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  1. Sometimes it is best to bring in a subject from the side instead of head on. Rather than saying anything anti-shot remind the audience of the past events. "No flies on me. Government sprayed us with DDT" "9 out of 10 Dr's recommended menthol cigarettes for people with soar throat " There are so many notable examples Weapons of Mass Destruction, (covid needles)
  2. Oh that will fire up the haters... a .RU search engine. Personally I will add it to my resource list BUT Many have to release a lot of propaganda brainwashing to accept anything from the "evil bear"
  3. When they came for those blue collar workers I was asked to help them, but I was not a blue collar worker so I stood aside and watched them take the blue collar workers away. Then they came for me .....
  4. Knowledge is never a waist of time. One thing Dr. Greer has straight is the fact that why would those who have mastered space/time travel waist their time with single target projectile weapons... There is a lot of information about the deep state and the use of false flag operations
  5. Read 7th Planet Mercury Rising by Gerald Clark. Then you will have a better understanding of who's who
  6. Please stop linking to Alphabet sites...
  7. Looks like it would fit right in with any Myan museum. Interesting how some statues / carvings look like they were created by the same artist
  8. So you are telling me that all of the loven movies online are fake...
  9. Technology had to catch up. You will need to open up your window of vision so you can connect all the dots
  10. Interesting video. I'll looking forward to seeing more of your work and research.
  11. It would be great to see the "anonymous folks" hack into the "Vacien Passport Database" and include millions of people who are not on the list. Kind of like the 3 AM Joe vote, it just mysteriously happens If you can please send this request along to the proper channels Thanks
  12. I vote for Mr. David Icke to be appointed to the Order of Merit... Anyone second my motion? Let's make this viral
  13. I have been looking for examples of simple effective ways to get the "sheeple" questioning...... The following pic is a great example of simplicity at its best. Powerful message without having to think read or make connections all which require effort is not that easy to create. The following image shows so much hypocrisy without any reading (even though there are two sentences). If you know of similarly simplistic pictures please pass the image or link along here or pm me. Thanks for your time Duewy Enki
  14. I would like to read your insight about the book "the Spirit Book " and what you took away from it. One question that puzzles me, why are mediums mainly females? Communication is not an easy task when you do not use the same language.
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