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  1. Imagine he looks better "with" that covid gear
  2. This is what they are covering up with covid and the vax. Before covid I had a fair enough understanding of the microwave monster growing bigger and bolder every day and wondered how they would avoid the doctors noticing unusual illness patterns. They designed the covid mirage. An alibi so powerful it can swallow up large scale murder and mayhem. The vax innoculates the murderers from suspicions.
  3. Those are compelling points. For my part I can't shake the feeling of sitting at a big vegas poker game with a bulging pot and I'm holding a royal flush. Lets just say I am grateful to possess this knowledge and hope to do it full justice in a court appearance by elaborating it convincingly. Its my weapon of choice for any size or type of covid mandated rule infringement. Thats where my excitement comes from. I have been several times in family court for homeschooling issues so I learned the value of compelling evidence. Short and sweet and effective
  4. Essentially covid is a story of two truths. Ours and theirs. They think we cant possibly be that stupid and so do we think this of them. Covid needs a competant judge to eliminate the rifraf and cut to the chase and "out" the imposter pretending to be right. It would not take more than a few hours if the root striking is unrelenting nothing moves on to the next step until the root issue is decided. Shortly after that the earth opens up under your feet and the devils fall back to hell. From the very start we were denied arbitration.
  5. The PCR is the main pillar supporting everything across the board. I cant hear enough of it. Its criminal use trumps everything. Say you want to bring down the whole circus you would hit the PCR hard and savagely..not giving an inch. Covid without the fraudulent use of the PCR would have not been possible. It falls all of it falls. I know it gets tiresome ff you look at the frequency it comes up and thats because it is a key. a master key. Everything else is branch trimming. PCR is striking the root.
  6. Imagining how long a clown like this would survive in the world I grew up in saying shit like I should worry who you think you imagine infecting you. We would have seriously questioned his sanity. Thanks to covid he is free to be as frantic as he likes. Ask him how he knows anyone will give him a deadly pathogen,...where did he hear that?
  7. They literally "hacked" into the minds of these people. A "wetware exploit".
  8. Excellent zombie repellant, nail one to every tree. Nobody wants to risk it When real its super nasty medieval stuff. Lowtech reliability.
  9. "Oh, hello sir, I'm with the health bureau may I have a word"
  10. The Age of the Credentials Prostitutes. "How much is my diploma worth to "you"? "That envelope's a bit light, pal, I got two masters and a doctorate degree" "The competition will give me twice as much bla bla" the whatsinitforme" crop of entitled ivy leaguers. They want a "taste of the action".
  11. The way they are looking at it. They are, in their minds, contemplating a "Holy Grail".
  12. You ever get up in the morning and all you feel like doing is causing a disturbance that lands you in court where you plan on giving them the ride of their lives? slam those roots decisively with an axe sharpened to cut a hair in two. Throw the book at em.
  13. So its official both lawyers and big pharma have "ambulance chasers". Chased around by needle-weilding cultists that need a blood offering to their god. Then they judge Jim Jones as a homicidal maniac. Serial jabbers looking down on fellow serial killers with disdain as if their mission was pure at heart. Unselfish salvation of fellow men. Psychopaths! I called them up and told them this exciting story I heard about the nobel prizewinner that invented the PCR test. I finally got to the part where Kary Mullis said the PCR was not designed to determine infection or...dialtone, t
  14. A little peek for you; Relaxing between posts with some homies
  15. Gates and pedophelia, great, now we get to see again how above the law he is. Imagine this demented crackpot uttered death threats against vast portions of humanity and was not even reprimanded for it by police or tried. It is a criminal offense to utter death threats. Then this known eugenist goes into countries and paralyzes countless people with his genocidal swills and goes on to try and injure, cripple or kill hundreds of millions more through covid. A rich man that goes on safari to bring back his vax killed human trophies. With what appears to be the blessing of all the police forc
  16. You might think a dude with a genetics fetish that is being described as the largest owner of farmland in the world would be looking at locust dna instead.
  17. Mosquitoes are a huge foodsource for birds and insects and aquatic creatures too. There is an important eco-chain there. One time they introduced ddt to control malaria and were successful but bird species were being disseminated so it was outlawed. The genetic tampering at this level could have far reaching consequences non of them desireable.
  18. What else do you expect when bean counters rule the world
  19. I am thinking there is a finger up there hovering over a reset button the likes of which Klaus and Billy would shit themselves. A reset button that operates volcanoes and mudfloods and torrential rains and hurricanes. Then I remember the creator gave us life and choices and gave strict instructions not to be disturbed if we are drowning in our bad choices
  20. Just imagine for a moment the disaster Gates could cause if he succeeds in mutating a new breed of mosquitoes that scare everyone to death and no one can stop. A mosquito that paralyzes you and your heart stops beating. And they are everywhere devastating humanity.
  21. I predict the sink drains in the casinos will be clogged up tight with rings the employees "accidentally" lost while handwashing. I know mine would go in the microwave oven a few seconds. Those subdermal chips of the future will be hacked to death with malicious exploits. Identity theft of epic scale, a miserable failure. Probably another multibillion dollar failure. They have been warned but they are blinded by the power and greed. They cant see straight anymore. Drunk in cash and gold.
  22. Depend on Las Vegas to be a testbed for future subdermal chipping. First they must anchor into our minds that these devices can detect impending illness or we might have to think they are just control mechanisms. https://amp.ft.com/content/e3ab6110-b871-4cb4-abec-b195c0a88a9c It starts with a ring. The NBA have them too. Its on a finger leaning against the knuckle just millimeters from the back of the hand where it is hoped it will find a permanent home under the skin.
  23. I think covid is a mind war. The warriors in such a war are memes. The most compelling and virulent memes will take the day. I think we have some of those. Maybe much more than enough to tilt the scales. This website contains a veritable arsenal of such compelling memes
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