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  1. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/mobile/ontarians-will-now-have-to-book-a-day-pass-for-a-provincial-park-5-days-in-advance-1.5459489 Parks have quotas now Is there anything sacred anymore?
  2. These passports were detested by Soviet citizens. I encourage anyone interested in how the newly proposed passports can limit movements to read up on that period in communist Russia. In my mind its the same mentality driving both.
  3. I have had my encounters with rabbid covidians and my first impulse was to get angry but later reflecting on the fact that (if the vaxxed claim is not a lie) the person may soon be dead I felt sadness and pity. Now, literally, I see dead people. Thèy are alive but I already see them dead. Can't recall ever feeling that way before.
  4. Sounds like a great slogan for a tombstone.
  5. https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.6053857 One of my greatest blessings during covid was that my sons are all grown up. I look at the hell parents are being subjected to and I honestly don't know how they keep their sanity. Cabal wants to inject, poison, indoctrinate and torture our youth like never before. Fortunately none of my 5 sons has any kids.
  6. Story goes that jews were tattoed in the NAZI camps. Considering this I find it inconceivable that they are not rising up against the proposed "chipping." One might think they would easily draw comparisons and be enraged but they are silent. As if the camps were not what the historical records say they were.
  7. Do you mean you don't know the ethnicity of those in leadership roles in government?
  8. If they live long enough. The vaxxed hardly constitute a formidable force unles, again, they are carrying forged vax papers. If they are strong enough and have conserved their mental acuteness they are most likely imposters posing as vaxxed.
  9. Not if its your tribal affilliates in governments issuing them.
  10. Those running around free and healthy after receiving a shot or several shots that have maimed or killed so many are mostly forgeries and should be seen as enemies. If I were a member of a tribe that considers most of humanity as nothing more than cattle to be enslaved or killed I might design such a passport system to restrict the mobility of the cattle while I and my tribal affilliates enjoy the fruits of liberty without having conformed to the official travel requirements. The cattle see those free imposters carrying forged documents and are led to the deadly conclusion that vax is really safe after all.
  11. And as with the usual passport, the kind used for decades, fraud will be rampant. Now in the case of covid, if the claim had any merit, bringing in a passport to curb spread would be futile considering so many will be carrying vax forged documents used to obtain the new passports. Meaning the passport has more to do with controlling travel than it has to do with pandemic control measures. In a real pandemic only airtight measures would work. The proposed passport is not airtight as long as certain people can obtain one on the black market.
  12. Blinding if we could see them. Wonder what would happen if someone invented glasses that allowed you to see all microwaves surrounding us. I have wireless headphones I enjoyed using in the past but when I got a cell phone I could hear it crackling loudly as it loaded pages and I had to stop using them because it was annoying as hell besides reminding me constantly of the bombardment we dont normally hear. Just walking by people with a cell phone in the house was a horrible reminder.
  13. For those that may not know Barry Trower he was a military microwave warfare expert with the British military for 50+ years. His videos, although shocking are well articulated and direct. He says it as it is. Thanks for naming him with reference to microwaves.
  14. Ready and willing to maim and kill children to increase their personal wealth. How many are "really" women?
  15. Thats because communists sent us out to fight it. Besides, while we were fighting overt communism the hidden communism was masquerading as democracies and republics. The war on communism was a distraction as they were setting up what we see today. Communism is judaism.
  16. https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5518974 Wish it was a missing persons poster instead.
  17. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/news/2021/06/statement-from-the-chief-public-health-officer-of-canada-on-june-5-2021.html "National Health and Fitness Day", a message from the satanic fkers hellbent on killing all of us. Obscene!!
  18. Yes. If I park my car near a cluster of wifi signals they will be detected regardless if I am linked in or not and regardless if occupant is home or not.
  19. Won't stop the nasties from radiating through the house wiring. The wifi signal is blocked for hydro but not for the house wiring. The wiring acts like a big antenna.
  20. You can't. Of course there are emf canopies to put around your bed but you can't spend all your time there. People were putting screen mesh around the meter oblivious to the fact that the house wiring was acting as a big antenna radiating the nasties throughout. This said the most dna repair happens when you sleep so the bed canopy will help greatly. However I cannot comment on the damage a weaponized smartmeter might do in a short period of time outside the canopy.
  21. If only because they acted like gangbusters when they rolled them out. I remember wondering at the time why they were so adamant about installing them then destroying the analogue meters they removed. No turning back. They were threatening to cut electricity to the non compliant exactly like the threats for vax.
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