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  1. And the nurses and medical personnel don't get better service when needed. Know this nurse I meet in town (we frequent a shop and intersect there) on occasion and she was suffering terribly for nearly four years. Lost weight and saw endless streams of specialists that could never find the problem. Test after test she finally lost faith in them and consulted a naturopath that treated her for a sinus parasite. She is all better now. She got zero sympathy from her former collegues.
  2. During a Hollies concert we attended at Place des Arts in Montreal it was rumored that Alan Parsons might pop in for a guest spotlight. CHOM fm had hyped this possibility for a month. He never showed. Alan Parsons was a sound engineer for the Beatles among others before branching off on his own and producing his own material. This is "Eye in the Sky" from the 'Alan Parsons Project', Pyramidia album ;
  3. "Dances With Wolves" film starring Kevin Costner. Love this film and the soundtrack as much. Not a dull moment throughout.
  4. The 007 franchise gave us some unforgettable music in their overtures. John Barry wrote the musical theme of the film "Goldfinger" and I present this instrumental version as one of my favorites. I don't need to be reminded in the lyrics to the original that Goldfinger was a glutton and psychopath, the lyrics are clever but after a zillion times hearing them the basic melody became amazing without the lyrics. The lyrics were composed by Anthony Newly and Leslie Bricusse. Here is my favorite instrumental version ;
  5. The hilarious movie "Top Secret" starring Val Kilmer and Omar Sheriff features many scenes where Kilmer dances and sings (can't say for sure if its him really singing). Kilmer as Nick Rivers "Straighten The Rug" ; And here with "Spend This Night With Me" ;
  6. From the link ; "What if the unvaccinated received treatments which worsened their outcomes?" AVC writes: Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated that enter those premises and consent to treatment are playing a deadly wheel of fortune. At all times, present, past, and still to come. Dr. Vernon Coleman published many books in his brilliant career warning of these dangers and why. Suffered a barrage of snubbing for it too. He was out there in an epoque where these kinds of revelations were not that well known. Saving untold numbers of people all manner of suffering and loss. Principally because the cornerstone of their doctrine is the fruit of a larceny and fraud hoisted on humanity by the false narratives of a plageristic, lying founding father. This so-called medical empire's foundations were poured in mud. Monetized mud.
  7. Judy Garland was not the first choice for the film "Wizard of Oz" inspired by the original book written in 1900. The book spawned 3 silent films. MGM bought the rights to the song "Over The Rainbow" and wanted America's sweetheart, Shirley Temple, to assume the lead but ultimately it was considered that Temple's voice was too weak for the demanding musical numbers. The song "Over The Rainbow" was orginally cut from the film after a test showing but saved by the producers. Again it was cut from the film after a second preview because it was believed that the song slowed down the plot of the film and MGM did not particularly like the idea of one of their stars singing on a farm with haystacks. Cooler heads prevailed and the song won two Oscars for Best Song and Best Original Film Score. Toto was a female Cairn Terrier that appeared in 15 films. Garland grew attached to this dog and wanted to adopt it but no way the owner would part with his precious barking gold-mine. Toto was paid twice as much as the Munchkins and didn't even have to sing or dance Garland's daughter, Lisa Minelli went on to marry the tin man's son Jack Haley Jr. Factoids from the 1990 documentary "The Wonderful Wizard of OZ: The Making of a Movie Classic".
  8. Before the advent of the internet people would find information about their favorite performers in specialty magazines sold in tobacco shops and chemist corner stalls. A few samples ;
  9. "Modern society is hypnotized by socialism. It is prevented by socialism from seeing the mortal danger it is in. And one of the greatest dangers of all is that you have lost all sense of danger, you cannot even see where it's coming from as it moves swiftly towards you." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
  10. "What would things been like [in Russia] if during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there, paling with terror at every bang on the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people?" - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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