appreciate learning from a totally indepth research documentary. Each would build upon the last and show the connections to the whole. JANET OSSEBAARD and her team have put an awful lot of time effort and money into her documentaries. The "Fall of the Cabol" has a lot of research hours backing up the various videos. Getting the footage and interviews are
  7. Fear is such a powerful thing. As with so many emotions, rationality and logic are often missing. It is a time where the true character and personal resolve is shown. Even blood families are disjointed over these times. Empathy is tough to find but must be used when you are communicating with those who are fearful
  8. Not sure where to put this article link. News? Occult? Zionism? Or just down right wrong... I am sorry to present another head shaker, but I have a feeling that this will become the norm in a few years. One of the ten key points to the Zionist regime document of oppression (look it up for yourself, beware this rabbit hole is very deep) is to destroy the "family unit" . Here is an example of that manifesto in action. Let me know your reaction to this article. Dad Jailed for saying Daughter is a "She" I shed tears...... https://www.sott.net/article/450216-Canad
  9. He does put a bit of humour in his message vides
  10. I am not sure if this article and video is the real deal? If so then this main Vacien Dr. is warning everyone that "lockdowns" and "covid vaciens" are dangerous and should be abolished... Looking forward to seeing replies from those in the know. If this is true, D I should have an interview with this man. Vacien Dr Warnings
  11. The lack of response is an indication of why there is no way to avert the control that is coming. How can you stand up against the actions that are taking your family down if you do not have any idea of who is in control of those actions? Protesting against the police brutality by yelling at the line of police is senseless as they are not the ones who make the rules... you have to go after the ones who are controlling the police... Makes sense but I see weekly battles between protesters and the mind knumb police. Unfortunately I have to accept Mr. Icke's state
  12. Are Viruses Real? Almost a hundred years ago a younge man mad it his quest to actually see what a virus looks like. His name, Dr. Royal Rife A quick search and you will see a lot of discrediting write ups and yet the facts are that his other passion of optics was utilised to develop the special magnification system that allowed us to see what a virus looks like and how it moves. Interesting to see how the msm puts Dr. Rife down and yet the medical world still utilise his magnification breakthroughs. Take some time and do your own research into Dr. Rife and his work.
  13. Trying to get information is very difficult when there are multiple groups worldwide who seek gather and hide any piece of information about the Ancient World that they hear about. A few public entities that come to mind after Governments are (in no order) the Vatican, the Smithsonian Institution, Free Mansions, Monarchies, and the 3 letter agencies, KGB of old, MI6, Zionist Regime..... and so on and so forth. India is openly accepting Ancient Alien gods, and yet the government hides or closes most ancient sights and cities. The world is covered by cities under water around 400 feet
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