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  1. Each one of these robots has undergone mandatory mind control operations from 5 years old to the teens. Is it any surprise. They see the state as the new parents that adopted them after they were thrown to the curb.
  2. One of history's greatest extortion rackets. Manipulating fear to secure billion dollar orders from panicked countries the world over. And now they have tasted blood they want us subscribed to every new installment of this fantastically profitable circus.
  3. McGill University. Recipient of big grant money that exists to educate and inspire. Of all the concentrated brain power in this institution they lend their name to a claim that is patently false and thus endorce bioterrorism as the test is the doorway to the bioterrorist jab.
  4. The vax is a bioterrorism weapon. Those pathological liars that profit from illness say its safe. The political mouthpieces the own say so too. Heck even the genocidal maniacs tell you its safe as they explain its use in reducing population. If our military lend a strong arm to the forced use of this weapon they are bioterrorists also
  5. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1383764/ This was 1955 and there was already talk of blocking legal action against big pharma vaccines. The vaccine should have died under a mountain of litigation. By legislating this vital function out of of existance they artificially interfered with a process that was working just fine. Let them die by litigation. Let the penalties bring them down.
  6. The elderly are more susceptible to becoming electrohypersensitive from a lifetime of microwave activity on many wavelengths. These elderly are a big headache for the ambitious telecoms that prefer the poison be less evident. They are after pensions too and organ donation can be done up to 100 years old. The elderly are getting it on many fronts. Covid has a built in function to isolate and eliminate.
  7. The covid alibi covers also injury by microwaves and industrial pollution and even suicide. Its the "master alibi". A godsend for those that fear liability from ramping up comm frequencies or contaminating food and water supplies.
  8. Operation covid was also designed to provide an alibi for the mass deaths. The more people fall from vaccine injury the more they will lock down and force more vaccines in a deadly loop. In this respect I think the extra deaths are more than welcome to this class of mass murderers.
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