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  1. I am not here for a popularity contest. People want a new world but they can't stomach trashing the bs before moving on. They want to transplant the rust onto the shiny new metal. I have seen some characters here annoyed and disgusted by the shaming if you dont applaud your incarceration and deploring that type of shaming then see them crop up in controversial threads lording it over like those detested in covid. Seen brilliant posters become temporarily incapacitated mentally if the subject is taboo. Its amazing how rude people can be when their fragile convictions become challenged.
  2. No rebuttals. A mountain of evidence falls on your head and all you can say is ouch and pepper in a gratuitous crack or two. Very sophisticated. Dont know how you can turn off your brilliance when its certain subjects.
  3. Hiroshima, besides residing within the Ring of Fire, is also situated in a volcanic zone known as the Honshu Arc 5 active volcanoes are carefully monitored with precise seismographic equipment. The yield of the so-called unique explosion was estimated at 19 kilotons of TNT. Leading to estimates of the shock at 6.5 on the Richter scale. 20 years and still searching for the vanished historical seismograms. Should be listed amongst the abomb relics of the museums. To make things worst we see that far smaller tremors have been picked up half a world away in various seismic outposts. Not a single one has any singular blast coming from that fakery. The secondary waves travel much farther underground. Hiroshima and Nagasaki without seismic records is the same as manned moonlanding pictures without stars. Its a smoking gun. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were expanding merchant ports and a brutal eviction notice was given under a shroud of war. We can elaborate later on Japan's gratitude for US help managing their internal impasses.
  4. First, you see what they authorize you to see. Second, what you see is the energy moving around, the backup systems, batteries etc. Don't tell me you took your lunch breaks in the reactor core area.
  5. In Hiroshima there existed a big famous camphor tree. This tree was also a big favorite of the nocturnal animals that would feed on it's succulent roots. They feasted so much at the roots that this huge tree toppled over on it's side. Of course you will find this tree mentioned in atomic museum artifacts as having been knocked over by the shockwave.
  6. During the NAZI regime the Luftwaff had tabled plans to deliver an atom bomb to the USA and detonate it 2000 ft over Manhatten. Problem is that city does not catch fire so reasily if you use incendiaries to hoax the atomic weapon. The hoax finally found it's way to far more flammable cities in Japan when the USA sorted out their bs. The NAZI bomb was roughly same yield, delivered by a super bomber aircraft and like claimed in Hiroshima theirs would explode at 2000 feet too. In both instances the best delivery mode was ignored in favor of aircraft and none had a backup plan if the device failed to explode. Just to point out how long these hoaxsters were salivating at the prospect of hoisting this billion dollar fake and launching fake hostilities with the Soviet Union to defraud both treasuries of a king's ransom. Dont even think kings are worth that much. Both the NAZI and the USA chose to detonate at high altitude instead of optimizing the destruction with a ground level precursor shockwave
  7. Since the atom bomb is the trigger for the hydrogen bomb well....kiss that big fat hoax goodbye too. No trigger no bomb.
  8. Back in the day we compiled data about the B-29. Considering 150 bombers (already paid for) ordinance, fuel and a few packs of smokes the bombings of those two cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, cost a little over 1 million dollars each. The slumbering terrified American public were billed 1 billion each for two bogus atom bombs.
  9. Why do we never see aerial reconaisance photos post bombing of Tokyo and Hiro/Naga side by side. Instantly we see the so-called atomic damage looks identical to the firebombed photos of Tokyo. Trees charred and standing, clean streats betraying absence of shock wave burns and cancers. The damage signature is the same because the same weapon was used to firestorm both Tokyo and the atomic pair.
  10. Nuclear subs are running on silent Sirling Cycle engines. No exhaust. Piston chambers are sealed. Few have access and those are trusted folk. The way the contamination protocols and compartmentalization is set up besides the national security rules, the hoax is buttoned up tight. The hoaxster's paradise in fact. Even the pros don't see it if they had a shred of motivation to look.
  11. I know a few nuclear plant engineers and privately they admit the money is so good they dont care if its really doing what they say. If the whole world woke up to this truth you would still have to pry those plant techs from their desks. I will die of old age waiting for any of those guys blowing any whistles.
  12. A dump load is a thing used to boil off excess energy to avoid damage by an overloaded distribution grid. The excess electricity flows into the kettle like elements in the tank where it is boiled off. When you see the steam coming out of the stacks be sure that's your energy efficiency rewards going down the drain. Stroke of genius. Sell a dumpload worth barely 10 million dollars for 5 billion. Gotta get legal matters cleared so the EPA nazis are satisfied no tribal bull will leak into the environment.
  13. Better still ask all the insects, rodents, birds, and multitudes of other creature that never left the area and had no unusual offspring or suffered otherwise. How hard is it to import a group of malformed kids in the world for a chernobyl hoax photoshoot. I gotta say. This board has no shortage of folk not too fussy about evidence.
  14. Cinema special effects came online same time as staged nuclear blasts.
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