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  1. A big difference between being born into or brought into the fold
  2. Tight security makes it difficult to verify the gossip and chat I have gotten Lockdown has lead to upheaval of Leadership..... Anyone have any verification of this? If it is true, someone is stirring up things.
  3. The truth is not pretty but it is universal. Stan's water powered vehicles have been a viable solution for decades
  4. The truth is not pretty but it is universal. Stan's water powered vehicles have been a viable solution for decades
  5. This story would be a rally call for justice in any other place in the world But in Palastine it will be quickly hushed.... Tragic https://www.aljazeera.com/gallery/2022/5/11/photos-israeli-forces-kill-al-jazeera-journalist-shireen-abu-akleh
  6. Good Question Also I am also curious about what is holding those in the know back from exposing the Reptilian population that are in public? There is a tri-frequency sound that is said will expose the Reptilians and yet for some reason "those who know" will not expose them Why? Are the masses in that strong of a mentality lockdown that the truth will cripple the world?
  7. Unfortunately she was/is one of hundreds of thousands every year This can lead to an appalling dark story. Mr. Icke has shed some light onto this as has Janet Ossebaard and others
  8. 16 large food distribution centers destroyed to-date and yet the FBI is doing nothing... that means someone (something) is ordering them to allow the destruction. Hopefully a local enforcement agency will get culprits and broadcast their confessions before bigbrother scoops in
  9. Is there any one who can share the real background story behind the tragic deaths? (The innocent youth should never be brought into the mess of the elders)
  10. When you die you do not feel the pain that your passing caused others to feel as you don't know you are dead When you are stupid you fo not feel the pain that your being cause others to feel as you do not know you are stupid
  11. Janet's series on the Fall of the Cabal covers this and a lot more in disturbing detail
  12. The "Red Shoes" are made from the skin of children.... Unfortunately this sick piece of trivia is not too difficult to verify
  13. Interesting that everything about ROBERT DUNCAN'S 'THE MATRIX DECIPHERED'. has been removed from YouTube.... Must be worth reading
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