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  1. Professor Dolores Cahill discussing a solution for freedom-respecting travel in the age of COVID. The Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance is seeking to create travel options that don’t require travelers to submit to vaccination, face masks or quarantines. Who's joining me in Florida February 2021? https://www.freedomairway.com
  2. Short great mind control videos Mind control example #1 - bit.ly/2z2pt7D Mind control example #2 - bit.ly/2Azu6GC Mind control example #3 - bit.ly/3dDOftW Mind control example #4 - bit.ly/2Xuq3V5 Mind control documentaries and related material attached. Out of The Shadows - bit.ly/2IRClCz Micheal Tsarion – Architects of Control bit.ly/2OzVM2U Alan Watt – Cutting Through The Matrix bit.ly/2qcrNiz Prison Planet – State of Mind – bit.ly/2QbnP91 Jerry Kroth – American Propaganda – bit.ly/2IDyJk7 Adam Curtis – The Century of Self - bit.ly/35kvaZR Psy-War - bit.ly/2ZQrHRH Rule from The Shadows - bit.ly/2ElvE9y Fear and Social Control - bit.ly/3mzlOly Manipulating of the Masses - bit.ly/3mxqyrU Media and The Generations - bit.ly/2G6w0Bh Mark Passio – De-Mystifying The Occult – bit.ly/2PciPPe Scott Retsima – Media on The Brain – bit.ly/2osR64p CIA Mind Control MK-Ultra Documentary – bit.ly/2vi2d3F TV Mind Control Documentary – bit.ly/2zRHyRH Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism, and Vaccines Part 3 - bit.ly/3ogxSbV Quincy Davis – Subconscious War – bit.ly/2BefCMd Truth SteamMedia – The Minds of Men - bit.ly/2E1CygO Interview with Chris Everard - bit.ly/2MuPj6O Jordan Maxwell – The Naked Truth – bit.ly/1BuOYY6 Vaccine documentaries - vaccines aren't promoted because they make you healthy - they're promoted because they make you sick, weak and powerless - jchristoff.com/documentaries-tha…s-of-vaccination/
  3. Overcoming Mind Control Means Recognizing It First By Sharon Daphna - The New Agora, Aug. 2017 Mind control is a topic that is gaining increased attention in the independent media. There are websites and YouTube channels devoted to exposing mind control in Hollywood, and because of the fascination with celebrities and the veils of illusion beginning to lift, exposing the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry, these sites and videos are becoming increasingly popular and videos on the topic are going viral. Considering how the parasitic agenda is perpetrated through media programming, one must wonder how come celebrities continue to promote harmful and amoral ideas to corrupt the minds of the masses. One of several explanations given is that they are under trauma based mind control, or MK Ultra, and are literally mindless puppets of the parasitic order. The MK Ultra program started as an experiment done by the CIA in the 1950s and 60s to create mind controlled assassins. It continues to be used today in the entertainment industry, according to some insiders, such as Roseanne Barr, who came out about MK Ultra in Hollywood in an interview for RT a few years ago. When a victim is traumatized through physical and mental torture, the pain of the situation causes them to disassociate, developing alternate personalities in order to cope with the trauma. Beyonce has described an alternate personality called “Sasha Fierce” that comes out when she’s on stage and does things that Beyonce herself would never do. Nikki Minaj has a boy named “Roman” who lives inside of her and she cannot get rid of him. Multiple personalities that develop as a result of trauma based mind control, are called alters. It’s easy to recognize the extreme mind control in the media, but it is much more difficult to observe the mind control pervading our own lives. Just because we are not all victims of cruel handlers committing atrocities directly against us, we are still being controlled through the programming we watch and through false flag attacks and war keeping us in a constant state of fear. Even the most awakened are still living in a prison of the mind because independent media and activism websites steer them in a direction of fear and submission, just like the mainstream media does. They are often encouraged to appeal to the government to solve the very problems that the government caused. Instead of embracing solutions based in science and spirituality to free humanity from its collective cage, the better funded activist groups make sure that their followers remain terrorized by issues such as geoengineering and “forced” vaccination. Whether or not they are aware of it, these groups act on behalf of the parasitic world order by urging their followers to take the pointless route of protest, rather than embracing ideas like orgone energy, reclaiming our own minds, rejecting the poisons of GMOs and EMF in our lives, and ceasing to give our power away to a fictional authority. They don’t tell you that the government is merely a business entity with no legal jurisdiction over other businesses or over living men and women, nor are they ultimately responsible for our plight here on Earth. It seems like there is no way out of our troubles sometimes, and this is exactly how the parasites need you to feel in order to remain in power. Besides brainwashing through the sights and sounds on television and the internet, we are also manipulated with electromagnetic fields designed to bring out the worst in us. Most people are not aware that the cell phones they carry around are literally controlling their thoughts and actions. Wireless devices of other types, especially wireless routers in the home, have an extreme mind controlling effect on human beings in addition to the health issues caused by frequencies that are incompatible with our bodies’ energetic fields. People are largely unwilling to switch to hardwired internet because of the slight inconvenience it poses. Cell phone towers are transmitters of frequencies that create a certain atmosphere for the day, which can change from one day to the next. Their goal is generally to make a population feel physically weak and tired, and to think and act in a lower vibration of consciousness than they would without the interference. Most people are living in a false reality manufactured by the matrix of frequencies, images, and ideas promoted by the parasitic agenda, which is control over humanity, who they see as their cattle. In John Carpenter’s documentary, “They Live,” it is revealed to the protagonist that all of the world leaders and celebrities are not human, but are monsters from another planet enslaving humanity. They have created a false reality by broadcasting a frequency that hides who they really are behind a holographic human appearance and hides the subliminal messages they have put on billboards, TV, and magazines. An underground activist group has created sunglasses that when worn, reveal the truth. Since this film was created in 1988, before the internet, the only way that this group can get their message out is to cut in on a television signal. The activist broadcaster says that the TVs emit a frequency that controls our minds even when turned off, just as our cell phones do today! There is a tower atop a tall building that constantly puts out a mind control signal that makes the parasites invisible to the humans and obscures the brainwashing messages, just as cell phone towers do today! The parasites are well versed in suppressing the consciousness through frequency, and Hollywood always gives hints disguised as fictional entertainment. If you begin to pay attention and even document strange or negative behavior among your friends, family, and coworkers, you may start to see that there are times when they are not “themselves.” You may even notice it in yourself, if you’re willing to examine the times when you feel negative emotions or feel just a little “off.” There is a reason that smart meters are replacing analog meters, and why wifi is being added to everything, even when completely unnecessary, such as in digital cameras or watering timers. This is the frequency fence that literally restrains the awakening human consciousness. It’s becoming more oppressive and heavy because humans can no longer be deceived with images and fake news stories alone. The awakening humans are bombarded with the energy of fear just as the sleeping ones are. If one is too strong to be effectively mind controlled, then those close to them are targeted and induced into exhibiting the behavior necessary to bring down that individual’s state of mind. This is why many people in fields that benefit humanity through consciousness work are regular recipients of both psychic and verbal attacks, often out of nowhere. When you examine any negative interaction with someone you know, it helps to look at it from the perspective that they may be acting out of character because something has taken over their mind. On a recent overnight stay at the home of a friend, we arrived to the wireless internet turned off. The host was aware of the health issues posed by exposure to EMF. That night we had wonderful conversation over tea, and he expressed both an appreciation and an understanding of our personalities. He was complimentary and gracious, and shared anecdotes from his life openly. We turned in for the night around midnight and an 8am wakeup was agreed upon. The next morning as the sun rose, I awoke with a headache, took some Tylenol and went back to sleep, waking up naturally later in the morning. Since I was not woken up, I assumed that it was still before 8:00, and I didn’t have my phone on or a working time piece on hand to check. Upon greeting our host, he told me he had “decided” to let us sleep in. It was 11:00 and we were late for an appointment. Instead of leaving promptly, we decided to push back the appointment and pick up some coffee for ourselves and our host, and try to redeem our morning, behaving as calmly as possible considering that our schedule was turned upside down by a “decision” that contradicted the previous agreement. We had not yet realized that he was no longer the man he was the previous night, which is why his judgment had become impaired. When we returned with the coffee, our host began a conversation that was the polar opposite of the one the night before, in which our personalities and even our physical appearances were criticized. We took the criticism lightly, thanked him, and left. Hours later, we realized that my headache had started when he woke up and turned on the wifi, and deduced that his personality took a complete turn at that same time. It was as though he was not in control of his thoughts or actions at all. This is precisely the agenda behind the pervasive wireless technology around us. The parasites activate our negative thoughts because our misery is their food. They are psychic vampires. Eckhart Tolle describes the “pain body” in A New Earth. This is the part of us that is accustomed to negativity and feeds on the negativity of others. He describes it as being like a psychic parasite. With this in mind, the parasitic world order activates the pain body in order to feed, and these pain bodies activate each other in different people. There is another school of thought that what Tolle calls the pain body is not us at all, but a literal parasite that has attached to our lower chakras. There are many healers who try to remove these entities, but unless they and their clients have rejected wireless technology, the healing may not last. The mind is easily brought back to negativity through the frequency control, making the client once again an easy target for parasitic infection. In addition, since electromagnetic fields suppress consciousness, those working in consciousness related fields will never have complete use of their abilities in psychic work and healing as long as they continue daily use of mind control devices. Human beings are actually quite distrustful of computers and artificial intelligence, but also gravitate toward laziness and a desire to have someone else do their thinking for them. In a recent survey by the Automobile Association of America, 78 percent of respondents were afraid to ride in a driverless car and 90 percent felt unsafe sharing the road with them. This shows how even in the mainstream, people doubt the ability of computers to safely operate without human intervention. If you take one look at the driver next to you, you may notice that they are looking at a phone and texting, rather than looking at the road. They have no idea where they’re going because they let the GPS tell them. At the same time, the GPS and phone, which are both tracking and mind control devices, are impairing the judgment of the driver through manipulating their thought forms. The screens take the driver’s eyes off the road. The driver is being controlled by computers! What is the difference between this driver and a driverless car, and which one actually poses the greater safety risk? It is often too troubling to look into one’s own life and see the manipulation happening. It is, in fact, something that offends the ego. To admit that you have been lied to is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but also the most liberating. The next step is to understand that you have actually been carrying around, living with, and sleeping next to devices designed to suppress your consciousness and control your thoughts and actions. This is a step that even the most aware human beings usually refuse to take. In the fight scene in “They Live,” Roddy Piper’s character tries to force the sunglasses onto his friend so that he would see the truth too. The bloody battle that ensues is the physical equivalent of the mental war we engage in when we try to coerce our loved ones into waking up. Ditching the cell phone and wifi is the equivalent of putting on the sunglasses. It can only happen when someone decides for himself that he is ready for the challenge of conscious living and using the mind rather than having a machine think for him. Today, we have the option of distributing “sunglasses” to the masses by placing orgonite near cell phone towers, neutralizing and reducing the mind controlling effects. But ultimately, everyone has to remove the veils from their own eyes. It’s time to make a choice. We can allow the ego to continue to say that we are above the mind controlling frequencies because we’re “star seeds” or “indigos” and somehow more special than everyone else, or we can leave behind the New Age dogma and realize that we’re all human beings with the same suppressed multidimensional abilities. We must be brave and be willing to do things differently so that we may see the truth and become free. The power of the mind is what is being suppressed, and it no longer benefits us to remain in the electronically induced cage of lower vibrational existence.
  4. Wireless: The Nicotine Addiction Of The Modern Day Mother Nature always straightens things out. They used attacks during the fall and winter to deplete our human resources (orgone energy), but we’re getting healthier and stronger all the time, and are seeing 7-10 feet of snow in California’s mountains this week, and rain throughout the state! Since they work with the frequency of fear, we will always win because we work with the frequency of love. Everything in our world can be broken down into dualism, since we are currently “trapped” in the third dimension. Orgone energy, the life force, equates to love, and DOR, the immobilized life force, the energy of death, equates to fear. You have life and you have death and the projection from your mind is what creates your world. We easily create a polluted and deadly world, full of fear and anxiety. Our jobs, the stresses of life, and our inability to be silent with our thoughts make us agitated. We live unconsciously, and slowly discover small truths that make life better. But we still think of some faceless force as a ruler or authority figure and we manifest what they tell us to. Our eyes, the window into our minds, glued to small screens, absorb the image of the world they create through us. Then they begin to feed. It doesn’t end there. A frequency emitted by the small device alters mental pathways as we absorb the imagery. The images are etched deeply into the circuitry of the mind. Then we become the tools of the parasites and they act through us in the 3D, as they are extra-dimensional and do not “appear” to us in our dimension. They work within the gateway created by the frequency of death emitted by the device to program negative thoughts and emotions into our minds. When it’s time to sleep, we set the timer on the same small device to wake us for work and set it next to the bed. In the nighttime hours, while we lay defenseless in slumber, they amplify the signal. We dream for them and the program runs deeper. Our sleep is disturbed by haunting imagery and they feed. Between 3-4am, we awaken, unable to sleep anymore. So we go back to the screen. Exhausted, we begin our next day, and the feeding continues. We are a renewable source of food for them because we are so easily programmed to create what they eat, our negative emotions. We happily accept the poison they offer because we actually become addicted to the deadly energy, not just the images and ability to send illiterate messages containing sideways faces to our friends. Smart phone addiction is the nicotine addiction of the modern day. It’s accepted everywhere like smoking used to be. It creates second hand radiation, which the non-user must be exposed to unwillingly, and the companies that peddle the poison lie about the effects and take no responsibility for the injury and death their product causes. Children are permitted to use smart phones, when they would never have been permitted to smoke, and this causes developmental problems. The same goes for wireless internet. Even older people (maybe especially older people) can’t even remember a day without WiFi. I use an actual computer with hardwired internet, not a smart phone, and I remember the 56K modem, and a day when all cable internet was hardwired. We just take it as a given that we must constantly be exposed to radiation for our convenience, and because we live unconsciously and would rather be parasite food than take an hour or two to learn how to get our own non WiFi modem from Amazon and set it up with our cable company. It’s laziness, and the radiation and tiny illegible screen exacerbate it. See the vicious cycle! So the choice is yours. Come along on the exciting journey into the fourth dimension or stay in the misery and density of the third, loving your entertaining and convenient tracking device. The fourth is nothing. It goes much higher. But why not begin? If you know that McDonald’s food hurts your health and consciousness, do you still eat it? If you know that you are being programmed like a robot by a device you’re addicted to, do you think you’re above it? If you don’t think you’re being told what to do and say by the deadly human tracker you’re carrying around like a beloved pet, it’s because it’s telling you that you are above it and need it. It is designed that way and escaping that electronic matrix of transhumanism is going to be the biggest challenge of your life. Are you up for it, or do you wish to stay behind in a manufactured world with occasional delights of food, drink, or sex? There is a world beyond, but you must step through the fence. First you have to cut the cord which binds you in the lower dimensions before you can ascend. Don’t let any New Cage Skype healers or con-artists selling you apps for meditation and “clearing” tell you otherwise. - Sharon Daphna https://thechembow.tumblr.com/post/171496820623/rainbow-in-the-afternoon-created-in-this (and I know, ironic as my profile pic was taken with a smartphone. Use a Nokia now. Taken 5 years ago before I fully woke up, no option to change my profile pic)
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